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  1. The failing of this very misguided Question #2,   is about the only good news for Dems leading up to the next election.

    If this had passed it could have cemented the GOP talking point that Dems are more interested in being PC  and appeasing the black community than law enforcement and keeping people safe.    (regardless if those talking points abuse the overall topic).

    Next the Dems needs to put an end to Critical Race Theory.       It really should be called  Critical Majority Theory.    If I have to explain the WHY behind this to anyone it means you have been brainwashed.


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  2. 6 hours ago, Bronxgirl48 said:

    It could be a heavy-handed depiction of the "good" people in these stories.  I'm thinking of Alice's "I know what love means"  and Oliver's "I've never been unhappy before" obnoxious ruminations in CAT PEOPLE -- and, if any two individuals "deserved" to be "ripped" apart, it's those clueless yet at the same time manipulative two, especially passive aggressive Alice, although the script tries to have it both ways with her character.  On the one hand she's telling Reed to "make it up with Irena" and "That's what makes me so dangerous, I'm the new kind of other woman", while at the same time insinuating that Oliver is upset because "it must be marriage".  She's a schemer, that one, and Oliver is just a plain jerk.

    My wife and I had seen Cat People many times before last Saturday,  but she ended up watching most of the film (I watched the entire film again).     After it was over for the first time she made similar comments like yours.       I don't know what in this subsequent viewing made her see these two characters from that angle.      What might have triggered this was when I mentioned how Irena was the victim and the degree of sadness associated with her fait.     


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  3. 6 minutes ago, Hibi said:

    Are you serious? You think it's ugly?

    Yea,   ugly in a cartoonist sort of way.

    But like Dargo said,  I'm half Japanese.      While the two of us were joking about that,   I do find the way toned down,  simple,  elegant Japanese "style" much preferable to what I find to be the  gaudy,  overly embellished Chinese style,  as represented by this theater.


  4. 13 minutes ago, Bronxgirl48 said:

    This might seem strange coming from someone who dearly loves her mystery/horror/sci-fi movies, but I am noticing -- please bear with and forgive if I am getting overly sociological, and be patient, since my post does relate to Noir Alley -- that with every year, Halloween is evolving into a more important -- dare I say, even an increasingly disproportionately significant -- part of our culture.   Note that I am NOT approaching this from any religious perspective whatsoever, it is merely an observation over the past decade or so that this holiday seems to be....what?  Filling in for....I won't say God or a Supreme Being, though it might be tempting to consider, since I am an interested amateur student of post-modernism, lol.  

    Interesting POV but as an atheist one I don't care for.    I have always looked at horror\supernatural\Halloween as additional myths just like all the religious ones.

    To uses as some type of substitute one set of myths over another just doesn't make sense to me.


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  5. 21 minutes ago, Sepiatone said:

    Makes me wonder....

    My not being an encyclopedia of movie statistics, I wonder how many of the people we generally regard as "character actors"  have actually won a "best supporting" Oscar?  

    There may be a few(or quite a few) but I really can't name any.  ( and where's that "blush" emoticon I was mentioning elsewhere? ;) )


    What an interesting topic and  one I have yet to see discussed at this  forum.      I assume character actors won about a third;    I.e. most winners of a best supporting Oscar are either up-and-coming-soon-to-be-stars ,    or established lead players (or secondary leads) or aging stars that took on a lesser role in either an ensemble type film,   or film that featured other major stars.

    Of course there were character actors like Hattie McDaniel that won for Gone With The Wind and it also depends on how one defines a  character actor \ supporting player;  That same year (1939), Thomas Mitchell won best supporting actor in Stagecoach.     I don't really consider Mitchell a character actor,  but more of a secondary lead,  but maybe I'm just splitting hairs here.





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  6. 12 hours ago, mabelnormand1930 said:

    To Sepiatone, 

    Im not being mean, but I don't need to be reminded there are other channels on my tv.

    To AndreaDoria

    Thank you for the kind words.


    I didn't mean to offend anyone by saying I wish tcm would retire KH, and LB films.

    Retire was a bad choice of words to use. 




