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  1. I believe Highway is a big supporter of Sanders (don't know how he feels about A.O.C.)and therefor supports that wing of the Dem's party and their brand of socialism. Related to the parties working together: The bottom line there is that, internally, both the Dem and GOP parties need to be able to work together. E.g. Dem progressive \ self declared socialist working with the rest of the Dems in Congress and far-right \ Trump loving \ GOPers working with moderate wing of the GOP in Congress (and yes Dems there are some). First the Dems have to be able to pass something
  2. I don't think "this" is splitting hairs but in fact adding clarity; I.e. no fraud in the final-votes-that-qualify. So to me there is a big difference between "no fraud in the final-votes-that-qualify" and "no voter fraud" (which to me implies that no voter attempted fraud, e.g. voting twice, submitting a ballot for a dead person, etc..). Cid made this point as well. The former is a reflection on "election officials and if they did their jobs correctly" and the latter a reflection on voters. (and of course Trump supporters and GOP officials, claim both types of frau
  3. No election, with this many people voting, has no fraud, as in zero. E.g. someone submits a mail in ballot for a dead person or signs a ballot for someone else (which I almost did since my wife was in Italy but decided not to since I didn't wish to commit fraud). Such sloppy use of language (by the media, not you), is what leads to non-acceptance of results and mindless conspiracy theories. To me the correct statement is; there was an insignificant amount of voter fraud that had zero impact to a state's outcome (i.e. which candidate had the most votes).
  4. As for "why", one would have to ask these guys: John Adams John Dickinson William Findley Benjamin Franklin Alexander Hamilton John Jay Thomas Jefferson Richard Henry Lee James Madison Thomas Paine George Washington James Wilson
  5. I don't know if I would make that leap yet since most (if not all?) of these Fox films have been shown on TCM before (and fairly recently if memory serves me). I.e. this could just be another limited lease like the one that TCM had before for these films. But yes, we can hope!
  6. Maybe TCM will show that film the next evening at 3:00 am!
  7. Yea, what I mentioned is a crazy idea but as you say; " I don't know the cure for selfish, ignorant people who don't care about anyone else". Related to "couldn't be enforced anyhow": Note that CA has a strict bring-guns-to-CA policy. I.e. there are all sorts of restrictions, like one has to ship the gun to a gun dealer in CA, and after the gun dealer ensures all CA laws have been followed (e.g. background checks, the gun isn't an assault weapon that is banned in CA, waiting period, etc..) they can pick it up at the dealer. But due to logistics it is easy to just drive
  8. So true (and you also got in a moon reference, bravo!). Yea, most films are part of the so called Turner library of films (WB, RKO, MGM). Trio is a British film and one I haven't seen so that I'm looking forward to. Note that Trio is 3 separate short stories by Maugham, and the last one Sanatorium features Michael Rennie and Jean Simmons.
  9. Well at least he got to see the L.A. Lakers win another NBA championship. Tommy was well known in my circle as a Lakers fan, and will go down as one of the most "homer" announcers in sports history. Rest in peace Tommy and say hi to Red, etc... (I say etc., since I looked up the 1959 - 1969 team which Tommy was on and most of these guys are thankfully still with us).
  10. No The Moon and Sixpence or The Razor Edge? In some ways that is a good thing since these two films are well known (well to us in the know), and TCM will be showing the other well-known films based on his work like Rain, The Letter and Of Human Bondage (but for me the Howard \ Davis version is the IT version). I have a first edition of The Moon and Sixpence. I just re-read it a few months back (Covid reading), since the book is now 100 years old! (and still in good shape). PS: If TCM included those two films it might have looked more like a Hebert Marshall tribute t
  11. Do you believe the Federal government should impose on state governments with regards to controls on Covid-19? I'm on the fence about that. It might not even be constitutional and if a case went to the SC, I assume they would rule it wasn't. Maybe the Biden admin should do something similar to the 55 MPH speed limit were the Feds didn't have the authority to impose that on state highways; I.e. any Covid-19 stimulus money is withheld from states that don't mandate certain policies. (which was what the Feds did to get states to adopt the 55 MPH speed limit). If the Fed
  12. What do you mean by "run much of its course"? You mean the majority of people in the USA will have already been infected? I hope that isn't the case, but the poor way the Trump admin handled Covid might make that the case. Anyhow, if people grow up and wear masks, avoid unnecessary contact etc.. the USA should be able to lower the daily tally to under 10K (verses the now over 200K). Anyhow, what is the alterative? I recommend you go out of your way to get Covid and also infect all those in your inner circle. This way you don't have to be concerned about any alter
  13. Why does that appear to make you mad? I explained the issue was logistical a few days back (talking to my nephew who is part of the project). Isn't getting angry about that childish? Anyhow, for the general public that are in large cities that have a lab that can produce the vaccine the estimated date is early March. For those far away from such labs, it could be late April or even May.
  14. Ossoff might be able to pull it off. All depends on voter turnout.
  15. Ok, you found one but why didn't you just post that initially instead of that misdirection post about Sanders. In addition if Whitmer had taken a cabinet position you would be complaining that she abandoned her post and was selfish.
  16. Do you even read what you post? Nowhere does it say Sanders would turn down an offer by Biden to be in his cabinet. Instead it says Biden is highly unlikely to offer Sanders a cabinet position. So what evidence do you have that "Some Democrats are already turning down Joe for his cabinet picks"????? The same evidence Trump has of massive voter fraud. NONE!!!!!
  17. I thank Trump himself. He did some very stupid things: E.g. continuing to pile on John McCain even after the guy was six-feet-under. This motivated Cindy McCain to support Biden and openly campaign for Biden in Arizona. McCain was well loved in AZ. Trump was his own worst enemy. Thus when I'm slicing into that turkey, I'll be thinking of the biggest turkey I know, Donald Trump!
  18. Bacall was in 19 films from the start of her career (1944) until 1981 with The Fan. Only 4 of those were with Bogart. While I view her acting in film to be only "so so" (i.e. a few very good performances, but many "another actress would have likely done better"), a handful of those 15 non-Bogart films were fine, worth-watching films.
  19. I understand your "up to the point" POV and that is what I practice; While I mainly focus on policy-positions, sometimes a candidate's character issues are so despicable that I just can't vote for them. They don't deserve my vote regardless of how much I might favor them over the others running on policy. Trump clearly falls into that category. Millions of Americans that voted for Trump viewed it differently then me and I'm not going to judge them harshly for doing so. (but hey, maybe that is only because Trump lost).
  20. I have seen the film a few times. My favorite Monroe film (well, after All About Eve and The Asphalt Jungle, but in those films Monroe only had a small part). Monroe's screen persona of vulnerability was used very well in Don't Bother to Knock.
  21. I think is is "okay" for someone to vote for a candidate that lack values and has major character issues when that candidate has policy positions that are significantly more aligned with theirs verses the other parties' candidates. As I have said before this is being pragmatic. It is voting for one's interest. Cid and I have made this point over 20 times in the last year or so. I get that you look at this differently. In addition trying to guilt people that belong to that-other-party (or independents) into voting for one's party\candidate using shame and guilt is a ver
  22. I'm a big fan of Nightfall. For me one of the better end-of-the-cycle noir films.
  23. Can you honestly say you are not one of the white guys she is referring to? If I'm mistaken you have my sincere apology. Really, no joke here, but it is very hard to tell with you. But if you're really saying something along the lines of "can't we all just get along", I'm willing and my gut tells me so is Harris
  24. She told me she wouldn't do that if you did the same. Do we have a deal?
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