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  1. Clearly a low point in the acting career of Ricardo Cortez. But hey at 57 minutes, even if one doesn't enjoy the film, they didn't waste a lot of their time.
  2. Nancy was just following in the footsteps of Marlowe and Spade!
  3. Last night I watched Bait as part of MOVIES-TV Sunday Noir. Bait is a 1954 film produced, directed by and also staring Hugo Haas. It also features Celo Moore and John Agar. In the early 50s Haas produced and directed 6 "B" films, with Celo Moore for Columbia Pictures. The film wasn't very good. It tried to create suspense but often fell flat. MOVIES-TV has been showing many of these Haas \ Moore films; E.g. One Girl's Confession.
  4. I'm surprised that Biden has yet to appoint Obama as President.
  5. Bonita Granville was in The Glass Key, the Ladd \ Lake \ Dunlevy 1942 early political noir. She played the sister of Ladd's character, Ed Beaumount. For me Granville was one of the top child actors as a contract player for Warner Bros. Bonita was honored at the Disneyland Hotel, which Jack Wrather, her husband, owned until it was sold to the Walt Disney Company. The Bonita Tower and the Granville's Steak House were named in her honor.
  6. Taylor actually selected this women over Suzanne. It took birds to break the mode allowing the Ice Princess to catch a break.
  7. I watched all of the scenes in The Birds that Suzanne was in. One thing I noticed was how unflattering Suzanne was dressed. E.g. very loose clothing that made her look slightly chunky. Yea, she was working in the garden, and just chilling at home, but I do wonder if the overall look was done to add further contrast between the two women. I said to my wife (what I say every time I see this film), "there is the real beauty of the film" when Suzanne comes from the yard.
  8. This bill is a total joke since it would never get to a vote in the Senate, and even if Congress was to pass such a bill, President Biden would veto it.
  9. Bonita was 23 when she made Suspense. While an adult role, the same year, 1946, Bonita was in an Andy Hardy film: Love Laughs at Andy Hardy.
  10. Rudy, where is the proof???? Rudy,, come on, release the proof! You said you had tons of evidence! Rudy,, Rudy,, Rudy,,,,, Is anyone home?????
  11. For the 40s, the top 10 actresses would have to include Olivia DeHavilland. Olivia in The Heiress is one of the best performances by an actor in any decade.
  12. Just image the damage Trump would have done if he wasn't playing golf so much.
  13. Suspense was Pallette last film so he might get mentioned.
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