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  1. I would add Agnes of God as another religious cult film.
  2. It will be interesting what Eddie Muller has to say about this film, and the overall career of could-have-been-queen-of-the-B noirs, Janis Carter.
  3. Interesting. I wonder how long these "usage laws" run for. E.g. are they like copy write laws that have exasperation dates (unless one revises them)? How faithful does one have to be? E.g. would one need permission to make My Fair Gent? (which one could say would be more faithful to the original play given Higgins and his preferences, then My Fair Lady). NOTE: don't expect answers but thanks for getting me thinking about this overall topic!
  4. Wendy Hiller was in the play version in England, which is why she was chosen for the role in the film. It is my understanding all of the play versions were faithful to the original Shaw ending UNTIL the 1938 film. Now I'm curious: what ending do play versions use today? E.g. In England are most faithful (them being stickers and all) but in America since the film versions are now the IT versions, most plays now follows the film ending?
  5. Nehemiah Persoff: Just saw him on Adam-12. Fine actor that I have enjoyed for decades. Great to see he is still with us.
  6. I agree with you about most (vast majority) of TCM viewers being adults. (most of us don't have children at home, we have grandchildren now, ha ha).
  7. How does the My Fair Lady play version end? E.g. the one with Julie Andrews? But I do see your point; that most likely the My Fair Lady play 'stole' the ending from the Pygmalion film. (since we have discussed how the Shaw play ended and that neither film version follows the Shaw play ending).
  8. Note that the people requesting such commentary before certain films are shown always site children. I.e. that young minds need such commentary. That all views are NOT discerning ADULTS as you claim. While that doesn't change my POV (which is that commentary isn't necessary, and if parents believe it is for their children they can provide it), note that the above reasoning is the same one that has been used by conservatives for over a century to support actual government imposed censorship; e.g. the Production code, words that can't be said on over-the-air TV, showing of nudity, etc....
  9. One of my favorite Olivia films is It's Love I'm After. This film showed that Olivia could do comedy and it was a break for Howard and Davis, since the other two films they did (which are first rate), were dramas.
  10. Calling My Fair Lady a "remake" isn't debatable at all, but just non factual. My Fair Lady is a musical adaptation of the Shaw play, Pygmalion, as well as a movie version of the play , My Fair Lady that was a major hit on Broadway. I.e. any so called links between the two films, Pygmalion and My Fair Lady, pale in comparison to any links between either of the plays. E.g. Producers, director, screenwriters could have made the film My Fair Lady without ever seeing the film, Pygmalion. That would NOT be possible with either of the plays (especially the play My Fair Lady). PS: I know you're aware of this, but sadly others just love to call everything "remakes"!
  11. Trump will end his term in 2020 breaking this record. I can already hear the nut jobs; fake news, fake new, fake news,,,,
  12. TCM should show It's Love I'm After, In This Our Live, and Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte this way we have some Bette with our day of Olivia.
  13. FYI: I received this month's 'TCM insider' survey and it wasn't about GWTW or other films and if TCM should show these films with some type of commentary.
  14. Only a very, very small group of people are asking that the film GWTW be 'banned' (which isn't the case anyhow because an actual 'ban' would have to be down by a government agency). I disagree with this small minority of people. No films should be 'banned' (including those directed by Leni Eiefenstahl). Now if a film needs some type of 'commentary',,,,, that is another subject. But again that is 100% up to the privately owned content provided companies.
  15. I believe you're referring to Bewitched (1945). Thaxter is good in this MGM suspense film.
  16. Sorry Joe you have this 100% upside down. The doofus didn't want people to wear masks. But the doofus isn't responsible for virus coming to the USA. It would have come even if Clinton was President but there would be MORE people wearing masks under Clinton and a lot sooner and consistently. I.e. she would have been responsible for wearing masks because she would have addressed the situation correctly and maturely (which clearly the doofus did not).
  17. Not understanding the "they want to see both boards completed". E.g. who are 'they' (the fans of the show, like you and I), or these celebrities? Anyhow are you saying that generally celebrities are not very good players and therefore the boards are not completed? E.g. does it really take longer to complete a board when questions are answered incorrect (I know it does if no one buzzes in at all!).
  18. I assume there are two questions here related to Phyllis Thaxter; One is her performance in The Breaking Point; I think it is stellar. Very good, very emotional without going over board. First rate. I have also seen her in other films and T.V. (e.g. Wagon Train) and found her to be a reliable actress. The second is why wasn't she a bigger star; While she is a pretty woman she doesn't have that something special look that Hollywood was often looking for in a leading lady. In addition there can only be so many stars and studios had their stars and especially once WWII started studio became a lot more reluctant to sign actors to high dollar long term contracts especially if they already had stars under contract.
  19. That is a dang good choice, but I would go with another movie that also starred Jean Arthur; Easy Living.
  20. I wonder if the timing of the John Lewis death had an impact on coverage: We interrupt this tribute to a civil rights leader with the news of the death of the star of Gone with the Wind....
  21. I don't see where Harry has much to feel guilty of as it relates to Wesley. Yea, he could have avoided getting involved with criminals, period, but if Harry wasn't going to do this to save his marriage (his wife says she and the kids will be leaving him), he wouldn't do so just to protect Wesley from some potential violence (that as you note he had no knowledge was going to occur). I also remember Harry telling Wesley to stay away but I could be getting that confused with the Bogie version. (where Bogie slaps Brennan around and makes him feel really bad, and then later in the most moving part of that film, Brennan realizes why: Bogie got physical because he was trying to protect him). Either way there was no way for Harry to keep Wesley from getting involved. E.g. if Harry had told him more forcefully "stay away,,,, something bad is going to go down and I don't want you involved", that would have made Wesley MORE likely to get involved. The killing of Wesley isn't to show Harry's sense of guilt but instead to give Harry the green-light to shoot first; to kill these hoods without any warning.
  22. Osbourne told a funny story of being Olivia's partner at the Oscars. There is video of Bette coming up to Olivia and her introducing R.O. to Bette. Bette gives a funny look, like "well what do we have her,,, Olivia, has a young stud,,,,", since Bette didn't know why Olivia would being younger man to the Oscars with her.
  23. I agree about Mildred Pierce as it relates to being a melodrama than noir, but it was featured on Noir Alley and that was my point; it is an "A" production and very well known film, and classified as a 'noir', and thus the OP wasn't correct in their assessment of Noir Alley films in 2020. (your 'he might have watched The Bodyguard' is likely on-target,,,,).
  24. Trump even thinks Fox News is now fake news. So you need to ask him.
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