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  1. FYI: Record with Django playing a newly given to him Gibson L-5 instead of his Selmer guitar.
  2. Yes, almost all members of the GOP only have a false equivalency points to make as a way to distract from the violent insurgency committed by their own. Note that I mentioned BLM only because that is what Tucker said on his show.
  3. Really, have you completely lost it? It isn't the media hounding these people, but the FBI and Department of Justice! He likely killed himself when he realized Trump had been playing him like a fiddle, lying to him that Pence could somehow change the result of the election. I.e. he realized he was a complete and total fool and didn't wish to face the consequences of his actions. It appears you support traitors. That says it all.
  4. I don't think for a moment that Trump is sincere, so that raises the question of why he made the statement. Why backdown now? One reason is to influence McConnell and other GOP Senators so they don't vote to convict him. Another reason could be that no foreign country is willing to grant him asylum so his only option is to fall on the sword in the hope to reduce future ramifications. (yea, I know no one here agrees that seeking asylum is even in his playbook, but since he as acted like a 3rd world dictator since day one, I still say that he has seriously considered the idea
  5. This is what the conservative Wall Street Journal had to say about Trump and the traitors: This Time, Trump’s Impeachment Is Warranted
  6. Fox is now owned by Disney. So blame the mouse.
  7. More like better late then too-late. Glad to see these two get their due.
  8. You're correct. Man, I read that twice and still saw "TCM" when it clearly said AMC. My only lame excuse is that this is the TCM forum. I.e. why would someone ask about AMC at a TCM forum?????? Anyhow, TCM has also shown St. Louis Blues, and while Nat King Cole is my #1, "if I was stuck on an island, who would I want as the only musician \ singer, it would be Nat"), I don't think the movie was very good, or his acting.
  9. Are you sure that such films like St. Louis Blues with Nat King Cole where shown during February (Black History month)? I ask because February is TCM's Oscar month and typically the vast majority of the programing is Oscar related: TCM only shows films that have an Oscar connection (e.g. were nominated or won an Oscar). Are you trying to find if another T.V. station features films with African-American themes during February? If yes, sorry I can't help you there, especially if one is interested in Studio-Era films (1929 - 1968), since TCM is my only trusted option for films fr
  10. Uh, the vast majority of the traitors where just like you; your age group, your skin color, your gender. Edited (since it appears someone here might be confused). I'm clearly not implying Ham is part of the group that attacked the Capital (he is the only reasonable conservative at this forum IMO), only that based on the reporting I have seen the majority of those that attacked the Capital were white males, over the age of 50. I.e. they are NOT part of "today's generation". Even Tucker made this point on his show, when he said that these guys were older, a
  11. What type of oil did you use? If Olive oil that would be why since that has a very low smoking point. For frying croquettes, I use peanut oil, which has a very high smoking point. Edited: I see Txfilmfan already figured this out and LuckyDan confirmed. All I have to say is that I wouldn't recommend continuing to use olive oil and reducing the temp, but instead using another oil with a much higher smoking point and keeping the heat at medium-high. But that is because I like a croquette with a crispy exterior and tender center. Also such high temp \ faster cooking
  12. It had to do with the Republic studio and Wayne being selfish. Doing what was best for them and the bottom-line and for Wayne, NOT, his country. The cowardice issue only comes in play because Wayne called out those that went to Canada to avoid the draft during the Vietnam war. My view is those young men had a lot better reason NOT to go overseas than Wayne had for staying in Hollywood making movies.
  13. Did they change the feed to a college gym room and shower?
  14. That was fun. I still play a lot of British Invasion music with a guy I was in a rock band with over 25 years ago. Well I showed him how to play Lola. He is a better singer than I so he would sing the song. Well we played it for years before, after a lot of wine, I talked about what the song was about. He said "say what???", with a confused look. I laughed and said,, "really,, you have been singing the words to this song and you never understood what it was about?". He though it was about a tomboy!
  15. The Rose Bowl would be a good place. No football played there since the L.A. college football teams stink!
  16. Yea, very unfortunate the Joint Chief of Staff felt such a statement was necessary (but I'm glad they had the courage and foresight to issue it). Reminds me of this film; I assume there are more patriots like the guy on the right, then traitors like the guy on the left. Oh, and when Nipkow discusses this film he always says it ended the wrong way!
  17. Well clearly TCM tries to cater to a fan base, as well as grow that fan base. You have a different POV than the majority of that fan base (what you define as mainstream consumer). Hey, I feel the same way as an amateur jazz musician and lover of that art form. E.g. even the top US jazz radio station here in So Cal has now watered down their product to appeal to the "mainstream consumer" of music (E.g. adding blues, and easy-listening which isn't jazz in my book). But with the Internet there are now many options for both musical content as well as movies. Can't you fin
  18. Isn't that the moron religious nut case, Huckabee? (and I saw him play on T.V. and he wasn't any virtuoso). Are you saying Carson can lay down the beat?
  19. I still don't see anything unfortunate; those that play with fire get burned. Babbitt was an adult. She was fully aware her traitorous actions could cause her harm.
  20. Wasn't she trying to enter as part of the insurgency? That is my understanding. She was a Trumper and clearly stated: Ashli Babbitt had been preparing for this day, the day when world events would turn her way. When a discouraged friend on Twitter asked last week, “When do we start winning?” Ms. Babbitt had an answer: “Jan 6, 2021.”
  21. Related to "you do not say no to Barbara Stanwyck"; well one of the criticism of the film relates to this. (SPOILER ALERT): Film critic Dennis Schwartz appreciated the work of cinematographer John Alton but gave the film a mixed review, writing, "The camerawork of John Alton is the star of this vehicle. His camerawork sets a dark mood of the Los Angeles scenario, escalating the dramatics with shadowy building shots. The twist in the story is that as upstanding a citizen as Stanwyck is, the authorities still side with the Nazi Sanders because he has a higher status. The noir theme o
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