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  1. Funny you mention Ozzie Nelson because when I was listing those sit-coms I grew up with, Ozzie and Harriet came to mind,,,, but then it came to me; Ozzie is no Robert Young!,,,, he is more like Arthur Lake. So maybe Ozzie was one of the first to be star in a sit-com and be the misguided \ clueless father.
  2. I don't see where anyone is saying the songs "have to be presented in chronological order", just that to those in the know it comes off as sloppy. As we have discussed films were meant to be seen once and people did NOT have a rewind feature where they could watch something over-and-over to find inaccuracies. So yea, I doubt many moviegoers notices these things; Yes, The film was a celebration of the man's life and his music as a whole. Funny, I was going to mention something similar but relate that to GWTW. I assume one can see the connection. BUT PLEASE lets not discuss that film here. There are enough threads about that film already!
  3. WHY do so many people marginalize the feeling of those that are not like them, mocking them, and implying they are misguided fools?
  4. Funny but some say that the cultural norm of the clueless (misguided, tries hard but mostly fails, or if one is harsh 'loser'), husband started with Married With Children, continuing on with one sit-com after another like Everyone Loves Raymond (and Ray was rather 'reformed' since there was his brother to be the foil) etc.. I.e. clearly not like the dads I grew up with in Father Knows Best, The Donna Reed Show, Leave it to Beaver etc... Well before all that there was the Blondie serial. I have seen this first one and a few others on MOVIES but I like the first one best for the reason that Dagwood is more grounded. Yea, bewildered and absent minded, but not a total goofball. Of course this comedy format is known for having their "Kramer" but when that is the second lead (like Dagwood), the show becomes too much of a farce for my taste.
  5. Come on you really don't know? Finding lost children, helping recuse pets, responding to someone that see something they-think-is-suspicious that isn't a crime, etc... Funny but my wife just asked me something similar and I so we watched One -Adam-12 (Decades at 5:00 PM): typically an episode consist of a main story and 3 - 6 really short 'responding to calls' scenes and one or two of those are often "noncriminal" matters. I assume this was done to help humanize the cops, the general population of L.A., as well as the entire show; (versus a show where 90% of the non-cops are harden criminals and all the scenes are about cops versus these criminals,,,,,which would make for a really 'bummer dude' of a show). PS: one issues that leads to a lot of debate is how to handle mental health issues; sometimes a cop is needed; if a city\county changes how these are treated (first send in non-cops \ mental health professionals) and cops are called only when a situation turns violent (or to some activist 'really' violent),,,, that could lead to more harm for both the public, those living with the person with mental health issues, and the one with the issues. I.e. timing is critical,,,,.
  6. I read what Tom wrote and that is how I recall the ending; Scarlett at least says she loves Rhett. While that may be true or not, one thing we do know is that she no longer loves Wilkes. I.e. she has no plan to divorce Rhett and marry Wilkes, but instead wants to continue on with Rhett. Rhett reject her. The reason given for him ending the relationship in Tom's post make sense to me, but I wonder if they are realistic, especially to those that view Scarlett as now a strong, independent, and capable women. I.e. the wife \ partner Rhett had always desired.
  7. Of course I can't speak for how someone else reacts to a character in a movie (i.e. Ms. Johnson). Who is that analysis from? Hattie herself?
  8. Interesting editorial in the L.A. Times: Shelve GWTW but don't cancel Hattie McDaniel (by Pamela K. Johnson writer of "Hattie and Walter"). Here is just one part: ",,although the portrayal of Black womanhood in the movie causes me pain. I'm Team Hattie, not Team GWTW".
  9. I'm impresses that folks here noticed; That shows a lot of appreciation for the musician, as well as knowledge of their work. While I understand such bios are not meant to be documentaries, it wouldn't have added much to the cost to supply the screen writer(s) with the necessary knowledge so that the songs would be in a chronological \ logical order. E.g. hey, Joe, move song ABC to scene 38 and song DEF to scene 25!
  10. Interesting perspective here related to misogyny and it's implied impact on how one views Scarlett (especially the 'coming-of-age' maturation): So did Rhett make a major mistake leaving her at the end of the film? Was he being a misogynist? I.e. he only wanted a wife \ life partner if he could control and dominate, and he couldn't do that with the now strong, grown up Scarlett? I.e. Scarlett had maturated to become the type of women any secure man would love to have as a wife \ life partner and Rhett was just too insecure to deal with such a women?
