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  1. One thing I find interesting (funny, ironic) about Mad Man is that women tend to adore Don and hate Betty. This is similar to how Hitchcock used Grant in movies like Notorious and Suspicion. Grant was a cad in those movies but his looks and overall persona made women mostly ignore that. My wife feels that way towards Don. She hates cheaters. So while she doesn't overlook that fact she mostly faults Betty. Poor Betty - they do portray her in a very negative light.
  2. I agree with you. While I'm not a big fan of Life With Father (but a hugh fan of both Powell and Dunne), I don't think the fact the movie was shot in color had much to do with the reasons I'm not fond of the movie.
  3. I'm a major Mad Man Fan. Reminds me of growing up and how my dad was to some extent. Can't wait for it to come back. Hendricks is indeed a red head bombshell.
  4. The horror actors you mention may indeed be underrated as it relates to their acting chops but they are not forgotten by the lay public (i.e. non classic movie cultist like us), because classic horror movies are often passed on from generation to generation more so than other classic genres or movies. We also see this paradigm with children classics (e.g. Wizard of Oz), and holiday movies. So I assume the lay public is aware of Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney, Jr. and Vincent Price more so than for example, Robert Ryan (a film noir icon to us cultist).
  5. You as well as other misunderstood the intent of why I mentioned Flynn as it relates to CFU's favorite stars 'number of views' - Flynn is indeed one very good looking man. So when someone like him has so many views is it *mainly* because of his acting chops or because of his looks? One cannot be sure. As for my personal view of Flynn, I agree with you that he was a better actor than maybe most people give him credit for. Also many might judge Flynn by his later movies and his sad 'meltdown' at a relatively young age. If they do then they are the ones that underrate Flynn.
  6. I agree with you about The Beatles 100%. Just look at how their music changed in a little over 6 years. Even their early stuff which was fairly basic and often based on 4 chord 50s type progressions would throw in different type chord (6 or 9 often) or progression in the chorus to keep things interesting or how they would sing harmony. I love playing many of their songs and I'm known as the jazz man.
  7. Well the number of views for Karl was below 100,000 or so and than all of a sudden it was over 4,000,000! Hey, I think Karl is one of the best non leading actors of the classic era but ahead of Grant and Bogie? Yea, I'm a cynic. I also tease women about Flynn being viewed so often. Something tells me it wasn't only about his acting chops but instead more of his eye candy appeal.
  8. I love Fred and what he brings to the B-52s. Like I said I love them because they were fun and interesting. If I want hardcore music I listen to 50s Bebop (which I listen to most of the time and have been trying to learn to play for around 25 years). But sometimes I just like to dance that mess around!
  9. When you say 'people' whom do you mean? It appears to be classic movie fans based on your comments. If that is the case, how does one measure how much credit an actor or actress is getting by classic movie fans? For example, there is the CFU favorite stars list. Is number of views a measure? If so Karl Malden is #1 (but I think someone gamed the system). But review of the top stars have many of the standard ones AFI or other groups have ranked; Grant, Bogie, Davis Stanwyck, but then some choices I disagree with like Monroe and Flynn being #3 actress and actor. So number of views reflects mostly just a popularly contest OR the people in CFU don't represent classic movie fans???? So I still wonder how one determines how much credit someone is getting or not getting without some type of polling or data source, other than the comments we read here which represent a very limited number of people (but a group of people whose opinion I highly respect as it relates to classic movies)..
  10. Wow, knowing the type of classic movie fan you are, it took guts to admit those very shameful actions. Mine would be Vertigo and Dr Zhivago. Like you I have seen parts of it many times but cannot watch the movie from start to finish. Watched most of Mr Roberts last night. My wife told me she didn't want to watch a war movie, but I told her this really wasn't a war movie. She loves Cagney and wondered if he was playing someone that was insane. Well in many ways she was right.
  11. I often cut over to AMC when they have a good movie on but then when the commercials comes (within a few minutes!), I switch to something else and often forget to go back. Hey, I don't mind a few breaks. e.g. if TCM had to show some commercials as a way to increase revenues I would understand, but for movies only have a few (say 4), longer breaks, placed in the right places instead of how AMC does it (often right in the middle of a scene). But I really hope TCM never has to have any breaks. TCM is great.
