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  1. Just now, Arturo said:

    It is their main source of tv.  They provide the bulk of the programs they watch, and so tune into the local news.  Many came from rural areas with little schooling, so they may not have the necessary critical thinking skills to be able to know that the news is slanted.  AND there is no counterweight a la CNN or MSNBC to provide other viewpoints.  We see the same stupid response from the maga crowd.

    The above is why we need an immigration system like Canada has, where being able to be fluent in the local language is a requirement.

    We don't need immigrants with little schooling and lacking necessary critical thinking skills.   The USA has too many of those already as we see with the MAGA crowd.

    Also,  CA and local officials have spend millions in trying to get the message out;  e.g.  they have many get-vaccinated ads on these Spanish language stations.   


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  2. 1 hour ago, Marysara1 said:

    No I don't but it's a police matter not one for the F.B.I.  Both Ssides have shown clips depending on their point of view. Why aren't you upset when when protesters harm people. Two wrongs do not make a right.If it was a true vaccine  like polio, ect It would be different You can be around people with polio and not get it. Are you a murderer because you are agreeing with Biden forcing people to get it even if it kills them. The vaccine has been responsible for deaths so in Biden in theory killed those who were unfortunate enough to have died from the vaccine. The vaccine helps most even if they get sick  not as bad but it should still be a choice .Trump advised people they should get it and was bood. They were working on the vaccine while he was in office . Biden claimed credit for what Trump did.Biden is trying to blame  the maga for everything . First off the U.S. defaulted 4 times in history. It would be better for us to reduce the debt. Say you bought furniture and never paid for it and wanted to buy more furniture from the same place. What wouild they say.

    Getting the vaccine is a choice.     

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Arturo said:

    Actually, the Spanish-language networks Telemundo and Univision appear to be owned by conservatives, at least one by Florida-based Republican Cubans.  The coverage on the “news” programs on them is so slanted to the point you think you are watching Spanish editions of Fox News or Newsmax.  When it comes to Covid, They report on all the negative effects of vaccines, etc.  and appear to be doing a good job of scaring people from getting the vaccines and taking other precaution.  In this and other areas, they are doing a disservice to the communities they claim to serve.

    Actually?????   In what context?      If illegal immigrants and Latino immigrants in So Cal are watching right-wing leaning Spanish-language networks they are even more stupid than I implied.     Don't you view white people that do that as deporable? 


  4. 57 minutes ago, cigarjoe said:

    All the demes got to do is plaster the airwaves with insurrection footage and remind people to 

    I just saw a poll that indicates that GOPers that don't support Trump (e.g.  indicated they would vote for someone other-than-Trump in the 2024 GOP primary) would still vote for a GOPer for the House in 2022.     They don't wish to give Dems  more power even if they agree that Trump was a disaster.   Instead  they wish to support the GOP with the misguided hope that Trump can be defeated in the GOP primary or that by the Dem running against him.     

    Fools?   Yea,  very likely these GOPers are,  but this is just another example of how Trump has messed with the GOP.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, ElCid said:

    Good question.  I hope she retires and does not run in 2022.  But I doubt it.  If Dems lose House, as is likely, she may retire at that point or in 2024.

    I doubt that in 2022 Pelosi would run,   win and then retire if the Dems lose the House.   That would upset a lot of the local progressive S.F.  pols who have been waiting for over a decade for her to retire so they could have a real Dem primary in her S.F. district.


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  6. 30 minutes ago, cigarjoe said:

    Was that the footage of the berserk "parents" screaming and threatening school board members? You think that is OK? 

    People walking around spreading Covid -19 and a certain percentage of DEATH as a result, because of mass stupidity is not a choice. It's genocide of the innocents and people have a right to protect themselves from morons who think otherwise.

    Here in So Cal the L.A. Times just released stats that say the largest numbers of unvaccinated are the "undocumented",  and next black Americans.   (e.g.  only 27% of Latinos are vaccinated) 

    There was one report in a Spanish language network that the vaccine changes one's sexuality and how much the overall Latino population is homophobic.  

    I agree that mass stupidity shouldn't be a choice but CA state and local officials are implying it is when the stupid are illegal immigrants, and black. 

    Initially they tried to blame this on lack of access for these people,  but after spending billions to market the vaccine (e.g.  that immigration status will NOT be asked,  that the vaccine is  free,  etc....),   these Dems pols don't try to blame any lack of access (since it clearly is  NOT the case);  The case is clear,   these people are just stupid as well as dangerous.   They should force vaccinations on the undocumented (or at least deport them).

