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  1. I wonder what the actual local and state Dems leaders think about this? E.g. the mayors of L.A., NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, etc.... Do they really want the Feds to investigate their police departments? In addition Congress already passed such a law after the Rodney King incidence. The Obama and Holder lead DOJ used this law, but obviously wasn't effective. Of course such a bill will NOT be signed by Trump so this is just more pandering by Dems. But even if it would pass would that appease BLM?
  2. The TCM Schedule does say The Underworld Story is this weeks Noir Alley film, but two weeks ago when the film was The Crimson Kimono, didn't Eddie say that in two weeks he would be showing another Sam Fuller film Underworld USA? I guess I'm confused. Anyhow, with The Underworld Story Eddie will likely discuss Da Silva being blacklisted soon after this film, and director Cy Endfield. Mary Anderson playing a black women (well at least the director didn't use blackface!). Anderson is best known to me from the DeHavilland film To Each His Own where she plays the women that adopts unmarried Olivia's child. As for the film; Da Silva is fine (I still like him as Chickamaw in They Live by Night). and Duryea is full of energy, but the film is all-over-the-place and lacks solid direction.
  3. Again, not correct when it comes to Los Angeles; Before the protest the Mayor had put in a revised city budget that called for across the board pay cuts expect to the police. The mayor even retained an education bonus agreed upon with the Police union last year that was set to kick in this month. Other civil employee unions were very upset that the police received special treatment. THEN, just yesterday he changed his mind and announced pay cuts to the LAPD , and diverting the reduced funds to city programs that benefit the black community, based on demands by BLM. NOW, these changes may be wise but they are a direct response to the protest. PS: In addition it is likely the mayor will order the police department to reduce the number of patrols calls in the black areas of town, just like he only had the National Guard assist police in NON black areas of L.A.
  4. The overall topic has been discussed many times; related to American movies I believe Wyatt Earp is the most represented historical figure played by different actors, with Lincoln being in second. As for fictional characters: I assume Sherlock Holmes.
  5. I don't agree as it relates to LOCAL elections. The vast majority of Dems in my county were glad that the police came out in force to defend their community. Just like that pictures of Floyd will stick in the minds of black American for years to come, those photos of the destruction will stick in the minds of most NON black voters (even Latinos leaders have stated that it wasn't right that they were targeted and in my county Latinos make up 25% of the voters, and blacks < 5%). Trump will lose in my county, but other Dems that won in 2018 only because of Trump, may not, and for sure they will lose if they take the type of stance L.A. Dems are talking with regards to use of violence and property destruction. PS: and I assume my GUESS about how voters in MY county will react (a place I have lived in for over 40 years), is much more representative than your GUESS.
  6. Even Obama said that they had NO right to use violence or destroy property. I fail to understand why 'this' (does the ends justify the means) is causing divisions between Trump supporters and anti-Trumpers. As for those that hate; uh, come on folks, BOTH side hate. This is true with the ME-Too movement as well; I.e. that there are SOME women (a very small minority) that are full of hate towards all men and don't believe in due-process. E.g. In Los Angeles there is a known undercurrent about how SOME in the black community feel towards the Dem Jewish power structure (e.g. the mayor is Jewish). Again, I fail to understand why liberals can't just acknowledge that. (even if Nipknow is off on another nonsensical immature hate all-thing-libs tangent).
  7. The downstream impact of the protest and associated destruction is likely to assist GOP candidates here in CA, especially in the County I live in. E.g. First time Dem Katie Porter; In 2018 I voted for her over the GOP incumbent as an anti-Trump \ anti-GOP voter (the seat had been held by the GOP for decades). She has yet to comment on the protest but she will be asked. The good thing for Porter is that the primary has already taken place otherwise she might have landed in 3rd place behind a progressive Dem and the moderate GOP candidate. (CA's primaries allow open voting with the top 2 (which can be from the same party), facing off in the General). Therefore Porter should be able to take a "moderate" law-and-order stance (like Obama's) as it relates to property destruction and use of violence. If she doesn't she will lose.