    All you did was voice an opinion.   Bravo.  That is what this forum is all about as Andrea and others said.

    I don't feel "retire" was a poor choice of words because unless you have super powers no one should have taken that literally.

    If anyone believed some TCM programmer,  Ben,  etc... would read your post and  push  an official order;   remove their films!!!,,,,  they need therapy.



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  7. 11 minutes ago, txfilmfan said:

    Based on their press release, more the former than the latter.

    I heard it was all about saving on the cost of making the awards.      

    Joking of course,  but  the end result is a reduction of awards given:  (unless they created new categories).

    I can support this change since the overall completion between actors is similar.      But such a change (and others being proposed)  would make no sense in Sports.


  8. 6 minutes ago, Dargo said:

    Well, it's about time!

    As a nearly woke person, I say this outrageous example of "cultural appropriation"-- remember here, Sid Grauman nor ANYONE he commissioned at the the architectual firm of Meyer & Holler that designed it, had even an OUNCE of Asian let alone CHINESE blood  coursing through his veins -- should have been torn down YEARS ago!!!

    Uh-huh, and so I say they build the world's largest Starbucks coffee house there instead.

    (...there can never be too many of those, ya know)

    If this ugly site was torn down it would be fine with me.     Yea,  I understand the history,,,  blah, blah, blah,,,,,    

    If a city wishes to retain a building it should  have to purchase it at market value.      Instead the L.A. county law allows the county to take control without having to pay a dime.

  9. 4 hours ago, _Broadway_ said:

    Hooray! I am so happy to see a character actor featured as the star of the month. Hopefully more character actors will get tributes like this in the future.

    Yea,  especially those under contract with either Warner,  MGM or RKO where TCM has easy access to the films they made while with one of those studios.


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  10. 5 hours ago, ElCid said:

    Not in a while.  But still the question to be determined is, who threatened who first?   Sure the rioters and looters were breaking the law, but were they a threat to Rittenhouse before he became a threat to them or to others?

    Well the second dead guy can't explain his POV (e.g. that he felt threatened by Rittenhouse) and therefore it will be next to impossible to get a confliction for murder.

    The alive guy who was shot can claim he felt threatened and that is why he was approaching Rittenhouse with the goal of disarming or detaining him,  but that sounds like total BS to me and I assume most jurors as well.       This comes up on Judge Judy from time to time:     Defendant - I felt threatened;       Judge Judy "so you decided the best way to feel less threatened was to rush the guy and attack him,,,   yea,  right!".

    For those last two that were shot,   all Rittenhouse has to prove is at the time the video was taken (when he was on the ground with people circling him),  he felt threatened,  warned people to back away,  and they didn't,   so he fired in self defense.      To me that is a slam dunk based on the audio and visual from the video.    This is why I said I believe the state is overcharging and sited the Trey Martin \ Zimmerman case;    There was only audio,  but Zimmerman was able to convince all jurors that he acted in self-defense.

    Thus for me that only possible manslaughter case the state has is on the first shooting that lead to death and where there is no video.   Here the state has a case due to all the actions by Rittenhouse that took place before the actual shooting;  E.g.  crossing state lines with a gun with the intent to cause bodily harm,  etc...




  11. 5 hours ago, ElCid said:

    Trump has no actual agenda other than to benefit himself as we saw in the four years he was president.  However, he does have a sort of an agenda to appeal to his base (which has tremendous influence in GOP) and thereby create more power for himself - and his family and associates.  Trump wants to spread discord to such an extent that he and his adherents will dominate and control state governments and the federal government.

    McConnell will bend whichever way benefits McConnell as we have seen ever since Obama became president - and worse under Trump.

    Trump doesn't even have a "sort of an agenda";   All he does is take the opposite positions of those he views as opponents in order to spread discord.   

    McConnell will bend to whatever he feel will help win the GOP Senate seats.       Therefore he will not bend to any sort-of-Trump agenda and thus when you say he will bend,  I believe you're mistaken,  big time.     McConnell has shown he doesn't follow Trump or care about what he desires.     E.g.  the deal he made with Chuck and Nancy on the Debt celling.   


