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  1. Biden needs to grow a pair and make a speech that tells the refuges to NOT COME HERE, like Harris did. Then he needs to call out the national guard and place them along the southern border telling Mexico that since you let them in, they are your problem. Don't worry about A.O.C. and the other progressive. Most of us didn't vote for them, but we did vote for you; START DOING SOMETHING!!!!!
  2. Like I said I'm an atheist so in that way one could say science is my primary "faith", but I don't look at it that way. I fall back on science to explain thinks like biology, geology, chemistry, etc... and have no belief\opinion of areas science can't explain; e.g. the concept of a so called afterlife. I also don't see progressives adopting science as their faith; If they did, they wouldn't support the unscientific concept being applied to gender; gender is biological.
  3. TCM was stuck between the activist that wished for them to no longer show films these activist deemed "unsavory" and the view of movie lovers and fans of the network that these movies need to be shown. That "canceling" them was not the solution to anything. This was explained by Jacqueline Stewart, director at the new Academy of Motion Picture here in So Cal and also a TCM host. No way was TCM going to give-in to these silly, at best, misguided, cancel culture activist. But to reduce negative endless BS from the activist especially here in LA LA Land, TCM fe
  4. I can see that; two guys get some dates, some moonshine and along with the film, it sounds like a nice evening!
  5. While I can see Fox News and other conservative so call news networks playing up this murder of a young WHITE women since that plays into the narrative that, under Dem leadership, crime is out of control (as well as those-others putting the mostly WHITE viewing audience at risk), I don't see why CNN is playing this story as an important national news story. The only reason I can think of for CNN is to distract from what is going on with the Biden admin; It's been a bad few weeks even as viewed by the pro-Biden talking heads at CNN.
  6. Hey, didn't mean to insult you but your reply makes me think that I did. Just today the L.A. Times has two articles about how police and firefighters are filling for religious exceptions and even their union is suspicious of the claims. Of course it is impossible to verify if a religious exception is legit or not. If one's point is that on one should have to file for a religious exception that is another topic.
  7. Why is this a national news story? It doesn't make any sense to me. Just another couple that had a fight that resulted in the death of one of them. Happens all the time in the USA. So what is the big deal with this case? The only thing I found of interest was that Moab Utah was involved. Very nice place in the spring and fall.
  8. As you well know TCM has shown post studio-era films (> 1969 IMO), since the start; Osborne even mentions this in his opening statements about the brand back in 1994. As long as 80 plus percent of the films TCM shows are American studio-era talking films, I'm fine with the brand. TCM programmers can show whatever they want during that remaining 19 or so percent. That includes silent films, foreign films, post American studio era films, etc... Based on actual data from a guy with a database of every film TCM has shown, TCM remains in that plus 80% range.
  9. You appear to be way behind the times; It is the anti-vaxers that are using made-up religious excuses (BS) to avoid requirements. Anyhow, I was not talking about this couple specifically but just answering the general question you posed about if it would be illegal for a business to refuse service to someone with a face covering.
  10. So you lack class in all areas and not just towards old people. I'm teasing you, but really that is how you're coming off IMO.
  11. The couple could say they are Muslim. As an atheist I find all religions exceptions as "crazy", but they are allowed in many areas, especially in the Red-States: states with a high percentage of myth believers.
  12. It would be illegal to refuse service to someone covering their face for religious reasons.
  13. I don't see much "noir" in The Glass Wall; MOVIES-TV shows the film a lot. Mostly the film is an immigration procedural. Only 80 minutes it is worth seeing at least once.
  14. Wow, didn't know there were such limits. In the future I'll remove screencaps when using the quote feature and I'll edit the one above.
  15. Nice take on this film. Keely wasn't an actress and it shows! The part was a small part and the producers had a limited budget but the film would have been so much better if Jane Russell was cast. The screenplay should have played up the gang boss and his henchman angle and reduced the role of the Feds making the film more gritty and less police procedural. Mitchum's screen persona was a great fit for the character and as you note he carries the film. I also dig the bluegrass instrumental music. Pre-David-Grisman!
  16. I watched the 1948 version last night;
  17. Yea, these Afghans should move in with Dick and Liz.
  18. No law is designed to prevent something 100%. Instead they are there to mitigate risk - to reduce harm. I assume you already know this, but I only point it out since sometimes people ask such questions when they are really just trying to say; therefore this law shouldn't be passed (I'm NOT saying you're doing this).
  19. Being in NYC during the 50s just for the jazz clubs, like the one featured in the film, would be great but I think I would rather visit the place instead of living there on a full time basis.
  20. Jazz bass master George Mraz passed on 9\16: He plays bass on this Zoot Sims album.
  21. My first two 45s where Hello Mother, Hello Father, and Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.
  22. Kenny G. does improvise but unlike straight-ahead jazz it isn't the main focus of the music. But I still view what he is doing as "jazz", based on the harmony he is playing over, as well as him playing jazz standards every so often (in his own style of course). Not my bag, but I see no reason to bag on him (like what is going on at the jazz forum). Big Toots Thielemanns fan. He could play guitar as well. I remember seeing him on Johnny Carson and he was funny and entertaining. Very good musician. He played a chromatic harmonica and since that isn't a limited instr
  23. I admit I don't know what you disagree with (or even if you do). So yea, time to move on.
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