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  1. The Big Sleep is what got me into studio-era films over 30 years ago. E.g. I went to a revival theater in Hollywood and saw the film on the big screen. The second time I went I sat in the front row. Carmen's legs (Martha Vickers) in that opening scene where like 50 feel tall! (but I had to wait to drive home since my eyesight was impacted). I know most of the dialog by heart since I have seen the film over 20 times (at least). Also there is the pre-release version, shown only to troops overseas which is very interesting. If you haven't seen that one, check it out. (Hawk
  2. Have you seen the more musical adaptation of Ball of Fire, A Song is Born, with Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo? Same basic storyline but with Kaye as a music professer instead of a linguist like Cooper. Since both films are different I don't really compare them (or use that bogus term "remake" for the latter). Being a jazz musician, I love how jazz music is used in A Song is Born and there are some nice musical scenes. (of course Ball of Fire has that great opening with Stanwyck and drummer Gene Krupa). Bottom line both films are worth seeing. While Mayo isn't
  3. Well at least he it wasn't Uncle Tom! Hey, the changes are all related to marketing. The marketers hope that whites continue to purchase the product, new label and all, and that sales increase in the non-white community due to the change. Of course some whites may decide to no longer support the company and their products, but to me that would be silly and immature. As for myself; I wouldn't buy any of these products. E.g. any fool should be able to make their own pancake mix (and I would use whole wheat flour, and add some ground flax seed), use actual maple syrup (n
  4. Crossfire is a well known film at this forum since it is a noir with two iconic noir actors in Mitchum and Ryan. One of Robert Young best dramatic performances as well as an early noir film for Gloria Grahame, as a hard nosed dame. Also, since it was released in the same year as Gentleman's Agreement (1947), and deals with a similar topic, the two films are often linked. I prefer how Crossfire conveys it's "message" over how it is done in Gentleman's Agreement.
  5. Never heard of this film until now, but it sounds like it would be entertaining. As noted, interesting cast, and I always find Martha Hyer interesting and Winters and Walston make a funny duo. Van Johnson has his hands full!
  6. You said: The irony is that the GOPers did better this time than in the past several elections, after GOPers opened-up the election. You also said "This year they (with reluctance by GOPers) expanded it to everybody. ". Maybe I assumed incorrectly that "this year" was for the 2020 election? My point being that if for the 2020 election the GOP did "expanded it to everybody" and "did better this time", why would they now need to make changes to suppress votes? That would be foolish and could lead to doing worst next time and would be a lame move by S.C. GOPers. PS
  7. Yes, Thaddeus, is the correct answer. (sorry for the wait).
  8. Bates. Next: Wilder, Grey, Woolf
  9. Ian MacDonald was in High Noon, with Otto Kruger
  10. 6. As noted other actresses were offer the part but declined. When Bette Davis was asked to play the role she said: "I was delighted with this part because it was a change of pace... I was always challenged by a new type of person to play".
  11. Claude Rains was in Casablanca with Joy Page.
  12. I'm glad someone laughed at this since it is a joke. Fox is covering the impeachment trial. Just not 24 \ 7 like CNN and MSNBC.
  13. As far as career film legacy, for me Collins is clearly the most esteemed regular actor of the Perry Mason show. Of course there is the role in Citizen Kane, one of the bigger secondary character roles (and I would say the most important one as it relates to the fall of Kane). His other films for Welles were The Magnificent Ambersons and Touch of Evil many years later. But he provided fine support in a host of other films: The Big Street, The Human Comedy, Roughly Speaking, Leave Her to Heaven, Crack-Up, The Best Years of Our Lives, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer,
  14. Neera Tanden is anti-Sanders. Sounds like a perfect candidate for Office of Management and Budget since Sander's can't balance his own checking account!
  15. It is a movie about a jazz musician staring Sammy Davis Jr.
  16. Approximately how many total episodes where there in the 8 years of the series? 19 total for Tragg sounds "low". Note that in the books Tragg and Mason are very close, work together and really respect each other. E.g. Tragg lets Mason do things that the police can't do. The books also featured Sergeant Holcomb, who really disliked Mason, was always threating him and trying to show him up (but of course failing). Holcomb is kind of a dummy. Holcomb was only in two episodes of the original T.V. series.
  17. With regards to your blanket statement of: Regardless, the goal of the GOPers is singular - suppress the votes of non-whites and Democrats. Period! Would you say this does NOT apply to S.C.? Or are S.C. GOP state politicians so stupid that they will make changes that may suppress more GOP voters than Dem ones?
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