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  1. Interesting list of films; I have seen Salty O'Rourke a few times; Good film with Alan Ladd playing a gambler but one with a heart. Interesting seeing him paired with Gail Russell. The supporting cast of William Demarest and Stanley Clements are in fine form. Never seen Among the Living, but it is an early Susan Hayward, in this mix of a social drama, horror film, and suspense thriller. Frances Farmer is the other gal in the film. Also, haven't seen A Medal for Benny; I'm a fan of Dorothy Lamour so even if the plot sounds somewhat uninteresting (one note), I wou
  2. Again, making fun of other people's pain. While Cosby's legal rights were infringed and the PA SC made the right call, I don't see a need to mock women that were likely to have been sexual assaulted \ abused by Cosby. But hey, like Cosby, what ever rocks your boat.
  3. Based on what I could find, the overall NYPD police budget for 2021 was 4.9 billion. Morales wishes to defund it by 3 billion according to the link you provided. That would be around a 60% reduction. The term "defund" is clearly being misused by left leaning politicians; the definition I found: prevent from continuing to receive funds. To me that mean ZERO funds are provided, but instead the vast majority these politicians are just calling for reducing the police budget. Anyhow, 60% is a major reduction. Even Dems in NYC could see Morales was an extremist. Wa
  4. Violent crime is going up in NYC. There are some (many?), people-of-color activist that wish to reduce the police budget, pass laws that restricting police tactics etc.. The progressive wing of the Dem party didn't want a former police officer to be Mayor, regardless of their color. But par for the course, Nipkow, provides no nuance. No balance. E.g. terms like MSM are too broad and too vague; if he had said MSNBC, he would be on target.
  5. The photo looks like Laguna Beach more so than San Clemente Beach. Spend the 4th of July at San Clemente Beach and pier since they have a fireworks show and my wife's cousin is the executive chef at the restaurant at the pier. They take over the entire pier for the 4th so we went with the chef's mom (wife's godmother), and had a great time.
  6. Uh, you know me well! I was watching the NBA Finals and only saw that kook, when I switched to TCM during a time-out \ half-time. I'm pulling for the Suns, even if they are in the same division as my Lakers; Never been much of a fan of Chris Paul (felt he was a whiner), but I really like the young players on this team, and Paul is clearly giving his all, so it would be nice to see him get a ring as one of the top point guards in NBA history. You're also correct about the Kid: I should have only said that the last scene was the unrealistic one; I.e. the odds of two o
  7. You do have a point, but I believe most people associated jazz music with film noir. E.g. TCM played the fine French film last night Elevators to the Gallows which features a score by Miles Davis. I do find some non-jazz songs to be highly associated with film noir like Laura, but that is because the name of the film was Laura, the main character was Laura and the song was written for the film by composure David Raksin. Many of the other songs on that Simon album were originally written for Broadway stage plays. Also there is not much "mystery" or dark type themes in
  8. Yes, this has to be one of my least favorite themes of all time. When I first saw that kook talk, I believed it was a parody. But no! I turned to something else. A focus on movies where astrology / fortune tellers / sprit world), might have been interesting: E.g. The Uninvited. Of well, like Lombard says to Powell at the end of My Man Godfrey - it will all be over in a moment. Also, The Cincinnati Kid has some fine acting but the actual poker playing scenes are so unrealistic that those scenes come off as a parody to someone like myself that actually pla
  9. I would only consider one or two of these song film noir type music. Clearly not jazz, but instead pop music of the 30s. E.g. Last Night When We Were Young was a hit by Judy Garland in the late 30s.
  10. Wear long pants? I get that the knees do look odd and not very sexy, but frankly I never noticed them until it was pointed out to me, at this forum, a few years back. As for the film: There are some scenes that I really enjoy but overall the film isn't one of my top 10 or even 20 noir films. I believe the direction could have been tighter and there are few noir visuals. Plus Cecil Kellaway couldn't play guitar!
  11. The book Courage and Art (Jeffrey Meyers), about John Huston covers the making of The Misfits. Yea, Huston had a rough time making the film; Monroe was not reliable, meds impacting her health and ability, Clift and his off screen antics \ lovers got under Huston's skin, and Huston's concerns about pushing Gable to hard (which sadly might have been the case). Still a well made movie that I find interesting and one that takes one's emotions in a lot of different directions. Eli Wallach and Thelma Ritter were also first rate supporting actors and this is some of their be
  12. Great info! I knew Bass Lake, CA had been used in a movie I had seen but I couldn't recall which one. I've been to the eastern Sierra a lot more than the western Sierra but I've been to Bass Lake, and the other major sites in the area.
