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  1. I don't see it. Olivia and Anne Shirley look similar but I don't see it in Keys.
  2. That is what I meant by the accountant goes to jail and not the business owners(s). It all depends how loyal those with their hands directly in the cookie jar are willing to rat out their bosses. Since Trump has no pardon power, maybe they will turn on him. Again, we can only hope.
  3. Well I know what happens when christians elect an a-hole like Trump; We get comments like this about someone that just died: "Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and famously, so-called weapons of mass destruction, be treated in death so beautifully by the Fake News Media," Trump said in a statement released Tuesday morning. "Hope that happens to me someday. He was a classic RINO, if even that, always being the first to attack other Republicans. He made plenty of mistakes, but anyway, may he rest in peace!" Also, in that last few years what Republican has
  4. I didn't go to this thread at first because I felt it was silly to create on just for this one film. I only went to it now because of who created it; I.e. this guy is solid and I just had to find out why he would focus on this one film! I see now that my assumption was all wet.
  5. I predict a Federal Judge will grant Trump's request that the subpoena's for White House records etc... is too broad. While Trump typically hires idiotic and unprofessional attorneys, the basis of denying ALL the request is based on sound legal theory (IMO); This is based on the sheer number of request and what they are looking for, that goes way beyond Jan 6th. So the Judge will deny ALL of them and advise the House Legal team to draft very narrow subpoenas. If Trump then challenges these, the same Judge will allow them to proceed (if they are indeed narrow and targete
  6. So you're saying that based on the video you saw, that the officer that killed this woman should be charged with some type of crime? I'm sure you know there was an investigation but I assume you believe that was just a government cover-up. As for the officer was in no danger: this concept has been litigated to death, especially since BLM came on the scene. How close does an officer have to come to believing they are in danger of bodily harm before they can use lethal force? BLM appears to imply the officer needs to be actually harmed first. To me that is crazy talk
  7. This is another thread that will exaggerate the powers and influences of A President (note, not THE President). Oh, well, as long as the left and right have fun with this silly game of "well it did occur under their watch", all is fine.
  8. Well the make-up department left alone her eyebrows; They are the same in the two photos. But all joking aside, I don't think one can compare how Olivia looks in the two films for the very basic reasons I gave related to a western and the fact that in Libel she lives in London, a major city, with a well-off husband and such a women can afford to look their best and often do for social status reasons. Also I wonder if how Olivia looks in The Proud Rebel relates to the plot line; that Ladd and her form a bond over his son. Note the town rumors when she hires the proud rebel as a
  9. The vast majority of people don't go to jail for such tax evasion crimes; it is a lot more likely one would go to jail for lying to authorizes than tax evasion; I.e. it is usually the cover-up that leads to jail time and not such low-level crimes. AND if anyone goes to jail it is the accountant and not the actual business owner(s). So don't get your hope up folks, but we can always wish for Trump to get actual jail time (and be made to serve it).
  10. Nice post and one I agree with; so no one has been able to get access to the SOTM schedule so we know which films will be shown?
  11. Babbitt was a traitor; I'm glad she was shot and that she is dead. One less nut case traitor for the USA to have to deal with.
  12. I could agree with such a claim but that wasn't really the comment; instead it was "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that but the statement is simply not true. Adding 'simply not true' is another way of saying that they, and they alone, know what "beauty" is and that it is in their eyes and not that of the beholder. That is not the same as saying; we can agree to disagree, but instead is the polar opposite.
  13. It was my understanding Gruden et all were using company email. In most cases these are owned by the company; I.e. the employee has no right to privacy. So only an idiot would use company email for such discussion. Note that there can also be no right to privacy using social media; E.g. each year I have to sign a doc that says there can be consequences for what I post publicly on public industry websites.
  14. Interesting theory: I suspect it has more to do with the breaking down of the studio-system. I.e. films such as The Proud Rebel, produced by Sam Goldwyn, were independent productions; the actors, directors, crew were all hired for the film instead of using under contract by the studio staff. Of course director Curtiz and DeHavilland made a lot of films while they both were under contract at Warner Bros. I would like to believe Curtiz didn't make Olivia more glamorous because he wished to focus on realism (a women living a fairly rough life in the west without access to be
  15. I don't think the employee should have any protection from being fired by the employer, but they can sue the one that made public the information. Thus say Gruden was fired by the Raiders: Gruden could sue the NFL and hopefully he would prevail.
  16. After I see I Wake Up Screaming I have various instrumental versions of Over the Rainbow stuck in my head for days.
  17. Jean Arthur was 52 when she made Shane. That is too old to have a son especially in the west at during that time period. (de Wilde was 10 when the film was made).
  18. An employer should have the legal right to fire an employee for conduct that is determinantal to the employer. This is the case with Gruden. E.g. lost of sponsorships. Players not wishing to play for him. Etc...... Public facing employees have an even higher bar of conduct.
  19. Yea, regardless of who or what they are!
  20. Cobb was casts in some odd character roles like this one in Left Hand of God:
  21. I'm a conservatize that believes in the rights of the employer to terminate an employee at-will. Sadly Trumpers no longer support this conservative value.
  22. The film, The Dark Past, is a remake of Blind Alley (1939), and it is being shown on Noir Alley, so any confusion is understandable.
  23. Dodgers in 6 games over Braves.
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