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  1. Good point; Don't worry, if I find you playing Variations on a Spanish Theme on a Gibson L-5, I'm not going to call you a jazz guitarist! I tend to view genre classification mostly as a marketing tool; In those good-old-days that meant what section one would find an artist at Tower Records. (with the oddest one being "alterative" for bands like The Cure).
  2. I can tell you that there was little fear that people that voted YES, especially Dems (which outnumber GOPers by 2 -1), would vote for YES to recall Newson but select a Republican as the replacements. Even a majority of independents (like me), wouldn't have done that. As for: too many Dems would vote NO and not vote at all for a replacement: This is what Newsom wanted. This is what Newsom asked voters to do , and that is what happened. (but only because there was no qualified\experienced back-up Dem replacement). My guess is that if the Lt. Governor was on the ballo
  3. If the title only said that, I would assume that the favorite film would be one where the actor had a major role within the genre. Thus, I agree with you. Oh, my, what has the world come to. It was that separate comment that made me select films outside of the genre. It doesn't necessarily have to be a horror film. (but if one of your points is that separate comment added more confusion instead of clarity, I can dig that as well).
  4. You also appear to misunderstand what happened with the Dem party here in CA; Newsom told Dems to Vote NO on the recall, AND to skip voting for a replacement; To leave that question BLANK. Again, this was his advise. This was what the ads advised. So of course Dems had fear that too many people might vote NO on the recall, but skip voting for a replacement (i.e. follow Newsom's advise), thus increasing the odds a Republican would win. AND this is what happened. A Republican got the most votes as the replacement. What the advise of the DEM party should have been was:
  5. Yea, I looked at every Tom Drake movie and I don't think it was one he was in, so I'm calling it a day as well. Hopefully LavenderBlue comes to the recuse. She is great at this and might be the only hope left (ha ha).
  6. Watched Susan and God (1940) last night. First time I have seen this Joan Crawford and Fredric March film. Also has a not-very-experienced Rita Hayworth (clearly the weakest actor in the cast), and Ruth Hussey, Rose Hobart, Nigel Bruce (as Rita's old-man husband), Bruce Cabot, and John Carrol. I don't recall ever seeing Joan Crawford this animated. She talks, and talks, and talks. The film (based on a play by Rachel Crothers) was witty and funny, with some very brief sad moments mostly due to the main couple having a teen child that had been ignored by her selfish par
  7. It is clear these spots of the 5 host bantering are a type of "welcome to TCM,, here are our hosts" PR campaign. I wonder if it is "working"? I.e. are there enough new viewers that welcome these because they are new to TCM and are not familiar with the hosts and the overall TCM brand? I hope so. Otherwise why annoy your core audience.
  8. For me the all of the performances in Arsenic and Old Lace are "schtick" with the exception of Priscilla Lane, but in a very funny and good way. This is one over-the-top film that works due to the fine acting and very witty screenplay.
  9. Do you listen to Kenny G? I ask because at the jazz forum there is a big debate about if his music is jazz. Some are saying it isn't even smooth jazz. While I favor straight ahead \ bebop jazz, I'm not that big of a snob where I would say any "jazz" that isn't what I like, isn't jazz at all, but that is what a lot of fellow musicians are doing at the jazz forum.
  10. It appears you don't understand how the CA recall works; Having a high quality "back-up" from the same party as the sitting Governor only increases the odds that party remains in power. Note there are TWO separate questions; Recall - Yes or no. Replacement candidate. One can vote "NO" and still select a replacement candidate. Newsom told Dems to vote NO but NOT select a replacement candidate (leave it blank). This selfish stunt increased the odds a Republican would get the most replacement candidate votes and that is what happened (sick in the heard, Elder got the m
  11. Why would Newsom support a solid alterative candidate on the ballot? Uh, because it would have shown that he cared about CA and the CA Dem party; I.e. that the MAIN goal was to ensure continued Dem leadership. Instead he put CA as risk with a Trumper being the possible Governor due to the screwy CA recall process. So you're correct: Newsom didn't "risk that", since, as I stated, all he cared about was his own political career. I'll be working hard to defeat Newsom in the next primary. AGAIN, I still would like a moderate Dem to be Governor, but NOT Newsom.
  12. We had a very similar experience. I always check out what MOVIES-TV is showing especially on Thursday and Sunday (since those are their noir days) and once I saw this film was one I had to check it out. As for buttermilk on the Riviera; Yea, I've been there a few times and I recommend wine over milk!
