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  1. I believe you're confused. The idea to go on fourth, is to get a first down. That wasn't the case here since there was no one time for another play period. Therefor the idea of going-for-it, was because the coach didn't have faith the kicker could make a 55 yard plus field goal. The coach made some really bad decision, but they were before that final play; He should have called for shorter side-line passes to advance the ball so that the kicker wouldn't only have a < 55 yards field goal to attempt on the final play.
  2. Swithin didn't say, or even imply that someone posting at the chit-chat forum here, also needs to post on the movie threads. All he did was point out that it is very odd. His main point, which I agree with, is that TalkTalk and Highway are the same person. I figured that out weeks ago. PS: I do agree that TCM shouldn't remove threads or block poster at this forum unless they violate the code-of-conduct.
  3. In the 1985 remake the mother dies and the daughter lives (like in the play). I guess the OP saw both versions since the 1956 one didn't have two different endings (as far as I can find). As for the Production code in 1956: I would have preferred that the mother dies, Rhoda lives, but is sent to a mental institution. Such an ending would have left an opening for a sequel, which could have been released at any time, with another actress playing a more grown-up Rhoda that the doctors believe is cured. The Sprouted Seed?
  4. I was just about to post about Tommy, but I'm glad I "looked up" before doing so. At least he got to see the Dodgers win the World Series again!
  5. Lets say one agrees with you that packing the courts, and adding states, are nefarious measures. These are counter measures to what the GOP has been doing at the state level, and multiple Trump antics. The Republican Party should have seen what WOULD happen if they elected someone like Trump, as well as at the state level, what GOPers were doing with voter suppression. Pay back is a B. PS: I do agree that the CA rules designed to keep the minority party out of House and Senate elections is bogus. But as a conservative, don't you believe in State Rights?
  6. Strictly from a Dem party political perspective, Trump having the ability to run for a Federal office, could really help the Dems hold onto the power they have. It keeps Trump more relevant with Republicans voters and his supporters, which further divides the GOP. Again, only from a political perspective. If McConnell agrees to push for conviction, I say, impeach, convict, and ensure this demagogue can't ever again, hold a Federal office.
  7. I disagree with the way you're faming the validity of protesting: from your perspective, instead of that of the protester. I would hope we could agree that the stealing of an election, especially for the office of President, would be one of the most important, and "valid" political reasons to protest. These specific Trumpers are clueless fools for believing the lies of Trump, Guiliani, etc... but not for protesting if they believed said BS. (and of course looting, violence, destruction of property is never the right path, regardless of the cause).
  8. I agree 100%. This is how capitalism works. Don't uses vendors of products or services when you disagree with their politics. This is what I did when I boycotted companies where the owners donated to anti-gay right causes (for example). Don't cry like a baby but just cancel the product or service and find another.
  9. Capitalism in action. Use a different vendor if this bugs you.
  10. When did the right stop believing in the rights of private companies to do business as they please? Oh, when it relates to Trump. All the solid right-wing principles related to capitalism (many that I support), are out-the-window when Trump is involved. Like Rand Paul said after the traitorous riots, about the Electoral Collage and challenging the election; Conservatives support state-rights. Congress shouldn't get involved in try to overturn the results of individual state elections. That should be done only at the state level. But bozos like Ted Cruz, throw out their
  11. Not much in your post about Woody, but I did find a lot of it humorous. I really hope you don't believe all men are pigs. Some of us, (like myself), really believe women are the better species. Just don't tell my wife I said that, or I'll lose any edge I have in the household!
  12. Same here. Even my wife teases me when she sees me crying at the end. Hey, I have a sensitive side. The acting is first rate (well, Bogie as an Irish dude is out-there), but this is one of Bette Davis' best performances. But that ending,,,,, I often use that as an example of Hollywood magic. Just pushing the envelope as it relates to being over-the-top, but if it doesn't get to you,,,, well you have no blood in your veins! A first rate example of the Warner Bros studio "A" team at their finest.
