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  1. In Born to Kill Claire Trevor was planning on marrying Fred, the character played by Phillip Terry. Walter Slezak played the detective in the film.
  2. Uh, people in Texas and Oklahoma are complaining and for a good reason; prices this low are devastating the fracking industry causing job losses and a halt of development. A economy is made up of both producers and suppliers and NOT just consumers.
  3. Sanders' supporters learned their lesson AGAIN; that the DNC is corrupt and did all they could to ensure Sanders wasn't the nonminee. NOW, I don't believe this but I suspect most Sanders' supporters do. They don't need to be Biden hater to NOT vote for the DNC selected candidate. So sadly Dargo is likely on target.
  4. Yea, I forgot that Mowbray was in these Ford westerns. An unusual choice for sure. During the 40s and 50s Mowbray took on different roles than what he was known for in the 30s, light comedy.
  5. Well according to Kenneth Tobey, this dame had nice legs!
  6. TCM showed My Darling Clementine with Cathy Downs, last night (Thursday). While the film isn't historically accurate, it is a very well made film and my favorite Ford film, as well as favorite Henry Fonda performance. Victor Mature is very good as Doc Holliday. At the same time MOVIES-TV was showing The Las Vegas Story with Mature. Note that Alan Mowbray is in My Darling Clementine as a Shakespearean actor. He also played a actor in I Wake Up Screaming, another film he did with Mature.
  7. They made Trump get tested???? THEY???? Again, your paranoia is showing. There is NO such concept as "they" here, expect to deranged paranoids. (but I assume you meant the media, and if that is true, you really believe Trump did something because the media, who he despises (like you), MADE him do it,,,,, Trump is that much of a wimp that he lets himself be bullied by the media?????).
  8. I do recall TCM showing Waking Ned Devine.
  9. She did have one line that was very cool; She tells the two she saw a gun and McCord asks her "are you sure it was a gun?" and she replies "I know what a gun looks like!". Yea, you do you hot noir dame you!
  10. I was watching Adam-12 on Me-TV and the show starts with the two cops at a diner. The waitress, Jenny, knows the two cops. I look closer at the waitress and I realize I know her as well; It was Marie Windsor. She was only in this one scene. I guess she really wanted to keep working. She didn't get any special credits at the end but she clearly was the biggest actor on this episode, regardless of how little screen time she got.
  11. The general election will be interesting. Lipinski won in 2018 with 75% of the votes. Typically such a margins would indicate that the seat is safe with that party, but Lipinski is well known in his district for being the most conservative Dem in Congress, and thus he received votes from independents and moderate republicans. Of course in 2018 Holocaust denier Arthur Jones won the GOP primary. If the winner of the GOP primary takes on many of Lipinski's policy positions and Newman leans on progressive like A.O.C. and Sanders in the general election,,, the GOP might just take over a seat the Dems have held for many terms.
  12. Yea, I wonder what people would think if TCM showed Shake Hands with the Devil (1959) on Saint Patrick's Day.
  13. TCM is showing many movies I find are great and clearly classics. What are some movies you define as 'great' that you wish TCM would add to their rotation?
  14. It is my understanding that Payne decided to take on noir roles and a more tough guy screen persona after being the foil for this guy:
  15. How much younger was he in that? I ask because such a photo might just remind people how old he is and thus not wise for a campaign picture\photo. E.g. there is a biplane in the background! (ha ha).
  16. Well the film would be a lot different but I'm not so sure it would be better. Now years ago I did feel the film would have been a lot better with Monty playing a much different type of character, but now I don't think so. The psychological aspect of the film all relates to his mental state as it relates to knocking-up a gal that he doesn't love, but instead comes to despise, but he isn't the type of person to deliberately kill someone. Yea, the later part of the film does drag some but that could have be improved by editing. To just remove that and have the Monty character just go nuts; well that scene would be great (I might even cheer him on!), but then the film would have to end after that; No trial, no ambiguity of behalf of the characters in the film like his mother, and the audience (us), as well.
  17. Russia makes over 50% of its revenue from the sale of fossil fuels, with billions from the EU. Demand for Oil is already way down due to impact the virus is having on the world economy. Causing more economic havoc hurts Russia's economy so I don't think Putin would order a western targeted disinformation campaign.
  18. I only "discovered" Cathy Downs a few years back after watching The Dark Corner, a 20th Century \ Fox film MOVIES-TV shows often. I realized I had seen her before in My Darling Clementine, as the namesake of the film, but she was overshadowed in that film by Linda Darnell. The noir, The Dark Corner main female star was Lucille Ball but Downs has a good role and does fine as the young wife of Clifton Webb. Like a lot of actress her best work was in these early films. Downs bounced around various non-major studios doing "B" westerns and other light stuff like the cheese cake photo below from The Amazing Colossal Man, .
  19. Good summary of what drives all this negative passion. It should be noted that when TCM had Dennis Miller as a guest host there was some push-back from newbies that didn't wish for TCM to give Miller what they call a platform (but nothing close to what we see when TCM features an African American, especially one with an agenda (which Duvernay clearly has if one follows her).
  20. I have seen Flying Tigers and I really enjoyed Carroll as the hotshot flyer but I was only thinking of OAHW when I used the term "wing man". Of course Carroll was a wing man in many films that didn't involve airplanes and flying. In addition sometimes the person he was the wing man for was a women; E.g. Hired Wife, where he assist Rosalind Russell with landing her man, Brian Aherne over Virginia Bruce.
  21. Wagon Train had a similar episode. Of course in this one they did the right thing; they shot the clown dead!
  22. Yes, Leslie Howard should be featured. The good thing is that overall TCM features most of the films Howard was in.
  23. Here Sanders is right; No private company \ industry should get a taxpayer funded bailout unless as part of the package management salaries are capped at 200K for a 2 year period as well as other measures that ensure the bailout doesn't benefit the top 5% of employees or stock holders.
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