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  1. Rumor has it that the resort also charges a surcharge for Trump to play on their golf course. Thus more taxpayer dollars going to Trump businesses and thus Trump and his family.
  2. I guess by "end" you meant the very end; I agree 100% with your take there on why the Garfield character started to punch back. That was logical and also wonderful. I was yelling at the T.V. like it was an actual boxing match; knock that %&#& to the ground, and cost that mob boss all that money!!
  3. What you have here is highly likely to be the case. This is why I have said for months the the Dems should never have formally impeached Trump. Especially after McConnell made it clear their would be no conviction. Instead Pelosi should have just never sent the articles and given a short press conference saying that the evidence is out there but there is no need to go thru a bogus so-called trial since the GOP has already said Trump wouldn't be convicted. Polls show that only 6% of potential American voters are undecided and Trump non-conviction isn't going to move these folks in one direction or the other. What the Dems should really be focusing on is how their party is self destructing. I don't see how they can expect the various fractions to come together to defeat Trump. E.g. If Sanders is the candidate how will he get enough women support after being labeled as a sexist by Warren and her camp. If Warren is the candidate, many, if not most, Bernie Bros are not going to support her since she implied they were sexist as well for supporting Sanders. And of course the Dem moderates are just out of touch and way too old-school for progressives to get behind.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Yea, I assumed the film was only OK, and that is why it isn't well known. But I was curious to see Lansbury in such a role. Dangerous Dames,,,, nice title but not how I typically view Lansbury. Of course she was very dangerous in The Manchurian Candidate. One of the most evil dames on film. But she wasn't a femme fatale. More like a mommy fatale!
  5. It looks to me like you didn't read passed that first sentence; I was specific about the two areas of the ending I felt were contrived: telling his mom and gal that he was tanking the fight and the mob boss double crossing Garfield. As I stated there was no logical reason for either of these actions.
  6. I "liked"your post. Do you see that? I guess you're saying you can't do that? Note that the heart is suppressed for one's own posts. I.e. you can't like your own post. PS: another way people get confused is that they are no longer signed-in. I.e. they think they are but the system has a time-out process that will automatically log one out. When not signed-in, options like the heart are not available.
  7. Those are the current rules right? It is my understanding that during the studio era, it was the studio that would summit what actors were in what categories. Thus what Tom says about Flynn and The Sun Also Rises is accurate. (unless my base assumption isn't). PS: Gone with the Wind is another good example: Selznick didn't wish to have two leading ladies compete so DeHavilland was placed into the best supporting category, along with Hattie McDaniel, instead of Leigh and DeHavilland both in the best actress one. This kind-of-worked out well since the film gathered both best actresses awards. Olivia wasn't happy about that but if she was under Best Actress maybe Leigh wouldn't have won and thus the film would have NO best actress award.
  8. You're correct as it relates to the domestic far right agenda, but a Pence admin would be much better with foreign policy. As much as I dislike conservative stances on domestic social policy, I would rather have a Pence admin then a Trump one just to get a sane person leading our foreign policy initiatives. As you know most of the far-right changes implemented by Trump have been with the courts and appointments of very conservative judges and bureaucrats. Pence would do the same so there is no difference there anyhow. A Pence admin wouldn't be able to enact into law any far right policy since the Dems control the House. So yea, I would take Pence over Trump. As for the upcoming Election: Hard to tell who is the stronger GOP candidate, Trump or Pence. My gut says Pence by a small margin, in that Trump supporters would vote for Pence as payback to Dems for removing Trump.
  9. I don't view The Breaking Point as having an unhappy ending for the Garfield character. To me it is similar to Body and Soul in that the character gets redemption. Ok, he loses his arm,,, but he gets his family back. The final scene with Garfield in the bed and Phyllis Thaxter is well done. I love the angle shot only showing the side of his face and the camera mostly on Thaxter making it clear she had never left him. Very touching. Yea, not a "happy"ending but not an unhappy one either. (To me Thaxter gives her best performance in the entire film). Body and Soul; so much to like about the film, but the end was contrived; There is no way anyone could be that clueless after all that has come before, to tell their mom and gal they are going to tank the fight, especially when there was no need to tell them. Having him hear the view of that delivery man was key; betting on him for the community wasn't about money but instead the pride of having a Jewish man be the champ especially given what occurred in Europe. Powerful stuff! Maybe I misunderstood how the fight went down but it was understanding that the mob boss ordered the other fighter to ensure Garfield was knocked down \ out instead of the fight going to 15 rounds and a decision. Some type of payback on Garfield? Either way, the boss was smart enough to know that such a stunt could backfire and since it wouldn't make him more money, why take the risk.
  10. MOVIES-TV is now showing the U.C.L.A. restored version of Too Late For Tears as part of their Thursday or Sunday night noir programming. Last night the final film was A Life at Stake. I didn't watch it since it was on too late. The film stars Angela Lansbury and Keith Andes. Wiki also says it is a noir film. It runs 78 minutes and was independently produced. Has anyone seen this film?
  11. For major criminals the media will use the middle name to distinguish these criminals from everyday Joes with the same name. Thus one could look at that as being respectful to those everyday Joes. With social media this has become even more important. E.g. In India false social media outrage has lead to beatings and death. Hey, Mark Chapman killed a cow,,, lets go get him, he lives over here,,,,, we beat him good,,,, oh, wait, that was Mark Steve Chapman and NOT Mark David Chapman, sorry about that chief!.
  12. Ava Duvernay is no longer associated with TCM. This was just a temp gig since she is a director, writer, and producer.
  13. Here is what Wiki has: During the filming of Dark Passage (1947), Bogart experienced a sudden loss of hair, and within weeks he was almost entirely bald. Doctors blamed the accelerated hair loss on alopecia areata, a disease caused by vitamin deficiency
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