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  1. Yes, best supporting Oscar for her role in Executive Suite. I believe it was the shortest on-screen performance to win an Oscar (at least at the time 1954). Note that the same year she married James Lipton, the guy from Inside the Actors Studio. Nina was cute until she started to put her hair into a bun.
  2. Is this a wise crack? I ask because That's Entertainment III is a documentary film released in 1994. In the Wiki list of her films it isn't even included. So if that is the one film someone says she was good in, I have to assume they are trying to be funny. But if not, are you saying out of all the films you have seen that Allyson was in this is the one that stands out? For me the one film Allyson is in where she doesn't get under my skin is Executive Suite. But she has a small role in this film (as Holden's wife), and the 3 other actresses still are much more impre
  3. DC politicians are using Zuckerberg as a scapegoat. They can't agree on any type of regulations relate to content on platforms like Facebook, Tix-Tok, Twitter, etc.. In additional such regulations might violate 1st Amendment rights. So they come up with silly POV like making profits in the USA is somehow immoral. BTW - I don't use any of these services and don't plan to.
  4. The actor is Anthony Perkins, and the film was Fear Strikes Out (1957). His dad was played by Karl Malden. The film has many dark scenes but the only crime was Perkins playing in the outfield.
  5. Is June Allyson even in Bunker Bean; if she is the role is uncredited. As for "not all that bad", please note my avatar: nothing is as bad as something that is not so bad (from the Scarlett Pimpernel). Allyson is my least favorite actress of her era.
  6. But does Yang want the media to let him be? I assume NOT! But now that he is party less, most of the media will ignore him. Oh well, the guy was clueless anyhow.
  7. True; And Drake struck out with each and every one. Related to The Falcon, Martha Vickers was included in the 1959 Perry Mason episode, "The Case of the Jaded Joker", in which she played Sheila Hayes. This was the second to the last work she did prior to retiring. But for me the real star is Executive Producer Gail Patrick - From Godfrey and being a less than favorite wife, to being a main reason there was even a Mason T.V. show.
  8. The Los Angeles Times, Calendar section, Tuesday, October 5th, has a really nice article about Tommy Kirk: An Appreciation - Unsung Screen Heroes. (this is a two part article with the second part about D.J. T.V. host Sam Riddle). It was written by Robert Lloyd. The Tommy Kirk section was interesting and really respectful to this unsung-hero; E.g. "neither was a superstar by objective standards, but if you were young or even not so young at a certain time and place, you might well have looked at them that way. "Kirk was clean-cut, in the mid-50s to early 60s mold,
  9. Arturo is playing with his dart board; it is the only thing that has keep him sane (well to some degree), since he has stage 4 TDS and the defeat of Trump in 2020 didn't reduce his diagnosis to stage 3 or even 2.
  10. I haven't see the new PM series but there is a thread at this forum about it and those that watched it said it had a much darker tone and was thus more "true" to the characters in the books. Another thing in the book is that Tragg and Perry really respect each other and will work together to find the actual criminal(s). In the books the cop that hates Perry and is willing to so shady things to try to trap him is Sergeant Holcomb who was only featured twice in the PM T.V. show. (thus removing a dark area of the books, but I assume this was done because such a portrayal of a Cop on
  11. My guess is that there were a lot of what-a-be Eve Harringtons out in the real world of acting but only one in a million were able to advance like Eve in the film.
  12. What about the narration Ferris; isn't this a way to explain or in some way justify, his 100% self-absorbed, sociopathic behavior? If the producer and director really wanted to make a simply light-hearted little teen film, I see no reason for said narration.
  13. True, just like in blue states where local law enforcement and other officials will not work with Federal officials when it comes to illegal immigration. Dems can't complain that their plans of non-cooperation with the Federal government now backfire when it comes to issues where they are seeking such cooperation.
  14. Ellery Queen is a period piece since it is set in Post WWII, but I don't see much noir in the show.
  15. Since I love the term "noir embers" I'll concede (ha ha) - The Mason T.V. show makes nods to noir-films from time to time. I have read over 15 of the books and the Mason character is a lot more dark (e.g. willing to break the law), than Mason-on-TV. In the books Drake is the one pushing-back on Mason to not-go-there.
  16. Uh, Perry Mason's creator was Eric Stanley Gardner. Chandler created the Marlowe detective character.
  17. If Perry Mason was influenced by Film Noir it was a really light \ slight influence; Mason isn't very gritty and there are few dark moments unlike the detective shows that were highly influenced by noir films of the 40s and early 50s like Peter Gunn etc..
  18. I try hard to only form an opinion of an actor's, musician's, or artist's work (their product), and not them as a person.
  19. Lansbury is the most interesting person in this film.
  20. Tonight is The Glass Wall with Vittorio Gassman and Gloria Grahame. Also contains one of the larger film roles for Jerry Paris, better known for his role as Robs friend and neighbor in The Dick Van Dyke Show. Here is is on the left.
  21. It appears your saying that in rural areas of the USA, citizens have the around the same level of access to medical health services, as non-rural areas. Ok, believe what you want.
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