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  1. You see the problem but MM doesn't. He wishes to promote the lie that the Dem party supports these hateful, extremist, idiots. Of course there are a few Dem politicians that do support these clown, just like there are a few in the GOP that supported the takeover of Congress. Sadly extremist get more media attention then they are due, and this can cause the reasonable people on both the left and the right to believe the views of the extremist are somehow mainstream.
  2. Obama was as white as he was black. But of course you know that. Anyhow, I assume you believe it should be easier to get other whites to vote for immigration reform by a white guy over a non-white guy. Could be, who knows. But Obama didn't pass immigration reform during his first term in office because he wanted to be re-elected. Remember during his first term he deported more illegal immigrants than previous Presidents (by far), and IMO had a sound moderate immigration policy. It wasn't until Obama was a lame-duck that he changed course going too-far left on immig
  3. I still don't think that will remove the stench, but its a start!
  4. Note that on Wiki, the listing of the credits for Witness to Murder says this: Juanita Moore as Black Woman - Mental Patient
  5. Even CNN reported that the majority of the pardon were "legit" because the penalty given at the time would now be deemed excessive. But of course Trump provided pardon to his friends and fellows dregs of society like Bannon etc...
  6. Granted I may have overreacted to your post. But I have lost 5 people due to Covid-19 and sometimes your post come off as uncaring; like Covid-19 is something to joke about, or just too political in nature.
  7. If the Dems didn't work with the GOP to get this passed, such legislation will just further convince reasonable conservative that what the nut-case conservative said was true: Now that the Dems have power they will make it impossible for conservatives to get elected, using the power of the Federal government. Oh, well, as I said before, elections have consequences and in many ways reasonable conservatives deserve what is coming since few were willing to counter the crazy Trumpers and far right GOPers. But even for optics it would have been better if the Dems \ Biden worked with R
  8. So true. In addition CNN decided to get into a contest of who could be more over-the-top with Fox. It is understandable since Trump clearly baited CNN over and over again, but after a while I expected CNN to stop taking the bait. Instead they just swallowed larger chunks. Hopefully with Trump out of office, CNN can get back to practicing journalism most of the time (especially in Prime time). E.g. will they have a panel most nights discussing every move Biden makes? I hope not.
  9. There is also the pre-code When Ladies Meet (1933). In this film a young Myrna Loy is after the married Frank Morgan, instead of suitor Robert Montgomery. In the 40s version, it is Joan Crawford after Herbert Marshall, with Robert Taylor as the suitor. (the point being that Crawford and Marshall as a couple is a lot more understandable than Loy and Morgan). PS: This reminds me of a classic Judge Judy line when a women sues a man for treating her badly and dumping her, after she gives him money or buys him things; There must be something there that I don't see!
  10. Good post. The clown cries about being insulted but all he does in post after post is insult others. Cleary he has a poor understanding of American politics, the legal system and Americans in general. Hey, our knowledge on these topics has flaws. We can all learn something, expect for this clown that appears to know-it-all, but clearly doesn't.
  11. The appointment of conservative Supreme Court justices that might rule to "overturn" Roe v Wade, was THE majority policy reason Trump was supported by evangelicals. If Trump didn't take an anti-abortion stance in 2016, and select anti-abortion Pence as his V.P. he likely would have been defeated by Clinton. While the appointment of SC justices (as well as Federal judges), was NOT much of an issue in 2016 (mainly due to Clinton's poor campaigning), it was a major issue in 2020. Today a vast majority of women that are pro-choice care greatly about the selection of the 3 Just
  12. Are you sick? Who would view this news as bad news?????? Your ignorant happy-face doesn't make your post "cool". PS: also you are one of the doom and gloomers. E.g. remember when you complained about how long it would take to get enough people vaccinated?????
  13. Maybe this post doesn't belong here, but I found it was the best fit: With regards to mail-in-voting, what should the process be? I.e. what type of checks should their be to ensure the person voting is a citizen, meets the residency requirements for the county\district, is only voting once, and is actually the citizen they claim to be, submitting a ballot?
