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  1. Sometimes I wonder if he is even capable of having thought patterns. Just to ensure clarity I was talking about Crawford's character in Born Yesterday; yea,,, that's the ticket!
  2. What about them? Come on tell us! We know you're dying to let it out!
  3. Eddie did end his intro saying something like the film had no time for sentimentality. I then yelled at the T.V. "hey, Eddie you just stole my line!". My wife asked me "what?" and I just said it was an inside joke! Below is what I posted at this thread before Eddie's intro. "Very dark film with little to no sentimentality". Of course such a view of the film is hardly a surprise. (especially after one sees the scene with the kid and the car).
  4. I see that The Cid used the "confused" emoticon. What is there to be confused about? I was a little concerned the camel might cause some confusion or be misunderstood (e.g. hey, she isn't from that part of the world), but I couldn't think of anything else and I wanted to lighten up the discussion of who Biden should select as his running mate.
  5. This is a very odd film, but worth seeing for the visuals as well as the jazz music score of Eddie Sauter and played by Stan Getz.
  6. What you have here should be crossed out since it is mostly bogus. It was MacDonald husband, Gene Raymond, that was bisexual, thus making the marriage with MacDonald rocky from the start. As for Eddy; He was likely bisexual as well.
  7. Why don't you stop your complaining and actually do something; Start your own company and market all types of foods. Branding and marketing them in a way that would beat these lame, misguided companies that are messing with their branding and marketing. Be an entrepreneur instead of an activist. (because by complaining your being an anti-PC activist).
  8. Uh, that is why the company is changing the name; There isn't a group of people that call themselves "Eskimos". Instead most refer to themselves as Inuit.
  9. Either one of these two for V.P.?
  10. As for Flock of Seagulls, I believe I have told the story about how Fey, lead singer of The Tubes and a friend of mine feels about that band. He would agree with what you have here.
  11. Nothing that you posted indicates Dem politicians now love Bolton or view him as a hero. The only comment by a Dem pol is this one by Schiff: "We ought to not only have John Bolton testify, but we ought to see what he wrote down in his notes at the time,". Anyhow, why would this so called "truth" sting any Dem or Trump hater? E.g. Ok it is the truth; We love Bolton now. BFD? That doesn't change anything. AGAIN: another former well known conservative, and former member of the Trump admin is saying Trump is a clown and serial liar. THAT isn't an opinion (like your so-called "truth"), but a fact! I know the truth stings! (Ha ha).
  12. I tend to enjoy his T.V. work as a screenwriter and \ or director in shows such as Gunsmoke, Have Gun, Will Travel and The Riffleman. Ride the High Country, his second film, is my favorite; a very good later era western with two solid western actors in McCrea and Scott.
  13. Please provide a quote from one Democrat politician or Dem here at this forum, where they say they now love John Bolton. You can't. Instead you just don't wish to admit that it is conservatives like Rush and Hannity etc.. that used to LOVE bomb-bomb-Iran Bolton and now don't since, like so many other conservatives that were part of Trump's corrupt administration, he is exposing Trump for what he is; an incompetence, only-cares-about-himself, serial liar. PS: Most Dems I know still hate Bolton because he didn't testify when the House was holding the impeachment hearings (I disagree with them here, since it was Pelosi that didn't wish to call him, since Trump would have blocked Bolton from appearing and that would have delayed the impeachment).
  14. Tonight at 12:15 (EDT), is Underworld U.S.A. (1961); This Sam Fuller neo-noir finds Cliff Robertson joining the mob to revenge the death of his father. Richard Rust makes for a solid hitman in a role similar to the one he would play the following year in Walk on the Wild Side. Very dark film with little to no sentimentality.
  15. You have a good point; maybe a more appropriate event to celebrate would be the 13 amendment which was passed by Congress in January and ratified in December.
  16. We have a guy that has an entire database of all the films TCM has shown over the years and about 6 weeks ago I asked him to do an actual analysis to determine if TCM has become more repetitive. E.g. say, back in 2015, the percentage of films shown 6 times or more during the year. Then 5 times, then 4,,,,,etc... Having such data by year would provide an actual answer. I need to check if he is still working on this. NOW with that being said,,,,, , based on my perception it does appear TCM has gotten more repetitive.
  17. No reason to get cagey. We have the same goal; defeating Trump.
  18. More so than Harris? I have seen Harris live in a few debates when she was running for the Senate and she was solid. Again, Rice may be a fine political debater. The point still is no one really knows (and that includes you).
  19. Yes, because the states Biden needs to win, Warren would likely be a liability since she is perceived as being too far to the left in many of those states.
  20. The 'very best choice' for what? Helping Biden win the election or being a V.P. or both? PS: It was my understanding the topic at hand (as it relates to "best choice") was who would give Biden the biggest 'boost' as his running-mate (and NOT how that person would do as V.P.).
  21. The risk??? that of having a running mate with NO political experience. E.g. how many debates has Rice participated in against another political opponent? NONE. Like I said a non-politician as V.P. is something I'm for and Rice would likely do very well in the role. But first Biden has to win, and again, having a non-politician as one's 'wing' typically isn't a good election strategy. As for Obama; Obama was a very good politician, and while he only had limited political experience running for various offices, he was years ahead of the pack when it came to being a solid politician (and much better than Hillary, which was clear when Obama beat her and clear again when Trump beat Hillary). Again, I'm talking about how capable one is related to winning an election (and NOT how capable they would be in office).
  22. On my hike yesterday I came up with another era for the setting of GWTW that to me would work well; It is the years from 1750 to around 1790 and set in Boston. Scarlett is oldest sibling of a rich, land owning family that are Tories. They have really strong ties to all-things-England. Instead of slaves they have many indentured servants (I got the idea of such servants from Dark Shadows which is currently set in a similar era (via a time-warp!). As one can see many parts of the GWTW film would 'work' in the above revised setting \ era; There would be the papered Tories wishing to retain their lifestyle and strong ties to England. Of course the war, and then the aftermath; how defeated Tories rebuilt their wealth and regained the trust of their now fellow Americans etc....
  23. Unless I'm mistaken Susan Rice has never ran for any political office; I.e. she is NOT a politician. Now in many ways I would like such a non-politician to be V.P. but selecting a non-politician as one's running mate: that carries too many risks.
  24. I agree about how "the backdrop of social upheaval" will make for a more interesting story; But where is it written that such social upheaval has to be based on specific historical facts. I.e. the social upheaval could be generalized and based on a historical era. (and yes, I'm now saying "specific" so one could say I just moved the goal post!, ha ha). Anyhow, my post was mostly cracking-wise based on all of the supporters of GWTW that have tried to argue that the setting, the South, slavery etc.. are NOT central to the story being told in the film. I don't believe that, but hey, I never said it! I did get this item from watching Wagon Train; Most of the stories are age-old well known 'tales' that were originally NOT set in the American west and clearly NOT part of any wagon train adventure. The writers are clever making these stories 'work' within the setting and characters of the show. Being a fan of those crazy-old-movies, one of the new 'games' I'm playing is trying to find what prior film \ play \ book, the writers based the episode on. ONE key theme that just came to light in the last few days: The political system of a wagon train; Like those on a ship out at sea, this is a closed-political-system; With it own set of laws, power structure and enforcement protocols. I came to realize such a system allows a writer a lot of flexibility. (sorry this last paragraph is a tangent!).
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