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  1. Fred did you read how I defined censorship? I'll repeat it again: "(well based on how I define censoring, which would be a third party or the government limiting content". These professors are consultants to movie producers. The producers OWN the content. Thus NO third party is limiting the content. The OWNERS of the work are limiting their OWN content. They may be fools for listening to these professors but that is NOT censorship as I defined it. Anyone can make whatever movie they want and the only censorship is related to obscene content as defined by the law. Just ask the porn industry! Management or editors changing content is NOT censorship in my view AND I defined what I felt was censorship for that very reason. Those that do NOT like how an owner of a product releases said product should get capital and develop their own product. We see this a lot today with Internet bloggs from those that do NOT like how the mainstream media controls content (but the mainstream media controling their OWN content is NOT censorship in my view).
  2. Well Jackson fits that first description of the term. He felt he was helping children but he was really helping himself to the children.
  3. Mighty White of You: Used to describe someone who thinks they've done a great deed, charitable action or sacrifice, but in reality they've done very little to help the human condition. OR Originally used under colonialism and before civil rights, this phrase expressed appreciation for honorable or gracious behavior, under the assumption that white people were inherently more virtuous. Today, it is generally used sarcastically in reference to underwhelming acts of generosity.
  4. Well Sanders can sometimes be 'dry' which I could see being viewed as boring but I don't view him that way. For example, I don't see how anyone that saw him in Rebecca as the cousin could say he was boring in that role.
  5. The fishing boats I have been on all left at night. (but not midnight per se). It all depends on how long the boat has to go before its first stop. If the first stop is 18 hours away if one leaves at 8 PM one gets there at 11 AM and that is a good time to arrive at a port for 8 or so hours and then head off again.
  6. Interesting about the credit for The Women using the term '****'. I'm looking at a Crawford filmgraphy (from The Leading Ladies), and they don't us the term. I guess they replaced it with something different since they list at least 60 credits! (a lot of women were in The Women!). I did notice one interesting term in the credit: "May Beatty - fat women".
  7. My gut feeling tells me that when an actor gets that involved the end product usually suffers. I'm not commenting specifically about Wayne but do most actors really know what their strengths are? I know that with Davis she was at her best with a strong director (i.e. one that she was willing to listen to). Having a writer tailor parts can add value but it can also mess things up. In my view a strong director with vision is the best way to ensure a solid movie.
  8. I'm a major bird lover and I agree that we should try to do all we can (within reason of course), to try to protect bird habitats. I take two walks each day and most of the joy from these walks comes from watching birds at 'play'. Even the most plain birds can be interesting to watch. We have a few teenage hawks now in the area. Now typically one doesn't see more than one adult hawk at a time but I can tell these are younger ones and I assume they are 'bros' since they hang out together. Really cute. Soon they will have to stake out their own hunting area.
  9. I believe your reply was to a post about I Walked Alone but that movie isn't anything like what you describe below. I Walked Alone is noir with Burt, Douglas, Corey and Liz Scott. What movie are you refering to?
  10. Yes, best of luck for all those on the East coast. Also, I'll get back to you soon about where to stay or visit when one is in the Eastern Sierras.
