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  1. Science does a lot more to benefit mankind and all the world creatures, than some made up, so called 'god'.
  2. Another think 'about it that works' is that just enough people, in key states, hated Hillary for a very long time and viewed 2016 as a way to release some of their anger.
  3. So is such a film 'good' Memorial Day material?
  4. For me the best thing about Cornered is Walter Slezak. He was also fine in Born To Kill and Riffraff, and he was the second best actor in Bedtime for Bonzo (after the chimp). He was handsome in 1925.
  5. I can't agree with that; this part of his comment is racist: When a Black person supports him I question their relationship to their Blackness and the community. Really, what the the hell is 'blackness'? This type of over-the-top identity politics is what has been hurting the Dem party. Note that Albright tried a similar stunt when campaigning for Hillary Clinton. It backfired, as this type of crap should. Grouping people together and marginalizing them just to get votes isn't cool.
  6. TCM doesn't show made for T.V. movies or T.V. series. There are enough films for a tribute: Sunday in New York Rhino Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Hannie Caulder Hickey & Boggs A Name for Evil The Castaway Cowboy Sky Riders Breaking Point
  7. I'm a big fan of Gunga Din but there are some very campy moments in the film involving Cary Grant. For me these 'work' (because of Grant) but they do push the envelope and I could see how someone might view them as distractions (but not in a good way) from the adventure story line and tension related to the violence \ killing scenes central to the plot.
  8. Well at least you're transparent about your view of life; the only thing you care about if YOU. How things impact or affect YOU. No wonder you're lonely and no one loves you.
  9. You're confused about my position. I didn't say I wanted the GOP party to be in charge of DC (e.g. have a majority in the House and a super majority in the Senate (59 or more) and the office of President). I don't wish for EITHER party to have such power. I agree the current GOP is a total mess. But I still want there to be enough members of the GOP in the next few terms to ensure the Dems don't go too far. I sure don't wish the polices of someone like A.O.C. to be implemented and the Dems might do that if they had the necessary level of power.
  10. Don't count me in as part of that 'we'; I'll forgive many of them since one-party rule typically is a disaster; I.e. if any one of the two parties gets too much power the odds they will abuse said power and really mess things up increases, big time.
  11. Transition to greatness; YES!!! Transition to another President. Get Trump and his minions out of DC!!!!
  12. I just read a CNN article about how Florida is reporting the deaths and it is misleading. It claims the CDC uses one method and thus providing one statistic. (the one I mention above). NOT. The CDC is using multiple methods based on multiple assumption and providing multiple data points. Now Florida state officials (because the governor told them to) is only releasing one data point using the method that, by design, will show the lowest number of deaths. This is what I meant about being too specific: there is no single 'right' answer. If one really wishes to be transparent they should release multiple data points, and what the assumptions are with each. This is what the CDC is doing but what not the states. CNN had a legit criticism of what Florida was doing (as well as other states) but they dropped the ball with regards to what the CDC is doing.
  13. I added the last part because to me you asked a silly question because of your stage 4 TDS. E.g. you mention Don Jr. and Eric when the discussion is about Joe and Hunter Biden. I'll try to explain it again; The GOP knows there is nothing-there, but is staring this investigation with the goal of NOT completing it prior to the election. Their hope is to continue to seed doubt in the minds of those that are not anyone-by-Trump voters. Of course what Hunter did was 'the name of the game in D.C.' and clearly not even close to the type of deep rooted corruption done by Trump and his family. The completion of an investigation into Hunter would make that clear. But not making that clear prior to the election doesn't and that is the strategy of the GOP here.
  14. Uh, any investigation is going to discover that there was no crime. No cover-up. Much-ado-about-next-to-nothing. THAT works in Biden favor instead of the rumors that these things did occur. But I clearly understand why that would be beyond you.
