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  1. Yea, "to each his own" appears to have diminished across the USA as a whole. Too many people pushing the concept of conformity on others.
  2. From an educational POV I can see showing a silent films from one of those directors you mention and then a talking picture, as well as showing a silent film and then the talking picture "remake".
  3. I agree that it looks like Richard Basehart. It is Richard Rober. I know him from the noir films I Married a Communist (Women on Pier 13), Backfire and The File on Thelma Jordan. I don't see Hanks at all.
  4. I'm curious how TCM moving to L.A. would impact your TCM experience. Of course it wouldn't change how one views a film and the odds are very low such a move would impact what films TCM programmers select. Thus I really just don't understand how such a move would "about tear it" for anyone. But hey, to each their own.
  5. Are you saying TCM should show more silent films than what they already show? E.g. increase the number of silent films shown on Sunday evening, or add another time day \ time slot for silent films? I do wonder if TCM has conducted any surveys on this; again, my gut tells me the vast majority of TCM regular viewers do not wish for more silent films, and this is even more the case with the occasional TCM viewer. But hey, maybe I'm wrong here. I just know I don't wish for TCM to increase the number of silent films they show, from what they already show.
  6. I could see TCM moving out of Atlanta Georgia for political reasons. L.A. would be a logical choice; Texas would not.
  7. I would go to Hollywood and revival theaters to see Bogart films like The Big Sleep, Casablanca and Dead Reckoning. As for a memorable experience: I went to Dead Reckoning with a girlfriend; When the driving scene where Bogie tells Liz Scott that he wishes he could shrink women so that he could put them in his pocket and then make them bigger when he had a use for them, the women in the audience booed, while the men clapped.
  8. I'm not sure, but my understanding is a lot of silent films are now lost; i.e. they were never converted to a digital format. But if there is a public domain digital format of a film in the public domain then anyone can show that film, and that supports my point that PBS or other type of public broadcasting is the best place for such films. I don't think a network that need to break-even (if not show a profit), can afford to show silent films since there isn't enough of a market willing to pay for them.
  9. To me this poster communicates less of what the movie is about than the Spanish one. While the robot is silly at least there is what looks like a computer keyboard: some reference that a computer was part of the storyline. You're on-target that the US poster makes it looks like the film is just about romance and a Christmas office party. If the target audience was mostly women, that would make more sense, from a PR point of view, than implying the film had anything to do with computers.
  10. In the UK the film was released as "His Other Women". I always wondered why the film was called Desk Set in the USA. I would have called the film Pink Slip since to me the main theme of the film is the fear that technology will replace workers, and there are scenes in the film related to pink slips since that was a common term used when employees were terminated. But this being a Tracy \ Hepburn film and one where they do end-up-together, I can see the need for the title (and posters), to reflect that. Thus I'm surprised Fox went with such a generic title as Desk Set.
  11. Yes, I didn't mean "reserving" funds literally, but instead when there is a disaster that requires billions in funding, with a lot of dollars going to repair infrastructure damaged by the disaster, those dollars increase the debt. Thus we are NOT spending dollars in the near term , directly in this budget for such items but instead not increasing the debt so it can be increased later, if needed (and it will of course be needed since there will be disasters and it appears more in the coming years than what we have seen historically).
  12. Funny but I just re-looked at the photo I posted of Joan and asked myself "why is Joan wearing an orange for a broach?". It took me a second to realize it was an orange or lemon wedge on her drink!
  13. Thanks for this info; the entire election cycle being just 6 weeks is definitely a plus. Here is the USA the cycle appears to never end!
  14. True; I just wanted to show Hibi some support in her quest to keep this topic fresh and active: TCM - please,,,, Make Joan Bennett Star of the Month. We are not going to be denied! Here is Joan saying "what did I ever do to deserve this".
  15. Isn't it kind of a punk move for Trudeau to call for an election less than 2 years after the prior one? I get that under this type of system the PM can call an election when it best suits them and this is a good time for Trudeau due to his handling of issues like Covid. This election is getting some talk here in CA due to the recall election of Newsom. Dems here are saying the GOP is being punks by calling for a recall, and GOPers are referencing what Trudeau is doing. Yea, they aren't really the same thing but the GOP doesn't have much in their bag so they are going this w
  16. I was around 8 when One Million Years BC came out. Like a lot of young boys I was really interested in dinosaurs so I told my dad this was a must see film. I also asked that he get me a film poster. He just blew me off and I never got a poster. It wasn't until years later that I understood mom was the one that vetoed the idea. Dinosaurs weren't the reason my dad and older brother wanted to see this film!
  17. TCM has to lease films, even from their parent company Time Warner. That original Ted Turner library of films no longer exist. Also, my understanding is that library didn't have a lot of silent films. It is much more likely U.C.L.A. will be able to preserve (restore\maintain), more silent films than anyone else. But even if that was the case who would present them? Sadly there just isn't much of an audience and networks like TCM do have to maintain a certain customer base. Public broadcasting is likely the only option (where films are donated so there is
  18. I wonder if this was a poster used for PR purposes but only in the southern states. This is one of the main reasons for some "odd" (at best), posters; E.g. black actors wouldn't be shown. Oh, and great topic. I just have to do some homework!
  19. When I read about the overall story line for 3:10 to Yuma I asked myself why Glenn Ford was cast in the film, but after I saw it I felt Ford did a very good job (since the outlaw was understated as written). Mitchum and his type of screen persona would have worked perfectly. Widmark: by this stage of his career he had toned-it-down so I can see that working but still not as well as Mitchum. But one thing I have always pondered was if the roles of Ford and Van Heflin were reserved. My gut tells me that would have been better casting. Van Heflin, comes off as more shifty
  20. Wow, very nice photo of Joan and one I can't recall seeing. Such style and class.
  21. Some funds should be reserved for future disasters: Thus this budget should be trimmed by 500 billion if not more.
  22. Requiem for a Heavyweight (1962):
  23. I haven't seen The Big Bluff and you know how much I enjoy Martha Vickers. I'll have to catch this one on youtube. Thanks for the tip.
  24. Oh, yes. She is already planning it and assuming things are back to "normal" it will be a major bash with at least 70 people.
  25. "sometimes you need to shoot more"? My understanding was that for "A" production films during the studio-era for the vast majority of films the director shot way more footage then "required"; E.g. 3 or more hours of film that ends up being a 90 minute movie. (not including re-takes where the editor might splice multiples takes of one scene into what becomes the final one). I find the editing process to be one of the fairly hidden treasures of film making.
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