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  1. Ah, you must be watching ME-TV! Right after I posted this joke about Best Years, (one that I knew you would get), I saw the ME-TV promo for Happy Days, and 'what happened to Chuck Cunningham'.
  2. Last I heard Katrine was with Rob Stephenson, the son who also disappeared from The Best Years of Our Lives.
  3. Yea, those two did look alike. Facenda and his broadcast were mentioned in the film The Burglar (1957), with Dan Duryea, Jayne Mansfield, and Martha Vickers.
  4. The 1971 Playboy interview is viewed by some as problematic.
  5. Here is a strong female character. Olivia DeHaviland in The Strawberry Blonde.
  6. The Light That Failed is a excellent choice. Movie that helped put Ida Lupino on the map and leading to her signing a long term contract with Warner Bros.
  7. As far as your questions about "what is it with actresses,,,"; I recommend All About Eve.
  8. This sentence is total nonsense for a reason you provided yourself; one size doesn't fit all. I.e. the concept of "the only reason" applying to "The Vaccinated" as if ALL of this group think and act as ONE.
  9. Here is another movie about a painter. When he does your portrait like this, you better run for the hills.
  10. Tonight the film is Cause for Alarm. A 1951 Loretta Young MGM film with Barry Sullivan. Running at only 71 minutes which is rather odd for a 50s MGM film with a star as big as Young.
  11. Here is a Lang noir film about a painter.
  12. The main street in Santa Barbara is State Street. I.e. most everything branches off of State Street.
  13. Did you see the TCM presentation about Night Moves? The main point was that the film was about the detective and what he is going through. The overall who-done-it part of the plot is like a MacGuffin in a Hitchcock film. Thus I don't think it was done to be confusing because "we're much too cool,,,, etc.), but instead because "clear resolution" was not the main reason for making the film in the first place. Also, there are noir\crime films from the classic-noir era that were confusing and had untidy endings. Films like the 40s The Big Sleep were confusing and had con
  14. I'm half-Asians and I don't see a problem here. The profession here ACTING. The only requirement I would have as head of casting is that the actor is convincing in the role their assigned.
  15. My first reaction was: Why is someone posting a photo of Jim Carrey in a running suit?
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