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  1. Isn't it an inference that others are clueless?
  2. What film is that from? All Through the Night would be my guess (and he's talking to Conrad Veidt?).
  3. I have seen Buddy Guy; he is one of the few blues guitarist, along with Stevie Ray Vaughan, that I find interesting due to their technique. Clapton has a great sound (tone), but I just don't find his playing that interesting. I like music that uses more than the standard blue chord changes of I\IV\V.
  4. The 1938 The Dawn Patrol was a new adaptation (remake), of the 1930 pre-code Hawks directed film. Warners had the rights to the source material film, so making the 1938 film with all of their contract players was cost friendly.
  5. Funny, I used to say "who wants to go to heaven if it's full of Archie Bunkers".
  6. Others have already posted that Bette Davis played a lot of strong female characters but the film that made me a fan, is Marked Women (1937). Solid film made after Davis returned from England after her boycott of Warner Bros (because Jack put her in too many stinkers). This was his way of saying; forgive me, but giving her a solid script, tough of nails character and a high quality supporting cast (Bogart being the male lead).
  7. At the jazz guitar forum I just used my saying (listed under my avatar), of: Nothing is as bad as something not-so-bad. Eric Clapton was being discussed (for his stance on Covid-19 and not playing in any venue that required one to be vaccinated), and someone posted that Eric's playing was boring. Well someone else posted that the album Crossroad "ain't that boring". I posted back: not much of a complement. That album is only somewhat boring and then posted that what he wrote was similar to saying something is not-so-bad. (and for the record, I do find Clapton to be
  8. How does anyone at this forum know if an actor is underrated or not? The term "underrated" is a measure of public opinion (verses one's own opinion). Therefore with this understanding I say Olivia DeHavilland is "underrated" since she isn't on the AFI list of top 25 female screen legends from the so called golden era. PS: and if we are talking the current general US public opinion; almost all of the actors we discuss at this forum are "underrated", since most are not known at all, and the few that are, are known more as cultural icons (Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Dea
  9. I assume the main reason not to cast Blair is to ensure no ties to the previous adaptation. I.e. the producers wish for their adaptation to stand-on-its-own. Edit: Well after reading the link below my assumption above was bogus: the goal is to make sequels that are highly tied to the 1973 film.
  10. I agree, Harris isn't ready for the office. She isn't ready to be V.P. but the fact remains - if Biden goes, Harris is in.
  11. Any member of Congress that talked to Trump on Jan. 6th is a witness and can't be on such a committee. Will Jordan refuse to testify and be subject to contempt of Congress or some other sanction?
  12. According to Jean Arthur, it was Harry Cohn.
  13. Unlike the Trump cabinet that didn't have the guts to invoke the 25th Amendment (and IMO Trump borders on insanity), I have faith that if Biden starts demonstrated signs of approaching senility, his cabinet will invoke the 25 Amendment, making Harris the President.
  14. The vaccinations (or really lack of getting one), has become political for the major news outlets like CNN, MSNBC and especially Fox, but not for most of those that are not getting vaccinated. Dem politicians wish to make it look political because a majority of those not getting vaccinated are not members of the GOP; In areas like Los Angeles, and other major US cities, those not getting vaccinated are mostly younger individuals (under 50) and in areas like Los Angeles, people-of-color of all ages. The percentage of GOPers in L.A. is < 20%. For these folks the reason isn'
  15. I assume Carson was thinking about The Baron of Arizona while what came to Price's mind was Dragonwyck. There are similarities in the plot as it relates to a governess and a child.
  16. Ah, you must be watching ME-TV! Right after I posted this joke about Best Years, (one that I knew you would get), I saw the ME-TV promo for Happy Days, and 'what happened to Chuck Cunningham'.
  17. Last I heard Katrine was with Rob Stephenson, the son who also disappeared from The Best Years of Our Lives.
  18. Yea, those two did look alike. Facenda and his broadcast were mentioned in the film The Burglar (1957), with Dan Duryea, Jayne Mansfield, and Martha Vickers.
  19. The 1971 Playboy interview is viewed by some as problematic.
  20. Here is a strong female character. Olivia DeHaviland in The Strawberry Blonde.
  21. The Light That Failed is a excellent choice. Movie that helped put Ida Lupino on the map and leading to her signing a long term contract with Warner Bros.
  22. As far as your questions about "what is it with actresses,,,"; I recommend All About Eve.
  23. This sentence is total nonsense for a reason you provided yourself; one size doesn't fit all. I.e. the concept of "the only reason" applying to "The Vaccinated" as if ALL of this group think and act as ONE.
  24. Here is another movie about a painter. When he does your portrait like this, you better run for the hills.
  25. Tonight the film is Cause for Alarm. A 1951 Loretta Young MGM film with Barry Sullivan. Running at only 71 minutes which is rather odd for a 50s MGM film with a star as big as Young.
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