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  1. The Mississippi Gambler (1953). Next: Boating on a Lake.
  2. I'm surprised that a supporter of Trump would be into organic food, when Trump's favorite meal is a Big Mac.
  3. As we discussed before, we have the same ranking (sometimes I swap #3 and#4). Of course I like Song of the Thin Man due to the jazz score and the focus on jazz musicians. The other reasons are two future-to-be noir dames in Grahame and Marie Windsor (sadly both with minor roles), as well another actor who had good roles in MGM noirs, (Postman, Lady in the Lake, Scene of the Crime) Leon Ames. I'm also a fan of Patricia Morison, best know for the Holmes' film, Dressed to Kill. There is a young Keenan Wynn as Clinker who bring his brand of comedy,
  4. Some say horror, some say noir, some say just a drama. I say, it doesn't really matter. This is a first rate film especially the first 3\4.
  5. Tonight on MOVIES-TV Thursday noir, is The Big Combo; gritty hardnosed 1955 noir with a fine cast (even Cornel Wilde does good here), especially the supporting players. E.g. Helen Walker in her last film, the gay henchman Lee Van Cleef and Earl Holliman, John Hoyt and Ted de Corsia. Very noir visuals as done by John Alton and music by David Raksin (known for Laura).
  6. Back to 1946's The Killers: MW makes some very solid points by raising the question of "why is this film viewed as one of the top noirs?"; Looked at historically as a film released in 1946, The Killers "packages" in very niffy ways, some of the common motifs and noir themes used only sparingly in earlier 40s noir films. Some of these being: Starting a film at the ending, with the death of the noir protagonist. Having the story of Swede unfolding in a series of disconnected flashbacks. The use of time, disjointed and at times overlapping. The alienating disjun
  7. Today's Ask Amy (an advise column like Dear Abby); A guy see a photo of the traitors that broke into the Capital and notices his neighbor. While he isn't a friend of this guy, they have helped each other with yard work, and some other honey-do projects. The advise he was asking was: should I turn him? Amy said YES, and provided the FBI hot-line info. But Amy also gave a warning that he should do so only if he feels he and his family are safe. WELL the guy had already talked to the traitor's wife to confirm if was her husband. Yea, it was, and the wife told him that
  8. While I know you're cracking wise here, that article was poorly written. I assume by "severe disease" the article means a severe disease associated with Covid-19; E.g. a respiratory disease highly associated with Covid-19. Therefore with the fairly low effective rate, of 66%, what this is saying from a practical POV is: with this vaccine over some of the others with a >90% effective rate, one is more likely to get Covid-19, but not have a severe reaction to it and therefore are less likely to die. If this is true, the J&J vaccine is best for the under 55 f
  9. I'm one that doesn't view Ava as over-the-top beautiful but instead just a very pretty women that has a very sexually forward screen persona; that as you note is based on acting (verses physical attributes). As you also note there are more beautiful actresses, but many of them have more reserved screen personas. I will say that in Pandora and the Flying Dutchman Ava never looked more beautiful and she played a more reserved character. But a lot of that has to do with the fine cinematography of Jack Cardiff.
  10. Yea, I will ask her about that. My financial advisor was also her financial advisor and that is how we meet. About 12 or so years ago we went out to dinner. We start talking about things and she just assumes I would be clueless about the music, movies, and T.V. of the 30s - 50s. E.g. comments like "well I'm sure you don't know this actor, but when we were on the set filming Honey West,,," and I would then tell her thinks I knew. She was shocked that this much younger man knew anything about that (i.e. she didn't know that my passion was that era of music, movies, T.V. of her
  11. I'm a friend of Gloria Fickling, who wrote the series of Honey West books with her husband Skip. Fun lady with lots of good stories to tell (just don't ask her about Aaron Spelling, who she says canceled the T.V. show after a year because he didn't wish to pay them, and then stole their concept and came up with Charlie Angel's). I didn't know about Decoy. I guess I could ask Gloria if her husband and her got the idea for Honey West from that series: No,,,, I haven't the guts! Here is Gloria and Skip on You Bet Your Life.
  12. Hey, Colonel Saito, do you know who Ann Savage is calling from that phone over there?
  13. Joyce Mackenzie was in The Racket, with Virginia Hudson.
  14. Ok, I see your point about Federal election laws. But you do realize it is very similar to the point the Texas AG raised when he sued states over how they conducted their elections: that since Federal elections impact all states, and how each state, conducts their election impacts the others, there should be one set of rules, and states should be able to sue other states. The SC said the case was without merit. To me that supports the current courts POV that even Federal elections are up to the states (i.e. Feds have very limited say \ control). As for getting Congress to pas
  15. Almost anyone can be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I.e. There are tens of thousand that have the qualifications to nominate.
  16. I never said such laws were without merit just that I only agree with limit Federal control over elections, even Federal ones based on my interpretation of the US Constitution. Since you appear to believe in Federal power over state power, and mention Jim Crow laws, etc...: Why didn't you support the removal of all Confederate monuments, statues, etc...even those for someone like General Lee? I.e. At a national level, if over 50% of voters believe in this, shouldn't it become law for ALL states? I.e. isn't that how you wish our government to run? Sincere question here
  17. 8. Was the center of attention in Mystery Street (1950) , but wasn't the actress with the most screen time.
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