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  1. It's Love I'm After is a great comedy and I beleive one of the top 5 of the 30s. Along with Davis and Howard is Olivia De Havilland and then a bunch of the Warner stars at the time, like that sazzy teen Bonita Granville, the sweet Spring Byington, and Eric Blore as Howard's man. Blore's bird scene is tops!
  2. Yes, I forgot about those Disney films. Hey these were movies I saw with my parents friends as a kid and they were 'cute'. I always find myself defending myself for like Fred's movie but as I said this is with people unaware of the many good great movies he made before those Disney films and 3 Sons.
  3. I agree with you that an actor's theatre career isn't going to 'travel' well as time marches on. It is understandable since there isn't anything tangable for newer (younger), fans to latch on to. I was very lucky to see Kate Hepburn live in LA when I was 20. I was seeing an older women at my work (Mrs Stone, ha ha), and she got me into classic movies so she took me to see Kate. Man it was something I'll never forgot, but Kate was on a tour so she played most of the big cities in the USA. Kate came out and talked for a while about her experience in LA Hollywood. She said that
  4. Garson was clearly "one of the more skilled MGM contractees" as well as one of the most skilled of any actress of the classic era and that run of her's in the 40s is right up there with Davis. But as far as her legacy goes I feel she is somewhat forgotten by people today (classic movie fans as well as non classic), when compared with other actresses that didn't have anything close to Garson's oscar history. Even non classic fans know who Bette Davis is but Garson, I don't think so. I feel this is because a lot of her movies were period films , that Garson didn't make 'dark' pictu
  5. By 'people' do you mean me???? To me it isn't 'people' but 'the media'. Anyhow, it is funny that if you look at TCM bio on Vickers the only film they mention IS The Big Sleep so, you can blame TCM's bio writer also. But really Vickers did have a very limit career as it relates to being in major films and Warners dropped her even after what I felt was a good performance in The Big Sleep (I believe she was only in 3 movies for Warner and it couldn't of been because of her looks!). Yes it was very sad to see the most of the media only associate Gloria Stuart with TITANIC. That wa
  6. Too bad I missed That Way With Women, since I would of wanted to see Martha Vickers. She had a very limited career but is still well known by 'in the know' movie fans since she was Carmen in The Big Sleep. I have a wall full of movie star pictures and one of them is of Vickers (very lucky to get an original The Big Sleep promo still), and it always confuses people when they try to name the people on the wall. If someone guesses it is Vickers I know I have a real die-hard classic movie fan.
  7. Good to see other enjoy the work of Leslie Howard (limited as it is by his early death). Don't forget that Howard also made some very funny comedies like Its Love I'm After with Bette Davis and Olivia De Haviland (one of the top 5 comedies of the 30 in my view), as well as that other movie with Bette, Of Human Bondage. The intelligence and way Howard says his line like something interesting is going on in that head of his is what always got to me.
  8. Well the movie might work very well with teens in the lead roles since it was somewhat hard to believe that it took Farley's character so long to figure out Bruno was a psychopath. Teens are clueless by definition! Hey that give me an idea for a movie,, oh wait that was already done also.
  9. Are you saying that the picture (and play I assume since I haven't read the play) isn't border line farce or camp? If we cannot agree on that then we are talking about two different movies. The picture isn't an adventure picture mostly just a lot of very 'strange campy ' dialog. (by this I mean I just cannot believe that the real Caesar and Cleopatra would of have discussion like they do in this film). For example, at the start where she says Caesar is old and she like young men but they make her afraid. Now some of it is funny, granted, but it reminds me of something from
  10. You are correct. As you noted that comment was made on 924 and it was before I was aware of the pledge associated with the party. If everyone that was blacklisted took that specific pledge than, as I more recently posted, they were traitors and thus it was right to blacklist them. I still feel it is ok (then or now), to belong to any type of political party one wishes as long as the mission of said politcal party isn't to overthrow the government. But assuming everything I have learned in the last few days is indeed true, that specific party had a pledge that clearly aligned it
  11. Well I'm not going to speak for Jeff but I wasn't making a "qualified judgment" just a personal one. I love Shaw as a playwrite and have read many of his works. But that still doesn't explain Leigh overacting (in our view), the overall phony look of the sets and the color (even if intentional), and what I found to be a movie way too campy for my taste (again even if intentional as decided by Shaw and or the director), but not funny enough to pull off the farce. But hey, many people have said the same about Arsenic and Old Lace. I find the movie very funny and love it but I ca
  12. Yes, most actors go thru stages of "banananess" (sorry couldn't help it!), but don't you think most are 'b' types early in their career, than some make it to 'a' and then they remain mostly 'a' than as they get older they go back to 'b'? (well expect major stars like Bogie, Cooper, etc.. who once they made it to 'a' remain 'a' until death). Hey, maybe I'm wrong and Rains career wasn't different but I just rememeber him staring in both 'a' and 'b' roles at the same time in his career. But I do admit I'm thinking about his Warner career and it looks like Warner would use him whene
  13. Please show me where I posted that comment? I checked all my prior posts on this thread and I never posted what you have above. Remember that when one replies to a post it list the comments of the post being replied to. I assume that is where you got that comment. I made it clear that anyone that took that pledge was a traitor.
