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  1. 18 minutes ago, Bogie56 said:

    From what I gathered voters did not support the bill but they supported the things in the bill.

    If that sounds like a contradiction you would be right.  Chalk it up to gullibility and party politics.

    This is what I also gathered and what I meant when pollsters ask questions about if they support "things" in a bill versus if they wish their representiave to vote YES or NO on a bill.

    Also often the questions asked about these "things" are more related to the overall concept while the bill is about specific ways to address that concept.

    E.g.  Do you support measures to address climate change?      I would hope most people (other than crazy GOPers),  would say YES.

    But if the question is "do you support these-specific-policy-changes to address climate change" one might get a different answer.


  2. 18 hours ago, hamradio said:

    What Joe Manchin doesn’t like about Build Back Better



    The last reason is a riot...Biden isn't popular right now. :lol:

    Don't you live and vote in WV?    

    Is it correct that the majority of all voters in WV wanted Manchin to vote YES on BBB?

    If YES,   then Manchin didn't just buck the DNC and Dems as a whole,  but the majority of voters he was elected to represent.

    Larry is saying there are polls  that indicate such support, which I find hard to believe.

    Thanks in advance if you have any on-the-spot insight as an WV citizen.

  3. 1 hour ago, LawrenceA said:

    I'm confused. Are you saying that senators should not represent the voters, but rather the states? I say this because wasn't it stated that the citizens of WV supported BBB?

    Senators should represent the voters in their state  (all of them,  not just those that voted  for them).      As for WV:  I doubt any polling results.    WV has a majority of GOPers and  I just don't see a majority of all voters in that state wishing for Manchin to vote YES on BBB.     But if they really do,  then these voters have a right to be upset with Manchin,  but not those outside the state.

    Also I find many of these polls misleading based on how questions  were asked;    Was there a poll  that asked this simple question? :  do you want Manchin to vote YES  or NO on BBB?     Terms like "supporting" are too vague. 


  4. 7 minutes ago, Jefff said:

    Looking for the title of a black and white Robin Hood movie I saw - with a notable scene - the one one where Robin Hood confronts the king, but instead of leaning back in his chair during this dialogue, he stands up on a round table and in a memorable monologue, he tells the king all the wrongs that he will right.  

    If it really was a B&W film and it wasn't a silent,  then I don't know what film it was.


  5. 7 minutes ago, Hibi said:

    So Sam and he weren't related at all? I thought they were?

    Not related at all based on what I could find.    E.g. I didn't see where Sam ever gave Efrem any work or where they had  any common relatives.


  6. 2 minutes ago, LornaHansonForbes said:

    EFREM ZIMBALIST JR. was also the voice of ALFRED THE BUTLER on BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES  from the 1990s.

    and he played the father of DON DIEGO on a really cheesy but kinda interesting family channel version of ZORRO.

    Yet more examples of his failure to really catch on.


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  7. Today's letters to the L.A. Times by Dems were funny;    It appears they don't understand that a Senator is elected from a state,  and should represent the voters that elected them.  It is like they believe all Senators should represent the views of the majority of those in CA.     They also don't understand the Constitution by asking silly questions like how could one Senator block a bill that the majority of American's support  (assuming that is even true).      

    I don't think a bill of this size should pass only with one party support and by a zero margin.     

    PS:  and if one's  point is "well,  the current GOP would do such a thing":   that doesn't change my POV.   


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  8. One film I enjoy with Efrem Zimbalist Jr.  is Home Before Dark with Jean Simons. 

    He got his start as one of the brothers in House of Strangers (1949).     He is the least interesting of the 4 brothers but that was the part he was given.

    I admit to always confusing John Forsythe with Efrem;   Good looking,  but rather bland actors.

    John Forsythe | John forsythe, Young john, ActorsEfrem Zimbalist Jr. - Wikipedia

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  9. Dem should only have 48 Senators if it wasn't for that dummy Trump that helped the Dems pick up those two Georgia Senate seats.

