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  1. Well after seeing Greer and Mitchum in Out of The Past a movie where both of them die and the romance is really short lived it is nice to see this movie where they have fun but there are still noir elements in the film. Good solid movie.
  2. As for the relationship between Grant and Young: Yes it is all about a spiritual relationship but there is that undercurrent that IF he wasn't an angel,,, well, maybe than,,,, This is why Grant was perfect for the part. Just his charm, great looks and his 'being' give the impression about this 'what IF' to 99% of women. I believe in the trailer this is why they don't say he is an angel. i.e. to keep the mystery. Grant was used in the same way by Hitchcock but in the inverse. In movies like Suspicion and Notorious his charm etc....disguises the fact that Grant's characte
  3. Wow, Mitchum's best movie is saying a lot. I really enjoy this movie but I like His Kind of Women and Macro more. William Bendix is always a great addition to any noir. But yes The Big Steal is a great mix of noir, mystery, romance and light comedy. Talking about that drive in Mexico, I just love that part where Mexican workers help them build a bridge out of wood and then Mitch tells them that Bendix will be coming and that they shouldn't help him. All in the name of love of course! Very funny sence.
  4. I think the Wayne version has a lot to do with this. I'm in my early 50s but most of my buddies are younger than me. Very few are into classic movies (and to me Wayne's version of True Grit is really after the classic movie era but of course with a classic movie actor). Anyhow I was jamming with them and one was telling his kids about the Wayne movie and that he was going to get the DVD to show the kids that 'old' movies could be good. Ok, that got my interest since I have been telling him this for YEARS and he never cared when I made this point (ha ha). He told his kids that a
  5. Well I can understand why the author of the book wouldn't want the setting changed but I don't see how that applies to Wayne unless he wasn't willing to work in Arkansas/Oklahoma which doesn't make a lot of sense. We can see that the picture is identified as a Wayne movie and I can see this bugging an author. Not because of Wayne but because movies with that type of iconic star, the star presense tends to overshaddow everything else. i.e. An author writes a book with multiple characters and story lines and now the movie is going to revolve mostly around the iconic star (even when t
  6. Yes, there is a thing called the holiday romance and thus the title. Have you ever been in one? I have and while it wasn't like the movie (hey I would of married for the money!!), it was similar in that during the vacation the gal I meet appeared to be such free spirit and nothing about the future was discussed or about jobs or politics but only two young people 'in love'. Well once I started seeing her after the vacation I found out she was very controling etc... I don't think she acted that way on vacation just to hook me (I'm not that great of a catch, ha ha), but being on
  7. I think the heart of the message was that large organized religions should focus more on helping the people instead of building large churches or spending the money they collect in other ways that is too ego driven. We saw that here in LA where the RCC and Mahoney build a hugh building. I really say that is ego driven. i.e. Mahoney wanted a building that would last hundreds of years that has his stamp on it. There was also the bishop that had himself painted into a stain glass picture I read about in the news a few weeks ago. We see this in the movie with the rich w
  8. Does anyone know the reasons either the producer or director didn't have Wayne as their first choice (or didn't really want him at all)? I wonder if the reason was because they felt an actor of Wayne's status would domintate the movie or was it his acting ability, or felt he was too old, or he would want too much money or a percent of the gross or,,,,,
  9. I have to admit I'm a sap for The Bishop's Wife. I'm not big on Christmas movies or organized religion but to me this movie has a very spiritual message without getting sappy or by preaching. i.e. the message can be understood and enjoyed by anyone of any religion or like me no religion. So while I'm often a film noir type of hardass this movie gets to me.
  10. Holiday is one of my favorite movies. Of course it isn't a screwball type of comedy like Bringing Up Baby but Grant does get a few high energy moments. While the movie is a message picture in some ways the message never drags down the story and the love that brews between Kate and Grant's characters is just so real and genunie.
  11. I see we get back to a very common topic here; What type of movie is best for a remake. Jeff appears to imply that really good movies shouldn't be remade. I believe that is the most common opinion but one could say that is backwards. So remakes should focus on poor quality movies? Step back for a second; Does that really make sense? We also see that a quality criteria is applied to actors; e.g. Wayne is so identified with that character, no other actor should try to recreate the role. We saw this type of comment with the Mildred Pierce remake and of course the legentary C
  12. The only nerve you hit was your own. I'm not even much of a fan of Bridges but you clearly hero worship Wayne. You also appear to have what is a common bias toward 'remakes' like a lot of older movie fans As I said it my reply of course it is natural to compare. But so often older movie fans (I'm a classic movie fan myself and only see a few movies per year now since I would rather watch a classic movie), don't even wish to have a movie role they loved redone. These fan imply a remake somehow shows disrespect for the original. That makes no sense to me at all. This r
  13. Hey I will admit that when I frist saw the title of that movie I laughed. If I was a producer I would of told them to come up with a new title just for marketing purposes.