  13. I agree that more tie-ins with characters from the series would have made Goes Home more of an Andy Hardy film, but the late 50s was the breakdown of the studio era with so many actors no longer under fixed terms contracts with studios. E.g. Lana Turner and Judy Garland, the most famous of the gals featured in the original series, where both no long under contract with MGM. If they were under a fixed term contract, common during the heyday of the studio-era, Goes Home could have used them, in very brief cameos, without having to pay them anything additional.
  14. Rooney was no longer under a fixed contract with MGM after the film Words and Music in 1948. That, along with the fact Rooney was turning 30, made ending the Andy Hardy series the right move by all. So what is odd is that Goes Home was made at all, 12 years later. As for seeing Andy get married: Wiki has this: Mickey Rooney tried to persuade Ann Rutherford to return as Polly Benedict, Andy's on-and-off sweetheart in most of the original movies, so the two characters could be a married couple, but Rutherford's salary demands were too high, and the character was w
  15. Just as an FYI: I wake up and go out and get my Los Angeles Times; who is on the cover; A.O.C. - Always on Cue; How she has mastered the ability to get her message across through graphic design, fashion and social media. The Los Angeles Times spends more coverage on this New York congressperson more than anyone other than Biden and Harris. I wish I could ignore her! Ha ha. (well I wish the Times did).
  16. Curious why you mention Bass Lake. E.g. was that lake featured in Out of the Past? The only lake I recall was Lake Tahoe where Douglas lived.
  17. I'm planning on going to Bridgeport CA, the very small town in the Eastern Sierras that was featured in Out of the Past (where Jeff (Mitchum), had his gas station). Typically go there every year to camp and fish (at Twin Lakes), and in the Walker river which was also featured in Out of the Past (river where Stephanos was hooked by the kid).
  18. You guys that are letting this thread veer off in an odd, non-noir direction are:
  19. Well the Svengoolie thread is about movies and the actors in those movies so I believe General Discussion is the right forum for that (I just posted there about June Lockhart since she will be featured by the show this week). The Jeopardy host thread: to me that belongs in Chit-Chat. The point of: well many of the possible host are actors, is a stretch for me. But what harm does it do (as long as a thread doesn't get political). You're correct that there are users at this site that only use the General Discussion forum. It might even be a majority of the regulars.
  20. Until I was about 40 I always viewed June Lockhart as a mother figure and not as an attractive woman. When Lassie was on I wasn't into girls yet (they had kooties), so my attention was on the dog. When Lockhart was on Lost in Space, Angela Cartwright was why I watched that show as a 12 year old (one of my first loves). Later on I did see June in classic T.V. Westerns; E.g. Have Gun, Will Travel, where she played a doctor that wasn't accepted by the locals because, well, she was a woman. She was on Wagon Train etc... It was a few years later before I realized s
  21. What you are calling "complete version 1, complete version 2 etc." I would define as "intact"; I.e. unaltered. Anyhow, another good example is the two The Big Sleep versions; the released-only-overseas-too-US-troops version and the one most people know, the post-war, post Bogie\Bacall getting married version, where Hawks filmed additional scenes, re-filmed others (e.g. two different actresses play Mrs. Eddie Mars), and edited out scenes (one of my gal Martha Vickers!). TCM showed both version back-to-back a few years back. For those that haven't seen the limit
  22. Ok, you're discussing the two AZ voter laws. It appears you believe the SC ruled incorrectly based on your posts. My point was that your reasoning for that belief is as bogus as the reasoning we have seen from Rudy and Donny on a host of issues. But hey, I could be mistaken; if you believe the SC ruled incorrectly, can you explain where they went wrong?
  23. For tapping on Guitar here is Stanley Jordan. My wife heard this and said this was a great duet version, not realizing that this is just one dude, with no overdubs. Using tapping Jordan plays the melody with one hand and the bass\harmonic parts with the other. I play Georgia a lot, so when I told her this is just one guy and before she could say anything, I said: and don't ask me why I don't play it like that!!!
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