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  1. Totally unrelated question; There is a thread about the Hitchcock film Notorious 1946. Can you tell us the last time TCM showed the film and how often it has been shown, say in the last 2 or so years. Someone is wondering if there is a "rights" issue. The film is an RKO production but maybe since it is a Hitchcock film it is now owned by Universal?
  2. I don't like having to wait a week. States should limit voting by mail to at least a week before election day. But States should start counting mail in ballots as soon as they arrive. They just need to ensure that no information of any kind about these ballots is released to the public. Florida should be able to announce their results within 3 or so hours after polls close so hopefully Biden wins FL and, like 2016, the country will know who the next President is.
  3. Good film but I like the pre-code version just a little more.
  4. The film puts Macguffins in a bad light. That is the PC reason TCM doesn't show it.
  5. I agree with you but if there is a moderate immigration reform bill the US Congress might not be able to pass it due to lack of support from very liberal Dem members of Congress and the hardliners in the GOP (which will be a majority of the GOP). Both these groups would vote NO but of course, for vastly different reasons: The liberal Dems because the bill isn't liberal enough and the GOP because the bill is too liberal. Note this is what killed prior moderate immigration reform. The GOP was split and there were enough hardliners to block the GOP moderates from getting a majo
  6. Tell that to the majority of CA Dem politicians. Anyhow, I have faith that Biden will try to put in place a reasonable and moderate immigration policy. But will Congress let him? E.g. if the Dems gain too much power I can see the "de facto open border policy" wing of the Dem party blocking any moderate immigration reform. Again, that is what happened in CA. Deportation is part of a reasonable and moderate immigration policy. Any debate should be on the criteria for who is or who is not, subject to deportation.
  7. Sounds like the type of question Jack Warner would ask. (which I assume you understand given the 'wink') Here is the question Bette asked: what good is a first rate actress is you put her into films with lousy scripts and less than able actors and directors. After Bette went to England, and Warner prevailed in their lawsuit against Bette, Jack saw the light and the end result was a 10 year run of mostly first rate films with their first rate actress, AND solid box office returns.
  8. When political pundits claimed the Tea Party had taken over the Republican Party did you say something similar? To me this smells of wishful thinking. It also sounds similar to what Republicans have to say about the Dem party; That it is now the A.O.C. (socialist, far left) party. Hey, you may be right about the Republican Party, but my prediction is that after Trump's defeat they will move towards the center. Major defeats tend to have that impact on the two parties. E.g. how the Dem party responded to McGoven being defeated in a landslide. Key will be th
  9. Also I only see one item, Shepherd's Pie from acme. Nipkow is losing it, just like his beloved will in a week or so!
  10. You might be right, and it was over 50 years ago, but I recall that face-melt with Atwill and not the Price film. Does Price's face melt like it does in the 1933 film?
  11. Well finally, after 32 years, the Dodgers win the World Series. Great game 6 with solid pitching by both clubs; e.g. most combined strikeouts (27) in any WS game. The only major disappointment; selfish Justin Turner. But Manfred is a joke. Look how he handled the Astros and their cheating. He should be let go for not ensure Turner left the stadium as soon as the positive test results came back in the 7th\8th inning.
  12. Thanks for bringing back a childhood memory. (I guess, ha ha). I still recall seeing the above scene when I was a young child. I had trouble sleeping for a while due to nightmares. This impacted my younger brother and sister because mom started to put restrictions on what we could watch to avoid sleepless nights. My older brother was very upset and beat me bad when mom tried to restrict what he could view. Of course after a while all was forgotten, but I generally avoided horror films until I was a teen.
  13. I did that on purpose. Bonanza is only OK since it isn't as gritty as the westerns I mentioned. I.e. the westerns I mentioned are darker and I like that. Also, it is in color and there is something I just like more about B&W westerns.
  14. To imply MSNBC "can't believe" is very misleading. What I found funny (yes funny), is that while the former campaign employee of the Mitt Romney campaign was making the point (not "MSNBC"), underneath in big white letters was Biden is in PA (a key battleground state). Oh, well, maybe Biden and his staff will mess this up (Dems are prone to screw the pooch), but I just don't see it this time, especially given all the missteps by Trump. E.g. The same day Biden was in PA, Trump was in the state and told the crowd the follow since the PA Governor Tom Wolf, advised
  15. Lock him up isn't going to work this time around. Unlike Clinton, Biden is running a sound and solid campaign.
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