  12. 6 minutes ago, ElCid said:

    the GOPers in charge will defer to Trump and his agenda - too afraid not to. 

    What is Trump's agenda,  other than to be made President and if that doesn't work,  run in 2024? 

    Are you saying  Trump has an actual legislative agenda?   E.g.  A GOP congress will push for building more border walls? 

    Not agree to a debt celling increase?     Not produce any budget to screw up the Biden admin agenda?

    If  those are example of Trump policy agenda items,   there is no way McConnell will bend to any of those.



  13. 10 minutes ago, ElCid said:

    Will be up to the evidence, which the judge will probably not allow, for prosecution to show that Rittenhouse initiated the situation and by continuing to stay there and wave his rifle around caused the situation to escalate.  Note that two people are dead and one wounded and Rittenhouse did not suffer anything.

    For the second two the evidence supports reckless endangerment but not murder.     To me the video makes it clear that Rittenhouse was in danger from those two, especially the guy with a gun.     Have you seen the video?     

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  14. 25 minutes ago, cigarjoe said:

    What about eye witnesses, they still count don't they? He's gotta be connected to  Deceased #1 some way

    The best connection is the bullets from Rittenhouse's riffle that were found in Deceased #1's body.    

    As for eye witnesses:   will all jury members believe them if they are all from-the-other-side?       As seen in the Michael Brown case community members with an agenda will lie.   

    It is best to have independent eye witnesses and that night there were few of these type of folks around.     Hopefully there were some journalist that can offer independent eye witness testimony of that first shooting.


  15. 15 minutes ago, LawrenceA said:

    Yeah, I agree that the defense will probably win in this case, unfortunately. However, the second two people were reportedly approaching the shooter due to him having shot the first guy. So were skateboard guy and "other guy with a gun" acting in self-defense/defense of others?

    I don't think the prosecution can use self-defense of others as lack of justification for Rittenhouse's self defense.    (but I have seen this used in a civil trail which will happen here regardless of how these criminal proceeding so).

    To me the video shows Rittenhouse sitting on the ground waving his riffle in a circle yelling for people to stay away from him.    That guy with the skateboard gets closer and closer and then tosses the skateboard at Rittenhouse and continues to approach.    Rittenhouse shoots him in the gut.    Since the man is dead we will never know what he was thinking,  but what did he expect Rittenhouse to do?    Just allow him and then other to get a hold of him?    Rittenhouse is one sick puppy but in that specific situation,  at that moment,  he had a right to defend himself from what would have surly been harm if not death.


  16. 12 hours ago, Allhallowsday said:

    ^ I really like The B52s, and though I always loved the first album, Cosmic Thing to me was an unexpected achievement and my own favorite album of theirs! 

    Cosmic Thing was a reinvention album for the band after the death of their leader Ricky Wilson (and brother to singer Cindy);   At the start he was the only really solid musician in the band.   I.e. that great 1st album is mostly him via overdubs.     After Wilson's death  Keith Strickland really woodshedded becoming a much better drummer, guitarist and keyboardist.       Cosmic Thing is mostly his musical expression.        Of course the 3 singers are still the core of the band.     These two albums represent these singers very well but in different musical content.

    The B52s first album is my one non-British-invasion rock band I still listen to;    My wife still doesn't really get how I can go from blasting Dance This Mess Around right to bebop jazz without missing a beat!        



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  17. 1 minute ago, LuckyDan said:

    I can't prove it by the exit polls but it seems obvious that with GOP gains everywhere in an election lost at the top of the ticket, there was quite a bit of either crossover or just plain skipping the presidential line in 2020. 

     Brad Raffensperger GA Sec of State made that point last night on Anderson Cooper when he was discussing his new book;   that downstream GOPers won in GA while Trump lost and that this was proof of split-ticket voting.       He was very pointed;     Trumper,  Trump lost fair and square,   the book has all the facts.   Wake up \ grow up.



  18. 26 minutes ago, LawrenceA said:

    So referring to them as "victims" is prejudicial, but referring to them as "looters, rioters and/or arsonists" isn't?

