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  1. Yet another jumps ship: looks my prediction that Trumpism is done for is coming true. Even quicker than I expected! Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has submitted her resignation, saying President Donald Trump's role in spurring the mob that breached the US Capitol on Wednesday was "the inflection point," making her the second Cabinet member to resign over the incident. In her resignation letter to Trump dated Thursday, which CNN obtained a copy of, she calls the rioters' behavior "unconscionable" and wrote, "There is no mistaking the impact your rhetoric had on the situation,
  2. Pence didn't go down, only Trump did. There is still a lot of upside for Pence as it relates to being the GOP nominee in 2024.
  3. The GOP could make a comeback. They should regain control of the House in 2022 if history follows the typically pattern. For that to happen the GOP has to discard Trumpism. I think they will so you could be right.
  4. Great last 48 hours for me. How about you? Dems have full control of the Feds, Trumpism is dead, and the GOP will have to purge many of the other traitors if they wish to make a come back. What a great country!
  5. Pence should have been SICKEN by what had transpired since 2016!!!!! That includes McConnell, McCarthy, and every other GOP leader in the USA. It appears the traitors that stormed the Capital were actively looking for Pence (after Trump gave them the go-heard that Pence was now part of the deep-state). If they would have found him and beat him to a pulp or even killed him it would have been karma. OWN IT! The GOP, not just Trump, is full of immoral, un-American, a-holes that 10 tons of disinfectant can't wash away.
  6. For me the fact Trump encouraged these clown and then, after they do what he clearly had been implying they should do, throws them under the bus. Classic Trump. Captain Louis Renault has a lot more scumbles then Trump! If they can't see that Trump was playing them for his own sick, egomaniac purposes, then Trump really is one of the best con men in history. (as well as these clowns being at the top of the fools heap).
  7. Hey, I wonder where the heartland guy is? Waiting to be arrested by the FBI I hope!
  8. This is from Wiki: The print that has aired on TCM since 1999[3] shows the international ending and briefly displays The End followed by a title card that reads: “You have just seen the original ‘International’ 1939 ending of MGM’s ‘Idiots (sic) Delight’ which is spiritual and optimistic in tone. We now present the original ‘domestic’ theatrical ending that seems to ignore the fact that the rest of the world is at war.” However, the second ending does include Irene’s line, “The whole world has gone to war!” Dramatic music plays while this card is displayed. Domestic[edit]
  9. True, but still the seating of Biden was never at risk. E.g. even if they had killed Pence and other members of Congress, that wouldn't have allowed Trump to remain in office. I actually wouldn't have cared if Pence was taken hostage or even killed. This would have provided a great lesson to future V.Ps., Cabinet members and other leading members of the political party of a unstable, highly flawed, violator of the Constitution, sitting President: if you just continue to look the other way (which Pence, McConnell, those Cabinet members that didn't resign, McCarthy etc.
  10. Uh, we are talking about Trump Jr. under a Justice Department lead by AG Garland the guy that was cheated out of being a Supreme Court justice by McConnell.
  11. I wasn't surprised by either of those events. This was like trying to predict how a film will end. After all of the anger Trump had drummed up and the "code" he provided about doing-something, I didn't expect anything but these traitorous thugs getting violent and storming the Capital. (what I didn't expect is that they would break down the barriers, the Capital Police would be so passive, and the traitors would do as much as they did). As for McConnell: He made it 100% clear on December 15th that Biden would be President. After this he asked fellow GOP Senators not to ch
  12. Yes, that is a major problem, especially since all House seats are up for re-election every two years. These House Republicans are reading-the-tea-leaves and poll results like these will just convince them they are reading them correctly; the majority that vote for them support Trumpism. Only the 2022 GOP primaries, especially for those House seats, where a GOP House member voted for the election objection, will determine how much of a hold Trumpism continues to have. Note that my focus is on the GOP primaries and not the General election. This is because I assume in thos
  13. Sorry, I clearly misread the "brought" comment as related to TCM. I also love TCM and some of the programming "lately" (say the last 6 months), hasn't been the type of programming I desire, but as long as TCM continues to show mostly American Studio-Era films (30s - 60s).
  14. I highly doubt that poll is accurate. People deeply embarrassed often will give a bogus response since they suspect the pollster is only asking such questions to embarrass them. Either way, as long as GOP politicians continue to dump-Trump that is what matters. Then when the 2022 elections occur we will have a much better view of if GOP voters still support the clown or are now ready to move-on and support GOP pols that had the courage to call out the clown.
  15. In addition have you seen the market rally today? All of the losses from that first day of 2021 trading have been made-up. I guess Wall Street investors are Socialist! Crew on that one for a while.
  16. Hey, Ham, did you vote for this guy?
  17. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is resigning, a White House official and a person familiar with the situation tell CNN. She's the first Cabinet member to leave in wake of President Donald Trump's response to a mob of his supporters breaching the US Capitol. A veteran of Republican administrations and the wife of the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Chao came into her post with a focus on reviving the nation's crumbling infrastructure. *** One can assume Mitch and Elaine discussed this last night. Hopefully this makes Trump more upset at Mitch and thus Trump will
  18. Some of the lyrics are relevant to current events:
  19. I understand your POV. Not sure what you mean by "would have bought a different channel". E.g. you pay a fee just for TCM? i.e. a direct TCM fee? (for me it is part of a cable bundle of channels). If yes, just because a channel might show some content you don't desire, that means you would cancel the entire service? I assume that most of TCM's programming is content you do desire.
  20. This thread might have slowed-down because it was mostly a prank, but now it is serious. I agree, the Biden lead Justice Dept. and the FBI need to identify and arrest all the violent protesters and others that committed crimes. In addition if any are part of a group (e.g. The Proud Boys), the leaders of these groups should also be arrested, even if they were not in DC, for inciting a riot and conspiracy to commit violence. These seditious scum deserve no quarter.
  21. Time for you to move. I hear Iran is looking for immigrants.
  22. Well sadly some law enforcement personal were injured. I saw the video that CNN showed of her getting shot and it looked to me that she was part of a group the broke the windows and were trying to enter the area. That would make her one of the traitors. If that is the case she deserved to be shot.
  23. Yes, no need to explain, again, and again. I just don't agree with your POV. The violent storming of the Capital was what needed to happen. Yes, needed to happen. It clearly showed the true colors of a certain segment of Americans, one that I already knew existed but many others, especially Republicans, didn't wish to admit existed. It occurred, was stopped and Congress went on to do their duty. The only folks this storming of the Capital was "bad" for are folks like Hannity and Tucker, and the now minority members of the GOP, that will continue to
  24. I'm really glad you are. Yea, I post quickly and grammar and spelling are something I'm really poor at. I know 4 languages but they are all programming languages! I.e. I spent time on source code scripts instead of English since I was 10 (since my dad worked for IBM since the 50s). Anyhow, I'll back on on the teasing since you took them as insults and they appeared to bug you. Like I said from my POV yesterday was the nail in the coffin for Trumpism (again, watch Tucker and Hannity, you could see it in their faces), so I'm want to celebrate this moment. While we o
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