  15. Clearly Hunter Biden wasn't qualified for the job and there was a conflict of interest. This is a bozo move by the Bidens but it isn't a crime. E.g. there is zero evidence or even any creditable claims that anyone in Ukraine received any type of benefits from said conflict. An investigation could work in Joe Biden's favor IF it was completed prior to the election, but of course it won't be; (which works in Trump's favor).
  16. I agree, Anna May Wong is wonderful, period. I really need to watch more of her films but I"m glad that TCM showed the ones that they did.
  17. I agree that one shouldn't throw out actual numbers. I'm working with CDC guidelines on a Covid-19 study in the field I'm in and I made a similar point to my management; The CDC stats are based on many assumptions. But at least the CDC is very transparent about what those assumptions are. E.g. one could reasonable say that few people die OF Covid-19; The vast majority die due to complication (acute respiratory illnesses) that Covid-19 exasperated. One thing the CDC is doing is comparing the number of deaths of acute respiratory illnesses over a time-period BEFORE and AFTER January 2020. AFTER, there is clearly an increase in deaths. But one can't say definitively that these are due to Covid-19. Anyone being too specific isn't being scientific. Why would anyone wish to be like that moron Trump: someone that doesn't understand science and lies and exaggerates, for political purposes, 24 \ 7.
  18. Another example is Bogie in The Big Sleep when he shoots down Lash Canino, hired man of Eddie Mars. Bogie uses Bacall to get Canino to empty his gun, then says 'over here Canino' and shoots Canino dead. Director Howard Hawks had to meet with some of the censors and explain why this was moral justice for how Canino poisoned the little man Jones. Clearly Hawks succeeded.
  19. My favorite bass player is N.H.O.P; here he is at the age of 19. He has been the backbone for some of my favorite jazz recordings since the 80s.
  20. She has only been the Governor since January 1st 2019. I don't see how one can really say she should have fixed the dams in the first place. She has been a state representative and Senator for a long time: If there were bills to fix these dams that she didn't vote for maybe that could be held against her. Also, Trump is saying he will withhold funds to the state due to the move to vote-by-mail. I would assume that would upset more Michigan voters than any lack of action taken by the governor over dams. I.e. I can't see the selection of Whitmir hurting Biden in the state verses her helping Biden. But hey a .23% margin makes it anyone's game!! PS: Oh, and welcome back. I hope you were not in a VA hospital. With Trump and this admin and their understanding of medical care you might have been subject to bloodletting.
  21. I don't see how Out of the Past qualifies for this thread; If I recall the hood had his gun out. It is legal to prevent someone from murdering someone else, and that is clearly what the 'kid' was trying to do. (and he would have told the police,,, but, well,,,,, ). Prime examples are in two E.G. Robinson films, The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse - Eddie poisons Bogie but gets off with an insane, comedic insanity defense (as written by John Huston). (I see that AllHolly beat me to the punch there). Scarlet-Street; Here one can say Eddie gets away with TWO murders; The Dan Duryea is convicted and sent to the gas chamber for a murder Eddie committed, and Eddie gets off. His only punishment is a life of guilt, instead of a life in prison!
  22. Good point; Politics still is mostly 'local' even in this age of Trump (ah,, age of Trump,, that is making me gag, so lets end it!!!).
  23. Note that Clinton won Minnesota by only 1.5%. Amy would help ensure that state stays with Biden. Yes, Amy can be boring but as Swithin said I believe that is what many Americans are looking for. We had way too much excitement with the current administration. In addition Pence is also boring so maybe that has set an expectation for a V.P. Clinton won Illinois, Duckworth's state by 5.83% so Biden should retain that one. Harris and Warren would drag down the ticket in the battleground states. E.g. Warren couldn't even win her home state in the Dem primary, and of course Harris is from CA, which Biden will win in a landslide, and as Swithin noted Harris really melted down and vastly under performed when the spotlight was too bright. Thus I would still recommend Governor Whitmer since Trump won Michigan by only .23%. All Biden needs to win is to retain the states Clinton won and pick up Michigan and one other state like PA or FL, which is very doable.
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