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  1. Fine actress that was in many good films. I also discovered her late; E.g. only in the last 10 years or so.
  2. It took you way too long to figure this one out. But of course,,, since you must be a closet Trumper. Ha ha! Keep up the good work.
  3. I agree; note that no Dem at this forum will even respond to such posting. Yea, they were quick to jump on anything and everything that came from the Trump admin (where there was a lot of crap), but now will just remain silent when it comes to anything from the Biden admin and Dem controlled Congress. Oh, well, that is just the nature of hyper partisanship. (and,, didn't take long for Biden to order a military strike,,, which I'm sure is no surprised to you, since you have been saying something like that would happen under a Dem admin).
  4. All these decades later and there are still poles with wires.
  5. The USA will not allow imports of goods that are mislabeled and thus deceptive. The goods in question were made in the disputed territories. (that was why I made the apartheid joke). The U.N. has ruled that those territories are not part of Israel. Of course Bibi etc.. say they are (by the grace of "god" no less). Trump made the change as a way to support Bibi and Bibi's plans to formally annex most of these disputed territories as part of Israel. Are you getting it now?
  6. Another issue will be changing and shower rooms in gyms. My wife encountered a so-called Trans woman and since "she" had the body parts of a man, it was something she was very comfortable with. There have been cases where women have quit the gym and try to recover the pre-paid dues they had paid. These women won because the gym changed their policy. But if this law goes through will women have no legal recourse? To me this is not a case of equality (equal rights for all, which of course I agree with 100%), but instead special rights for one group superseding the rights o
  7. And you wonder why the programmer didn't get back to you?
  8. This Equality Act, as written by House Dems, is poorly designed legislation. Hopefully the Senate can fix some of the major issues. The clear one is by adding a clause that gender specific sport leagues can continue to limit participants to those outside the specific gender; Gender is a biological fact. It is science. The only actual "transgender" individuals are those born with biological factors that are associated with both genders. What someone believes their gender is,,, well, this is just BS, and nonsense from a biological and scientific POV. Note this
  9. I'm a big fan of Salty O'Rourke. The cast is good with Alan Ladd, Gail Russell, William Demarest, and Stanley Clements, Spring Byington, and Bruce Cabot. Good balance of tension (related to gangster Cabot), romance and comedy (mostly by Demarest similar to how he supported Bogie in All Through the Night). Stanley Clements really makes an impact as a young man that falls for teacher Gail Russell (of course Clements is no match for Ladd in the romance department).
  10. It can help with ones timing as a singer to play rhythm guitar. But that is just for me; My guess is that Bono wants to be like Elvis (ha ha).
  11. Obese people shouldn't be placed before essential workers. Either should smokers.
  12. Humoresque is one of my favorite films. I played violin as a child and up until Jr. High so I relate to the parts of how his parents viewed him as a musician (but luckily I didn't meet any dames like Joan!). There is CD available:
  13. You mention some very good films I didn't include. Looks like Joan needs to be featured in a month where she can get 5 days instead of just 4.
  14. This was the correct decision by the Judge. While Biden will sign less executive orders that are NOT overruled by judges, due to the fact the Biden admin's legal team is much more qualified then those that worked for the Trump admin, my guess is that Biden's legal team told him this executive order was highly questionable. Biden signed it anyone to score political points with those that favor illegal immigrants. Deportations have to part of any sound immigration policy (otherwise in essence there is no immigration policy). Biden knows this but has to dance around since he k
  15. It should say made-with-apartheid-labors
  16. This so called Covid-19 bill is too bloated with a lot of non-related spending that isn't necessary. The $15 an hour min-wage shouldn't be in there. Remember when Dems rightfully complained when Trump vetoed the Defense bill because anti-facebook \ Twitter legislation wasn't in the bill: what Biden and the Dems are trying to do is here is similar. Remove these non-related items and try to pass them on their own down the road!!!!
  17. I posted a similar type set of four nights a while back (with the actual movies I wished to see). The only difference is that I had a "as a mother" night, since later in her career (like a lot of actresses) Joan played a mother in some very good movies.
  18. Yea, so what? Tell that to the Trump supporters. Note that even if Trump is convicted of state crimes like NY tax fraud, that doesn't prevent him from running for President in 2024. To me that is my biggest concern, and not that Trump isn't allowed to get away with crimes. I'll take him getting away with crimes over him getting convicted for crimes, and winning the Presidency again in 2024.
  19. His dog is the one lying. He ate that FBI memo and he isn't going to fess up about it. Bad doggy!
  20. Two failed attempts to impeach and convict Trump. 90% of the MSM openly shaming and being negative about most things Trump, and still a majority of GOPers support this a-hole. My point; face reality millions upon millions will continue to prop up and consort Trump regardless. PERIOD. The more lawsuits and legal action taken, the more he claims a witch hunt which increases his support; yea, increases it! Trust me, I don't get it. I can't understand what makes a Trumper so loyal to someone that doesn't understand the concept of loyalty, but this is where we are at a
  21. Sadly race has a lot to do with how the criminal justice system is run and what laws are enforced. This is mostly from liberal Dem politicians. E.g. CA AG started a crack down on illegal food vendors due to health concerns and push back from brick and mortar business (an illegal food vendor would set up right in front of their restaurant). Repeat offenders had their carts confiscated. Well once the AG learned that, OMG, the vast majority of those getting punished were Latinos (many illegal immigrants), he stopped the crack down. The same thing happens with writing tick
  22. This is welcoming news from the Biden admin. I was worried Biden would cave to all the pressure from the far-left that, in order to make up for Trump's immigration policies Biden would have to let in everyone and their brother, cousins, et all. Hopefully Biden will get wise and only grant visas to around 60% of the immigrants in the country illegally, and tell the others they have to self-deport. That is a fair and balanced immigration proposal, unlike the one he talked about with would grant a visa to anyone here since January of this year!
  23. So you change channels. AND what do you find? Actual commercials. Right? I.e. what other movie network shows studio-era films with only a few minutes per hour dedicated to commercials? That would be none. Also since stations like to start programming on the hour \ half-hour, they have time. Yea I wished they showed shorts or other type of movie related programming instead of those TCM commercials, but again, it still is only a few minutes per hour.
  24. Uh, no media outlet would show it and no company would distribute it to be shown in theaters.
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