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  1. Well he did say "quietly bisexual" which one could say is close to asexual. Anyhow until I read that post I never even though about that but now that I do I think I agree; In so many films Peck's screen persona is so mellow \ calm \ gentle and I realize that creates little sexual tension. E.g. In Roman Holiday. Take the early scene where the Princess wakes up in a strange man's room. The sexual tension is low. The Princess has nothing to fear from this type of man (and the audience can relax as well). Even as the plot moves along the relationship plays out like a brother and sister (and in the end Peck protects her just like a brother). Replace Peck with, say, Gable in his prime, and the sexual tension would have been much, much higher.
  2. I always wondered how in Strangers, Guy became a pro tennis player since he didn't appear to come from wealth (based on his wife who appeared to be from the middle if not lower class) and as you note tennis during that era was mainly for the rich. Now I see that Joe says that in the book Guy was an architect. That makes more sense to me as a profession for someone like Guy but I can understand why Hitch changed this. The scene where Guy needs to leave wouldn't be the same with two architects swapping drawings back and forth! But now I wonder how in the book a working-class architect got into a high-class circle where he ended up meeting a Senator's daughter (unless this is another plot switch).
  3. Since musicals are my least favorite genre I wasn't very aware of Murphy, but looking at his filmography he was in a lot of films and from 1934 until 1944 was in 31 films, that is 3 films per year, so he had to be populate during those years. He continued to appear in 2 films a year (well most years) until 1952. Maybe if he had found his Ginger or had the physique of Gene Kelly (so he could have been a lead in adventure films \ musicals), he would have had a more robust career, but he still had a very solid one.
  4. Again, I think the film is about both Margo and Eve but clearly Eve is more central to the overall plot (i.e. that "central link"). I'm not going to assume that other people are confused and why they are confused since I have no clue how others are thinking.
  5. I have always viewed the title "All About Eve" as sarcasm as it relates to Eve's mental state. Eve felt life, the world, human existence was "all about Eve" but as played out in the darkest scene in the film, Addison knew the score and put her in her place. His mocking of her and the fact she believed she had pulled one over on him as well, is at the heart of the how I view the title "All About Eve" (as in only in her mind), as being voiced by Addison\Sanders. As for the actual film and story line: I don't believe the film is all-about-either-one. The story is about both Eve and Margo and how the contrived (by Eve) meeting and subsequent "relationship" impacted the life of all those around them in the theater industry. The core theme of course relates to stardom and doing all it takes; for the young that is wanting to obtain it and for the old veteran retaining it as long as possible. I like All About Stardom as a title.
  6. George Murphy was also in the noir Border Incident. He was good in comedy as well as dramas. He later was elected to the US Senate from the state of CA. Related to his experience with the film, Murphy helped pass legislation related to immigrant farm labor, the Barcero Program, but it appears he had a rather odd view, at best, of the laborers. From Wiki: His election attracted the attention of satirist Tom Lehrer, who wrote and performed a song about him,[6] in response to racist comments about Mexican-Americans made by Senator Murphy in support of the extension of the Bracero Program in 1964: “You have to remember that Americans can’t do that kind of work. It’s too hard. Mexicans are really good at that. They are built low to the ground, you see, so it is easier for them to stoop.”[7]
  7. TCM had a Columbia deal? (funny but that has an odd cartel type ring to it!). I wish TCM would do this again so I could see some of Jean Arthur's early 30s Columbia films before she made it big with Mr. Deeds goes to Town in 1936. TCM has recently shown If You Could Only Cook and The Whole Town's Talking but there are a few other gems out there.
  8. TMC isn't time zone sensitive. Therefore for the USA it is useful to have theme type programming (Noir Alley, The Essentials etc...) shown at least twice, in a time zone that "works" for the East Coast and West Coast. I love that Noir Alley is on at 9:00 Pacific Time. Midnight would be too late for me. For those on the East Coast I don't see how the two time slots "work"; Saturday it is too-late and Sunday too-early. Don't know what coast you're on but really given the existing time slots for Noir Alley, if two different movies were shown would you really watch both? (Or do you just DVD the show and watch at your own convenience). Oh, and the host is Eddie Muller; really great guy that does show up at this forum from time to time.
  9. Caine looks like yet another British actor that while he made films prior to his "introduction" they were only released in Britain, or had very limited releases in the USA. So I view this type of "introduction" as introducing the actor to the American audience (the most lucrative market for English language films) . For the British release of Zulu maybe the "introduce" wasn't even there (it wasn't uncommon to have minor differences in film versions for US versus British releases).
  10. Yes the characters were conceited thinking they were superior to others; Can one really say that this sense of superiority has nothing to do with their sexuality? Most of society in this era would label such men as perverted (at best). I could see how that might make one over-compensate and make them think; I'm not perverted,,,, NO, I'm superior! To me if a film version that made the point that the young killer were gay could be viewed as being homophobic. I.e. that only gay men would be so deranged to causally kill another young man for an "intellectual experiment", as well as thinking their mentor \ favorite teacher would think that this was "cool". Of course for marketing reason a pre-70s film version would have to sanitize the story line removing any mention of sexuality. Then we have the casting of the two young killers: why cast gay \ bi-sexual actors when sexuality now has nothing to do with the plot? This would be like making a movie about gangsters but deciding to make them Polish instead of Italian (as to not follow the stereotype of the Italian gangster), but then casting Al Pacino!
