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  1. I had to look at other photos and her filmography to refresh my memory. It also solved another mystery I had after watching an Adam-12 episode. There was an actress playing a librarian. She looked like Spring Byington so I looked that up but Byington was retired when that episode was made. It was bugging me who that actress was since I knew I had seen her before in films,,, but just couldn't place her. Now I know it was Lurene Tuttle. So thanks for the confirmation!
  2. Thanks for that info, but I was cracking wise based on the eye make-up wore by the gal on the cover.
  3. I can hear Wheeler saying; what, you talking about me. What the sam are you talking about?????
  4. I would rather have a showgirl than a cowgirl. (PS that is Phyllis Davis on the right from Vegas, which is being shown on Decades, right after Dark Shadows).
  5. Does this album include Smoke Gets in Your Eyes? (or maybe Rocky Raccoon).
  6. A picture is worth a thousand words. As for Lurene Tuttle; Below is a picture I found on the net, but it looks like Spring Byington to me (far right).
  7. Well said. The time I meet Ben was at the Atlanta airport. We had a nice chat. Then his wife and daughter showed up and while it appeared he was willing to keep talking, I excused myself once his family showed up out of common courtesy. Wow, she has grown (the daughter that is).
  8. I like Edgar Buchanan also and he has done some fine work in films like Texas (an early Holden \ Glenn Ford film), Talk of the Town (with Grant, Jean Arthur and Roland Colman), Framed (Gleen Ford and our noir gal Janis Carter), Lust For Gold (Ford, Lupino), Shane (Ladd, Arthur, Van Heflin), Human Desire (Ford yet again, and Gloria Grahame), Cimarron (wow, never realized how often he was in a film with Glenn Ford!), and ending his career with his favorite co-star, Benji in 1974.
  9. I saw this film for the first time just a few weeks ago. Yea, only OK. As you say Douglas is good and this role fit the screen persona he was establishing at that time. But to me Buchanan was miscast. E.g. when he stood up to Douglas in that records-office scene where Douglas is trying to 'steal' the land. I just couldn't take Buchanan serious (I've seen too much Petticoat Junction I guess!). Also, Ellen Corby just didn't add much. There needed to be a more well known, strong headed women like Ruth Roman.
  10. Maybe I'm missing something or forgetting, but I don't see where the ending of the 1938 film is that much different than MFL. E.g. Howard (Higgins), asks Eilza for his slippers in a manner that suggest, that while he might now view her as a 'equal' (on paper), he was still going to treat her like a servant \ underling. My wife has been very vocal about that ending. Of course she is an Italian romantic; so her POV was that if it was clear they were going to get married, then a wife doing things for her husband makes sense (and vise versa of course!), but if not,,,, well the gal has the same status as the housekeeper.
  11. I'm not asking you to be for women having an abortion. I clearly understand why, if you were a women, you wouldn't have one. All I'm asking is that you don't impose your POV on women. I.e. you allow them to make a choice. That is what freedom is about. Instead your just like the neo-liberals you despise; you want laws that restrict choice. You want a nanny state.
  12. Bette was wasted but at least we get to see her in a swimsuit!
  13. Poor Nipkow,,, he is starting to come to terms that rock solid conservatives are rejecting Trump and he can no longer just call them all RINOs or traitors etc... These conservatives don't favor the potential policy direction a Biden admin might lead to. Yea, that is how much they don't wish to see Trump re-elected.
  14. All that matters to me is that an actor comes off as authentic (as it relates to the character and not just that character's ethnicity).
  15. The confusion here relates to US time zones and the fact both TCM and MOVIES-TV programming is US East Coast based. E.g. Prime time is defined based on EST. Thus what films are part of a start and end of a 'day' will be different depending on the Time Zone. The Corn is Green is NOT part of 'noir Thursday' (MOVIES-TV ads make this clear) but on the west coast one could say it is part of Thursday's programming.
  16. I believe his Betty White comment was a joke. Here is what he said: ""I joke with the audience all the time and I say, 'Betty White,' because they want somebody younger, somebody funnier," Trebek said while speaking to "Good Morning America." Betty White is 19 years older than Trebek.
  17. But if you get them pregnant, use the powers of the law to force them to have a baby. Yea, Nipkow, you're really compassionate!
  18. Thanks for confirming you don't believe in freedom for women. If one is not pro-choice, as it relates to the law, one is anti-freedom.
  19. I believe "dave" added International Lady and The Corn is Green since these are the films that really start the Friday programming. I.e. Noir Thursday ends with Too Late for Tears. Maybe, like me he is on the west coast. Like TCM, MOVIES-TV defines a 'day' based on the US East coast time zone. (and thus the transition from one 'day' to the next 'day' can get confusing for those on the west coast, and especially if one is in Hawaii, ha ha). I know I'm correct here as it relates to The Corn is Green (since MOVIES-TV has a commercial of the noir films they are showing and of course this Davis film isn't one of them). As for International Lady; well it wouldn't be that out-there for a network to classify a spy drama as "noir" (since there is a tendency to over classify films as noir since noir is a hot-genre commercially).
  20. MOVIES-TV has Noir Thursday and Noir Sunday night. They show a lot of noirs that TCM doesn't show from studios like Columbia and 20th Century Fox. I saw Night Editor for the first time on MOVIES-TV a few weeks back. Janis Carter is great in the film. A real solid noir dame. The book Film Noir (Silver \ Ward), says that Carter could have been the queen of noir if she was in more "A" pictures. The issue I have with the film is Gargan. I find his screen persona boring. But still a "B" worth seeing.
  21. President Biden should put this portrait in the White House as a stand in for Trump.
  22. Too bad one can't sell their stock when it is on the rise, since every few weeks there is yet another rising star.
  23. I really don't understand how it can be constitutional to have a different standard based on gender. Also, I would like to see a transgender women challenge the law in a state that defines one's gender based on gender-at-birth. (e.g a state that doesn't legally recognize a transgender women as a women, but instead as a man since they were born as male). A transgender women that had breast implants goes topless to the beach. "She" gets a ticket for indecent exposure. "She" fights the ticket saying the state says "she" is a "he" and it is OK for males to expose their breast in public.
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