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  1. Easier to be a corrupt corporation in Texas than it is in New York. That is why they are leaving. LaPierre had a hand in the cookie jar. In Texas he can have both hands in there.
  2. Yes, at the Barrett hearing. Feinstein isn't too liberal for me, but, like I said, for the majority of Dems in the state. I still believe she will retire. She is just saying that now since no one wishes to be seen as being pushed out, especially an incumbent that has been in power as long as Feinstein.
  3. In a Hard Days Night sequence of the song, George is using a pick when he plays that part,
  4. She claimed the same thing, but I'm not buying it.
  5. The way the CA primary elections are done (top two, regardless of party end up in the General), Feinstein will face another Dem. CA has moved enough to the left that I don't see Feinstein being re-elected. In fact I don't think she even wishes to run again, but is now just saying so, because of all the calls for her to resign. Her comments here was the straw that broke the camel's back with a majority of CA Dems.
  6. Old Acquaintance provided Bette another opportunity to give a very grounded and controlled performance along the line of The Great Lie, made two years before, where Mary Astor has the juicier role. But unlike Astor, Hopkins didn't make the best use of her opportunity, being too-over-the-top playing an already, over-the-top character. Hopkins didn't make another film for 6 years, coming back in The Heiress, with former Warner's star Olivia DeHavilland. I Googled "1930s Actresses" and this Top-10 list came up. I admit I was surprised Hopkins is listed #2. The
  7. One of my favorite Jack Nicholson performances is in The Witches of Eastwick where Jack gets to really show his devilish charm.
  8. Come on Nipkow, be honest, Jane looks a lot better than the last woman you have been with, assuming you can remember that far back.
  9. You're correct. The guitar George plays is a 1964 José Ramírez Guitarra de Estudio classical guitar. I play an instrumental version of the song, slightly faster, with a Bossa Nova beat. (hey, if I could sing even half as good as Paul, I would attempt to sing it,, but a man must know his limitations). George sounds nice but his very short solo just follows the melody line. I always wished The Beatles had re-recorded some of their best written songs as 4 - 6 minutes versions allowing all of these fine musicians to stretch out. (but trust me, I'm not complaining,,
  10. I agree; Classic example of a 30's screwball comedy. Arthur was a peach in a film that fit her screen persona and comedic talents to a T. PS: If one clicks on the photo it takes them to a great write up for the film.
  11. The actual dream that came true for most of us in CA was that Biden won the election! (it was clear Biden would win the state and he did with over 63% of the vote,,, Trump got less than 35%).
  12. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You is one of my top 5 early Beatles songs. Just solid all around. Written by Paul, with an interesting chord progression, and, as noted, with George singing the lead. This allows for John and Paul to sing harmony, and both are in fine form. I mean really,,,,, having those two as the back-up singers! The ending lyric change of "I discovered I'm in love with you, 'Cause I'm happy just to dance with you",,,, still melts my heart after over 40 years of hearing this classic.
  13. The film was made in early 1943 so even by then it would be thousands at that specific time period in history (assuming Dave was talking about the number of ships at the time the film was made, instead of the total by war's end). Note that Bogart was in two straight forward war films in 1943, the other being Sahara. Both are fine films, with Action in the North Atlantic reflecting the Warner Bros studio well (e.g. the WB under contract actors like Alan Hale, Dane Clark, etc.. ), and Sahara being a Bogart-loan-out to Columbia Pictures (also featuring a just getting started Dan
  14. I don't know why TCM would say this is a femme fatale tribute since there are few femme fatale characters in these films except Tension (with Audrey Totter in her most nasty gal performance), and somewhat in The Unsuspected (but more of the bitter bored wife, then a femme fatale). Totter isn't a femme fatale in the other films: In Lady in the Lake, the High Wall and The Sellout she is the women that supports the noir protagonist. Other then Tension , Any Number Can Play is the only film with a "true" femme fatale played by Doris Dors. The Narrow Margin doesn't have a
  15. Yes, Ray Milland doesn't come to mind as a slapstick type comedian but he cut his teeth with some very talented people in 1937's Easy Living, with Jean Arthur and Edward Arnold, and director Mitchell Leisen (with a screen-play by the iconic 40s comedic director Preston Sturges). While Ray was no Cary Grant (who was), he held his own with a good sense of comedic timings and charm.
  16. Stanton started acting in 1954. Since I love 50s - 60s westerns he pops up in The Rifleman, Have Gun Will Travel, Rawhide, Gunsmoke, The Big Valley, The Virginia, and Bonanza. When I first saw him I had to look up when he was born because I was surprised. It was 1926! He died in 2017 at the age of 91. What a long and fruitful career.
  17. You have a good ear. I Call Your Name is the best written song from a musical POV. Use of many flat chords (E.g. Db7) and a chord progression that was innovative for its time. Clearly my favorite on the album and a song I play often to show that John and Paul were ahead of all the others in the rock and roll genre.
  18. At the bottom, the text is obscured by Lindell’s coffee cup. But you get the gist: The CEO of MyPillow has a strategy for shuffling around administration staffers to gather up the evidence of electoral fraud he thinks exists — and to use military resources in an effort to keep Trump in power, or, as he apparently puts it, to protect the Constitution. How does this clown sleep at night? I don't care how good his pillows are, I still can't see how he can get a good nights rest!
  19. I would define Congress meeting essential, but even with that being said it should have been done using Zoom. I assume members of Congress have computers and access to the Internet. For voting use software like Docusign. Yes, we could use a bit of pomp right now, but, again, but here in America the pandemic is at its peak. E.g. In LA county experts are now saying one-in-three have had the virus. (so maybe I'm reacting to that since I live only 40 miles south of there).
  20. Maybe done for you but the left wing loves them! Since that wing grows day in and day out the Oscars will not die.
  21. I don't think there should be a public inauguration due to the pandemic. Instead is should be held at a non-disclosed location with only 6 or so people. Biden should have provided a good example to all Americans that non-essential activities, especially those with large gathering should be canceled. A public inauguration is non-essential.
  22. I agree, but isn't it ironic that for the first time in their lives these Trumpers followed the advise of a left wing activist. Now that is funny.
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