  11. First rate noir with Widmark as a more nuanced, but still very smarmy, noir protagonist. The British actors, Googie Witners and Francis L. Sullivan also provide solid performances. (the 20th Century Fox contract players, Gene Tierney and Hugh Marlowe do there part but don't really add much). Jules Dassin is the director and the pacing of the film and how everything plays out is done well. This was his 4th noir, after Brute Force, The Naked City, and Thieves Highway. He would also direct the French noir Rififi 5 years later after being blacklisted in the USA.
  12. I heard that talking to oneself is a sign that one may be infected with the virus. I recommend you get tested.
  13. Thanks. I assumed it was Lawrence but wasn't sure it wasn't The Day They Robbed The Bank of England since he had a leading role in that film (unlike the two films before). The Day They Robbed, was released in the USA (distributed by MGM) but didn't do very well and O'Toole was on the stage in London for the 18 or so months between the two films (thus he wasn't very well known in the USA).
  14. What was the film O'Toole was "introduced" in?
  15. Watch The Andy Griffith Show. If your cockatiels don't respond to the whistle song at the start they must be deaf. (or females?). My male goes nuts, does his matting dance, and whistles along to the song (the female never reacts). Now I had to teach the male the song: I recorded it off the T.V. and played it on a loop day after day until he got it down. I also play the song on guitar. I start to play the first few notes and he join in. But like I said he responds to all whistling (e.g. on some commercials).
  16. Have you seen any other versions (as a film or even as a play), of this story? I ask because I haven't and I wonder what those that have seen other versions think when they compare the Hitchcock version to any other one.
  17. Well they need to read the user statement under your avatar.
  18. Good example of how a producer would introduce an actor they have signed under an exclusive contract. I believe Hal Wallis did something similar for Liz Scott in her first film You Came Along.
  19. Trump had the perfect opportunity to look and act Presidential and he just whiffed it, yet again. The economy and stock market was going to decline leading up to November without the C-19 (mainly due to the oil and trade wars leading to an overall lack of demand). Thus without C-19 and with Biden looking like the Dem nominee Trump's re-election odds were sinking. BUT once C-19 because a world-crisis, IF Trump had acted Presidential, put behind politics (at least as projected to the American public), my guess is that he would be viewed as a war-time-president and he would have won re-election. According to CNN Trump's approval rating has risen the last few weeks. I believe this is because in times-like-these we have such a desire (need), to have faith in our leaders that we don't wish to answer a poll with a negative response; the view of a war-time-leader mindset by the public. Trump could still turn things around due to the mindset but he is such a fool, I don't see him doing so (but instead continuing to attack the media, Dems, State Governors, etc...).
  20. I'm doing the same thing with John Huston - Courage and Art by Jeffrey Meyers. I took the book with me on short road trip to Palm Springs (party place for folks like Sinatra , Hope etc..) where we were staying at a friend's home. I ended read about half the book but ended up leaving it at the home. Didn't get it back for 10 weeks! So now I'm starting to read it again. Interesting read with a lot about Olivia DeHaviland, some about your boy Flynn (they had a major fight related to Olivia), his marriage to Evelyn Keyes, the filming of The Night of The Iguana, and The Misfits (where how he treated Monty was something that kind of shocked me).
  21. Yea, I can't recall any but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Of course most of us would tend to forget those that-didn't-make-it-big for that very reason; they didn't really make it and are forgetable. As for James Best; No I did NOT know that. Interesting. I did like seeing him on The Andy Griffith Show where he played a guitar player that while he was getting good gigs was upset with the business side of the music industry. Best played a real nice semi holly body in the episode and played it well. Always wondered if he had actual musical roots.
  22. Well any time a movie has any whistling my parrots go nuts trying to sing along. The one cockatiel will react to music but only in certain keys. I found this out by playing guitar in front of him; It took me a while to clue into the fact that when I played a song in C he reacted to that pitch. Same song in another key, little to no reaction!
  23. Looks like you need to make your "winks" larger buddy! As for your point here: I had the same feeling and note that so far the examples have all been of actors that became big stars. My gut is that it is about 50 \ 50; yea, half end up being big stars and the other half,,,,, supporting actors in film or T.V. actors (not that there anything wrong with that as Jerry would say!).
  24. Generally the "introducing" credit was used by either a studio or producer that just signed some fresh talent. Some times it was used to introduce a foreign star; I believe Ingrid Bergman got some type of "special' credit in Intermezzo, her first film for a US producer, Selznick International Pictures. I don't know if the original assumption associated with this thread is historically accurate: "It's unusual to see a real star come out of that place, as its inhabitants mostly don't even make brilliant debut from which they can fade to nothingness." It would take a lot of research to determine that, but it would be interesting to find out.
  25. Total BS; States where coal was a major part of the economy were knew way ahead of time (like over 20 years ago) that coal as a primary source of energy for the USA was in decline and would continue to decline. State leaders were just too stubborn and \ or stupid to change and move their economies into other industries. There is no "karma" here you moron. I'm 100% sure you voted for these the state leaders that failed to read the tea-leaves. Hey, I guess there is karma here, for how fools like you voted. PS: and all your lover, Trump did, was slow the decline. Economist have said that in the long term doing so (by not replacing mining of coal with other industries like software development), will only hurt these coals states economies more. I.e WV's state GNP will be less than in 10 to 20 years because of Trump's actions.
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