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  1. I don't know why I even try, but I'm going to do so, yet again; Why are you cutting Cuomo 'slack' and NOT Trump? Partisan politics? If NOT, what is the reason?
  2. I'm going to follow along with how Speedy responded. Likes 50s/60s teen beach movies Film Noir \ crime \ gangsters Pre-Code Comedy - I lean more towards sophisticated comedies but I also enjoy many screwball ones of the 30s, and Judy Holiday revised the genre in the 50s Romance. Specifically rom-coms. Adventure films - Errol Flynn and other type of films that followed Captain Blood and The Adventure of Robin Hood mode Drama - Now I list this 'genre' in both places. What is a 'drama' is debatable (e.g. this website doesn't have a drama sub-forum). I do like many 'women pictures' e.g. most films with Bette Davis, Stanwyck, De Havilland and other stars. So like Westerns for me it is the actor (typically the female star), that makes these for me. Westerns - but mostly only the ones with certain stars like McCrea. I agree that too many are 'programmers' and only the actors add a degree of interest Camp (which would include some horror films since to me all horror is camp by default) Not as Big a Fan Musicals other than Astaire \ Rogers and some Gene Kelly and a few more like Footlight Parade, and Lili. Science Fiction-- Of course there are some very good ones, but for me that is one out of 25. Horror-- enjoy the camp value but I laugh more than I'm scared Dramas - No fan of heavy handed dramas and ones with leads that I'm not much of a fan of. War-- Not much of a fan since these are like adventure films (manly movies but without the fantasy \ fun element found in adventure films).
  3. Oh, no CNN has an article about meat packing and farm workers and it mentions undocumented workers. CNN stop being racist! https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/19/opinions/keep-meat-plant-and-farm-workers-safe-from-covid-19-driver/index.html
  4. Thanks for proving my point: To me the entire concept of 'cutting a politician some slack' is just partisan BS.
  5. Yea, Nipkow, you believe in the same mythical 'god' as Muslims. You must love those guys over heathens like me!
  6. Hey, I'm glad that some Fox hosts, like Neil Cavuto, are allowed to broadcast their POV and haven't been fired yet. Of course Cavuto could have left like Shepard Smith, but then that would leave Fox viewers with only one POV; one that aligns with Trump and his admin and their total line of BS.
  7. Governor Newsom had the same info Cuomo had and he acted sooner with regards to social distancing and closing down certain business. Also do you give Trump and his admin the same 'slack'? To me the entire concept of 'cutting a politician some slack' is just partisan BS. Instead I support calling-a-spade-a-spade; Cuomo made many mistakes (as did other Governors, mostly GOP ones) and the buck, mostly, stops there. (as well as the Federal goofballs whose action or lack thereof impacted all states).
  8. Isn't that the case with your as well when it comes to anyone-but-Trump? It is for me; E.g. If Biden did assault Reade decades ago, I would still vote for Biden. But I'm honest about that. Why can't you be?
  9. Cuomo made a lot of mistakes. Not as many as Trump and his admin, but still a lot of mistakes and misjudgments. Cuomo failed IMO and CNN provides him cover for his lack of judgement and incompetence.
  10. Well we clearly have a different POV. Note that in these studies of doctors having their patient view them as being perceived as offensive if they tell their patients the truth ("Joe,,, your obese,,, you need to lose weight!!!") was the primary reason Americans doctors withheld information and advise. They didn't wish to lose their patients. To care more about losing patients (and thus income), over the health of said patients is selfish IMO. Note that my wife's cousin was looking for a 'good doctor'. We told her about our Primary Care physician. We did advise her that he told-it-as-it-was. She was very unhealthy and yea, clearly FAT. Well she goes and after getting her blood work and physical my wife asks her about the 'experience'. She said "I'm not seeing him anymore,,,, he is mean!'. My wife loves her cousin, but sadly couldn't do anything to get her to see the light; for most folks the so called American lifestyle is a killer. You're Nazi POV is immature and very unscientific, IMO. Statistics and data are just that. It appears you can't handle the truth. So is promoting unproven drugs by Trump also OK. Hey, he is just trying to give people HOPE! Yea, we will clearly just have to agree to disagree on this one. PS: I of course realize you believe your POV is about compassion. On the surface it could be viewed as being more caring towards the individual, but from a practical and scientific basis it accomplishes the opposite.
  11. Really you still don't get it; TT123 worships all things Sanders. Biden is the reason his hero is out of the running and will never gain any higher political position in the USA. Like all those that worship someone, it isn't so much about politics or policy (since clearly both Clinton and Biden have more in common is those areas with Sander than Trump has with Sanders). It is all about bitterness; Trump didn't knock their hero out of the running but Clinton and Biden did. Lack of support by bitter Sanders supporters in 2016 was one of the reasons Clinton lost to Trump. Hopefully that doesn't happen again, but convincing someone like TT123 to support Biden,,,,, wow,,,, I don't think that going to happen. The best us anyone-but-Trump voters can hope for is that he sits out the election. Bernie Bros; their bitterness has become all consuming.
