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  1. Yet another complete misunderstanding by MM, yet again. Funny but at the jazz forum, what started out as a "hope all is well for my fellow jazzer in Texas" thread is now a political debate. It was all started by Texans would blamed liberals, environmentalist, and especially those dang Californians for their current issues. AND after laying out all of their bogus and un-factual points, when challenged, claim we are playing politics and are uncaring. Confirmation bias is strong in those folks Obi Wan.
  2. So handicapping a future election, you believe the odds are better of A.O.C. beating Schumer than any GOPer in the General. Interesting. Schumer won with over 70% of the vote in 2016, so for any Dem to lose in the General it would mean that a lot of people that voted for Schumer in 2016 decided to vote for the GOPer. Note that two years later Gillibrand won with 67% of the vote. A.O.C. could move towards the center in order to gain support outside of her progressive Twitter driven base (but I don't think that is likely). Anyhow, I don't think A.O.C. would ru
  3. Biden will remove Tanden from consideration, prior to a vote.
  4. The Fleet is In is a must-see for Hutton fans:
  5. My Favorite Betty Hutton film is The Fleet's In (1942) with Dorothy Lamour, and William Holden. This was Hutton firm major film and I tend to enjoy films she is in where isn't is the lead. PS: Saw Hutton in a 50s Gunsmoke. At first I believed it was Alice Faye. Anyhow, Hutton was good as a getting-older entertainer out to get Matt for the death of her brother. Here is one of the best moments of the film:
  6. Odds Against Tomorrow is a fine film and for me the last from the core film noir era. Yea, some fine jazz music in the film is a bonus. especially for me! (i.e. the story, and first rate acting would have been enough, but the jazz scenes and film score make this one of my favorite noirs).
  7. L.A. Times columnist Robin Abcarian Sunday article is: "Is your mind made up about Woody Allen?". It goes on to mention the HBO docuseries "Allen v Farrow"; Her basic point is that if you watch this and are not convinced Allen molested Dylan, well,,,, something is wrong with you. She also says that she used to be "taken" with the Allen film Manhattan, but now "all I feel is deep discomfort and disgust". I took this as more messaging: You not only have to believe Allen is guilty, but if you enjoy any of his work, ,,well,,, something is wrong with you. My P
  8. You can't redefine TDS; TDS is when one brings Trump into everything related or not. I also don't understand why some fools here get upset when being told they have TDS (not saying you're one of those fools but hey, you might be). Having TDS is NOT something to be ashamed about since, due to the hyper MSM focus on all-things-Trump (especially CNN), it is next to impossible to avoid catching TDS. Now that Trump is no longer President, people should be able to take themselves from Stage 4 TDS to a more manageable level, like the Stage 1 I admit to still having.
  9. Have you seen 1940's Torrid Zone? This is a James Cagney \ Pat O'Brien film, with Ann Sheridan (her best work IMO) and Andy Devine as a sidekick for the Cagney character. The film is an adventure comedy leaning more towards the comedy.
  10. It will be interesting if Trump and Pence speak to each other at this event. Also, how much will Trump attack GOPers like McConnell, Cheney, Haley, etc.. that said negative things about him? CPAC is designed to be a unity event for GOPers but that is very unlikely given Trump and his bitterness and immaturity. (and yes, I have TDS, but only stage one).
  11. Warner Baxter was getting to be too old to chase and fight criminals in the late 40s with the Crime Doctor serial. He was having health issues when he made the last one, The Crime Doctor's Diary in 1949, and passed at the age of 62, 3 years later.
  12. That is no coincidence. A.O.C. is helping and that is great, but clearly this is part of her self-promotion campaign. With the prior feud between Cruz and her, she knows the MSM will gobble this up, and of course they have. I also believe this is part of her strategy related to deciding if she should challenge Chuck Schumer for the NY Senate in 2022. If she can take on Cruz and wipe the floor with him (which she is doing), she can take on Schumer. Clearly A.O.C is the best self-promoting member of the Dem party and in this hyper media age, that is necessary in orde
  13. 1. Henry Hathaway -- Kiss of Death 2. George Seaton -- The Shocking Miss Pilgrim 3. Delbert Mann -- Mister Buddwing 4. Frank Perry -- The Swimmer 5. Guy Hamilton -- A Touch of Larceny 6. Ingmar Bergman -- Secrets of Women 7. Tim Burton -- Ed Wood 8. Robert Altman -- The Long Goodbye 9. Vincente Minnelli -- The Bad and the Beautiful 10. Sam Peckinpah -- Ride the High Country.
  14. Interesting that Manners decided to retire from film acting at the age of 36 and from all acting at 53. This from Wiki: Following his retirement from acting, Manners spent the remaining decades of his life pursuing his personal interests, including painting, writing, and studying philosophy. His reflections on philosophy were presented in Look Through: An Evidence of Self Discovery, published in 1971 by El Cariso Publications.
  15. "Jealous Guy" as Lennon being tender: Ok, I can see that. My understanding is the song was John's way of saying sorry for having written Run For Your Life.
  16. Good points here and I find them very interesting. Related to jazz music and the jazz website I frequent there is always a robust discussion of jazz sub-genres; bebop, hard bop, west-coast-swing, etc.... When it comes to new post-period jazz musicians and there recording the questions are "he is playing bebop or hard bop",, most of the time they are playing hybrid; a mix of jazz sub-genres, but strongly rooted in one of them. As for noir: I still say there are a few color noir films that were made during the "classic" noir cycle; 1941 - 1959 (of course these years are subje
  17. I really wondered how a lady could look like either Yvonne De Carlo or Lee Meriwether, but I do see where you're coming from. But to me she looks more like my wife's cousin.
  18. Lawrence Harvey - The Magic Christian
  19. Is this sponsored \ supported by Farrow? E.g. she agreed to be interviewed for it, etc.... (I highly doubt Allen would do that). PS: I'm assuming that last sentence means that people should be allowed-to squabble or grieve in private (i.e. that media should leave them alone). Generally I agree but in this case, as sewhite points out, Farrow wants this to be as public as possible.
  20. Bette Davis in the movie that made her a major star; What a brave performance. Acting over glamor.
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