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  1. It had to do with the Republic studio and Wayne being selfish. Doing what was best for them and the bottom-line and for Wayne, NOT, his country. The cowardice issue only comes in play because Wayne called out those that went to Canada to avoid the draft during the Vietnam war. My view is those young men had a lot better reason NOT to go overseas than Wayne had for staying in Hollywood making movies.
  2. Did they change the feed to a college gym room and shower?
  3. That was fun. I still play a lot of British Invasion music with a guy I was in a rock band with over 25 years ago. Well I showed him how to play Lola. He is a better singer than I so he would sing the song. Well we played it for years before, after a lot of wine, I talked about what the song was about. He said "say what???", with a confused look. I laughed and said,, "really,, you have been singing the words to this song and you never understood what it was about?". He though it was about a tomboy!
  4. The Rose Bowl would be a good place. No football played there since the L.A. college football teams stink!
  5. Yea, very unfortunate the Joint Chief of Staff felt such a statement was necessary (but I'm glad they had the courage and foresight to issue it). Reminds me of this film; I assume there are more patriots like the guy on the right, then traitors like the guy on the left. Oh, and when Nipkow discusses this film he always says it ended the wrong way!
  6. Well clearly TCM tries to cater to a fan base, as well as grow that fan base. You have a different POV than the majority of that fan base (what you define as mainstream consumer). Hey, I feel the same way as an amateur jazz musician and lover of that art form. E.g. even the top US jazz radio station here in So Cal has now watered down their product to appeal to the "mainstream consumer" of music (E.g. adding blues, and easy-listening which isn't jazz in my book). But with the Internet there are now many options for both musical content as well as movies. Can't you fin
  7. Isn't that the moron religious nut case, Huckabee? (and I saw him play on T.V. and he wasn't any virtuoso). Are you saying Carson can lay down the beat?
  8. I still don't see anything unfortunate; those that play with fire get burned. Babbitt was an adult. She was fully aware her traitorous actions could cause her harm.
  9. Wasn't she trying to enter as part of the insurgency? That is my understanding. She was a Trumper and clearly stated: Ashli Babbitt had been preparing for this day, the day when world events would turn her way. When a discouraged friend on Twitter asked last week, “When do we start winning?” Ms. Babbitt had an answer: “Jan 6, 2021.”
  10. Related to "you do not say no to Barbara Stanwyck"; well one of the criticism of the film relates to this. (SPOILER ALERT): Film critic Dennis Schwartz appreciated the work of cinematographer John Alton but gave the film a mixed review, writing, "The camerawork of John Alton is the star of this vehicle. His camerawork sets a dark mood of the Los Angeles scenario, escalating the dramatics with shadowy building shots. The twist in the story is that as upstanding a citizen as Stanwyck is, the authorities still side with the Nazi Sanders because he has a higher status. The noir theme o
  11. Don't recall if you ever covered this, but why not have the lover of the athlete (Pat), be a women. I.e. Pat is a bi-sexual male, Mike is gay, and lover of Pat is a heterosexual women. This would create a storyline related to if someone that is bi-sexual can be faithful. (I don't think there is a difference in how faithful one can be, even if they have more options at play). A lot more tension with such a triangle.
  12. FYI: I asked that the mod move this to trivia. Note that after they do that, it will still show here in General Discussions for while (but if one clicks on it, it takes them to trivia).
  13. I still say there is a 50 \ 50 chance Trump seeks asylum in a foreign country.
  14. Dodger Stadium is already being used as a facility for vaccinations. It was being used for testing, but was just changed this week for vaccinations. So it is your idea that is beyond wacky.
  15. Well you might have been lucky. My parents were more like these two:
  16. Well the Academy is a film institution, designed to promote those in the industry. The awards are marketing instruments. Only makes sense that members would "chose to ignore everyone outside the film establishment".
  17. Yea, I figured that and didn't scroll-up to check. It is kind of a no brainer, but as you note, still fits the moment to a T! AND it doesn't just apply to Trump but to the traitors and those that enabled them.
  18. KC will win by over 30 points KC has a running game. Steelers' didn't. But why are the Browns POS? They are actually a fairly well balanced team, and Baker appears to have finally grown-up (well at least enough to do what is required of him).
  19. Impeaching a President is about getting them out of office, most of this is just a political move by the Dems (verses doing what is best for the nation). Of course all members of Congress have a choice. In fact that is the main reason for impeaching a President no-longer in office. I believe Dems are mainly doing this to make GOP Senators have to take a stance: 20 GOP Senators are up for re-election in 2022. Making them have to vote puts them between a rock-and-a-hard-place and regardless of which way they vote, their odds of winning the 2022 election are reduced.
  20. Last I read Pence will show-up at the inauguration. He knows were the winds are blowing now. As for Paul Ryan: My gut tells me he will make a run for the President in 2024. He is one of the only Republicans with name-recognition that doesn't have fully soiled hands, in that he left office because he knew what Trump was doing to the nation as well as the GOP. (Mitt Romney being #1 in this regard, but I don't think he will try to run again but instead will campaign for his V.P. running mate).
  21. Biden just said that the newly seated Senate should be able to do an Impeachment trial (it should be quick since Trump will not mount any defense), and conduct other business. Thus the socialist agenda will be passed and shoved up your,,,, well,.. isn't life great now!!!!
  22. I assume most people are like you in that they don't need to depend on TCM to be their teacher. I.e. They realize it is an entertainment network where one can learn things about history, intolerance, film history, etc.... but that is NOT any part of TMC's "mission". If we agree on that, why are you making comments like this: "If Time Warner truly wants to promote that message,,,,,". They don't, they don't need to, and that's all folks!
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