  12. It outrageous to blame someone for eating crappy food to excess and getting unhealthy? (e.g. high cholesterol levels, getting type-2 diabetes, clogged arteries at a relatively young age, etc...). You really believe that? Now I can see some reasoning for not blaming an individual for alcohol and drug addiction, and to a lesser degree tobacco, since these type of substances can have a power effect on a person and impact their ability to make sound choices. But so far no scientific study has found bacon to be addictive. I'm curious what you think about government imposed taxes on these items; these were done to reduce consumption of unhealthy products. One would assume you're against such taxes if you really believe such consumption is beyond the control of the individual. I.e. they shouldn't be taxed since they can't be blamed for their need to consume. As for those doctors; Like you, these doctors just had a political agenda (this was CNN the Trump hate network); anything and everything from a Trump admin official is wrong by default OR they were just being "PC". I'm glad I have the doctor I have; A Chinese American; Studies have shown that they are the most forthright and blunt doctors. Like so many men I never went to the doctor for any annual check ups, lap test etc... Once I got married my wife insisted; Well I go get the test and physical and he told me 'your only in your late 30s,,, if you continue at this pace,,,, you might not make it to 60'; He gave me lifestyle change tips and 20 years later he says, I'm on track to live until I'm in my 80s. If I didn't listen to him and change how I lived, the blame would have been 100% on ME.
  13. I saw those comments and I think you're taking them way out of content. Nazi overtones???? Total nonsense. Trump admin clowns get blamed for NOT understanding and following science and here you go on doing that. American have known health issues to degrees that many other countries don't have, especially health issues in certain communities. You have heard of obesity. This is more common in the black and Latino communities. American men over 50 are much more likely to have comorbidity factors than women over 50. I do statistical modeling related to health care studies and one has to build in such factors into the models. Again, that is just being scientific. NOW: Of course what Azar was trying to avoid was discussing the incompetence of Trump and his admin in dealing with this crisis and how that has lead to additional (unnecessary) deaths. How many can never be determined. I'll give you that (since that is what Trump admin official are told and trained to do). But science is science; Too many Americans eat poorly, drink and smoke too much, and don't exercise. These are all behaviors that an individual can and should be blamed for. PS: Azar clearly ended the interview by saying he was NOT blaming these individuals (that is the part I felt was BS). He also stated that the US health care system with its uneven treatment was highly responsible (something you must agree with since you that is one of your pet peeves).
  14. Yea, these list are hard especially after one sees lists done by others; I also have had 'how did I leave that person out' moments. My overall view is that if one's list doesn't change from time to time, it means they are not watching enough movies! i.e. they are stuck in a rut.
  15. It is always easy to add another. The hard part is who is 'chopped' (ha ha); Here is your original 15: The Gentlemen: Jeff Bridges, Montgomery Clift, Robert Duvall, Glenn Ford, Gene Hackman, Rock Hudson, Burt Lancaster, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Steve McQueen, Robert Mitchum, Robert Redford, Jimmy Stewart, Al Pacino, William Powell
  16. Sadly Talk Talk doesn't. But I admit I'm interested. I would HOPE, one can call out EITHER or BOTH sides for embracing the military industrial complex, or corruption, or supporting corporate greed over workers, or etc... regardless, but with partisan individuals that isn't usually the case. The nature tendencies of defensiveness kick in. This is why I would never join a political party. The force is strong and those tendencies take over.
  17. Interesting way to look at this, especially if one's focus is on the visuals rather than (or over), noir themes and associated characters. E.g. Leave Her to Heaven; Is it or isn't it? I say it is a noir, with strong neo noir overtones, due to the visuals (e.g. when she rides in the hills during the sunset and the colors change creating a lot of contrasts), but also for the noir theme of obsession. In Leave Her to Heaven the obsession is about her deceased father. In Niagara it is about a husband that knows he has been throw overboard for another man by his highly sexual wife.
  18. Torrance \ Gardena: I guess to us kids it was all the same (i.e. any areas we could ride our bikes too). I had a few Japanese American friends at the time. Some like me (half and half), and some the full monty. Yea, you were older so you did more in the area than I was able to do, but I do recall going to Ascot when it wasn't open and riding bikes there. One memory I still have over 40 years later is getting stuck in a tar \ oil 'pit'. My friends were able to get me out but was I a mess!!! I just asked my mom if she remembers this, and she has forgotten. But I recall that she was really mad at me at the time. Maybe she conveniently forgot because now I'm stuck doing her laundry!
  19. Of course the number of deaths due to C-19 are under-counted, but so are the number of cases. The most important stat is the ratio of deaths to cases and therefore since both are under-counted getting accurate data on the ratio is difficult.
  20. Zac is a moron. This type of false BS comment only increases the odds Trump will be re-elected.
  21. Looks like some believe that "god" will provide "insurance" even when one doesn't pay all of the necessary premiums!
  22. Carroll O'Connor was just a crummy father so he had to blame his son being a moron on others. The entire gateway drug concept is BS, but IF one wishes to believe in it, clearly the main gateway drugs are alcohol and nicotine. Drink booze and smoke cigs to your heart's determent, has been the message since this nation was founded!
  23. My mom and I noticed that as well since we grew up in Gardena. Gardena had the second largest population of Japanese Americans in So Cal, after Little Tokyo. Hey, did you use to go to the Vermont drive-in theater and the Ascot race track? These were handouts my brothers, friends and I would ride our bikes to. I left the area when I was about 10, 3 or so years after the Watts riots when we moved to the O.C. (and that was also a major reason my parents marriage fell apart since my mom didn't have her Japanese friends close to her and went into a suburbs-induced-depression).
  24. True. That is why Trump doesn't need to wear a mask.
  25. My ranking would be the same, but I haven't seen the light comedies, Always Goodbye and The Bride Wore Boots (and I don't recall if TCM has ever shown them since one is from Fox and the other from Paramount). I will say that Cattle Queen and No Man of Her Own are middle of the pack for Stanwyck films when compared to other westerns and noirs she was in. (but a lot of that has to do with her male co-stars more than Stanwyck's performance).
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