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  1. Wow, all those fine songs from 1937. Many are jazz standard, still played fairly often by jazz musicians all over the world. Since I'd can't play music with others I have learned a few of these in the last 6 months, like A Foggy Day, Nice Work if You Can Get It, That Old Feeling and Too Marvelous for Words.
  2. Vaccine????? Un, there is more than one. I assume you're talking about the Russian vaccine since we all know how much your fearful leader and yourself love that country (more than the USA).
  3. The only BS is coming from you. Really are the 10 GOP House members, especially Liz Cheney, daughter of former V.P. Dick Cheney, now part of the deep state? You have a right to believe the phony nonsense coming from whatever sources you wish, but if you believe that is going to fly with the intelligent folks at this forum, you need to go somewhere else. Again, explain why the those 10 GOP House members voted for impeachment???????
  4. Hey, Jair,,, are you there? Jair, please pick-up, I need to talk to you!. Dang,,,,, Melania, who is next on the list? Kim? Melania, do they have McDonalds' over there?
  5. Has to be a man. Most woman wish to ignore milestone birthdays (so they can have the same one,,,, 5 years later).
  6. I know you didn't say he was murdered (I used "implying") . I'm saying one should have just said that. That isn't a criticism of you, only that if one believes a suicide is "suspicious" what are the other alternatives, especially for someone with a gun wound in their chest. Highly unlikely it was an accident.
  7. Have you seen Flamingo Road, the noir with Joan Crawford. This is Sydney at his worst (as far a character), but as his best as an actor. Crawford and Sydney were made to go at each other!
  8. Depends on one's personal perspective. E.g. My wife doesn't think so.
  9. Please tell me what suicides do make sense. I guess when one is in extreme pain and feels dying is a better overall life choice but otherwise, you even framings suicide as making-sense-or-not, is rather odd, at best. Looks like you're implying he was murdered. Why not just say that.
  10. Yea, the guy gets his wife, dog and truck back but his wife runs out of gas, his dog is frigid, and his truck doesn't stop making noise. He still can't decide if life is better or not.
  11. My wife's family had olive groves in southern Italy for decades (just sold the last plot of land a year ago); My understanding is that extra virgin is the first press. After the first press one can squeeze more oil by pressing again, but can't label the oil extra virgin. When we first got married we used to bring back the oil to CA. (my wife just had to have her home town oil), but after 9\11 it was more difficult to get this by customs.
  12. This is mostly just fake news, pushed by the Trumper talking-heads at Fox (not their news division), as a way to avoid talking about those 10 GOP House members that voted for impeachment (as well as McConnell, Pence and others in the GOP that have been very critical of Trump). Manchin knows Biden well so there is no way Manchin will be pushed to a corner by Dem colleagues in Congress.
  13. I really love No Man of Her Own, a racy pre-code made many years before Gable and Lombard became an item. That coin-toss scene is well done; But it really wasn't we-get-married-or-not, but instead we-have-sex-or-we-get-married. Of course Gable loses,,,, but did he really?
  14. Come on, give this young punk a break. He is just depressed he couldn't attend last Wednesday's rally!
  15. FYI: Record with Django playing a newly given to him Gibson L-5 instead of his Selmer guitar.
  16. Yes, almost all members of the GOP only have a false equivalency points to make as a way to distract from the violent insurgency committed by their own. Note that I mentioned BLM only because that is what Tucker said on his show.
  17. Really, have you completely lost it? It isn't the media hounding these people, but the FBI and Department of Justice! He likely killed himself when he realized Trump had been playing him like a fiddle, lying to him that Pence could somehow change the result of the election. I.e. he realized he was a complete and total fool and didn't wish to face the consequences of his actions. It appears you support traitors. That says it all.
  18. I don't think for a moment that Trump is sincere, so that raises the question of why he made the statement. Why backdown now? One reason is to influence McConnell and other GOP Senators so they don't vote to convict him. Another reason could be that no foreign country is willing to grant him asylum so his only option is to fall on the sword in the hope to reduce future ramifications. (yea, I know no one here agrees that seeking asylum is even in his playbook, but since he as acted like a 3rd world dictator since day one, I still say that he has seriously considered the idea
  19. This is what the conservative Wall Street Journal had to say about Trump and the traitors: This Time, Trump’s Impeachment Is Warranted
  20. Fox is now owned by Disney. So blame the mouse.
  21. More like better late then too-late. Glad to see these two get their due.
  22. You're correct. Man, I read that twice and still saw "TCM" when it clearly said AMC. My only lame excuse is that this is the TCM forum. I.e. why would someone ask about AMC at a TCM forum?????? Anyhow, TCM has also shown St. Louis Blues, and while Nat King Cole is my #1, "if I was stuck on an island, who would I want as the only musician \ singer, it would be Nat"), I don't think the movie was very good, or his acting.
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