  12. I haven't seen any pictures but my guess is that Laughton was homely even as a child!
  13. Well those 'in the know' have more knowledge about behind the scenes politics than I do but yea, there were lots of factors that influenced voting. How much money a studio would spend to promote a star or film for an oscar had an impact. Of course studio bosses like Jack Warner often didn't want his stars to get an oscar because then they would ask for more cash or demand better roles! As already noted sometimes the winner is really winning for a prior performance (e.g. Bette Davis in Dangerous, Bogie in The African Queen?), or a lifetime of prior performances. This is why one should take these awards, rankings, etc.. with a gain of salt. They offer only one perspective but it can be fun to discuss them (like discussing sports in a sports bar!). But there isn't a need to view them as having some type of final say. Unlike sports where 'the best' has a clear measuring stick - winning the title.
  14. Well compared to Lady Gaga, yea, the B-52 live shows were tame, but they did have some crazy props to liven up their shows. They also used a lot of studio musicians since only 2 of them (Ricky Wilson in the early days before he died of AIDS), played 99% of music on their albums (yea, the albums would list others put they would just play a few notes that the producers would just loop over and over again).
  15. This same thread was already posted elsewhere. Is someone getting paid for the number of hits on that website? This smells of advertising.
  16. I see we have a similar POV on this topic; First one has to define who is doing the rating; e.g. fans, cultist (hardcore classic movie fans like us), critics, the AFI, etc... Second one has to determine what the criteria for judgement is. AFI clearly isn't basing their list on star quality and a star's impact to film. Based on those criteria Monroe clearly warrants a high ranking. But if the criteria is more about acting performances, then someone like Olivia De Havilland should be in their top 25. I do find it interesting that Drednm things Monroe is underrated. To me she is highly overrated by your average movie fans (e.g. ask someone under 50 to name 3 classic movie actresses and most will mention Monroe), by the AFI based on their criteria, and because she is an icon. No one has forgotten Monroe. But to many cultist (me for one), she was only average in her acting ability. i.e. she only had very good performances in a few of her films. By the time she did The Misfits she was really good, but sadly that was it for her.
  17. Funny how we often have so much in common. Yea, Stefanie Powers was also one of my first crushes. Hey, a boy has to have dreams!
  18. Scott is a good example to use. While both McCrea and Scott did a lot of westerns especially in the latter half (or so), of their career, McCrea was in many more higher quality movies in his early career than Scott. Typically the female lead was a bigger stat than McCrea in these movies but many of these movies were some of the top comedies of their era. So McCrea needs his month.
  19. We have had this type of discussion before. I don't fault a women for asking. Instead I fault the fool man that goes along with or puts up with that type of women. No one pointed a gun at that fool's head and made him push the car over the cliff. Thus I laugh that in this movie the guy was called sometype of great man. He clearly wasn't. I also see no reason to lash out at that type of women. A real man just laughs, walks aways and has nothing to do with her.
  20. Well in many cases I think you are right; i.e. the user (poster), is just saying "I really like them, but others don't appreciate them as much as do". But the terms overrated or underrated can also be used to indicate what critics or groups (e.g., AFI) think or the number of awards or nominations they have have not received. For example, I think the AFI underrated Olivia De Havilland since she is NOT in their top 25 list of actresses but other actresses with less talent (IMO) are listed. Many (me for one) think Stanwyck was under appreciated since she never won an oscar etc....
  21. I enjoyed *Pandora and the Flying Dutchman* and didn't find it too slow moving. Yea a lot of narration and some don't like that but here it fit and both narrators had great voices. As for Ava I typically find her more attractive in black and white, but in this movie she was a 10+. I cannot think of any other actress that ever looked better (but of course I'm still under her spell!). So last night was a very good viewing night since I saw 2 movies I have never seen before and I enjoyed both of them.
  22. Well the B-52s are somewhat like Yoko in that their live shows have an aspect of performance art instead of just music but other than that I don't see much of a connection. Kate of the B-52s is a very strong vocalist. Yoko, not so much!
  23. Yes, that is the perfect reply to all of those, *unlike myself,* that don't enjoy Kate and the many good movies she was in.
  24. I assume you are joking when you say "Since R.E.M. were more commercially successful than the B-52s, it's obvious which band is better". Didn't Fiance make a similar point with another band? So the comment is just using the same insane POV back at him, right? Otherwise everyone here will have to agree The Beatles are the best band. I for one like the B-52s more than R.E.M. but I wouldn't say the B-52s they are the better band. I love the B-52s because they cannot be taken seriously. Their music and songs are fun but the quality of their musicians don't come close to R.E.M.
  25. I got a very small live tree as our first Christmas tree as a married couple. Everyone made fun of it and called it at Charlie Brown tree. I planted it in our side yard after the holidays. Well 13 years latter it is over 15 feet tall. The nice thing about the tree now is that it remines us of our first Christmas together as a married couple.
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