  13. I'm with you here. My selection would be The Red Shoes with Sierra Madre a close second. If it wasn't for the ending, I would have selected Sierra Madre. Those lines Curtin says at the end about helping a widow, for a guy he only knew for a few hours,,,,,,, are just too sappy for me. (also what I find to be the overly long Indian scenes,,, even with Walter Huston's spot on acting in those scenes).
  14. All thanks to your fearful, traitorous, cowardly leader! Time for payback!!!!! Man, life is good!!!!
  15. I really wonder if Trump is trying to work with a foreign leader to seek asylum. E.g. Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil. No joke. As I said Trump is the ultimate coward. He isn't going to wish to face being charged for crimes (even at the state level). As President he already had to turnover assets to his family so most of the Trump businesses could continue to be run by his family. Yea, crazy idea, but with Trump anything is possible. When the traitor and coward fully understands the limits of his self-pardon powers, seeking asylum is his only option. Of course th
  16. Twitter will very likely suspend or cancel Don Jr. account as well as others associated with them if they continue with there crap. They should have done that months ago, or at least days after the election results were known. PS: I really wonder if Trump is trying to work with a foreign leader to seek asylum. E.g. Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil. No joke. As I said Trump is the ultimate coward he isn't going to wish to face being charged for crimes (even at the state level). As President he already had to turnover assets to his family. Yea, crazy idea, but with Tru
  17. Un, Pelosi has never supported the Green New Deal. E.g. A.O.C. asked Pelosi to bring it to a vote and Pelosi told her to pound sand. If it came to a vote the Dems have such a small majority, there is no way they could pass such a bill since there are enough moderate Dems that would vote NO (and it would only take a handful). Anyway if that happens you have Trump to blame. He has weaken the GOP so much, costing the GOP those two GA Senate seats and thus control of the Senate. Admit it, Trump is the one that is screwing you. I find that funny!
  18. Uh,, I recommend you edit your post. As you can see it only shows Hibi's comment and someone might mistake the 'your" for Hibi.
  19. Well she has enough money for a good attorney. Still I hope she gets at least 30 days in the hole.
  20. Note that TMC has been doing less birthday tributes. The reason is simple; there are too many fine actors. If TCM was to do a birthday tribute for each of them, the vast majority of their programming would be birthday tributes. Of course TCM could show just one-film on an actor's birthday (instead of 3 - 4 etc..), but then fans would ask why one of their favorite actors didn't get a "fair" tribute. I love Cary Grant, and TCM does show a lot of his films during the year.
  21. While Hannity is a total a-hole he isn't a dummy: he knows that Trumpism is history and how much Trump has cost the GOP now that the Dems have control of the House, Senate and Executive branch. Hannity is feeling very low right now. That makes me happy. (but those women comments, wow, I assume Trump offered up Ivanka, but what did Hannity offer in return? He doesn't have a young daughter like Cohen, does he????).
  22. Of course this traitor and punk will not resign, but McConnel will marginalize him and most other Senators will ignore him. In 2024 he will be challenged in the GOP primary with the backing of the RNC. Face it clown, your political career is over!!! See more and more good news each and every hour. PS: On January 7, Simon & Schuster canceled the publication of Hawley's upcoming book The Tyranny of Big Tech, saying the company "cannot support Senator Hawley after his role in what became a dangerous threat."[94] This clown will have to write the book himse
  23. Good to see that Larry is still kicking it. Very funny man. Love him in Get Smart as the Groovy Guru.
  24. Yea, the odds of any different outcome were zero and none. In addition my understanding is that Pence likes being zip-tied. We all know that these pretend Christians are into that sort of thing!
  25. Come on Nipkow, even you can see that Trump overplayed his hand and with two Cabinet members resigning, and I suspect more to come, as well as many leading former pro-Trump Republicans clearly distancing themselves from the clown, Trumpism is done for. Of course you can call all of these GOPers RINO, part of the deep state, and any other names you wish, but clearly the GOP is moving as quickly as possible to put all-things-Trump behind them. So what did Trump do? He finally conceded. The man is a total coward.
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