    (I do understand that in most states it is conservatives that are the stupid ones).

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  7. 11 hours ago, rjbartrop said:

    I think Western comedies like Paleface should count, simply because all the elements are there, but there's just a difference emphasis in how the story is told.

    Have you see the Gary Cooper film Along Came Jones this is a western comedy and it has all the element of a classic western but done with a wink.

    Dan Duryea plays the heavy (the only one to play it 100% straight).

  8. Big fan of Eleanor Parker but only fairly recently when she was SOTM.    She started out at Warner Bros the studio that didn't feature actresses, other than Davis and later Crawford,  very well (verses their male stars),   so Parker was competing for roles with the other actresses at WB like DeHavilland, Lupino,  and Alexis Smith.

    Parker made some good films for the studio in the 40s but the 50s were her decade and she really excelled in all type of roles.

    She had a sophisticated screen persona but she could play sexy and dangerous like her role in Scaramouche.

    Eleanor Parker, 1946' Photo | Art.com

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  9. 5 hours ago, lilypond said:

    FAUSTERLITZ,   what a closely and persuasively reasoned analysis of the two of them--  love it and agree with most.  

    SPEEDRACERS,  glad you mentioned Jean Arthur.   She's on my supplementary, next level-list with Claudette and Ida.   Jean Arthur,  Depression-era angel exhorting the despairing Jimmy Stewart, in that voice, and with that spunk (unlike Lew Grant, I love spunk),  immortal.  I'm so glad she had that late-career role in "Shane" too, bittersweet and quietly luminous.

    My top 4 favorites are Davis,  Stanwyck,  DeHaviland and then Arthur.

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  10. 32 minutes ago, Aritosthenes said:

    I (Strongly) (and Subjectively) Think As Well that, many times. The Academy is Unfortunately Biased. (Which Might Very Well Play the role of kissing cousins with Respect to Your Studio Politics Observation.)

      Its A SIN that Phoenix had Not Won Squat Prior to Joker.

    There is no such thing as "the Academy" as if this is one entity - instead it is groups of various individuals;   E.g.   different people vote in each Oscar category.


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  11. 39 minutes ago, ElCid said:

    In addition, the longer they can stretch it out, they believe the more likely that the GOPers will win control of the House in 2022 and then abolish the committee.

    I'm not sure I'm following you here;   are you saying that GOP members in Congress believe this committee increases the odds the GOP will win control of the House in 2022?   

    I ask because "the more likely" part is confusing me.


  12. 13 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

    some great unsung music I can think of is some of Gil Melle's music to Frankenstein the True Story and Howard Shore's remarkable score to The Fly.

    I'm a big fan of Gil Melle and his music,  both as a composer and as a musician.     Melle did some recordings for Blue Note in the  50s and featured one of my favorite guitarist, Tal Farlow.

    The Complete Blue Note Fifties Sessions.jpg

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  13. 26 minutes ago, Shank Asu said:

    I find plenty to mock but i suppose this isn't the thread to be having this conversation.  They picked the name to begin with- they didn't just change it for no reason.


    I assume the reason was mostly marketing related.    

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  14. 33 minutes ago, TopBilled said:

    Friday October 8, 2021

    Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 11.47.14 AM

    Beauty on TCM

    beauty for the asking


    Thanks for the tip;  I haven't seen either of these films so for me they are premiere films and that is refreshing.

    EDITED:   I have seen Beauty For the Asking.    I believe TCM showed the film just within the last 2 - 3 months and that is when I saw it.   


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  15. 1 hour ago, Shank Asu said:

    You can't call them the Dixie Chicks anymore.  (I don't write the new rules, i just mock them)

    There is no "new rule" going on here with this name change since they did this because they wanted to and not because of pressure from activist groups;  They didn't wish to be associated with the term "Dixie".   

    Thus I see nothing to mock here.  

  16. 6 minutes ago, LuckyDan said:

    28% approval on Afghanistan. Read that number and then read the Afghanistan discussions here. The TCM Biden fans are hard core. Same on the border. 

    I do find it sad that most of the very-anti-Trumpers at this forum are now acting the same way the Trumpers acted when Trump was President,   with regards to Biden.   This reminded me of what Trump said about being able to shoot someone and his loyal followers would still love him.     These silly,  misguided,  ignorant followers couldn't see that Trump was insulting him.   That he was basically saying "you are such fools I can do anything and you will still be loyal to me!". 

