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  1. There was a show call The Two of Us (1981 - 1982). Here is the credits. But I couldn't find a TV show that featured the Washington version. There are 4 other different songs with the same title.
  2. I select this guy; (as for movies, and between Cooper and Wayne, I select Cooper).
  3. Anti-Trump CNN didn't think so. It was their leading story for a few hours (on-line), yesterday. But of course CNN has become almost tabloid journalism in the Trump era.
  4. I was talking about the perception and how many, if not most voters, vote. I have said since I joined this forum the impact of the President on the economy is highly overrated by the media and most voters.
  5. Yea, Pelosi was a total idiot. She is so rich why didn't she just have someone come to her home to do her hair?
  6. This year mail-in. Prior years I would walk to my local elementary school to vote.
  7. I agree with you . I don't think any of these ads with negative comments about Trump from GOP politicians is going to influence an undecided voter to vote for Biden over Trump. Instead, (and The Economist also stated this), the main drivers will be which person they believe is best to help the economy recover after a vaccine (and here Trump hater need to admin Trump has some ammo in this area based on how the economy was doing before Covid-19), and how one perceives the so called law and order challenges.
  8. On Saturday, Sept. 5th TCM's schedule says: THE TCM END OF SUMMER TOUR Starts with The Kids are Alright (1979) which features the WHO, Shine A Light, which features The Rolling Stones, then three documentaries, The Decline of Western Civilization part 1 and 2, and This is Elvis. I don't really see the connection of these films to the end of summer.
  9. ..Deborah Walley as Gidget was only OK, but I have seen Deborah Walley on a few T.V. shows and she was really something. E.g. Wagon Train and Kung Fu (where she played an artist \ model and wore carpi pants like Laura Petrie).
  10. Notice that the can is 7 ozs. All the major tuna companies just lost a major US Government lawsuit over price fixing, They all conspired to lower the size to 5 ozs. without lowering the overall cost. But the government will get the vast majority of 100 million dollar fine since it is very difficult for consumer to prove how many cans of tuna they purchased the last 10 years or so (for me that would be around 800 - 1,200 cans, since I eat a can or two per week). Simple southern Italian canned tuna recipe: 1) saute a lot of garlic (I use around 10 cloves) in olive oil w
  11. She was in Show Boat (1951), which was a very popular musical of the era. Here husband, Gower was also in the film as her dancing partner. Plus she was the model for Snow White.
  12. Like I said it is only one anti-nuclear film on Halloween. To me the rest of the line up is very good, but that is because I'm a big fan of the Val Newton type of "horror" film. I do know that many (most?), for Halloween would prefer TCM stick to the 30s and 40s Universal monster horror films (Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolf Man). Hey, these are great films but TCM has limited access to Universal films.
  13. What is funny is that I was thinking about Laura when I made that comment! Yea, that would be hyperbolic as it relates to Gilda.
  14. Ah, author of the thread\topic. Thanks. Was this always there and I just noticed it now? (or is this part of the new format?).
  15. I just noticed that next to the 3-dots on the right (where the edit feature is now located), that for TomJH it says "author". So far I haven't seen anyone else with such a 'tag'. I went into edit-profile and I couldn't see where one could set some type of 'tag'.
  16. Ask these same friends who they predicted would win between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson (their respective parties).
  17. So what; so the punk beats the illegal possession of a gun change. As long as he is conflicted of 1st degree murder (or at least 2nd degree).
  18. I grew up in it-never-rains-in-California (ha ha); But yea, no day-time TV, mostly homework, mandatory reading, and when allowed to play, only outside. At night my mom controlled the one T.V. until I was about 10 and we got another one that was put into my parent's bedroom. Thus the 4 kids had their own TV but my older brother controlled what was watched. (thus the only childhood nostalgia I recall was being punched if I changed the station). Hey, but I did learn to read music and play an instrument. My violin teacher was a member of the NBC orchestra and can be heard
  19. Well not really; This is the banner TCM has up for the Halloween: THE ESSENTIALS: NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE But "The Essentials" is only one film and that film will be Dr. Strangelove. The rest of the line-up is more classic horror; E.g. Val Newton RKO films, The Seventh Victim, I Walked with a Zombie and The Leopard Man. The Sci-fi film (TCM says horror), THEM and The Body Snatcher.
  20. Yea, I assumed that Davis could be BOTH the great dramatic actress and the ingenue, but if that is what was meant it was a poor choice of words and the use of "and two ingenues" (implies to me two OTHER people): WB had one great dramatic actress, Bette Davis, and two ingenues, one blonde and one brunette. Also Davis rarely played an ingenue on screen (based on the definition I found).
  21. This is one definition: The ingénue is a stock character in literature, film and a role type in the theater; generally a girl or a young woman who is endearingly innocent. Ingénue may also refer to a new young actress or one typecast in such roles. That doesn't sound like either Glenda Farrell or Joan Blondell. It does fit Anita Louise, but she wasn't a very big WB star. PS: Joan Leslie fits the ingenue definition. Anyhow, I do wonder who the author was referring to.
  22. Guess it depends on what press one follows; The press I subscript to, Los Angeles Times and The Economist, gave her a lot of coverage.
  23. A few weeks back The Economist featured Olivia de Havilland on their Obiturary last-page: The ingenue who roared. Discussing her years at Warner Brothers it said: WB had one great dramatic actress, Bette Davis, and two ingenues, one blonde and one brunette. She was the brunette. So show was WB's blonde ingenue? I assume Alexis Smith, since the other "major" actresses WB had under contract, while Olivia was under contract, were Ida Lupino and Ann Sheridan. Stanwyck would make films for the studio but she wasn't under a fixed term 7 year contract (the type Oliv
  24. Yea, I did that a lot and I'm still doing it. I also noticed another change that I believe just started today: the username \ notification icon, message icon are now on the RIGHT (where they had been before) instead of the LEFT (where they were after this format change).
  25. Most suburban lots wouldn't be large enough to add an apartment building. The law has a lot of restrictions. In most cases one could only split their lot into two and build two units of around 500 square feet.
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