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  1. I'm a Joan Leslie fan. The problem for Joan was that she signed with Warner Bros. and that studio pushed their male actors and associated projects (with the exception of Bette Davis). This impacted the careers of all their female talent like Olivia DeHavilland, Ida Lupino, and Ann Sheridan, as well as newer actresses like Alexis Smith. Still Joan had some file roles in films like High Sierra (with Bogart), Sergeant York (with Cooper), The Male Animal (with Fonda), and Yankee Doodle Dandy (with Cagney). She was also a secondary leading actress in The Hard Way, with Id
  2. I never said IIsa didn't love Rick. I said she loved both men deeply. Yea, she was surprised by Rick's actions at the airport but that doesn't mean that she wanted to stay with Rick in Casablanca over going with her Husband on the plane to Lisbon and freedom. Again, my point is that I have no point: I.e. I can see it going many different ways. That it is intentionally ambiguous: . One can't be sure that is how she really felt. You instead have a definitive POV. Ok, but it doesn't me you don't agree with my POV, since I have none. One can't be sure that
  3. Of course film is a highly visual media and therefor we both understand the need to set a mood. To create an atmosphere. In this regard I understand why the scene was set up the way it was, but once that atmosphere is established, and milked just to the right degree, it loses its values if it continues on and on.
  4. I agree with you about the dragged out sequence. It appears Reed did also; 2 years later in the ending of The Third Man, Welles is trapped in a sewer but instead of long sequences, there are quick cuts and edits, and the trapped man meets his fate in a tightly directed scene.
  5. Wouldn't need a raise???? You must be joking. So Joe does a harder job and \ or one that requires more skill \ education, and the lower workers on the ladder get a raise so their pay is now equal to Joe's pay, and Joe should be OK with that because he makes enough for an adequate standard of living?????? Find me one worker in the USA that would accept such total nonsense. People want to be paid what they believe they are worth. PS: the unions are already saying that all salaries will need to increase. Duh! This is economics 101. This is also where the layoff
  6. The Economist has had some good articles related to the concept of democracy and if that is really the case when the majority is just over 50%. E.g. Brexit and now the talk of a referendum on Scotland. One point is that on such voting there is a soft middle group (say around 10%), that since forced to make a binary choice, do so, but these voters are highly driven by single current events. Also they can be easily manipulated. Thus when asked a year later they could change their vote (because some other current event has pushed them in the other direction). Thus for such
  7. Ruth Donnelly was in Footlight Parade with Claire Dodd.
  8. Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (1967).
  9. Sidney Poitier was in To Sir, with Love with Judy Geeson.
  10. It is highly likely Ilsa just tells Rick that in order to save her husband from sure death. One can't be sure that is how she really felt. Clearly she was torn, My view is that she didn't know what she wanted or how she really felt, which is why she is a sympathetic character. As for the ending; my view is that Rick understands this as well. He understand that having Paris was a thing of the past.
  11. Of course neither of us knows how much pain Graham is going through or not. I.e. you may not see the pain, but that doesn't mean it isn't there. Also you have no clue why he has made the choices he has made. Thus, unless I knew I wouldn't out someone. Even a slimy politician like Graham.
  12. I don't think they had sex that night. The reason is simple: Ilsa is married to a man that is living, and she loves that man. If she was to have had sex, as a reflection that she loved Rick, but not her husband, then there would be no reason for her internal turmoil. I.e. she would have just told her husband she was leaving him for Rick.
  13. Don't individuals that are highly troubled by the fact they are gay have more internal conflict? E.g. to support legislation that attacks oneself, is a sign of self hate and deep psychological issues. Thus for me such individuals deserve more compassion not less. I can't support outing them just for political gain. PS: Clearly such individual are hypocrites but just like being gay, not by choice, but instead their deep psychological issues.
  14. Yes, the Lincoln Project sure did serve its purpose: to get suckers to donate money to it, in order to give highly inflated contracts to the leader's relatives after those leaders took a cut. Note that the Conway clan just purchased a multi-million dollar estate. The couple pretended to have a public feud, in order to make money for themselves. Kelly and George will both release books soon as part of their money grab.
  15. Did TCM show this? If it did, I'm a fool for missing it since this is a Hopkins film I wanted to see.
  16. A tree would be inorganic if chemicals were used for either fertilizer or as a pesticide. BUT since I assume neither of those are required for a maple tree, I also assume that all maple syrup is organic and this is just a marketing gimmick. (similar to labels on non-animal products that say cholesterol free, or a fruit labeled as gluten free).
  17. Cid she didn't write that statement to people like you, but instead GOPers in Alaska. She is up for re-election in 2022. Therefore it is too early to tell if her position here is "too little, too late" as it relates to GOPers in Alaska. E.g. Will Alaska GOP party leaders attempt something like what Wyoming party leaders did with Liz Cheney? PS: I do understand how you are viewing all of these type of statements from GOPers from a moral type perspective while I'm viewing them from a political one. Frankly I see no reason to view them from a moral perspective
  18. What you state, why oversimplified, has been shown in studies on the topic. To me the questions here are if there should be one minimum wage for the entire nation and if there is one how should increases be done. I don't support a national minimum wage. I don't even support one minimum wage for the state of CA. As for how increases should be done: I don't support telegraphing a targeted minimum wage; E.g. it will be $15 in 3 years. To me this creates an inflationary impact. But on this last point there are pros and cons; E.g. some business like a targeted draw o
  19. Of course her position is inexplicable: that is why I believe it is a sound one politically at this time. That was my point from the beginning. Haley can get away with this because she isn't a member of Congress. (which is a good thing as it relates to her positioning). Cruz and Rubio had to make a decision and both voted to appease Trumpers, with Cruz taking a firm stand that will likely backfire (since, as you noted, he is morally diminished in the view of the general public), and Rubio has said nothing (as far as I can tell). PS: This thread is 2022 Electio
  20. Isn't it too early to tell if the impeachment and trail and the outcome, has diminished the Trumpists in Congress? Also, what does "diminish" really mean? I.e. their vote isn't worth less (i.e. it will still count as one). McConnell will continue to work with the 43, as well as the 7. We will only know who's power was diminished when any of these Senators are up for re-election and what happens in the GOP primary and then general election. As for GOP members of the House; as you know most are in safe districts so there likely will be little negative consequen
  21. I never judged her comments and I made no stand, except as a political observation. The point was how she, as well as other GOP leaders position themselves with regards to Trump and Trumpers leading up to future elections. CNN has a good article about what Haley is doing. Will it "work" (as compared to what Cruz, Rubio, and other are doing), as it relates to her goals? Only time will tell. But what Cruz is doing, doesn't appear to have any chance of working.
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