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  1. I don't see where I'm projecting my feeling about YOUR position. I have asked you twice what you believe are their motives and you refuse to address this. THAT is the only 'position' I'm interested in related to the stupid comments made by Omar. As for your "I don't appreciate' nonsense; It must be nice to have such a convenient memory!
  2. Yea, what she was letting her dog to do plants in the area that are used by birds was criminal. Like the gentleman I'm a member of the Audubon Society and I sometimes perform the function he was doing. This guy is a contributing member to society. This women is NOT.
  3. I didn't say they were supporting Trump. I said, AGAIN, that they care MORE about destroying the DNC than if Trump is elected. This type of bitterness (which we saw in 2016 by Bernie Bros), is a sign of total stupidity on behalf of some progressive politicians, as well as some of their base. If F-ing up the DNC isn't their primary motive, what is? Again, it can't be protecting women rights since what Omar is saying 'don't vote for Biden' is assist Trump and Trump is the most anti-women-rights President in modern history. PS: and to make this funny, I don't recall you being as forgiving to Cid when he raised negative things about Dems. You threw him under the bus (ha ha). I even joked that I didn't think Cid had much influence. (but the squad does, which is why this bug me).
  4. Clinton won Minnesota by only 1.5%. Omar could lead to lower voter turnout for Biden and Dems in general and that could flip the state to Trump. Letting the chips fall where they may is really a stupid move based on how much is at stake with this 2020 election. E.g. Omar claims to care about minority rights and women rights; she isn't a dummy so she must understand that if Trump is re-elected the odds are very high he will be able to appoint two additional Supreme Court justices, both currently held by justices that were appointed by Dem Presidents. (as well as what Trump and McConnell are doing with Federal juridical appointments). The character of both candidates isn't an issue here IMO; it is the politics and policy stances, and clearly Biden is closer to in this regards to the squad \ progressive than Trump. This is why I say the "squad" cares more about causing as much damage to the DNC establishment as possible over that of seeing Trump NOT re-elected.
  5. What I find funny is that I assume this white women doesn't like American music like rap and hip-hop. That music is as American as music can be but I find it to be mostly crap.
  6. SOME deaths that were entirely preventable; Learn more about science and medicine, instead of being like Trump.
  7. Your reply just confirms my conclusions; You are NOT reacting to the content of the actual post (which is Ilham Omar major dislike for Biden and the Dem establishment in general and how that could impact the upcoming election (both Biden's chances as well as the Dem holding on to the House and retaking the Senate). To me this is a very important topic REGARDLESS of if a troll is the one that created the thread and what that troll's motivates are for doing so. I wasn't trying to get you to dish on Biden (E.g. your Biden is a lousy candidate comment), but instead to discuss what this thread is about; how the squad and the progressives are assisting the GOP. Note that TalkTalk123 is part of this movement and it appears they would rather Trump be re-elected instead of Biden since their main goal in life is damaging the Dem party establishment.
  8. What I find hilarious is the Tom and you can't just deal with what Omar and the young progressives in Congress are saying about the Dem establishment. Note that this could impact the election. What matters to me is the defeat of Trump. This, along with all the BS coming from A.O.C. and other disgruntled progressives could sink the ship.
  9. My wife and I found Vienna to be our favorite European city to walk around in. (with Paris a close second). The only thing that could have been better there was the food.
  10. Never have heard of The Herd but the track played here was nice. Of course I'm a fan of Django Reinhardt and I did learn to play a few songs in the gypsy jazz style. Here is one with vocals Don't Worry About Me; (with a classic Django intro).
  11. Everyone knows that the commie Chris Wallace is part of the deep state!
  12. I would rather Trump play golf then give medical advise to his clueless, head-in-the-sand, followers.
  13. No, she is just another hater of Islam. She doesn't agree with G.W. that they worship the same god. Thus there must be multiple gods. Silly girl.
  14. You're apology is accepted but frankly I can't recall anything where an apology was in order. As for escapism; yea, we all want that and these last few months have provided a lot of time for it; For me that means learning to play songs that I have wanted to for a long time like Laura from the 1944 movie of the same name;
  15. Here is a version of I Get A Kick Out of You that doesn't make a veiled reference to snorting coke. (starts at 1:20).
  16. CNN has an article like this each and every week about how so called "Democrats" are leaning toward XYZ being a rising V.P. contender. I say 'so called', because CNN uses the term as if this is ONE person that only speaks in ONE voice. NOT. Anyhow, Warren would drag the ticket down in the key mid-western battleground states, as well as Florida, that Biden needs to win.
  17. Did Trump just discover this actual Marine Corp vet has bone spurs in both feet?
  18. This was posted last week. Or was that the week before. Or the week before that?? How about every week since January of 2017!
  19. Only an idiot god-believer, who lacks an understanding of science, would ask such misguided, immature and silly questions.
  20. Science does a lot more to benefit mankind and all the world creatures, than some made up, so called 'god'.
  21. Another think 'about it that works' is that just enough people, in key states, hated Hillary for a very long time and viewed 2016 as a way to release some of their anger.
  22. So is such a film 'good' Memorial Day material?
  23. For me the best thing about Cornered is Walter Slezak. He was also fine in Born To Kill and Riffraff, and he was the second best actor in Bedtime for Bonzo (after the chimp). He was handsome in 1925.
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