  11. In the studio system days stars didn't have a lot of control. The studio bosses had the control and unless a star was big at the box office, and thus making the studio a lot of money, a star couldn't push back. Of course this creates a chicken egg type of effect. Maybe a rising star would of been big at the box office IF they were given the chance. But in order to receive their weekly pay check they have to do the movies they are ordered to do. Cagney and Bogart are great example of this in the 30s. Cagney had some hit movies and Jack Warner and him had major fights about what movies he would be in. Cagney would hold out and be placed on suspension (no paycheck). But Warner would give in because Cagney was so big at the box office that Warner couldn't afford not to give in. With Bogie he was NOT a leading man in the 30s. He needed that weekly paycheck and he didn't have the 'guts' to hold out. If he did my guess is that he would of been on suspension for the remainer of his contract since Warner had other actors they could of used instead. So Bogie was used in movie after movie and some of these where weak 'B' pictures. But he did get a lot of exposure. It wasn't until other actors like George Raff turned down High Sierra and The Maltese Falcon and Ronald Reagan couldn't do Calablanca that Bogie became a major star. What studio an actor signed that 7 year contract with was key. Take the difference between the MGM glamor style and the Warner style of grit. Bette Davis was perfect for Warner. But Warner's grit style was better suited for men than women. Since Warner had Bette other actresses like Olivia DeHavilland and Ida Lupinio didn't get roles that could of made them big. While Olivia was able to become a big star her two Ocsar nominations were made when she was on load out. After Olivia left Warner she won the best actress Oscar twice in 3 years! The Warner studio clearly had held Olivia back. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 26, 2011 2:07 PM
  12. Below is a list going up to 2010: I would say that only 'stars' have been SOTM but there are actors that some might say are "borderline" but they were stars in that they had lead roles in major movies; Kathryn Grayson and Dennis Morgan would be my borderline ones but hey I'm not big on musicals. Each of these actors were in some major musicals and thus stars in that genre. Then there are some unique categories. Take "Knighted Actors" and "Great Directors". STAR OF THE MONTH: May 1994: Greta Garbo June 1994: Glenn Ford July 1994: Greer Garson Aug.1994: Edward G. Robinson Sept.1994: Barbara Stanwyck Oct.1994: Angela Lansbury Nov.1994 John Garfield Dec.1994: Jan.1995: Esther Williams Feb.1995: Ronald Reagan Mar.1995: Apr.1995: Doris Day May 1995: Myrna Loy June 1995: Errol Flynn July 1995: G. Kelly (Gene or Grace?) Aug.1995: Paul Muni Sept.1995: Jane Powell Oct.1995: Clark Gable Nov.1995: Barrymores Dec.1995: Bing Crosby Jan.1996: Deborah Kerr Feb.1996: Robert Young Mar.1996 April 1996: Irene Dunne May 1996: James Stewart June 1996: Rosalind Russell July 1996: Fred Astaire Aug.1996: Ann Sheridan Sept.1996: Van Johnson Oct.1996: Kathryn Grayson Nov.1996: Robert Mitchum Dec.1996: Gary Cooper Jan.97: Jean Arthur Feb.97: Eleanor Parker Mar.97: 31 Days of Oscar Apr.97: Ava Gardner May 97: George Brent June 97: June Allyson July 97: John and Walter Huston (also Director of the Month) Aug.97: Cary Grant Sept.97: Ida Lupino Oct.97: Walter Pidgeon Nov.97: Katharine Hepburn Dec.97: Best of ‘97 Jan.1998: Lana Turner Feb.1998: Charlton Heston Mar.1998:31 Days of Oscar April 1998: Red Skelton May 1998: Olivia de Havilland June 1998: James Cagney July 1998: Lucille Ball August 1998: Joan Crawford Sept.1998: John Wayne Oct.1998: Cyd Charisse Nov.1998: Claude Rains Dec.1998: Best of ‘98 Jan.1999: Elizabeth Taylor Feb.1999: William Powell March 1999: 31 Days of Oscar April 1999: Dennis Morgan May 1999: Bette Davis June 1999: Mickey Rooney July1999: Natalie Wood August 1999: Peter Sellers Sept.1999: Norma Shearer Oct. 1999: Gregory Peck Nov. 1999: Ginger Rogers Dec. 1999: Burt Lancaster Jan. 2000: Debbie Reynolds Feb. 2000: Robert Ryan March 2000: 31 Days of Oscars April 2000: Spencer Tracy May 2000: Alexis Smith June 2000:Wallace Beery July 2000: Judy Garland August 2000: film debuts Sept 2000: Jane Wyman October 2000: Dick Powell Nov 2000: Frank Sinatra Dec. 2000: Lauren Bacall Jan. 2001: Elvis Presley Feb.2001: Jean Hagen March 2001: 31 Days of Oscar Apr.2001: Knighted Actors May 2001: Jean Harlow June 2001: W.C. Fields July 2001: Ann Sothern Aug.2001: James Garner Sept. 2001: Robert Taylor Oct. 2001: Lana Turner Nov.2001: Glenn Ford Dec.2001: The Marx Brothers Jan. 2002: Marlene Dietrich Feb. 2002: Kirk Douglas March 2002: 31 Days of Oscar April 2002: Barbara Stanwyck May 2002: Edward G. Robinson June 2002: Greta Garbo July 2002: Sidney Poitier Aug. 2002: Joan Crawford Sept. 2002: Van Heflin Oct. 2002: Final films Nov. 2002: Shelly Winters Dec. 2002: Montgomery Clift Jan. 2003: Doris Day Feb. 2003: John Garfield Mar. 2003: 31 Days of Oscar Apr. 2003: Harold Lloyd May 2003: Olivia de Havilland June 2003: TV Actors in Films July 2003: Lee Marvin Aug. 2003: 1st Summer Under the Stars Sept. 2003: James Mason Oct. 2003: Boris Karloff Nov. 2003: Shirley