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  1. The Sisters (1938). 1) First of two films to feature Bette Davis and Errol Flynn.
  2. I have to agree with you. After he is acquitted I really hope Dems can move on. Just let Trump go down to Florida and further split the GOP. This obsession with Trump is what he desired from the start.
  3. Another 60s T.V. spin off. The lead character of the first T.V. show, which started in the 50s, was a producer, singer, entertainer and actor in a few films. One of the guest stars of the show received his own show, that was named after the actor. This actor had a limit film career before T.V. giving a great performance in a very cynical film.
  4. Ok, but neither Clinton holds a political office and they have little to no say over what Dems would do, or not. Chelsea is an American author and global health advocate. So what is the fear here, and what does it have to do with the Biden Team? (topic of this thread).
  5. It just means, that MGM left themselves an out for a possible sequel, but never utilized the opportunity. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
  6. This has nothing to do with the rich. The NY AG couldn't prove the crimes committed were NY State crimes.
  7. Rooney made 4 films in 1941, so it was a fairly busy year. He was also involved with Ava Gardner and married her the following year. I suspect that the studio felt the role in Ziegfeld was too small for Rooney to take. The film has an ensemble cast, so why have Rooney in the film, when he could be the lead in a film, which would bring in more overall money to the studio.
  8. Didn't we discuss that mail-in voting is more prone to fraud? E.g. how a signature is validated? If ballots should be mailed only to registered voters? I ask because are you sure that every one of these bills being pushed by red state legislatures are designed just to suppress Democratic voters? I.e. that none are being pushed in good faith to address possible voter fraud?
  9. Above there is a link that provides, per year, the number of films show, per decade. As for "it can seem that way": this is because you're are only looking at a short period of time, e.g. a month, AND TCM did have that Women On Film theme based programming that showed a lot of more recent films. BUT again, look at the stat. Review the data. 80% or more of the films TCM shows are American films released between 1929 - 1969.
  10. This guy: Backus was in some fine films; My favorite is the noir His Kind of Women, where Backus plays a slimy gambler after much younger married women by cheating their husband in cards.
  11. Uh, TCM has shown those films. This is why they are mentioned. Anyhow, most of us wish the TCM would feature more Fox, Columbia, Universal and Paramount stars. They don't due to contractual issues with leasing films from the copyright holder. TMC gets some but on limited leasing arrangements.
  12. Not as much as the Russians, that is for sure!
  13. It is how credit scores are used not so much how they are created (complied). I don't see any reason to change how scores are used. This is another lame POV by Dems, that just because some practices impact certain groups of people more so than other, those practices are racist on their face. This is as unscientific as many GOPers view on climate change.
  14. Since a majority of the GOP has NOT moved forward (I.e. they still support Trump), Pence has no political future (unless Trump is convicted which appears is NOT going to happen).
  15. Honey West was the character and the star was Anne Francis. The Honey West books were written by Gloria and Skip Fickling. Gloria is still around living in Laguna Beach. We are friends. She has a room in her home dedicated to all things Honey West. Note that Aaron Spelling was the producer of both shows. Gloria claims Spelling canceled the show after a year because he didn't wish to pay them for creating the Honey West character, and that Spelling created Charlie's Angels stealing their idea of a female PI.
  16. That Osborne quote is a good one to bring up since it counters the false narrative that if Robert was still around,,,, well, TCM wouldn't have changed. NOT!
  17. Note that despite the complains TCM hasn't changed. Their business model (what I call their branding), is still the same; mostly American Studio era talking films (1929 - 1968). Moviecollectors database confirms this. I.e. the odds are still strong that if one tunes to TCM they have at least a 4 \ 5 chance of seeing an American Studio era talking film.
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