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  1. I've explained the plot of The Big Sleep movie at this forum. To me it really isn't that complicated (of course this is the film I have seen the most, both the pre-release version and the final, post-war one). What part can't you figure out? E.g. who killed who?
  2. How would a remake impact the 1936 film? In fact it would just bring more attention to it. Osborne wasn't against remakes. He didn't believe the myth that remakes somehow "harm" the prior versions made.
  3. Note what the Board co-chair, McConnell said today: The board told Facebook that although it was right to suspend Trump's account in the immediate aftermath of the January 6th insurrection, the platform couldn't make the suspension "indefinite" with no rule on its books allowing for that. The board said Facebook must review the decision and decide if Trump should be banned from the platform forever. I agree with this; I see only two types of bans: temporary, with a defined end-date when the ban is given, or forever (lifetime ban). An "indefinite" ban with no rule on the
  4. I started to watch it but only saw the first 15 minutes or so. I believe it was on late and I had to go to sleep (because I was enjoying what I was seeing). I agree it was well cast with many actors that were featured in a lot of noir films, like Janis Carter, Steven Geray, and Raymond Burr. I like what I saw so far from Tone, but I did wonder if he could pull off such a character, since my experience with him was mostly with light hearted type material (expect for Five Graves to Cairo). Hopefully TCM shows this film again.
  5. As a jazz musician, I would wear a complete body-suit to avoid Country Music! (just kidding, bluegrass I like and some instrumental country songs by guys like Chet Atkins, Roy Clark, and early, Glen Campbell).
  6. I wasn't sure what serials you were mentioning. E.g. The Bowery Boys? Serials like The Crime Doctor or Boston B-l-a-c-k-i-e?
  7. As joint Stars of the Month? Well Constance was SOTM in November 2012 and since Joan has a better film legacy, I would like to see Joan as SOTM all by herself. In addition if there was a joint one, the odds would be higher TCM would just show the Joan films they already show instead of some of the Fox films they rarely or never show.
  8. I don't support the notion that the majority of British citizens or politicians were trying to take the north back. If that really was a cause supported by the majority of British citizens, why didn't Britain invade the USA in 1865 when the USA was at its weakest? As for the French attacking the new Southern nation; I also don't think that was very likely (France had enough problems controlling Mexico), but if they did, well that would have been the USA's problem. PS: I don't have strong feelings that the Civil War wasn't necessity; i.e. I view that war as a borderline
  9. I agree with Cid with regards to China. All I can add is that the main reason Americans and associated politicians don't wish for China to dominate\intimidate (not invade or take over), are economic. I.e. The USA was doing this (e.g. getting a nation's national resources for 10 cents on the dollar), and now China is almost an equal competitor, which raises the cost of said national resources to American business.
  10. I believe the USA invaded the Confederate States too early: that a compromise could have been made where slavery is dissolved over time and slave owners were compensated for granting slaves freedom. The overall cost of this compensation would have been a lot less than the cost of the Civil War. But hey, maybe that is wishful, Monday morning quarterbacking. But if such an agreement couldn't be reached I would have been fine with the South being a separate nation.
  11. I assume your husband and you will be driving south from Hollywood to San Diego. Since Laguna Beach is about half-way it would be a great place for lunch. Get off the 5 Freeway taking the 133. This takes one right into downtown. Find parking near Las Brisas (a corner where I believe a few films were made before this Mexican restaurant was build) and walk north along a very nice beach trail and you will find the spot where that scene was filmed. This would be a nice break in your drive. From Laguna it would be about 1 \ 1\2 to 2 hours and before you get to The Hotel del Co
  12. I agree with the first two and WWII, but not the Civil War or any possible war with China. Unless China was to attack South Korea or Japan directly, I say, the USA stays out of any conflict. How a nation conducts themselves internally isn't something other counties should go to war over: trade sanctions \ diplomatic pressure, yes,,,,, war,,, NO. Should China attack the USA for being a nation build on white supremacy and one that has committed crimes against people of color? (I'm not saying this is true, but only using this to call into question a nation attacking another n
  13. I believe The Breaking Point is set in Newport Beach's Balboa Island: that is the port where the Garfield character keeps his boat. When he goes to pick-up the Chinese trying to enter the country illegally that is in the San Diego borderline area (so your "at some point" would be on-target). But I could be mistaken. One other idea for your vacation: go to Laguna Beach and the beach where Captain Blood was filmed (the scene where Flynn duels Rathbone ending their partnership). Laguna Beach is on your way when you go from Hollywood to San Diego. I go there often (sinc
  14. Well you should be able to fall asleep once Noir-Alley starts again since the film on 5\22 starts off the series with a bang! Touch of Evil.
  15. If what is mentioned here is true, then the better idea for the Biden admin would have been to try to pass legislation that raised the minimum wage and cutoff and \ or severely reduced, many of the benefits to the unemployed. Of course most GOPers in Congress would have rejected this idea. Oh, well, let the stalemate continue!
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