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  1. Do you have data to back up this "there's a disproportionate amount of innocent black men who are wrongly convicted in relationship to their numbers in the American society."? It is my understanding that the Feds never collected such data until only a few years ago and thus there isn't enough data to draw a conclusion. If you don't have actual data than it is just an opinion.
  2. Thanks for posting this. As a jazz musician and lover of classic film I should have guessed that it was this classic session. Great group of musicians with a young Barney Kessell on guitar (starting at 7:00).
  3. I saw that and wondered the same thing. Hopefully someone can post the clip.
  4. I agree that Sanders' rant was irrational but to me your counter rant implying that the US health care "system" must have for-profit health insurance companies was just as irrational. I do agree that Americans from your generation are NOT ready for the type of system I'm proposing. Those under 50? I don't know how they feel but if many support Sanders and MFA, they might support it.
  5. Bloomberg will select Kamala Harris or Cory Booker as his running mate. Now that is some racial profiling!
  6. There would be NO insurance companies in the type of health CARE system I'm proposing. NONE. Insurance companies underwrite risk. That concept does NOT apply to the type of health care system I'm proposing. The Feds (or state governments) collect revenue , via taxes, and using not-for-profit health care administration companies, pay for all "necessary" medical services (the admin companies pre-authorize treatments, pay medical provider according to a fee-schedule, spot fraud etc...).
  7. I have tried to explain how a not-for-profit group-health system could be set up like the Workers Comp one is, but it appears you just don't wish to get it. Maybe it comes down to how one defines "profit"; E.g. the administration functions performed by the WC company I work for: of course workers are paid salaries, but our budget is based on a percentage of underwritten premium, determined and allocated on an annual basis and at the end of the year the unused portion of the budget is returned. I view this as the company making NO profit. Something similar could be done with the private company administrators in group-health. The fact that middle class people have investments in health insurance companies is proof these companies are making highly excessive profits from the group health care system for only performing administrative services. I.e. they are NOT providing medical services.
  8. Yea, that Tapper panel stopped and frisked Mike!
  9. Getting back to romance on Valentine's Day; Not much can top this one: Random Harvest (1942).
  10. Well long those lines, both films featured Virginia Leith, who just passed last November:
  11. And at one time he was CNN's golden boy.
  12. From Wiki related to the book: At a party celebrating both the acquittal and Keefer's success at selling his novel to a publisher, an intoxicated Greenwald calls Keefer a coward. He tells the gathering that he feels ashamed of having destroyed Queeg on the stand because Queeg did the necessary duty of guarding America in the peacetime Navy, which people like Keefer saw as beneath them. Greenwald asserts that men like Queeg kept Greenwald's Jewish mother from being "melted down into a bar of soap" by the Nazis. He calls Keefer, not Maryk, "the true author of 'The Caine Mutiny'". Greenwald throws a glass of "the yellow wine" in Keefer's face, thereby bringing the term "Old Yellowstain" full circle back to the novelist.
  13. Heard this yesterday on MSNBC but I find the data point mentioned misleading; in 2016 there were only 2 candidates running, Clinton and Sanders. (well 3 if one counts O'Malley who got zero delegates, compared to the over 20 received by the other two). In 2020 if there were only two viable candidates running, say Sanders and one of the other "moderates", I believe Sanders would have grown his voter turnout.
  14. I agree about Van Johnson in The Caine Mutiny. One of his best, grounded performances. Maybe his looks had something to do with that: MGM lent him to Columbia for The Caine Mutiny (1954) in the role of Stephen Maryk. He refused to allow concealment of his facial scars when being made up as Maryk, believing that they enhanced the character's authenticity. Herman Wouk describes Maryk as having "ugly but not unpleasant features" in the novel.
  15. My view is that due to combat stress he became a quirky neurotic and after lack of loyalty from the officers of the Caine, became an unhinged paranoid. That is what I got from Greenwald's take on what happened.
  16. Alexis Smith is good in The Woman in White a Warner period drama with Sydney Greenstreet, and Eleanor Parker (playing two characters). (but like in a lot of movies, Agnes Moorehead gives the most compelling performance).
  17. Give it up. If the Dems lose in 2020 it will be 95% because of what they did or didn't do. E.g. running a self described "socialist".
  18. The Two Mrs. Carrolls has it good points as well as 'misses'. I assume one reason for what comes off as overly harsh criticism is one's expectation given the film legacies of the two stars. Yea, it should have been better (but that doesn't make it "bad" ). LorraHF does outline some of the areas that didn't work so well, like Bogie as an artist being too much like an accountant. Better direction and editing. The film does have one of the best women cat-fight-without-a-fight scenes; the lunch - Alexis Smith and Barbara trade barbs and I just love that (for me only Ann Sheridan and Helen Vinson top that in Torid Zone 1940). For fans of the stars the film is worth seeing as long as one isn't expecting The Big Double Indemnity.
  19. I find it odd Arturo laughed at this post since I find it very logical and reasonable. The DNC clearly demonstrates left-right coast bias. But if Klobuchar is the Dem nominee she becomes the Dem party leader by default and thus can, over time, use her spunk to reduce said bias.
  20. Thanks for that info. Now I wonder if any live streaming service of the Oscar ceremony "counted" towards the rating. (not expecting an answer but if NOT it might help explain the low rating).
  21. Note that polling shows that only around 6% are undecided; I.e. the remaining are either going-to-vote-for-Trump or, like me, going-to-vote-for-anyone-but-Trump. It is my understanding that for these 6% the main item that will determine who they vote for is the lesser-evil POV: In the USA, especially in those moderate \ purple states that will decide the election, being a "socialist" is more evil then being Trump. This is why the DNC is for anyone but Sanders. It might be "sad" but the logic is sound.
  22. I'm supporting Klobuchar because I believe she is the one most likely to beat Trump (regardless of what polls are saying); the reasons are very basic; She has the least amount of negative baggage and thus for the 6% or so that have said they are undecided, can be "sold" as clearly the lesser evil as compared to Trump. Sander has the socialist baggage (e.g. Fox News headline on NH last night; Socialist appears to be leading in NH. Then there is his health. Buttigieq is too young and thus inexperienced. He should run for the Senate and try again in 8 years. As for VP. I still say that that the VP choice will be a person-of-color. Yea, I know that historically the V.P. position doesn't matter much but with Trump in the contest what has occurred historically may NOT predict the future. A highly engaged, energized and animated Dem VP candidate of color should be able to play to the people-of-color base in what is a reality TV election thanks to all-things-Trump.
  23. For me Biden was done before he started since he started out so flat, lacking any type of energy, or vision. I'm pinning my hopes on a split convention where Amy K. is able to consolidate the middle and the super delegates. We know from 2016 how the super delegates view Sanders. (and Mayor Pete, is just too new to the party to get enough support in a split convention).
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