MacLaine Dec. 2003: David Niven Jan. 2004: Katherine Hepburn Feb.2004: 31 Days of Oscar Mar.2004: Charles Chaplin Apr. 2004: Judy Garland May 2004: Greer Garson June 2004: Cary Grant July 2004: Stars That Died Before Their Time Aug.2004: 2nd Summer Under the Stars Sept.2004: Myrna Loy Oct. 2004: Peter Lorre Nov.2004: Clark Gable Dec. 2004: James Stewart Jan.2005: Canadian Actors Feb. 2005: 31 Days of Oscar Mar. 2005: Claudette Colbert Apr. 2005: Errol Flynn May 2005: Orson Welles June 2005: Ingrid Bergman July 2005: Audrey Hepburn Aug. 2005: 3rd Summer Under the Stars Sept.2005: Greta Garbo Oct.2005: Robert Mitchum Nov.2005: Joan Fontaine Dec. 2005: Bing Crosby Jan. 2006: Robert Montgomery Feb.2006: 31 Days of Oscar Mar.2006: Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald Apr.2006: Deborah Kerr May 2006: Bette Davis June 2006: Anthony Quinn July 2006: Elizabeth Taylor Aug.2006: 4th Summer Under the Stars Sept.2006: William Holden Oct.2006: Child Stars Nov.2006: Lucille Ball Dec. 2006: Gary Cooper Jan.2007: Jean Arthur Feb.2007: 31 Days of Oscar Mar.2007: Gene Kelly Apr.2007: Rita Hayworth May 2007: John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn June 2007: Ida Lupino July 2007: Randolph Scott Aug.2007: 5th Summer Under the Stars Sept.2007: A Star is Born (starmaking/breakthrough performances) Oct.2007: Henry Fonda Nov.2007: Guest Programmer Month Dec.2007: Irene Dunne Jan.2008: James Cagney Feb.2008: 31 Days of Oscar Mar.2008: Acting Dynasties Apr.2008: Hedy Lamarr May 2008: Frank Sinatra June 2008: Sophia Loren July 2008: Rosalind Russell Aug.2008: 6th annual Summer Under the Stars Sept.2008: Kay Francis Oct.2008: Carole Lombard Nov.2008: Charles Laughton Dec. 2008: Joseph Cotton Jan. 2009: Jack Lemmon Feb. 2009: 31 Days of Oscar Mar. 2009: Ronald Reagan April 2009: Funny Ladies and 15th Anniversary May 2009: Sean Connery June 2009: Great Directors July 2009: Stewart Granger August 2009: Summer Under the Stars Sept. 2009: Claude Rains Oct. 2009: Leslie Caron Nov. 2009: Grace Kelly Dec. 2009: Humphrey Bogart Jan. 2010: “The Method” Feb. 2010: 31 Days of Oscar March 2010: Ginger Rogers April 2010: Robert Taylor May 2010: Donna Reed June 2010: Natalie Wood July 2010: Gregory Peck August 2010: SUTS Sept. 2010: Vivien Leigh Oct. 2010: Fredric March Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 26, 2011 12:36 PM
  13. Thanks for point out what should of been clear to people before they just start posting. So many people appear to read PART of a post find something they don't agree with and post there objections or just fail to comprehend what is being said. The initial post clearly was related to TRAILERS (I'm putting this in caps for others not Misswonderly). The initial post does have a valid point with regards to TRAILERS. One cannot plan around when a TRAILER is going to be shown. In other words if someone does NOT wish to watch a movie because of some objectable content it is their duty to NOT watch said movie. i.e. get a user guide find out what is on and work around the schedule. But one cannot do this with a TRAILER. NOTE: For the record I believe TCM should show all movies, regardless of content.
  14. While I agree Hands Across the Table is Carole best Paramount movie she made other good ones there. No Man of Her Own with hubby to be, Clark Gable, is a very good pre-code movie. I stress Pre-code because Carole and part of the plot are very sexy (the scene where Gable flips a coin and says either we get married or we,,,,, wouldn't of been allowed under the Hays code). Carole didn't win a Oscar for No Man of Her Own, but she did meet Gable and that lead to a prize years later. (I only point this out because someone here claim she did) Then there are two other movies with MacMurray; The Princess Comes Across and Swing High, Swing Low. The latter one is very good, the former one A-OK. Then there is True Confession with MacMurray and Barrymore. Some find this movie too over the top. Yea, it is but this is the screwball era. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 25, 2011 7:39 PM
  15. I think what cigarjoe is talking about are movies where the visual style (e.g. lighting used, camera angels, setting) is noir but not the plot or characters. Sweet Smell is a noir because of the plot, characters and the style. Take a movie like Leave Her to Heaven; this is a noir because of the plot and characters but not so much because of the visual style (e.g. the movie is in color, the setting is the Arizona desert). This raises the question; What makes a noir a noir; the visual style, the plot, the characters? I lean more to the latter elements than the former.
