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  1. Ketty Lester - Love Letters Next: Song that features a dog
  2. Harold Peary was in Gildersleeve on Broadway with Billie Burke Who was in The Young Philadelphians with Paul Newman Next: Gloria DeHaven
  3. Bettger was a fine villain. The way he would smile when what he was saying was very threatening was very effective. Just saw him this week on The Rifleman. Very menacing but in a controled way. Bettger would team up with Stanwyck again 3 years later in All I Desire.
  4. Animal Farm is the better story for this clown. Well, maybe not. Even animals are smarter then this bozo, as well as being more faithful to the country they claim to love.
  5. Ok, assume there is truth there; Why when asked by judge after judge after judge,,,, didn't Sidney Powell or Rudy Giuliani and the other Trump campaign lawyers not present all of this so called evidence? Like all the other clowns and liars, Lindell will be sued for libel and defemination (I predict this Monday), and all of them will lose, since they can't prove their claims. AGAIN, if they could have proved even one of their claims, why didn't they submit them to any court? All they had were theories and suspicious, NOT evidence. Oh, I know why,,,, all the judges,
  6. Yea that "18 years later" was made me notice this. I didn't know the website had such a feature but the comment clearly was put there by a user.
  7. Those are good suggestions. They should be,,,, it took 18 years to make them!
  8. This clown may care about what he puts into his body, but he sure doesn't care about what he puts into his mind.
  9. Both statements made here associated with Trump and Biden are bogus, for multiple reasons but the biggest one being that economic indicators take time to develop with a new administration. (at least 6 months or so).
  10. Trump might trade info to erase some of the debt he owns the Russians. He would view doing so as just another business deal.
  11. Great choice since it is a Milland and de Havilland film I haven't seen (and I seen all of Olivia's films except this one). Made while Olivia was suing Warner Bros over her contract and winning in the milestone case that changed how contracts would be written and enforced for all actors, sport figures, and entertainers.
  12. And yet another Richard Denning Sci-fi film: this from Wiki about Denning: an American actor who starred in science fiction films of the 1950s, including Unknown Island (1948), Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), Target Earth (1954), Day the World Ended (1955), Creature with the Atom Brain (1955), and The Black Scorpion (1957). While Mara Corday was in Tarantula and The Black Scorpion, she was in a lot more B westerns then B Sci-fi films. Wike about Corday: is an American showgirl, model, actress, Playboy Playmate, and 1950s cult figure.
  13. As you know, CNN and TCM are owned by the same parent company; The CNN website has been running: what the real Doris Day is like, it might surprise you, type bylines for a week or so now. I.e. different photos of Day with a take on that byline. I was going to post about this when I first saw it but didn't know where it would "fit" at this forum. I.e. I found it odd and asked myself; of all the actors why Day for something like this? (in fact why "this" at all since it sounds like gossip type rage stuff). Why did CNN appear to single out Day? I don't think Day as SOTM and
  14. Well I was just cracking wise with the Big Mac crack, but you do have a valid point about special diets being tied to the "same sort of paranoia/conspiracy". Maybe one of his other heroes is this guy:
  15. There are existing rules that require Federal and state officials to meet religious requirements. These were mostly put in place due to request from the Jewish community. Funny how it is anti-Semitics like this a-hole that can now also benefit. These rules are bogus. Everyone should have to be jailed under the same conditions. No BS religious exceptions. People with religious requirements should avoid breaking the law if they wish to maintain their defined religious requirements.
  16. He was never gone. Like a lot of others in real life, he just dropped out of politics. 🙂
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