    They should NOT be called looters,  rioters or arsonist either.     They should be called something as generic as possible;    E.g. Deceased #1,  

    Just read the L.A. Times article on this;   according to this there isn't a video of the first shooting that lead to Deceased #1.      I'll have to check with my brother-in-law,  retired former DA,   who has the burden of proof;   E.g. does the defense have the burden of proof the shooting was in self-defense or does the prosecution have the burden of proof it was murder?     I assume the latter and thus without any video I don't see how they get a conviction.      The Travon Martin shooting showed how hard it is to get a conviction against a claim of self-defense.

    The last two that were shot:  one clearly is trying to harm the defendant with a skateboard and the other guy came at him with a gun.  

    Looks to me like the prosecution is overcharging.    That could be a big  mistake.



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  19. 16 minutes ago, LuckyDan said:

    No vote for Trump or a maga candidate at the executive level. I did vote for a congresswoman who had worked for him, but I can't let Texas turn blue just because I don't like Trump. (No dem was going to win my district after the summer of 20 anyway. It was a similar feeling to the 18 midterms after the Kavanaugh smear. The Dems just plain pi$$ people off when they talk crazy. And they can't seem to stop talking crazy.)

    But Trump doesn't need me in Texas, especially not if he is running against Harris. 

    Thanks for the feedback;   So it looks like you are treating local elections,  as,,,  local elections.     Wow,  that might be too logical for most people these days (ha ha).

    I can see Ham doing something similar since he is in West Virginia.

    I don't think there are any non-Trumper GOPers at this forum from purple\battleground states.      I.e.  places were a split ticket vote might influence the outcome.      It would be interesting to get their POV.


  20. I don't see any of this "stuff" about Trump hurting the GOP;  In fact it is likely to help GOP candidates in the 2022 elections:  GOPers that will continue to vote for downstream GOP candidates because they know they will NOT be supporting Trump for President in 2024.       (to ensure Dems don't have too much power in Congress with a Dem President).

    I'm interested in the POV of Ham and Dan, two that are not Trumpers but typically vote GOP (I assume):    E.g.  if it is Harris vs. Trump,  what they would do?     Will they continue to vote for GOP downstream candidates?

    Note that CNN continue to frame all local elections as a statement on Trump trying to use guilt:  A vote for any GOPer is showing support for Trump.   This is total nonsense and I doubt it will have much of an impact.       I believe CNN is doing this because their own election predictions is the GOP wins today in Virginia.



  21. 14 hours ago, Swithin said:

    I'm just wondering, in my rather harsh assessment of Ms. Malone (see above), was she assigned those two horror films because she has a special expertise/interest, or was she just assigned them and then given a script?


    I wonder how host are assigned,  period;   E.g.   they are given a time-slot,  programmers decide the films shown,  without regard to who the host would be and then the host is told the films that will be shown and they record (given a very limited outline-script)  OR  are films order and host are decided by the programmers as-one OR some other type of system?


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  22. I agree that the deceased shouldn't be call victims since the purpose of the trial is to determine if shooting them was justified or not (i.e. if they are really victims or not).

    I saw a video of the last two shooting and they look like they were done in self-defense.   Of course this puck placed himself in a situation that caused him to have to defend himself so this will be a difficult trial; for those shooting and  deaths,   likely a conviction on reckless endangerment.      

    Haven't reviewed the evidence of the first shooting.  Is there a video of that?     Unless there is one I don't see how the state can get a conviction there.


  23. On 10/28/2021 at 8:03 PM, mr6666 said:

    I asked.........

    -so just WHO suggested  getting RID of the police forces ??

    You replied.....

    You need to ask Carmen Best,  the black former police  chief of Seattle.      

    so.....yeah.......I guess it got confused



    Yea,  it got confused;  I believe you were asking about What is Police reform and not who suggested getting rid of the police . 

    Minneapolis is having a vote tomorrow on replacing the police department.     Most leading Dems pols in the state are against the measure since it calls for ending the existing police department without a plan for what would replace it other than the Mayor and City Council would have the power to do so.     (and the Mayor and most of the Council is against the change as well).


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