  14. So true. Like some of the morons with TDS at this forum; they will continue to talk about how bad Trump was for the rest of their lives. Trump was indeed the worst President in US History (IMO), but only those with stage 4 TDS, have the need to bring up all of Trump's many follies, over, and over, and over, and over again. AND if one doesn't mention these over and over and over again, these clowns assume one might be in Trump's camp.
  15. Please try to just deal with the issue at hand instead of making assumptions about what others mean. Legacy doesn't only mean positive achievements. DUH!!!! I didn't even imply that. AGAIN: This is what I posted: The most long lasting part of Trump's legacy will be all the Federal judge appointments McConnell and him were able to push-through, as well as those 3 Supreme Court justices. See the words: LONG LASTING PART,,,,, The reason I believe this is because Biden can "reverse" many of Trump's policies (e.g. environmental regulation can be changed or ones the Tru
  16. Going to the Forum for a concert. Yea, the only time I was ever busted, was as a minor, going to a Blue Oyster Cult concert when L.A. had police chief Ed Davis. (most of us young punks just called him Adolf since he was hardcore). But I wasn't charged, since it was an illegal search and seizure. I just keep repeating parts of the US Constitution until my legal guardian, who was "cool" picked-me up. The cops were glad to get me out of there!
  17. The most long lasting part of Trump's legacy will be all the Federal judge appointments McConnell and him were able to push-through, as well as those 3 Supreme Court justices. Of course Trump might not have the same POV, since no Federal judge or SC Justice was willing to take up his completely bogus the-election-was-stolen challenges.
  18. The L.A. cops that I have encountered were more like these two. I asked Pete to return my weed since,, hey,,,, didn't you enjoy the stuff in The Sweet Smell of Success, and I'm also a jazz guitar player,,,, but he decided to keep-for-himself.
  19. Yea, I don't understand the OP either. All I know is that almost 70 years later this version of Anything Goes by Tal Farlow is a must-study item for anyone wishing to play jazz guitar. I listen to it to inspire me and to keep-on, but sometimes it also gives me the feeling of what-the-sam-am-I-doing,,,, I'll never get to this level in 4 lifetimes!
  20. I agree,,, Ask Me Why is a good song. One main reason I mention it is that, while I have played Beatles songs for over 35 years, I only really "heard" this one about 8 or so years ago. I.e. I got a CD mix of early Beatles songs (1962 - 63) from a friend, and this one was on that (along with There's A Place): These songs were "new" to me (yea, I'm sure I had heard them but they dropped off the radar over the decades). At first I assumed Ask Me Why was a cover since it just didn't "feel" like a John\Paul song. So I looked it up in my book: The Complete Beatles, which has
  21. Can't see how Ask Me Why is similar to Love Me Do. For me Ask Me Why is one of the most unique early John songs. I assume they were influence by British T.V. shows that featured musical acts; it has a very pop sound and could have been written even if Rock & Roll never became a thing. This from Wiki: The song is in the key of E major, with some leaning to its relative minor of C#, and is in 4/4 time. Structurally, the song is complex and, as Alan Pollack states, contains three different variants of the verse.[9] The song also contains "jazzy parallel sevenths" in most of
  22. I agree especially since his true-love bromance is about to have a major change in their status
  23. True, but looking towards next season, the Browns are a team on their way up, while the Steelers are a team on the way down (quickly so I would say).
  24. That flag has been used to symbolize hate and intolerance. I jam with a few sons of Vietnamese refugees and have eaten at that strip mall featured in the photo. Their parents are very conservative, voting GOP all the time. Most are Trumpers. They are anti-gay. In fact their annual parade had to be postponed because the city wouldn't grant a permit unless they allowed gays to participate (something they didn't allow all previous years). Fly a rainbow flag and it will be destroyed. Now I'm not saying the majority of these Vietnamese Trumpers supported the insurgency
  25. Here is a message from a conservative: Bill Belichick - Come on,,,, Trumpers loved this guy until now! Life is good! New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has announced that he is declining the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which he was scheduled to receive from President Donald Trump on Thursday. Belichick cited the "tragic events of last week" as leading to his decision. Pro-Trump rioters rampaged in the US Capitol last Wednesday. Five people died as a result of the chaos, including a US Capitol Police officer. House Democrats want to impeach Trump, accusing
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