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  1. Sadly the irony of the quote likely goes over the head of Trumpers, especially those at this forum.
  2. Next week on Noir Alley is 1956's Beyond a Reasonable Doubt with noir leading man Dana Andrews, and directed by Fritz Lang (his last noir film, as well as last American film). The film also stars Joan Fontaine. Not one of my favorites but it has it moments in its 80 minute running time. Looking forward to what Eddie Muller has to say.
  3. I don't recall seeing this film but it sounds interesting. I assume TCM has shown it since it is a WB film (but maybe not given it was "lost"). Pre-code directed Curtiz film with Lee Tracy who often was very good at adding humor to his character without crossing the line into camp. As for that 2-strip Technicolor this from Wiki: By the late 1950s, when the film was included in a package of older films syndicated to television, the Technicolor version was thought to be lost. No print could be found, and Technicolor had discarded most of their two-color negatives on December 28, 1948. After the death of Jack L. Warner on September 9, 1978, a print was discovered in his personal collection. It was copied to safety film for preservation, distribution to revival theaters, and transfer to video. The original nitrate film print was donated to the UCLA Film and Television Archive, which on very rare occasions has allowed it to be screened publicly at properly equipped and licensed facilities.
  4. We were able to purchase some Lysol disinfectant. We also made some of our own by taking hand sanitizer and adding 70% alcohol to it. We learned some tips from my wife's Italian relatives a few weeks back that helped us get slightly ahead of most here in the states. I hope you can get some disinfectant. Take care and stay safe.
  5. Well said. I'm looking forward to these podcasts. I find directors from his generation (born in the 40s,,, Peter in 1939), of interest since they are a link between the studio-era and the post studio-era. Their influences were the studio-era directors whose films I enjoy the most. E.g. last night and his comments about Orson Welles after he read the script for The Last Picture Show and saw the film. That "not the same script",,,,, "yes it is",,,, "no its not",,, I love that type of stuff. The respect and knowledge he as towards those that blazed trails before him is impressive and as well as interesting.
  6. Tapper and anyone with a brain knows that Trump is unable to provide such leadership. In addition Trump isn't qualified to explain "what is going to be done to get us out of this". So this is just more of CNN being political and at this time that isn't going to do anyone any good. Most Governors have already done this and it would be wise for citizens to list to them instead of clueless Trump and his admin. I do feel somewhat sorry for the citizens of those 8 states with those clueless asinine Governors (well only for the ones that didn't vote for these clowns). But what needs to be done is out there; Stay home. Stay 6 feet away from EVERYONE other than those that are living with you. Only allow ONE person per household to leave said household. Wear a mask. Wipe down anything that enters the household with a sanitizer or 70% alcohol.
  7. What was wrong with his left glasse's lens? It was all fogged up \ cloudy.
  8. Errol wasn't much of a gentleman that night at the party where Huston and Flynn got into a fight. From the book, Courage and Art: On April 29, 1945, at the house of the producer David Selznick, she(Olivia) was the subject of a violent quarrel between Huston and Flynn. Huston recalled that Flynn had said "something wretched about someone - a woman in whom I'd once been very interested and still regarded with deep affection. I was furious at his remark, and I said (to everyone at the party) 'that's a lie! Even if it weren't a lie, only a SOB would repeat it'". Flynn and Huston would later become friends (they had a lot in common other than just Olivia), and Huston would direct the last film Flynn was in, Roots of Heaven.
  9. Are you losing your memory? YOU posted this back in March of last year.
  10. You posted this nonsense back in November 2018. Why bring it up again? Oh wait, I know; a distraction. Thanks for doing so. I would rather read this then see Trump and his asinine daily briefing; talk about misdirection. Trump is better at that than you!
  11. Went missing? Did they put them into the Universal film vault? (ha ha). Hey, thanks for that info. I assumed it might be something like that but, as related to my joke, these episodes were from 1966 \ 67 and not like the lost films from Universal that were from many decades before then.
  12. Biden touches the neck. We all know what your guy goes for; Its on tape!!!!!
  13. With regards to Mary Astor and her being cast in The Maltese Falcon; I'm reading the book John Huston - Courage and Art. John and Mary were sleeping together at the time (John's father, Walter, introduced them since they knew each other from Dodsworth). John was aware of her public divorce (where her husband tried to get her diary released in court, failed, but then released key sections to the press, once that gave her the nickname of 20 or- ****). I.e. They were the same age and John found Mary to be sexy and sexual with a high level of class, and thus fit for the part in the film of an international adventure. Of course he also respected her acting and felt the role took this type of experienced actor. I have never had an issue with Mary Astor in the role.
