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  1. How about Gunsmoke with Burt Reynolds as Matt side-kick, Clint? There was a cross over period where both Weaver and Reynolds were in some episodes. Anyhow, I found Reynolds a very compelling character as a "half-breed". I liked Weaver also. I stopped watching when Festus joined the program (one of the most allowing and unwatchable T.V. characters of all time IMO).
  2. Saxon was very versatile. He started out as a teen idol in early Rock and Roll films. He had good comic timing but could also play serious roles in westerns and other genres. He also did some Italian films, some of which are worth checking out:
  3. Funny but TCM just showed this film last night. Hopefully the original poster here was watching!
  4. Thanks for helping remind people that every vote against Trump counts! So people, please ensure you vote! Don't depended on others to send Trump packing!
  5. I also liked Edith Fellows; She was in some fine films for Columbia.
  6. Note that the results shown are average of recent multiple state polls. Of course that doesn't mean the end results are accurate but what it does say is that multiple polls, using different methodologies, show Biden winning and Trump being a one term President.
  7. Very impressive collection. I have 5 of the Kobal books of still photography. These are fine books. For Film Star of the 40s I had to purchase two of these, after a girlfriend's child took a pen to the book. But most of the pictures were still fine so I ended up framing some my favorites. I only have about 20 or so other books related to Hollywood; About 10 of "the films of", for Davis, De Havilland, Grant, Bogie, etc... then other books related to noir, screwball comedies etc.., 4 of those books about the major studios; WB, MGM, Paramount and Universal, and var
  8. They would have to set up residence in a southern state and I don't think these New Yorker boys would enjoy that after a spell.
  9. That was my point; almost any policy or political type question one asks of Trump is a gotcha question because Trump fumbles 99% of what he touches.
  10. But with Trump there are so many moving parts in the gotcha game,,, that a reporter \ interviewer just can't pass them up!
  11. Yes, a fine romantic comedy, and another film with Flynn and DeHavilland but where DeHavilland ends up with Patric Knowles, instead of Errol. (the other being The Charge of the Light Brigade).
  12. Sorry but sadly that isn't the case. Millions of American believe Trump is truthful and it is the MSM and Dems that are the liars.
  13. Well the Big Guy surely isn't Trump. I heard that directly from Stormy Daniels.
  14. Sorry but I can't stand to listen to Dore and thus I can't make arguments against specific points he makes. If the overall point Dore is trying to make is that the Dem party establishment is phony, not progressive, in fact sometimes regressive, and Biden is the poster-child of the Dem party establishment, I can agree with a lot of that. That still isn't enough (by a mile), to make any logical argument that one should vote for Trump over Biden. Like I said the Dem primary is over. The choices are now Biden and Trump and there was no way I wanted 4 more years of Trump do
  15. Because he needs his women to be tied up? As for Kerr: She has always confused me; Sometimes I look at her and say to myself "ok,,, but nothing special", other times,,,, I'm channeling Dargo.
  16. Which is why I said if one really sticks to this POV, my hat is off to them, BUT, as you note 99% will NOT. Like most of my single male friends; never go to the doctor for annual check-up (not even once a decade!). Never had a blood test. No colonoscopy at age 50,,, etc... Now we are getting in our late 50s \ early 60s and some are just dying of heart failure or colon cancer (that could have been delayed \ prevented), others are just feeling 10 years older than they really are. Of course they seek treatment that they pay little to nothing for (either before because th
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