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  1. A 93 octane rating is high. Here in CA I never see anything higher than 91. I guess horses here in CA have better things to do with their precious bodily fliuds.
  2. This is what happens when one exposes bogus assumptions:
  3. Must see T.V. for me: This gal has ability and heart! Thus I'll be rooting for her.
  4. That is interesting. I assume the reason is that a movie is a one time event, while a TV show is on-going, episode after episode. But that is just wild speculation.
  5. Note that a property owner could be held liable is a worker gets injured while working on their property and that worker isn't covered by Workers Comp insurance and all workers are not fully covered under the company's bond. To many shady companies don't provide such coverage for illegal immigrants since they are hiring them off-the-books. Therefore it is wise to ensure the contract one's signs notes that all employees are fully covered under a WC insurance policy, and that any bond covers them as well. If the contract doesn't have this, the property owner should send the com
  6. Grand Illusion is a good choice. Hey is that Dexter Gordon in your avatar photo? One of my favorites.
  7. Yea, we have a dog now (well my mother-in-law's dog that came with her from Italy and when she went back, he stayed but that is another story!). Anyhow, this was the first time the dog had experienced lighting and thunder; it dove him nuts causing a lot of barking and growling. Since any actual rain only lasted a minute or two, I took a long walk and it was a beautiful night. (I'm in the Laguna Beach area).
  8. Yes, now you can continue your pursuit. (of what, I really don't wish to know).
  9. Yes, the cost of said freedom for someone not to get vaccinated results in the loss of the ability for a vaccinated person to receive elective surgery.
  10. Here is Parola (but years before that photo with Flynn\Power).
  11. To some (many?), if they are given options but don't like any of them, they defined that as not having the right to choose.
  12. CA Dems tried to make saying illegal immigrant illegal, this is how out-there they are on certain topics. Thus making reading the L.A. Times a chore since they don't even wish to use the term undocumented. In other words they didn't wish to use any term that would single out what I call illegal immigrants. E.g. CA is considering a law that would allow non-citizen, legal residences to run for School Board. I.e. those with Green Cards and visas allowing them to be in the USA. Well the Times article on this just used the term immigrants. It wasn't until much later in their
  13. No but according to the ads Newsom and company are running if a republican becomes governor, millions will die of Covid, illegal immigrants will be deported, abortion on demand will end, etc.... CA will become Texas in less than a year! The legislature has a super Dem majority so if the governor vetoes a bill they can override that veto. Of course the governor does have executive powers so he can mess with in-place Dem programs, but those powers are limited. The former SD mayor, Faulconer, is fairly intelligent and he doesn't wish to be governor for only a
  14. That was funny; Well at least TCM is showing multiple Eleanor Parker films. In color with that red hair she is a knockout.
  15. No but with the way CA conducts recalls if over 50% of those that vote, vote for the recall, the candidate with the most votes is governor. Thus 48% could vote NO on the recall but NOT select an alterative (which is what that puck Newsom advised voters to do), and someone with only 20% (which is around what Elder is polling), becomes Governor. (the governor being recalled can't be an alternative candidate).
  16. Now that CA is getting close to recall, there are adds with Bernie, Liz, and Obama. No ads with Biden or Harris but they have come to show their support. I'm voting to recall Newsom, my wife isn't. One reason I'm doing so is that Newsom and the CA Dem party demanded that no other qualified Dem run as a "back-up". Newsom has always been a elitist and this selfish punk move showed he hasn't learned a thing. Thus I hoping he is out and the former Mayor of San Diego takes his place (I don't want the no experienced, empty shell Elder to replace Newsom).
  17. Same thing is happening to me here in So Cal, with Cox cable; Showing the line-up that was on yesterday instead of today.
  18. I'm watching the beautiful Eleanor Parker, in films such as Scaramouche and now The Very Thought of You, but according to my cable, today TCM is showing Janet Leigh films: E.g. Romance of Rosy Ridge. Is this happening to others?
  19. Sometimes such scenes were filmed and in an internal only version or one shown to a pre-release "focus group", but later removed and not in the version released to theaters. The PR department received their ideas from one of those version (since they start their work prior to the film being finalized). After these scenes are removed in the final editing process the studio decides it isn't worth the effort to redo such posters\PR material. Of course maybe the PR department had Douglas and Sterling come in to take these photos with the plan to make then more dramatic with no regard
  20. I haven't seen this film. I do wonder if Gene Tierney gave a good performance. I find that in some of her early films, when she was still learning her craft, she would give a mixed-performance. Ida Lupino was originally cast and in 1941\42 she was a much more seasoned actress than Tierney, but I don't know if being an island-girl would have fit her, and Gene did have an exotic look that allowed her to look authentic playing such parts (with the exception of China Girl!).
  21. I feel the same way, but assumed this was part of Dan Curtis's overall plan for the show. Don't let any one character\actor become too central to the show since they may ask to renegotiate their contract.
  22. Ameche was an actor I found from the Eddie Murphy film Trading Places. When I first saw the film, I didn't know much about him but was highly aware of fellow actor Ralph Bellamy. So I worked my way back, looking for his earlier work on TCM. Midnight is also my favorite film he is in. Ameche didn't make many films for TCM's big-three (MGM, RKO, and Warner), and that is one reason we don't see him much, especially those 30s\40s Paramount and 20th Century Fox films. E.g. when was the last time TCM showed Midnight?
  23. Yes, a really solid actor; I like how in 50s and 60s T.V. crime shows he would be the everyday vulnerable small business \ family man. Sometimes even allowing himself to be corrupted, to a degree , in order to protect his family and livelihood, but when the criminals pushed too hard and asked for too much, he would show a backbone and assist the good-guys with sending the scum to their doom.
  24. I'm not trying to convince anyone. I have no issues with the TCM's brand and the latest changes (from the logo, graphics, special series about problematic films, etc.,) have had no impact on me. I view them as much-ado-about-nothing and just enjoy the films, like I always have.
  25. I agree that it is unlikely and I should have stated that, but it wouldn't surprise me. In the Chit-chat forum Cid has been pointing out the Georgia election law bill (he calls it a voter suppression bill). I think we can agree that TCM leans-left; E.g. take all of the hosts - I think it is fair to assume most, if not all, are not members of the GOP. As for Cid's question of: What effects do politics have on what TCM shows? Seriously. Very little from my point of view, but as we see from the angst, others likely believe a lot. The very little from my POV being
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