  14. I see that Arturo "laughed" at this post and of course that is spot-on as it relates to these right-wing nut jobs, but all 4 could apply to this post; Confused; that would be the right-wing media and talking heads like sicko Sean Hannity. Sad; that is a valid reaction to the sickos like Sean Hannity Thanks: that would be to you for posting the truth.
  15. Agreed. A more practical type of birthday tribute would be one every 10 years; I.e. the actor would be 130 years old if still alive. But I'm 100% OK with no birthday tributes. Of course I don't care for birthdays since to me this is a very arbitrary day and thus just another day. I don't celebrate my own and haven't since I was 21 (which of course wasn't just another day).
  16. According to this week's The Economist this is also occurring in Italy and Spain. At this time I wouldn't assume it is some type of government conspiracy. E.g. In Bergamo, Italy the normal death rate is 18 per 100K. From March 1st - 31st, an additional 40 per, are confirmed C-19 deaths. But there is also an additional 50 per, "excess deaths not attributed to C-19" bringing the total to over 110 per 100K. The mayor of the town said "Too many victims (of C-19) are not included in the reports because they die at home". They don't have the time and resources to test someone and confirm if they died at home of C-19 or not. Of course the Trump admin will lie and deceive since that has been par-for-the-course for this admin on a host of issues, but at this stage I don't think one can say that this is occurring with C-19 death counts. I.e. a deliberate attempt to mislead.
  17. I want to get this since in the John Huston book I'm reading Flynn and DeHavilland are mentioned (of course their big fight due to nasty comments a drunk Flynn made about Olivia, and where Huston got beat badly). I.e. I've have all the books by and \ or about DeHavilland and now this one on Huston; I would like to contrast that with Flynn's perspective.
  18. Well I find your constant little digs at others about their little digs, kind of annoying (but not unexpected). Note that Sepia did end his sentence with a smiley, which to me says he was just cracking wise (as well as the Dollar General crack which I found humorous). Also he was just referring to the promo and not Eddie's presentation last night. With regards to last night; We enjoyed the film and Eddie's comments. What I liked most about the film was the photography; some stunning b&w photography in this film, both indoor and outdoor scenes. Nice.
  19. I'm watching Dark Shadows on Decades (9:00 PDT weekdays); This last week or so has been about Maggie Evans and her lack of memory about what Barnabas did, and David getting lost for a few days and discovering Barnabas' coffin. There is also Barnabas dead sister Sara. The police and Maggie's dad try to trap her kidnapper by saying she has recovered her memory. Barnabas goes to kill her but instead Willie goes to warn her and falls into the police trap and takes 5 bullets. ANYHOW: For these episodes they go from color to b&w, back to color, then back to b&w..... Say what???? Can anyone explain this? Now I can see when a new season starts, a series were all the previous episodes were b&w, now goes to color. But it remains color from then on. This flip from one to another and back and forth; what gives?
  20. I saw some historical program many years ago that said what your're saying above; The accuracy of a 6 shooter, especially if fired with one hand and no steady bracing was very limited; 25 feet or so. I'm watching Gunsmoke on ME-TV which started with episode #1 just last week. In this very first one, a really fast gunman kills a guy in town and then a sheriff from out of town that tries to arrest him. Matt also gets shot by a gunman but lives. After Matt recovers and is going after the gunman, Doc says he is crazy; the guy is just too fast. But Matt figures out that when he killed those other two he told them to come closer to him and they did (within 15 feet or so), and when he shot Matt he was around 20 feet away. Matt faces off against the gunman and again the gunman baits Matt by saying "come closer": Matt says NO, stay where you are (about 25 feet away), and says that if you attempt to come any closer I'm shooting since I now know your "game"; you're a poor shot at distance. The gunman draws and does get off the first shot but it misses Matt and Matt shoots the gunman dead. I yelled at the T.V.: good going Matt, you used your brains!!!
  21. FYI: posting this in multiple places doesn't increase the odds the TCM programmers will show the film. Anyhow, I hope you get what you're looking for.
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