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  1. Ah, the greatest musical transitional year in Western music history. 1962 Grammy best song is from this album; The Girl from Ipanema. The 1963 winner; I Want to Hold Your Hand from some dudes with funny hairdos! This was the year jazz music started it slow death to where it is now; the least listen to music of any genre. (so again, big shout out for your appreciation and knowledge about ALL types of music!).
  2. That is funny but as you well know completely illogical, as well as irrelevant to the topic at hand. First you (or any of us users here) have no power to ban anyone from this site. The moderators do and they have done so since such 'censorship' would be what I'm calling just a business decision made by a privately owned company. The latter is relevant to the topic at hand; E.g. instead of the OP complaining about Aunt Jemima going away, they could start their own business and bring back their own version of an Aunt Jemima. Make rice with Uncle Tom on the label etc... Doing so would be 100% legal since there is NO actual censorship going on here. So I say to the complainers; take matters in your own hand, form a business and market your product as you wish! PS: When WalMart and Amazon decided to no longer sell Confederate flags or attire with a flag logo, I didn't blink. Again, just a business decision. BUT when CA politicians started to talk about passing a law that would prohibit the selling of such a flag or attire I wrote to my state representative. Government imposed censorship is something we all need to fight against, regardless of what is being censored.
  3. I had too look up why Black History Month is in February. It appears the only reason is that is the month when black students at Kent State University pushed for such a month. 6 years later President Ford made the month more official during the U.S. Bicentennial. June looks like a more suitable month for the celebration of black history in the Americas.
  4. The OP wasn't talking about a cuss word but instead a term used for people that come over the border from Mexico that combines these two words: wet and back. As for censorship: I don't view government imposed censorship as being beneficial to a society. Of course that isn't what is taking place here with this old sitcom, or with GWTW, or with replacing Uncle Ben. Oh, I just looked up Sukhov; are you related to this guy? (joking of course, but I'm still trying to figure out who the guy in the avatar is, looks somewhat like Brian Aherne, but he was British!).
  5. I agree that the odds are high Biden will not run for re-election and therefore whoever is the V.P. is the most likely to get the nomination. To me the more interesting angle is if Biden did decide to run for re-election; would the V.P. run against them in the Dem primary? I can see someone like Harris doing that.
  6. Yea, rumor has it even this guy didn't like them.
  7. The felony murder charge was over-the-top and done just to appease the masses. The DA knows this. Anyhow, hopefully they can get convictions on lesser charges.
  8. Violence between humans will never stop. All that can be hoped for is that it is keep to a "reasonable" minimum. This includes police abuse. I know that some will gag over the use of "reasonable" but that is the reality of the human experience.
  9. Here is a CNN article related to Facebook; https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/18/opinions/facebook-zuckerberg-inaction-alaimo/index.html One thing it calls for is that Facebook set up a non-partisan group: Facebook should respond by working with other social networks to create a nonpartisan organization to set standards for policing content on all major platforms. Ah, there is no such thing as a nonpartisan organization, since humans are partisan so I assume the author means a group with an equal number of partisans, but in today's times that would just lead to no decisions. Even if they could agree on this 'set of standards', who would enforce \ apply them? Humans, and again, they are partisan. I.e. there is no way any standards would be applied 'equally'.
  10. Grant Green liked the Steve Allen song enough to record it; I like this hip version and play along to it often:
  11. The fact you believe the difference between government imposed censorship and market-place driven business decisions by private companies is just a 'hair split' shows that you don't get it. The difference isn't a hair split but instead a gulf as wide as the Grand Canyon.
  12. I would instead recommend a remake that had NONE of the historical facts; Instead move the entire setting to another era, country,,,, any place BUT the American South in the years represented in the novel. People have said that the story is around a young women that grows-up during difficult times becoming the leader of her family. That the issues of the South, Confederacy, slavery,, are not central to this story-of-a-women. No historical facts are necessary to tell that story.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I understand why Rhett had had enough, but if Scarlett had really come to terms with her feeling for Ashley (that they have always been misguided and he wasn't the man for her), and that Rhett was,,,, Rhett had already invested so much, he should have stuck around to see if Scarlett had really become the women he always desired.
  14. Yea, health activist influence a food manufacturer of Salad Dressing to remove corn syrup and replace it with raw sugar. Yea, these health activist are imposing on the food manufacture and censoring corn syrup. NOT!. Instead, just another business decision.
  15. Having a member of the well liked in Maine Bush family, verses Trump, is a wise move. The Dem primary isn't until July 14. Depending on who wins this Collins may still have a chance to win re-election (Collins won with over 68% in 2014).
  16. Edwards should have cast this guy in the role of the landlord; the character was NOT 'unnecessary' since it was another way to show how entitled Holly felt she was and how she tended to treat everyday folks, like a neighbor or landlord. (but I assume you meant unnecessary to be Asian, or from any specific ethnic group). This guy was able to handle Benjamin, as well as Jack Tripper!
  17. So Spence, who do you believe Bolton or Trump? I.e. which one is lying? Bolton was a favorite of so many conservatives, most who voted for Trump. I wonder how they are framing this Bolton and Trump feud.
  18. What nothing from the Trump supporters about John Bolton? Come on, man up! Who is the liar, Trump or Bolton? Was Bolton part of the deep-state from the start? Does he deserve to win an Oscar for best actor?
  19. So Pelosi didn't have the intelligence or the guts to do this all the other times she was Speaker of the House?
  20. It is my understanding Turner gave up those rights (as well as the rights to all the films he had purchased) many years ago.
  21. I'm still sincerely interested in your POV as it relates to Rhett leaving Scarlett at the end of the film, and if you think Rhett made a mistake. I.e. now that Starlett realizes she no longer loves Ashley, and has become this strong, dependable, capable, women, Rhett should have tried to give it another go.
  22. I like both films, but yea, due to my love of jazz and the era of music in the film A Song Is Born, IF I had to only watch one of the two again,,,, it would be that one (but I do like the actors in Ball of Fire more,,,,).
  23. Not my POV at all. I'm against pandering by politicians. I have no issue with private businesses 'pandering'. Like I said it is just capitalism at work; PR, marketing, branding, and supply and demand.
  24. There would have been less controversy but CNN would have likely pushed this regardless since TCM and CNN are owned by the same parent company. CNN will do anything to increase ratings and controversies like this are often just what the doctor ordered.
  25. Yes, to me that is the only really valid point in this incidence. There are many documented cases where a cop harms a citizen using a taser and the defense the cop union \ police chief, etc.. use is that a taser is NOT a deadly weapon. I.e. such use of a weapon by a cop shouldn't be treated in the same manner as when a cop uses a deadly weapon, such as a gun. If that logic 'works' for the police, it has to work for the citizens as well; Cops can't claim they killed a suspect because he pointed a deadly weapon at them, when that is a taser. PS: I don't agree the charge should be felony murder. To me this is instead excessive use of force and abuse of authority. But charge high (to please the masses), but hopefully still get a conviction on the actual (reasonable) charges.
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