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  1. Don't be silly. Trump didn't kill 200,000 people. Making ignorant comments like that just damages one's creditability. In fact it sounds like something Trump would say!
  2. I don't know if I would call that amazing, but instead refreshing. E.g. what is there to complain about (from the POV of the bitter)? For those that are upset \ disappointed, like with Cuba, how long should two countries have a so called "cold war" (stand-off)?
  3. You appear to be implying that the Kentucky AG is lying. E.g. that this neighbor doesn't exist and didn't corroborated the cops’ claims "that they knocked on Taylor’s apartment door and announced themselves as police in the early hours of March 13.". I don't wish to put words in your mouth, but is that what you're saying?
  4. The actual shot on the released film is of a empty sacks with gold dust blowing in the wind.
  5. There was a take where Bogie's head is cutoff and see rolling and the bags of gold are still full. My understanding is that Jack Warner insisted that this be redone since Bogie's was WB biggest male star. Jack wanted the character to live but Huston wouldn't agree with that since it was totally unfaithful to the book. So as a compromise Huston ended the film with Bogie's death being a quick one, and then that very sappy, unrealistic ending with the other two.
  6. The area I live in (Orange County CA) has the largest number of most Vietnamize people (outside of Vietnam): this use to have a major impact on our House election helping elected a Republican over a Dem, for the similar reasons bitter former Cubans, do related to Cuba. One couldn't even win a local election for dog catcher in the cities associated with the community Little Saigon (an area officially recognized by the County). During the Obama admin there were protest anytime the USA would soften our stance. E.g. make a trade deal. But that is long gone especially ev
  7. Yes. Did you really have to ask this? Don't you know how to use Google? Also, this should go under "info".
  8. Trump pandering to bitter former Cubans that just can't let go. Like Castro, I assumed most were dead by now, but it appears they may have passed their bitterness onto their offspring. (CNN)President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced a new series of economic sanctions on Cuba that ban US citizens from buying Cuban cigars as well as rum and staying at Cuban government-owned hotels on the communist-run island. "Today, as part of our continuing fight against communist oppression, I am announcing that the Treasury Department will prohibit US travelers from staying at propert
  9. More likely to be former Cubans. I would be investigating Marco Rubio's parents!
  10. As one may know I'm a big fan of Carmichael (I play many of this songs and view him as one of America's Top 10 songwriters), but I had to look this up since I couldn't believe it. Good thing Bogie never knew this. Ha ha.
  11. This is funny, but L.A. reduced the L.A.P.D. budget by < 2%. Hardly defunding. As I have said, even these liberals are NOT going to defund the police. The major CA state level police reform bills that were hot-topics after the Floyd death did NOT pass and the current legislative session has ended. I.e. these pols were just pandering to the black community.
  12. The GOP\right is well aware they can't stop abortion in the USA. Most are more pragmatic and just wish to reduce the number of abortions. While I'm 100% pro-choice to me it would have been wiser for Dems to pretend to agree with the GOP about reducing the number of abortion and to agree to national legislation like a ban on "late term" abortions. This would have made it more difficult for some States (e.g. those that only lean Red and are NOT dominated by evangelical nut jobs), to pass much more restrictive legislation. Oh, well too late for that.
  13. Uh, it appears not so much. The GOP will be able to get this done.
  14. So your POV is that Dems here in the USA are making much ado about almost nothing?
  15. I believe you made an type-o: you say "but he has done much with the Cowboys". Did you mean to say "he has NOT done much"? Related to this the game show America Says had a question about sports clubs that are win championships: Most of the answers were factually accurate; Patriots, Lakers, Celtics, Yankees, Bulls,,, there was one no one got that started with a "C" (the game gives one the first letter); I was yelling at the T.V. "this will be the Cowboys,,,, but that is a joke!!!,, they are NOT winners of championships, and haven't won for decades!!!). But yea,,
  16. Just to clarify what "it" was: The entire National Recovery Admin was declared unconstitutional. At first I wondered if the FDR admin required studios to display the symbol and that what was found as unconstitutional. Of course now I wonder why any studio would voluntarily display the symbol. E.g. to appease studio Union workers?
  17. This is another example of where Gilda is a phony, a fake. So here she does a dance and yea, she is sexy but like a gal at a party that has had a few that isn't a professional. PS: This got me thinking about another scene from Only Angels Have Wings; at the start the Grant character meets Jean Arthur. Grant is singing and playing piano. Jean comes in and join and starts to "help" him. She shows him how the song is really done and Grant says "professional". This was a common technique Howard Hawks used to "set the stage" between the main male and female characters.
  18. Mickey is the guest star on Wagon Train right now on ME-TV.
  19. Eddie really said Gilda was Hayworth "first major role"? At first I suspected he meant first major role for Columbia, but even that doesn't add up since Hayworth made two films with Fred Astaire for the studio, You'll Never Get Rich and You Were Never Lovelier, prior to Gilda.
  20. Did you just watch Dead or Alive, the Steve McQueen T.V. western? I ask because Sue Oliver was featured yesterday. Otherwise I wouldn't have known who she was (yea, I knew I've seen the face but I wouldn't have matched it with her name). I agree, Sue would have made for a better Honey Ryder.
  21. Clinton lost because she couldn't win states that Obama won; Michigan - 2012 Obama wins the state by 9.5%, In 2016 Trump wins by .23%. Wisconsin - 2012 Obama wins the state by 7%. In 2016 Trump wins by < 1% Pennsylvania - 2012 Obama wins the state by 5%. In 2016 Trump wins by < 1% I can provided additional states. Thus to say these states "will never vote democrat" just isn't true and it is states like these that have decided the last 6 or more US Presidential election. I.e. Purple \ battleground states, and NOT red-state. If Clinton coul
  22. I've seen Bridal Suite and I liked it; Yea, a silly, fluffy movie, but at 70 minutes it moves along well and keep my interest. MGM cast Robert Young in many of these lower-budget under 80 minute of so films, and I like most of them. He is charming and works well with the actresses MGM paired him with.
  23. I really hope you're mixing two intros because Watch on the Rhine (no "river" in the title), was released in 1943, while York was released in 1941. Note that the producer of Watch on the Rhine, Hal Wallis, did have to wait for Davis to complete the film Now Voyager before she could do that film. Therefor if there was a reference to Davis it was just to provide another example of how producers had to wait for major stars to complete films before they could cast them in the current film they are working on.
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