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  1. Just curious what you said leading up to the 2018 House elections. (not what you wish would have happened, because I know that already). E.g. did you predict the Dems would gain as many seats as they did, especially with the moderate candidates? A.O.C. winning was nothing of interest and not a predictor of anything in the future since that district had been held by a Dem for decades. But Katie Porter winning in my district in CA, a district that the GOP had held for over two decades (and where I voted Dem for the first time in decades), was reveling. Yea, I know the polls were off about Trump \ Clinton in 2016 , but most were on-target about House elections in 2018. My prediction for 2020 is Biden winning (with around 300 EC votes), the Dems retaining the House (with little to no change from 2018), and the GOP keeping a majority in the Senate but going down to 51 - 53 seats).
  2. If the moderators are sane and normal people, the sane and normal debater should be able to outperform the stupid, refuses to answer the questions, liar debater with ease. Jonathan Swan and Chris Wallace exposed Trump for what he is. The moderators (even those from Fox like Wallace), are more then willing to do their duty to expose Trump; they also have had enough of Trump kicking dirt in their face by questioning their integrity (when the shoe clearly belongs on the other foot). I still say Biden should avoid the debates because there is no upside for him. (but if Biden was to debate Trump he should be able to hold his own if not beat him).
  3. As Princess points out 'that socialist crap' is NOT what the former Soviet Union was practicing. Instead look more to the EU and the economies of Denmark, Spain, Sweden, France and Italy, and to a lessor extent Germany. AND even if A.O.C. was for Soviet Union type economic practices (again, she and her group is NOT) that doesn't mean she "mourns the fall of the Soviet Union". So again, you're being an over-the-top, coward , living in fear. Grow a spine.
  4. Jenkins was a key member of the Warner Bros Irish Mafia, lead by Cagney and O'Brien. While he was a solid comic he also did some serious roles like Bogie's right-hand-man in Dead End or Five Came Back. Sometimes WB even gave him a leading role from time to time; Like Torch Blane - Playing with Dynamite; Final film in the series where Wyman replaced Farrell and Jenkins took over for Bart MacLane. Jenkins even played the role of Drake in a Warren William Perry Mason film; Spudsy Drake, Mason's private investigator, in The Case of the Lucky Legs.
  5. I wonder why my post caused you to use the 'confused' icon. What you state above is what I was cracking wise about.
  6. I'm not voting for any politician that supports ANTIFA. Oh, wait,,,,,,
  7. Eric Blore is one of my favorite character actors. He was in so many great films: Flying Down to Rio, The Gay Divorcee, Top Hat, The Ex Mrs. Bradford, Swing Time, Shall We Dance, It's Love I"m After, Breakfast for Two, The Lady Eve, Sullivan Travels, and was Warren William side-kick in the Lone Wolf film series. His oddest role is in The Shanghai Gesture as a bookkeeper. This is from It's Love I"m After (which also stars Bette Davis and Olivia deHavilland). ,
  8. The film could be Passage to Marseille; This 1944 Bogart, Greenstreet, Lorre film, directed by Michael Curtiz has multiple flashback within flashback scenes. While a war film, due to the cast I could see someone misremembering and thus thinking they had seen a crime \ noir film.
  9. Steven Geray was a solid actor always adding something. Greay was in a lot of noir films, like Cornered, The Dark Past, In a Lonely Place, A Lady without Passport, Women on the Run, The House on Telegraph Hill, and New York Confidential. Greay was also in a lot of adventure and period films and westerns playing odd ball characters. He would take any part, big or small, like the small role in All About Eve. Yea, So Dark the Night is his film all the way and he shines.
  10. More so than Micky Rooney? Below are wives #1 and #3 (#2 was 4th runner up for Miss America 1944).
  11. If it would take this possible ban to get these younger folks to vote,,, well,,,,that is sad. Trying to control access to software is more of a concern than the government trying to control women's bodies?????
  12. I wish TCM would lease some of the Universal noir films; Black Angel, The Dark Minor (which isn't being shown but maybe will be now that deHaviland has died?), Phantom Layd, , Kiss the Blood of My Hands, The Tattered Dress and Uncle Harry. TCM does show the iconic ones like The Killers, Touch of Evil, and A Double Life and did recently feature Ride The Pink Horse. Oh, well I'm been asking for this since 2000!
  13. In states where the contest is close or where the GOP incumbent has taken a beating (e.g. Maine with Susan Collins), they are using such a strategy; E.g. Ok, you may not be too excited about the performance of your GOP incumbent, especially the last 3 or so years, but do you really want the Dems to have majorities in both the House and Senate with Biden as President? Note that a similar strategy is being used for my House district seat that Dem Katie Porter won in 2018 after decades of GOP control; OK,, we understand that due to Trump, many of you flipped and voted to elected a Dem,,,,, but since Trump is going to be defeated, you can go back to voting as you always have, and that is for the GOP candidate.
  14. TCM shows few Universal films due to the fact the studio doesn't care to lease their material; The only Universal films TCM goes out of their way to lease are their classic horror films. Blindfold is Universal. TCM tends to lease mostly films from their parent company AT&T's WarnerMedia. They own the rights to the so called Ted Turner library of films which is mostly made up of Warner Bros, MGM and RKO films.
  15. Some might find this interesting. I know I did.
  16. That mailer and linking of your state's Senate seat to DC and Dem control of the Senate sounds very misguided. That is the strategy the GOP is using and for them it should be effective, but for a Dem to do that? Insane. Such arrogance often leads to defeat. Arrogance in that Harrison must actually believe 'moderates' in SC, that might be disappointed with Graham for his total support of all-things-Trump (and thus are considering voting for Harrison) ALSO would want the Dems to have a majority in the Senate.
  17. She did those things only because of the production code. (this is a lame joke, but it does have a point).
  18. The very first werewolf movie, titled simply "The Werewolf", appeared in 1913. It involves a Navajo woman who turns into a wolf in order to attack whitesettlers. The 1935 "Werewolf of London" is widely cited as the first film to establish the "classic rules" of movie werewolves. It initially bombed at the box office,but its influence has since grown and it is now considered a minor classic.
  19. Pursued is a fine film with fine costars in Teresa Wright, Dean Jagger, and Judith Anderson. Some call this a noir-western due to the theme involved. Since the studio was Warner Bros. TCM should have easy access to the film. I have also seen Beyond the Last Frontier a very early Mitchum film. His role isn't that big but he has a cool character name: Trigger Dolan. The film also has Smiley Burnette who I find funny. Haven't seen Mr. Moses.
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