  13. Speaking of Janis Paige - tomorrow (September 16th) is her birthday. There is a thread for this. Here birth names was Donna Mae Tjaden;
  14. Funny but under the Alan Hale Sr. thread Janis Paige was being discussed because they were in the film The Time, The Place and the Girl (1946). In this film Paige isn't "the Girl", but instead Martha Vickers was, since after her splash as Carmen in The Big Sleep Vickers was given a 3 picture deal by Warner Bros. Paige was clearly the lead talent in this romantic musical, but Vickers was stunning.
  15. I saw Seven Thieves (1960) on MOVIES-TV Sunday night "noir". It stars E.G. Robinson, Robert Steiger, Eli Wallach and Joan Collins. It was OK, but nothing very special. Still it was nice to see Robinson in such a role as a professor and thief who bonds with Steiger for one last big heist of a casino in Monaco. I don't recall any buttermilk, but I missed the first part of the film. Collins was in The Big Sleep "remake" with Mitchum, but I don't see Bob being a buttermilk drinker!
  16. Mary Trump appears to be as clueless as many people here at this website; The CA recall process does need to change but it is the Dems pols that don't wish for it to change. Since the Terminator left office in 2011, the Dems have had all the political power in CA. E.g. Super majority in the state house and Dem governors (two terms for Jerry Brown). They made ZERO attempt to change the recall process since they wished to retain it just in case a Republican was to become Governor. Of course NOW Dem pols are saying the recall should be changed, but lets see if they really try
  17. It appears you changed topics; I agree that the way CA conducts a recall is screwy, but what you fail to understand is that this is the way Dems in power want it. Yes, DEMS in power. I explained this but it appears you just ignored that. Again, after the Terminator won a recall, the Dems had a super-majority in the state house and a multiple term Dem Governor (Jerry Brown). The Dems did NOT try to change how the recall worked because they wanted it in their back-pocket in case a Republican became Governor. As I already said there should be a few changes made to the
  18. I still don't view the recall as a GOP stunt. I'm not a member and I supported the recall. The biggest stunt was pulled by Newsom, who told all other major Dems in the state NOT to run as his back-up. E.g. The Lt. Governor. Newsom is a selfish elitist that doesn't care about the Dem party here in CA but only his own personal political career.
  19. They discussed Hale Sr, and one thing Cagney said was that Hale didn't mug-to-the-camera and try to steal the scene like this guy:
  20. The recall law here in CA isn't some GOP stunt; It (the law) was favored by the Dem party which is why after the Terminator won under the same recall laws and rules, the Dems, with a super majority and the Governorship, didn't try to change the law; They wanted it just in case a Republican was to win a future election for Governor. From a political POV, the CA recall is similar to the filibuster in the US Senate or Congress limiting a President's executive powers: when it is used against a party, that party complains about it, but when that party is back in power they don't w
  21. Here in CA for this recall, the Dems did make it as easy to vote as humanly possible since they mailed out ballots to every registered voter. Everyone. Voter turnout was key for Newsom and this tactic worked. It had nothing to do with Covid-19 and safety. I.e. Newsom and the Dem Sec of State would have done the same to encourage voter turnout if there was no Covid. AND since Trump and the GOP have tainted mail in voting, a lower percentage of GOPers used mail in ballots than Dems (lower percentage of all registered voters within said party). Of course there
  22. This is from the top post: Name your favorite film of each one. It doesn't necessarily have to be a horror film since they didn't all do strictly horror movies. Also nowhere in the title does it imply the films should be horror films; the title just says "favorite-film-of-these-classic-horror-stars", and not favorite-horror-films,,,,,. This is why many (like myself) have listed films like Casablanca, Laura, High Noon etc... But thinking about this I should have posted both my favorite horror film and favorite film, period: E.g. With Vincent Price it would have bee
  23. It really was the opposite. Most nights, Rooney was out with his buddies drinking while Ava was waiting at home.
  24. Good to see The Great Garrick (1937), mentioned. This Warner Bros. film with Brian Aherne and Olivia DeHavilland is what I call an unknown gem. Often the film only gets mentioned because it was one of the first films Lana Turner was in. Olivia's natural beauty really shines in this film. I love the early scene where she is reflected in a pond. I can see the Whales magic in the film.
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