  14. Are you serious????? I just found it funny how rock music could be used to translate secrets and it made me remember something I saw on Get Smart. But of course the enemy in Get Smart wasn't commies but a mythical spy organization. You have cross the line of decency by implying anyone at this forum supports old-style Stalinist Communism. It is clear now to everyone that reads your last post what type of person you are.
  15. I agree with you 100%. Hey, I wanted to like this movie based on the talent of the stars along, but it just isn't possible. I was watching the food network (Chopped!), but during commericals I would go back to TCM. My wife hadn't seen this before and asked me 'is this a joke???'. I really didn't know how to answer, but she saw the ending scene and said 'hey, that handsome tall man in the background,,, I know him'. Yes I told him that was Steward Granger. She laughed and said 'how did they get him to do that role". It was also funny how Granger was so dark but Cleopatra was
  16. I was just talking about Claude Rains last night with my wife; Is he a star (a 'first' banana), or a second banana? I say he is very unique in this regard. For example in Caesar And Cleopatra last night Rains is a the lead male actor. Rains was the lead male actor in many movies; e.g. the pictures he made with Bette Davis at Warners. But of course Rains is also one of the great second banana actors in movies like Casablanca and all the way to Lawrence of Arabia. Of course other actors had careers like Rains but often they didn't take a lesser role untll later in their car
  17. The Glass Key is a very good movie and the best Ladd Lake movie in my view. It is a tough and hard movie, keeping close to the mood of the book i.e. any love type stuff is very secondary to the action. A must see in my view.
  18. That plan for Atomic Rooster sounds like a plot from Get Smart! They did have the Grovey Guru, you was using a rock band to send message to young people about taling over the goverment. It was funny how the show represented the hippies.
  19. Playing jazz guitar is fun and a life long hobby. I didn't even get 'good' until I had played about 10 years. Funny now I'm working on my singing! I'm getting there but being able to keep time, play guitar and sing all at once isn't easy, plus I'm driving the wife nuts. Oh well, at least I have a separate music room.
  20. Well we do agree here. I would support tiring anyone that took that specific pledge as a traitor. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Sep 28, 2010 7:51 PM
  21. Well not really as Eastwood stated on TCM in those interviews. That is what is cool about Eastwood he really grew and made many different types of movies. Also he is a big jazz fan so he has to be hip!
  22. This thread is about Dane Clark not Clark Gable, but I do agree with what you posted about Gable and Garfield. Dane Clark was the type of actor that had to do and say a lot to be noticed, unlike actors like Robert Ryan, Mitchum, or Garfield. Gable was like his cohort Crawford at MGM; The definition of a movie star!
  23. As much as I like Alan Hale I don't think he had the type of moving performances that Brennen had in his career. Plus I fault Alan for giving us the Skipper (his son!). But I didn't know Hale was in that many movies. Since Warners is my favorite studio I have seen him in many, many movies and he is always a bright spot. He made the perfect Little John (of course I don't know what the real Little John looked like, ha ha).
  24. Well I'm not going to split hairs between which of these great gals had more guts. One could say that Olivia did for trying after she saw what it did to her friend Bette! Either way, all actors, enterainers and sports stars own a lot to these two ladys.
  25. Clark was used in ways similar to Garfield but one guy was an understated actor while the other was known for going over the top.
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