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  1. Clearly there is a lot of corruption by Trump and those that were in or are still in the Trump admin; BUT, say Biden does win, the Dems gain an even bigger majority in the House and gain a seat or two in the Senate: Would you want the Dems to use their political power to launch investigations into the Trump admin, his cronies and associates? The voice in my head right now says NO; Of course I would like a-holes like Stone to be punished but if the Dems just moved-forward, trying to avoid mentioning the last 4 nightmare years,,,, well I think I would prefer that instead.
  2. Lame comparison; One is a business person, the other a politician. If one doesn't like what a business person says or does, one can boycott their product. If one doesn't like what a politician does they can vote against them or provide money to their opponent. Oh, and conservatives participate in these boycotts just as much as liberals do; E.g. Check out the NRA website: they have a list of companies they advise their members NOT to do business with (like WalMart), because of their opinions related to guns and gun control. AGAIN: this is just good old American capitalism. Smart business folks understand this; dumb ones like the Goya CEO don't.
  3. Very odd post that I don't understand; are you implying that the Goya CEO is a racist and made that comment about Trump because he likes what Trump is doing to Latinos whose descendants were Native Americas and/or African slaves?
  4. My view is that even if the investigations were conducted by the Justice Department, non-partisian Americans would punish the Dems in the House in 2022.
  5. If a majority Dem House spends there time on pay-back, they will be a minority after the 2022 election. The GOP will only have a small majority in the Senate (I'm predicting 52 Senators): The Dems need to use their political power and GOP lack of power to pass legislation like gun control and immigration reform instead of investigations of the prior admin.
  6. I hope they don't do that. The nation needs to move forward, not backwards.
  7. At least Trump did this prior to the election. I guess he really didn't wish for Stone to do any prison time.
  8. My experience is that Goya is about 25% - 50% more expensive than store-brand products. Thus I never purchased their products to begin with. This CEO is a goof ball for not understanding the current cancel-culture mentality (which has always existed but is in super-speed-mode due to social media). If the CEO steps down or is removed by the Board, will that end this boycott?
  9. Thanks for posting this (Faker being the first song on the CD); This type of music isn't really my taste but I like it; I.e. it rocks and moves and the there is solid musicianship here. When John (his actual name) and I play, I make him sing standards like Fly Me too the Moon!
  10. But that is way too practical. Instead it is better to go out of one's way to seek things that will offend yourself, so then you can rant about it.
  11. That picture is of, Martha Vickers (best known as Carmen in The Big Sleep). She was also Mickey Rooney's 3rd wife. She wasn't only stacked but as one can see much taller than Mickey.
  12. If what you're saying is correct, I have less respect for Pence; I.e. he allowed himself to be a stooge for the a-hole Trump, leading the Covid-19 task force helping push Trump's false and misleading narrative. We have wondered what Putin has on Trump; What does Trump have on Pence for him to sell out his nation.
  13. Yea, next Trump will be calling for a monument to Manifest Destiny that features white men giving Indigenous people blankets. Of course when told why they were given blankets, Trump will claim he didn't know they were to infect these people with small pox! After that why not a monument about the Japanese interment camps showing how these traitors deserved what they got. America needs to celebrate the best things of our history.
  14. I believe your prior explaining about TCM having a 'limit' lease of these films is one reason TCM is showing them so often. As I posted before, my mom being Japanese the two Fuller films that feature Japanese culture (one set in Tokyo and the other in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles), make these films special for me. Due to Covid-19 my mom has been living with my wife and I, so we saw these films together.
  15. I'm replying to my own post because I do wish to promote this CD by Fee Waybill; He just turned 71 and this may well be the last work from this member of the band, The Tubes.
  16. I believe you're correct; The House of Bamboo was NOT featured on Noir Alley, but The Crimson Kimono was. 2 weeks or so later TCM had Asian theme programming and that featured both The Crimson Kimono and The House of Bamboo. I also enjoy Sam Fuller's work as does Eddie; I believe he said Fuller was his favorite director of noir films.
  17. I don't think Vautrin was talking about Maybe I'm Amazed when he posted" " "I would guess it's a relatively little known song, though it is on some of his greatest hits albums.".
  18. So you're saying that Pence would be "a real leader" that just might save American lives? I just don't see that.
  19. Could it be that Vindman cares more about his country than his personal wealth? (unlike say, John Bolton). I.e. the WHY for Vindman is to expose Trump prior to the election. (not that there hasn't been multiple incidences of retaliation by Trump and his cronies).
  20. Ah, I have been waiting for someone to ask me about this choice of Jackie Joseph or use the 'confused' emoji, since Jackie isn't well known or typically 'classified' as beautiful. This goes back to when I was 12 - 14 years old. Jackie was a local (Southern California), T.V. host: I also knew her from some T.V. shows and the film Little Shop of Horrors. I found her to be so funny and her persona was just really appealing. I remember talking to my older brother about that and still recall what he said: "well she's no Raquel Welch,,,, but I guess at your age,,, she is your type!". Note that another reason I posted someone like Jackie Joseph is because I wanted to avoid just posting the actresses I believe are the best looking; There are already many threads related to that, but since I just saw The Falcon In Mexico: here is the one I would have liked to kiss the most: Martha Vickers (best known as Carmen in The Big Sleep).
  21. This is a good thing; according to the GOP Texas Lt. governor Dan Patrick seniors are just doing their civic duty!
  22. I agree; the GOP Texas Lt. governor Dan Patrick needs professional help.
  23. Open up your heart, let's come together Use a little love And we will make it work out better I don't ask for much, I only want your trust And you know it don't come easy And this love of mine keeps growing all the time And you know it don't come easy Peace, remember peace is how we make it Here within your reach If you're big enough to take it
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