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  1. Hey, clueless one: My reply was to Hibi and the "too little, too late" comment she made. Clearly she was under the impression that this was a post Capital event comment with "too late". Just stay out of discussions that are over your head, since you gum up the works! (oh, and I'm not a K-o-ch supporter, the next bogus assumption you will be making). (but the word filter doesn't like the guy, ha ha).
  2. He made those comments months ago. So in many ways this is fake news; I.e. making it look like he just said them due to the events of last week.
  3. Wow, you have crossed a line now. You are the most un-American person at this forum.
  4. King Creole is my favorite Ellis film as well. First rate cast with Matthau, Carolyn Jones, Dean Jagger, and Vic Morrow, as directed by Michael Crutiz.
  5. The Glass Key, like Hustons' The Maltese Falcon, are seminal and important in that, based on films like Stranger on the Third Floor, and the influence of Fritz Lang and others, both were remakes that remained more faithful to the book and ushered in what would be labeled years later as noir. These two remakes made studio producers understand that with a change in an film's attitude and vibe, they could turn such novels, some that were previously done before, into box-office gold (as well as making major stars if everything clicked).
  6. I have seen The Glass Key at least 10 times. Along with The Big Sleep, it was one of the films that, 35 years ago, made me interested in Studio-Era films. No soft-boiled dialog in this film! Lots of niffy expressions (Bendix saying, give me the roscoe). Both Ladd and Lake are beautiful, each trying to outdo the other with regards to not showing much emotion, in their scenes together. Ladd is much better in all of his scenes with Bendix and Donlevy. The best scene in the film is the one Margaret Hayes, the bored wife of the soon to be broke publisher.
  7. I'm watching Klondike Kate, 1943, with Ann Savage and Tom Neal. Haven't never seen the two of them together in a film other than Detour.
  8. It was a clownish coup attempt. Most coup attempts have military backing and these traitors didn't have that.
  9. I saw Paul and Wings in 1976 with this tour. The playing of this song was one of my favorite moments.
  10. Of course Cid. I already implied or said all of that in my post.
  11. I believe all of them were NOT part of the 5 clowns (like Cruz \ Hawley), that voted for that bogus bill about the election. Therefore they already are RINOs\traitors in the eyes of true-blue Trumpers. They chose to stick with McConnell. Therefore I assume they would vote to convict if McConnell goes in that direction (and I highly believe he would). Thus, not much to lose with diehard Trumpers for these Senators (and no way to gain back their trust now). I think the odds are higher they could be defeated in the GOP primary if they voted NOT to impeach Trump but as we both
  12. But are you not seeing the another side to that statement by Jim Jordan; This is the clown that Trump just gave the Medal of Freedom to. I really expected Jordan would be one of the GOPers that held firm as a Trumper, but note he didn't say Trump didn't commit actions that don't justify impeachment, but only that it wouldn't be "healthy". Of course that is total BS, Jordan just doesn't wish to have to vote of this. But either way Jordan is trying to become an ex-Trumper. Donny is likely checking with staff to see if he can revoked that medal!!!
  13. Thanks for providing evidence against the President! You really are a good egg.
  14. For some reason this song is stuck in my head.
  15. You're correct of course, but his lame attempts of but-look-over-there, are very telling. This is exactly what the 3 Fox taking-heads, Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham, did on their shows that day. E.g. Tucker showed video after video of violence social protests during the last year. I guess there isn't much else they can do, since they know this pust a major stain on Trump and the GOP, that they worship so much.
  16. You would make a great guest host with Eddie Muller. You have the look, and the hat!
  17. Thanks for explaining that because it is an angle I didn't think of: at least on Facebook, Twitter, etc... one has to post using their actual identity (I assume since I have never used these services). Here one can hide behind a username and avatar. Because I'm not really the ghost of James Cagney, in case anyone wondered!
  18. Wow, Joe, I don't want to get in an argument about this. I'm just surprised you favor such a thing, especially at this forum, which has zero influence over anyone. I assume it is already against the TCM code to incite violence, but if not, I would favor that change. Otherwise, I think it is healthily to let the yoyos speak. This way we know who they are and what they think. Having them go-under-ground, doesn't reduce the odds of them causing potential harm, but instead increases it.
  19. Got ya. I agree. They should have taken the sure-3-points. Add that poor coaching to the poor decisions at the end of the game, and yea, the owners need to channel our sick delusional President and say: You're fired!
  20. That is another good thing coming from impeachment and conviction, but there would be a political upside for the GOP, by an impeachment and conviction. E.g. in 2022 there are 20 GOP Senators that will be up for re-election: all of these clowns voted against conviction the last time. It only helps these Senators get re-elected to allowed them to vote this time for conviction. Why gives these yoyos a chance to save-face by doing-the-right-thing now, when they refused to do it the first time. There will be many other ways to punish Trump that will increase Dem political po
  21. What change in the TCM code would you like?
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