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  1. I knew it wasn't him as soon as I saw the picture; Hitch wasn't that fat (yet) in 1933.
  2. I also would like TCM to show more "B" \ low-budget from non-major studios, and not just for TCM Underground. This is a weekly event; have you reviewed what TCM has showed, say, the last 26 weeks or so? Lots of cutting edge and racy low budget films. As for horror, as pointed out by txfilmfan, Underground wasn't designed to be like svengoolie; horror and sci-fi. I know I wouldn't want those type of films to dominate the show.
  3. Yea, I know that TCM doesn't show many 30s or 40s Columbia films. That is another reason I would want such a marathon. Get-TV had one last year but they have commercials. So I would like to see these Columbia serials again without interruptions.
  4. CNN has an article about the loss of Ellis Marshalis, Bill Withers and Bucky Pizzarelli. Here is the part about Bucky: Bucky Pizzarelli, who died at 94, was a buoyantly lyrical guitarist who spent most of his early career as a session musician working in recording studios and with such bands as Benny Goodman's and the Tonight Show's NBC Orchestra. He became a fixture in New York nightclubs, playing in several small ensembles with such musicians as saxophonists Zoot Sims and Bud Freeman and violinists Joe Venuti and Stephane Grappelli. Most noteworthy of these professional affiliations was the one he shared with his son John, whose performances with his father, beginning in 1980 when John was 20, were also a kind of apprenticeship, enabling eventual renown in his own right as a guitarist and singer. Indeed, John Pizzarelli's fame reached the point that his dad proudly and happily played a supporting role in his son's own high-profile gigs. This is the link: https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/03/opinions/bill-withers-ellis-marsalis-music-world-covid-19-losses-seymour/index.html
  5. Shorts is a sound idea. That way if anyone doesn't like what they are watching they don't have to wait too long until something else is shown. I see you liked my post but I assume you understood I was cracking wise. I would like to see all the Columbia crime serials like Boston B-l-a-c-k-i-e, Crime Doctor, Rusty, etc.. Of course they don't have to be Columbia (e.g. WB's Nancy Drew with Bonita Granville would be great). Most of these run under 70 or so minutes so like shorts, if one doesn't like something,,, well as Carol said to William at the end of My Man Godfrey, "it will all be over in a minute". While these are about crime most of them are light-hearted.
  6. Senior citizens can't read subtitles? Of course they can. Thus I still fail to see how this one day of Japanese programming would get anyone angry (your choice of words). Disappointed because they would have to watch another station? OK I get that (since TCM is my go-to station), but angry? Doesn't make sense. Note that Summer Under The Stars programming is a full day of one actor. People have posted they're angry because they dislike a certain actor and thus there isn't anything for them to watch. Like with your post my response is the same; tomorrow is another day. (use the remote). As for empathy: my mom is 96 and Japanese. She loved this day of programming. Have you no empathy?
  7. Yea, I made a type-O. Good work Sherlock! (and that is meant as a sincere complement!). Since I wouldn't wish to call anyone a flatbread, in the future I'll just post the picture below (not about you of course).
  8. Wow you really don't get it. I guess you just can't help being a PIAA. But hey if you don't wish to list the 1 film per decade that makes you laugh the most, don't. Yea, all of these type of listing \ ranking \ games, are LAME. 99% of the folks here understand this, but during a crisis we need distractions. THAT is how this silly thread and silly question is related to a CRISIS. PS: you should see the type of stuff going on at the Jazz Guitar forum with all of these top jazz guitar players confined to their homes. They all have so much time on their hands (since all tours \ performances have been canceled), and they are going bat-crazy, so they are doing silly things and creating silly challenges (e.g. who can play this song the fastest), etc.... DISTRACTIONS during a crisis. Oh and Bucky Pizzarelli died this week. Father of John Pizzarelli. John posted a very warm "letter" about his dad and is interacting with members (since people like me loved his father, and John is a first rate guy and musician). This type of personal interaction likely wouldn't be taking place if John wasn't shelter in his home.
  9. Who is "he"? Bernie or TT123? I guess it doesn't really matter because neither are! (ha ha). I'm not a democrat either but I was and will be an anyone-but-Trump voter. To me that is all that counts; one can bash dems all day-long, and I'm not going to call them names. But support or vote for Trump; then one has crossed the point of no return.
  10. To me the topic is clear: 10 legendary comedies for home viewing, one per decade. There doesn't need to me a crisis going on when the film was released to qualify; E.g. Ladykiller in 1955. No crisis I know of in 1955 (and one could say the entire decade, unless one wishes to say the early 50s with the Korean war (which didn't have much of an impact to actual citizens at home in the USA).
  11. I agree with your rule-of-thumb. TT123 has replied to 1 or 2 of my replies to his post but yea, not often. As for his political persuasion: I assume he is a Bernie bro. E.g. he just posted about Bernie and universal health care. If that is the case then the only remaining point of interest is will he support the Dem nominee (likely Biden), or not, if it isn't Bernie.