  8. Spence you don't come off as a news junkie. In fact far from it; A news junkie, unlike a drug junkie, isn't hooked on ONE source but many, many different ones, each with their own bias and slant (since all of us are bias, and therefore all media is bias). Instead you come off only as a Fox news addict.
  9. Nipkow since you 'liked' my post here; for the record, 99% what you post I do NOT believe; I.e. I find it to be BS, lies and odd-thinking-at-best, BUT it is what you believe instead of posted tweets by other 24 \ 7 like some trolls around here.
  10. One women in power that is taking a beating today is Jackie Lacey, the first African-American DA of Los Angeles: The protest in L.A. are now focused on removing her from office since she has refused to charge some LAPD members for abuse against black suspects. There just was an election a few weeks ago, and while she received the most votes she didn't get over 50% so there will be a run-off. The one she is running against is a progressive white male that has indicated he would NOT prosecute L.A. Citizens for a whole range of crimes and would go after the LAPD. Like I've been saying most of the political battles with regards to race in most major cities is between the Dem party establishment and the progressive wing. At the local level there are few political progressives 'stars' (e.g. they have name recognition with even 30% of the voters). I.e. the progressive super-stars are all at the national level like the Squad and Bernie Sanders (who will soon be out of politics).
  11. Lets remove a few statues,,,,, that will convince those fools that we really give a damn! Suckers! (this is the type of Dem party pandering that is at the root of these protest).
  12. I'm replying to this now that I see the latest post about Cedric Hardwicke and his hairstyle in Hunchback compared to that of Astor in A Kiss Before Dying: I have been trying for almost a decade to get you to take a topic seriously and to reply as such; Well here you do so, but when it should have been clear I was joking!!!!! I.e. this crack should have been the giveaway: the guy was obsessed with making it big so he could get his mother a new wig. If that isn't dark I don't know what is.
  13. I'm sure she is a 'good person' but when it comes to ensuring the city's police department abuse cases are resolved in a timely manner, according to BLM and the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP. she could do better. Note that she said: You’re not honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement. You’re not protesting anything running out with brown liquor in your hands and breaking windows in this city. If you want change in America, go and register to vote! Show up at the polls on June 9. Do it in November. That is the change we need in this country. I assume Bottoms wasn't trying to imply 'vote against me, since someone else could do better'.
  14. Under Obama the DOJ did launch investigations of local police departments that resulted in the DOJ entering into agreements with 12 police departments, four times as many as under President George W. Bush. Under Trump, AG Jeff Session slowly discontinued these agreements and Session didn't pursue new ones with any additional police departments. While the Obama admin could have done more, it clearly did more than any previous admin and much, much more than the current one.
  15. First no admin (or leader, or entire country), can "solve" racism. Just like a nation can't "solve" humans committing violence acts towards each other; the best that can be done is a reduction. (this distinction does matter since I find way too many young people believe that something can be 'solved' (i.e. prevented 100% of the time) and thus when that doesn't happen, believe the system is broken \ rigged when it was just an isolated incidence). As for 'meaningful bill', none were put forth since the Dem party focus during those two years was all on providing health insurance; i.e. the passage of the ACA. Note that immigration reform (e.g. passing a DACA bill), was also ignored. Anyhow, like Obama said this week, one shouldn't expect much from the Federal government when it comes to law enforcement, but instead hold state and local officials responsible and vote accordingly. From Obama this week: "Yes, we should be fighting to make sure that we have a president, a Congress, a US Justice Department, and a federal judiciary that actually recognize the ongoing, corrosive role that racism plays in our society and want to do something about it," he wrote. "But the elected officials who matter most in reforming police departments and the criminal justice system work at the state and local levels." PS: I believe Obama was also saying: So folks, get out and vote for Joe,,, don't hold lack of progress against him and the Dem party establishment in general.
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