  14. The Coen bros liked the novel and wanted to do a movie based on the novel so they needed to hire someone to play that part right???? So what was any actor asked to play the part going to do? 'well, I would like to do the role, but,,, well it would be ludicrous for me to take a part made famous by another actor like Wayne,,,'. Come on that POV is what is ludicrous. Actor play roles they don't own them, and it takes guts to do a role that was done well by an actor of a previous generation. If one is going to see a movie with that much built in bias I recommend they just sav
  15. Well of course there are libs that dislike Wayne due for example, to his lack of a service record (i.e. view him as a phony), and thus would want Bridges to outdo Wayne, just like there are conservatives that feel Wayne is godlike and thus don't feel anyone can ever replace him. I would hope there are few people in either of these categores and those that are just need to grow up. Just like with Vick, Lennon, etc.. people should be able to separate a performance on the 'field' from someone's political views.
  16. Well to be fair to Greta she is now somewhat of an icon like Monroe. Yea, NON classic movie fans might know of her but haven't see any of her movies and even most classic movie fans I know have seen a few of her movies but often only Ninotchka and Carmile. Now I have a few Garbo books but all were given as gifts. My friends know that I love classic movies (I have a classic movie wall with pictures, posters, etc...) so if they get me a classic movie book, I get a Garbo book. Now I like Greta but she isn't one of my top 10 favorites actresses but is in my top 25. (I also get Monr
  17. Well my wife really enjoyed the series and she learned a lot. So while I'm part of that so called 2% and was aware of most of the events in the series (especially the later years), it was useful for her to get knowledge. After she saw it I point to the 40 or so books I have on movies and actors and said 'well if your more interested,,,'. So the bottom line was we now have more in common. That typically is a good thing (ha ha).
  18. Wayne's has only ONE role in the first version of True Grit. Most movies have more than one role or one actor. Thus I just don't understand the POV of; since I loved this actor in THAT role, I will not see a remake where there are other actors. There might be many valid reasons NOT to see a remake but I don't see this as being one.
  19. You have made the point I was making (but better than I did), related to movies that are made with iconic stars like Wayne and how fans of a star driven movie have a hard time seeing pass the star. i.e. if from the start one looks at the new version as Bridge trying to replace or redo the role of Wayne, one has the wrong perspective. Of course people are going to compare the movies and the roles etc.... this is only natural but why make this more difficult by going into it with the view 'why the hell would remake this Wayne movie'. i.e. don't let an icon block your vision. Jus
  20. Man I didn't know the Mick started acting in 1926. What a long career and it is still going on. Like I said it had its up and down parts especially after he turned 40 or so but he did some good TV work when he didn't have movie projects (e.g. that great Twilight episode that is shown often).
  21. Very funny post here but so much truth! I start watching this movie and I just cannot get away and as we get older we do have to go to the loo more often! So I always wait for that off to Europe part since that is a lull and the best place for a break. I make sure I have food right there so I don't have to worry about that!
  22. I guess what you are saying is that TCM should just pull from a fixed list of say the top 24 stars of the classic era and thus every, 2 years, a star would be repeated, instead of pulling from a list of say 100 or more 'stars'. I can see the value in each of these methods. Note that in the favorites choices for stars on the CFU site I limited my favorites pick to 10 male, and 10 female stars. I did this because I felt it said more about me and what I liked than if, like many do, I had a much higher list of favorites. Of course I like many more than those 20 but they were
  23. I tend to agree with your take here Fred (on the movie) and thanks for the info. I don't know if you already commented on this but I wonder if the screenplay for the Wayne version was written for Wayne (i.e. the writer(s) knew Wayne would be playing the part). This can sometimes lead to a script that is star driven and thus not as faithful to the source material. Hey the movie might be better for that (i.e.it all depends), but it does change the final product. I guess technically one would have to compare the movies scene by scene, dialog by dialog, with the book to really say h
  24. Have to check this version of True Grit out. Note I say version and NOT 'remake'. (I believe you know my views on this). In fact I was impressed that the media (at least every review I saw), mentioned in each review that the moive was NOT a remake but was an adaption of the original source material. I wonder how many watching asked themselves 'what is the difference'! Also, here is Matt Damon doing some good work in another high quality movie. I don't know of many other actors from his generation that have been able to balance box office hits (e.g.Bourne) with indie type rol
  25. Well what actors 'smell good' in your view? I'm not sure your criteria is a useful one but to each their own. So while I wouldn't say Mick is a favorite and many of the movies MGM had hin star in are corny (actors back then didn't have a say), and not my cup of tea, he did some fine work. The thing to remember is that not many child stars are able to translate into teen stars, than on to adult (mature) stars. While his roles as a mature star were mainly as secondary charaters or in 'B' picture he still was able to continue to get work. Many other child teen stars just fa
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