  12. Note that I didn't say calling it Wuhan or even Chinese is racist. I don't agree with others here that imply that. What I did say is that Trump and some in his admin do that for political cover; I.e. their reason for doing so is to CYA (a diversion technique). E.g. Fox is so much in to covering up for Trump and his admin some of their host have Chinese Virus on BOLD LARGE LETTERS on the screen during most of their broadcast. Clearly a diversion technique and one to rally up negative feelings AWAY from Trump and towards China.
  13. Isn't that the first film he did with Judy Holiday, It Should Happen to You? But it isn't Lemmon that is driving but instead Peter Lawford.
  14. Sorry don't know when TCM will show this film. It is a Warner Bros. film so that makes it more likely.
  15. Yea, nice to see TCM giving a spotlight to jazz in film. Looking forward to it.
  16. Love MJQ. I'm big on vibes in jazz and Milt Jackson was one of the best. Vibes don't clash or step-on other instruments, especially guitar. The counter point one can get between a vibe and a guitar is one of my favorite sounds.
  17. Another plus will be that politicians realize, especially here in CA, that the issue of millions here living 'underground' (the illegal immigrants), have to be dealt with. That means granting legal status to a certain percentage and being more forceful with the removal of the rest (as well as denying services \ benefits). When cities have a majority of the residences being illegal immigrants and there is a major crisis like this, and these folks can't receive any legal government support, it creates a situation that government can't handle. E.g. none of these illegal immigrants will receive benefits from the stimulus bill. They are not shielded from evictions. They wouldn't quality for universal health care (if the USA had such a policy), etc.... A society can't function when such a high percentage of people are living 'underground'. This isn't a knock on illegal immigrants but instead the US Congress for not dealing with the issue for over 20 years.
  18. I think you're actually on to something as it relates to "rip off old blues musicians": I like HOTH because I find the songs to be more melodic and less blues based but still retaining the overall feel that made the band interesting to me from the first few albums.
  19. I view it as their second best (as in having the most songs I like), after #4. With #2 in third place. But hey, after House of the Holy, I started playing jazz guitar and I didn't listen to much rock after that.
  20. Looks like Flynn and Sheridan both had a booze problems. Like I posted above, often Sheridan was her own worst enemy. Unlike with Davis, DeHavilland and Lupino, it wasn't all Jack Warner's fault for her lack of career success while under contract. From Wiki: By February 1947 Errol Flynn's name was linked to the movie. By April both Flynn and Ann Sheridan were signed as leads. Ann Sheridan later said the film "was not a good picture" and Jack Warner "was amazed that I accepted it" but that "Errol Flynn was a big box office name and women didn't get to do Westerns very often and I thought it might be a good combination and I thought that it might turn into a good picture. Unfortunately it didn't." Longstreet (author) later wrote that "by 1947 Flynn had deteriorated. His drinking dominated, and I suspect drugs too; his wives, he'd say, were like shackles. And he was finding it hard to face a camera. The drinking had angered Warner Bros and he was about to be let go." Longstreet says Ann Sheridan was known for "lapping up the sauce" as well, and claims Walsh told him "Kid, write it fast. They're not drinking. Throughout the shoot Flynn and Sheridan would sip ice water which contained vodka. Longstreet said "the stars' behavior resulted in delays, which led to cost overruns, which forced the studio heads to declare Siver River was finished. It is the only studio picture I know of for which there is no ending; the picture ends in midair, but no one, as far as I know, ever bothered to ask why.
  21. Here is another "introducing" of an actor that went on to be a major star: Kim Novak in Pushover (1954). (has this on the poster as well).
  22. I have also seen Pushover on MOVIES -TV a few times (and again, just last week). I enjoy the film and there is a good deal of suspense. MacMurrary and Novak have good chemistry (ok not at the same level as him and Stanwyck in DI), and the supporting actors like Malone (look good), Phil Carey, and E.G. Marshall are solid. Well worth seeing. I just wish TCM would show it so I could see it without interruptions. Here is what a critic had to say and it matches my feelings: Film critic Craig Butler wrote, "Aficionados will doubtlessly argue whether The Pushover should be classified as film noir or merely as a suspense film, but whichever its category, this overlooked movie deserves to be better known. Not that it's a great film, for it's not—the characters don't develop fully enough, remaining just film types rather than flesh and blood people, the themes of the film are not explored deeply enough to have resonance, and there's a late development that asks the audience to change its mind about the leading lady that just doesn't work. Still, it's immensely entertaining, skillfully directed by Richard Quine with the requisite suspense trappings (and a wonderfully unsettling sense of voyeurism), and covering a lot of territory in its 88 minutes.
  23. I understand that there is a distinction. This is why I said similar vein. Anyhow, I don't think it matters; Trump and his admin failed, for all the wrong reasons and as a results thousands more are likely to die. (and with all this evident, some Trumpers still have their heads in the sand).
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