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  1. I agree especially since his true-love bromance is about to have a major change in their status
  2. True, but looking towards next season, the Browns are a team on their way up, while the Steelers are a team on the way down (quickly so I would say).
  3. That flag has been used to symbolize hate and intolerance. I jam with a few sons of Vietnamese refugees and have eaten at that strip mall featured in the photo. Their parents are very conservative, voting GOP all the time. Most are Trumpers. They are anti-gay. In fact their annual parade had to be postponed because the city wouldn't grant a permit unless they allowed gays to participate (something they didn't allow all previous years). Fly a rainbow flag and it will be destroyed. Now I'm not saying the majority of these Vietnamese Trumpers supported the insurgency
  4. Here is a message from a conservative: Bill Belichick - Come on,,,, Trumpers loved this guy until now! Life is good! New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has announced that he is declining the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which he was scheduled to receive from President Donald Trump on Thursday. Belichick cited the "tragic events of last week" as leading to his decision. Pro-Trump rioters rampaged in the US Capitol last Wednesday. Five people died as a result of the chaos, including a US Capitol Police officer. House Democrats want to impeach Trump, accusing
  5. A femme fatale is a woman that uses her sexuality to get men to do things they wouldn't normally do. Generally the man is a fairly decent fellow, lacking the courage to not succumb to her charms. Classic femme fatales are Jane Greer in Out of the Past, Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity, Ava Gardner in The Killers, Totter in Tension, Liz Scott in Too Late for Tears, and Maria Windsor in The Killings. But too often a character is given the label just because there was a crime in the film or because the film has noir undertones. E.g. Gilda: Gilda isn't a femme fatal
  6. It isn't Trump's America. It never was, and it will never be. Only an anti-American, traitor would believe such nonsense. Read the US Constitution!!!!!
  7. Brees is going to play his last NFL game going out throwing a bunch of interceptions that cost the Saints the game. Brady vs. Rogers will be good. I'm pulling for the Packers and Rogers. Bills might have a chance over Chiefs if Mahomes is too injured to play (which I doubt) or slowed down by injuries.
  8. No lost for society with this news. He didn't only murder a woman, but The Beatles last album.
  9. And we all know that when it comes to woman, the only thing that matters is how they look.
  10. Reading your posts at this forum, I find that hard to believe. This is a one week delay.
  11. Easier to be a corrupt corporation in Texas than it is in New York. That is why they are leaving. LaPierre had a hand in the cookie jar. In Texas he can have both hands in there.
  12. Yes, at the Barrett hearing. Feinstein isn't too liberal for me, but, like I said, for the majority of Dems in the state. I still believe she will retire. She is just saying that now since no one wishes to be seen as being pushed out, especially an incumbent that has been in power as long as Feinstein.
  13. In a Hard Days Night sequence of the song, George is using a pick when he plays that part,
  14. She claimed the same thing, but I'm not buying it.
  15. The way the CA primary elections are done (top two, regardless of party end up in the General), Feinstein will face another Dem. CA has moved enough to the left that I don't see Feinstein being re-elected. In fact I don't think she even wishes to run again, but is now just saying so, because of all the calls for her to resign. Her comments here was the straw that broke the camel's back with a majority of CA Dems.
  16. Old Acquaintance provided Bette another opportunity to give a very grounded and controlled performance along the line of The Great Lie, made two years before, where Mary Astor has the juicier role. But unlike Astor, Hopkins didn't make the best use of her opportunity, being too-over-the-top playing an already, over-the-top character. Hopkins didn't make another film for 6 years, coming back in The Heiress, with former Warner's star Olivia DeHavilland. I Googled "1930s Actresses" and this Top-10 list came up. I admit I was surprised Hopkins is listed #2. The
  17. One of my favorite Jack Nicholson performances is in The Witches of Eastwick where Jack gets to really show his devilish charm.
  18. Come on Nipkow, be honest, Jane looks a lot better than the last woman you have been with, assuming you can remember that far back.
  19. You're correct. The guitar George plays is a 1964 José Ramírez Guitarra de Estudio classical guitar. I play an instrumental version of the song, slightly faster, with a Bossa Nova beat. (hey, if I could sing even half as good as Paul, I would attempt to sing it,, but a man must know his limitations). George sounds nice but his very short solo just follows the melody line. I always wished The Beatles had re-recorded some of their best written songs as 4 - 6 minutes versions allowing all of these fine musicians to stretch out. (but trust me, I'm not complaining,,
  20. I agree; Classic example of a 30's screwball comedy. Arthur was a peach in a film that fit her screen persona and comedic talents to a T. PS: If one clicks on the photo it takes them to a great write up for the film.
  21. The actual dream that came true for most of us in CA was that Biden won the election! (it was clear Biden would win the state and he did with over 63% of the vote,,, Trump got less than 35%).
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