    Now I see the same from the Biden "fans" here.     I voted for Biden and would never vote for Trump,  but come on folks, Biden has made mistakes.  The best way to move forward with positive change is to admit what they are.


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  17. 2 hours ago, Hibi said:

    He's the most high profile and deserves it.

    I assume you're talking about Zuckerberg;  what does he deserve?     None of these sites is creating that content so many people appear to disapprove of.   They are only providing a forum for it.    E.g.  if I called someone on my Google phone discussing plans to murder someone and I do murder someone,   what responsibility for the crime does  Google have?

    Come on folks;  you know the answer is NONE. 

    The Dems on these committees all talk about how they are going to create regulation.    Ok, stop talking and do so!    BUT that is just BS since they can't get that done and much of the regulation being discussed would likely be unconstitutional.

     Thus I'm truly interested in the type of regulation people believe the Feds should impose on these companies.     

  18. Watched Il Posto last night on TCM.    While my wife, who grew up in Italy had heard of the film she had never seen it.

    There was a lot to like about the film despite the storyline really not going anywhere (well expect in one-direction related to the title).   

    My favorite part was when the two leads were just getting to know he other.    This came of as really genuine.    I also feel the actress Loredana Detto gave a great performance (as well as being well directed).     Her "I'm interested,,, but" way of how she interacted with the young man very refreshing. 

     Il Posto (1961) - IMDb

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  19. 22 hours ago, Katie_G said:

    Amazing Mister X, 1948
    1 hr.17 min.  Directed by Bernard Vorhaus  Starring Turhan Bey, Lynn Bari, Cathy O'Donnell


    Recommended by Eddie Muller as an underrated B noir that would be perfect as the bottom billed feature with Nightmare Alley.  A Horror/Noir thriller and Amazon had it for rent or purchase. Since the purchase price was only $6.00 I pulled the trigger, not knowing the horror was with the print. Extremely grainy and dark, with pops, jumps and muddy sound. Given the glowing reviews there must be a better print out there which would make all the difference, so don't waste your money on this one. I wrongly assumed anyone selling it would have the best version available.

    The standard plot makes Nightmare Alley look like Citizen Kane, but the acting is good and the ambience is spooky enough, taking place primarily in a mansion by the sea.  Lots of crashing waves, steep cliffs, a mysterious stranger with a squawking black bird, one dead husband and two rich and vulnerable sisters. The charlatan only fools the women 'cause let's just say he's got a magic touch. A suspicious boyfriend hires a debunker like the Amazing Randi, who shows off his old magician trick by barfing up some playing cards, and we're off to the races...

    I would like to see this film especially since I'm a fan of the two leading ladies,  Lynn Bari and Cathy O'Donnell,  but I do wonder about the performance of Turhan Bey.

    Based on what I have seen,  he is often the weakest actor in a film. 

  20. 42 minutes ago, Bethluvsfilms said:


    Foch was nominated, but didn't win.

    Eva Marie Saint took home the Best Supporting Actress that year for ON THE WATERFRONT.

    Thanks for that correction.     I now recall that I messed this up once before!      My only excuse is that Foch's nomination was memorable because of how little on-screen time she had.   

    Also,  I have always  viewed Saint's performance as deserving an Oscar nomination in the lead actress category instead of supporting given that she is one of the only females in the entire film.

     But still,  silly me.

  21. 5 minutes ago, Roy Cronin said:

    Nina Foch won an Oscar?

    Yes,  best supporting Oscar for her role in Executive Suite.    I believe it was the shortest on-screen performance to win an Oscar (at least at the time 1954).

    Note that the same year she married James Lipton, the guy from Inside the Actors Studio.

    Nina was cute until she started to put her hair into a bun.   

    Image of Nina Foch

  22. 6 minutes ago, Roy Cronin said:

    She was good in "That's Entertainment! III"

    Is this a wise crack?   I ask because That's  Entertainment III is a documentary film released in 1994.     In the Wiki list of  her films it isn't even included.

    So if that is the one film someone says she was good in,  I have to assume they are trying to be funny.

    But if not,  are you saying out of all the films you have seen that Allyson was in this is  the one that stands out?

    For me the one film Allyson is in where she doesn't get under my skin is Executive Suite.  But she has a small role in this film (as Holden's wife),  and the 3 other actresses still are much more impressive;  Stanwyck,  Winters and Oscar winner Nina Foch.


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