  11. One could say that having wraparounds is the opposite of 'ignoring history' and it is the ones that object to such wraparounds that are. If I was in charge of a network like TCM I wouldn't routinely require wraparounds when showing such films, but I would allow for them on certain occasions: E.g. a specific host or other event programming as sewrite2000 indicates above.
  12. With regards to Scarlett, I'm following the advise of this guy:
  13. See what Pelosi is saying now about the Confederate statues in DC. Uh,,, these statues have been there for many decades. There have been calls from activist to remove them for decades. NOW the Dem establishment wing of the party is finally saying 'those need to come down'. Looks like a lame attempt to appease to me. What's next; A Washington DC football team noticing their name?????
  14. Why didn't Pelosi do something back in 2008 - 2010 when the Dems had the power to do something? Did she just lack the courage back then, OR did she really believe the statues belonged there back then, OR did she just not care????? My point is that I don't think the Dem establishment deserve a pat-on-the-back for NOW doing something they have been aware of for decades. Decades! The same goes for police reform in Dem controlled cities and counties. People are acting like this:
  15. I hear you; I had a similar reaction when Tipper Gore co-founded the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), with the goal of labeling records. And of course there is the now famous Charles Barkley line: "I'm not a role model".
  16. Why can't you try to understand the POV other others? e.g. African-Americans. I recommend you read some of the editorials they have written since they explain 'why a wraparound'. (CNN has a few article on this, with a picture from GWTW, since CNN and TCM are owned by the same company). NOW, I'm not saying one has to agree with that POV, (DUH) but when one continues to ask 'why' I recommend they go ask the source. And I suspect you already know the reasons some feel a wraparound is necessary (unless you have been living in a cave for the last 20 years).
  17. I don't think there is a way for a content provider to determine (measure), minor disqualification with their product offerings other then surveys, letters and on-line communication (and the latter two are full of bias). In addition TCM and HBO are generally commercial free so they don't receive sponsorship feedback (which is typically the most influential).
  18. As for the film - Gone with the Wind; Not listed as part of my top 50; Yea, great production values, some fine acting, and a few solid scenes but overall only a 'good' film. The main reason being that the love-story-triangle is so juvenile. I don't see romance or even much sexual lust (well except from Rhett who gets-it elsewhere anyhow). Scarlett isn't a heroine. Ok she is a strong women but that comes from being greedy, mean and cruel (E.g. how she treats her workers). Too much of a soap opera for my taste. PS: The above are only my opinions. Like some others, I hope I don't come off as implying my opinions are facts! ,
  19. In John Ridley's editorial he mentions his children; I.e. that it can cause a lot of 'pain' to younger minds to stumble upon such content without such content being placed into some type of historical context. Note I'm not defending or validating his POV, but just noting what the perspective of an African-American parent of younger children is. Isn't this what 'this' is mostly about; each trying to understand the perspective of others?
  20. Of course there are people with different POV. To me that isn't as relevant as what one does or does NOT do, based on their POV. E.g. would you boycott TCM IF they started to have these 'wraparounds'? That is really at the heart of the question for the management of a content provider like TCM. How many people with a given POV will NOT using their product? Note that those that are offended have said they will boycott, but generally people that disagree with the need for wraparounds will NOT boycott. Thus it should be easy to understand why management could concede and include wraparounds. Again, capitalism \ supply and demand.
  21. In most polls of lovers of American jazz music Star Dust is listed as one of the top 5 best written songs of all times. I know from the jazz musicians polls I have seen that this is the case; often Star Dust is #1 or #2 (in a battle with Take 5). Of course I'm a big fan of Hoagy Carmichael; TCM just showed him last night in Young Man With a Horn!
  22. Without any historical-in-context commentary? I ask because that is what the screenwriter of 12 Years a Slaves, John Ridley, recommended to HBO in an editorial in today's L.A. Times. Related to the film, he would like HBO to: "that the film be re-introduced along with other films that give a more broad based and complete picture of what slavery and the Confederacy truly were. Or, perhaps it could be paired with conversations about narratives and why it's important to have many different voices sharing stories from different perspectives rather than merely those reinforcing the views of prevailing culture". He goes on to say "currently, there is not even a warning or disclaimer preceding the film". (which to me implies that even if there was, it wouldn't be good enough for Mr. Ridley).
  23. Sounds reasonable to me but again, I'm not an activist. I highly doubt that would be good enough to satisfy most activist. I.e. based on the two article I read some want such films to always be shown with historical-context-commentary or for the films to NOT be shown, period.
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