    To put all of the blame on Manchin is folly.     What is likely to hurt the Dems more isn't that this current version of BBB didn't pass but all of the BS coming from progressives.

    E.g. implying that voting no makes one a racist.       How is such rhetoric going to help with Dem voter turnout in 2022?     It isn't.  Therefore progressives are using the same Trump misguided playbook that cost the GOP those Georgia Senate seats.    

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  10. 16 minutes ago, filmnoirguy said:

    Happy Go Lucky (1943)  Mary Martin, Dick Powell, Eddie Bracken, Betty Hutton, Rudy Valee, Eric Blore.  Happy minor musical with Martin chasing millionaire Valee on Caribbean cruise.  Betty Hutton scores by introducing  her  hit song "Murder He Says."

    The 1943 version is a fun film;    I like Betty Hutton when she is a secondary lead and she is fine in this one.   I.e. A little can go a long way.

    Dick Powell Eddie Bracken Betty Hutton Editorial Stock Photo - Stock Image  | Shutterstock

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  11. 3 hours ago, Hibi said:

    Image result for Joan Bennett We're No Angels

    Hope some of you enjoyed We're No Angels last night. Bogie tried to help me by getting me cast in the film. Don't I look nice in color?

    Yea,  I watched We're No Angels;  Very cute dark comedy.     I really like this scene where Bogie helps Joan with Christmas dinner:

    We're No Angels 1955 Humphrey Bogart Peter Ustinov Joan Bennett - YouTube

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  12. 2 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

    how do the majority of texans feel about the 2nd amendment?


    Beto has little change of winning but that wasn't my point so my point still stands;  the only hope he has of running is running as a Texan for Texas.     That means running away from items like his anti-2nd-amendment stance (since that is a national issue a Governor has little input on).

    Of course there are state gun laws so it will be interesting to see if part of his campaign will be that he would sign-into-law stronger state gun-control laws if he is elected governor.     He is arrogant enough to believe that will help him get elected!



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  13. 3 hours ago, LuckyDan said:

    But I bet he'll welcome money from outside the state, if there are still people foolish enough to send it to him. 

    His 15 minutes were up so long ago. 

    As someone that lives in Texas don't you think the O'Rourke strategy here is a wise one?   Isn't it correct that  Texans like you (conservative but not a Trumper) wouldn't wish to give the appearance that they are assisting the DNC or national Dem party as a whole,   if you voted for a Dem as your governor.

    If O'Rourke's challenger (Abbott I assume),   runs more of appeal-to-Trumper,  support GOP nationally, campaign that would play right to O'Rourke's strategy here.


  14. 17 minutes ago, Janet0312 said:

    This is Eddie's favorite Christmas noir??? I hope I'm not in the minority, but I though this picture sucked. I did enjoy the on location shooting. The story itself was okay, but the acting was horrible and the narration had me in stitches. It gave me the feeling of waking up to a very bad day. 

    It was a joke!


  15. 2 hours ago, Allhallowsday said:

    I had chosen not to correct spelling or grammar at this forum after a prominent member rebuked me for doing such.   No one likes a grammar nazi.   Consider it friendly advice. :)

    I don't have an issue with being corrected.    What does confuse me is when someone posts:  "That's your opinion".

    Well DUH,  of course that was one's opinion.      So I fail to see what that statement is trying to communicate.

    Can't one at least provide a counter opinion?    E.g. who is the most interesting character, other than Stan,  in Nightmare Alley?

    Otherwise what is the purpose of a reply that only says:  "That's your opinion".

  16. 7 minutes ago, LuckyDan said:

    And weren't the experts talking about how viruses mutate since, what, as long as they've studied viruses?


    Correct:  The WHO mentioned how the viruses could mutate and this was covered by The Economist (as well as many other media sources I assume),  over 12 months ago.

    Months before Delta,  the CDC used the possibility of mutations as part of their campaign to encourage vaccinations,  especially for those that believed they were protected since they already had Covid.     

    Did Harris get misleading advise and this is what lead to her comments?      Either way,  I agree it would be in the Biden's admins best interest if she didn't discuss this topic.

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