  16. Of course it all depends on how one defines an 'A' picture but based on the Filmography I have from the book The Leading Ladies, Blondell really was only a star (i.e. received the highest female billing), in a few 'A' pictures. Almost all of those 30s pictures were 'B' pictures expect for ones like The Public Enemy, but in this film Harlow had billing above Joan. If Gold Diggers of 1933, Footlight Parade, Bullet or Ballots and Dames are 'A' pictures than they qualify. In the later 'A' pictures like Desk Set, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter, and THe Cincinnati Kid there are female leads that have higher billing than her. Note: The book The Leading Ladies is one I would recommend. It is a great book. Its focus is one 6 actreses; Crawford, Davis, DeHavilland, Russell, Stanwyck and Joan Blondell. So in this book Joan Blondell is a star. Even if that is a star of mostly 'B' low budget pictures.
  17. Well I would pick 3 to ensure I get a mix of different hair colors; Carole Lombard Ava Gardner Rita Hayward
  18. Casablanca is a romantic movies in a war setting. Thus what is important here IS the lives of 3 little people as it relates to the romance; who does Ilsa really love? Who will she end up with? If one is going to poke at the many holes in the plot to me the biggest one is that Strasser just didn't order someone to kill Laszlo. In fact he could of shot him right in Renault's office. Renault wouldn't of arrest him. Both of them could just make up a story. Again, none of that matters. The only story line that really matter here is who does Ilsa love. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 26, 2011 12:37 PM
  19. One might say way outside the box. First the actors listed were not stars as most people would define them. Since their screen time is limited and the movies they are in do have stars a day of their movies wouldn't really focus on those character actors. i.e. it would be all over the place. I even kind of noticed this with the Joan Blondell day. Now she was a lead female player (i.e. she had top female billing), but when they showed so many movies with Cagney and her it started to look like Cagney day. Of course none of the above is a bad thing per se.
  20. Yes Joe Lewis directed other noir films like Gun Crazy and My Name Is Julia Ross. A Lady Without Passport is a fairly low budget production for MGM running only 72 minutes. The book Film Noir (Silver Ward) has this interesting take; Utilizing a number of noir conventions,,,, without any real noir insight,,, that reproduce the look but without the compex ethos of true film noir. Still Hedy is great to look at and George Macready is aways a good vilian. Worth checking out for the style alone.
  21. I see the point you are making but people need to remember that Joan was born in 1904. Thus in those Warner movies of the 40s she was in her 40s. Many of the other actresses that were stars in the 30s were only in their 30s during the 40s. Did Joan age worst than other actresses? Look worst in her 40s and early 50s than others? OK I will have to say Yes to that, but not a lot worst.
  22. What you ask is a very good question but lets turn it around; Why were the authorities so dumb as to kill Ugarte without first finding out where the letter where? Ugarte knew he was going to be killed regardless of what he did (i.e. there was no way out), but the authorities did have a motive to keep him alive. I assume they killed him by accident when they were torturing him. Like a lot of people the authorities didn't know that torturing doesn't supply useful and reliable information.
  23. I didn't say it was easy to not let the personal life of someone impact the enjoyment of their movies. Hey, sometimes I fail at this also. Typically politics doesn't have much of an impact while with someone like Polanski it is a lot harder to push their personal life out of 'view'.
  24. Well it a good thing that the personal life of an artist (e.g. actor, musician, singer, painter etc..) doesn't impact how I view their art unless they inject their personal life or views into their art. I was never much of a Joan Crawford fan until the last few years. Being more of a Warner studio fan than an MGM fan I had seen her late 40s Warner movies and liked them but now I'm into her Pre-Code movies and some of her other MGM films. Yea, some are only OK but she made so many one can find gems if they look for them. I don't see the goal as trying to NOT learn too much (which in this media age is difficut). Instead the goal should be to not let the the personal life of an artist impact one's viewing of their art.
  25. Thanks for the link (yea, I was lazy!). I did find the one stat I was most interested in and that is the Canadian movie industry market share. Wow less than 5% in the English speaking areas (and they needed a law to even get up to that). I felt the percent could be very low since language isn't a barrier for US imports but I didn't think it would be that low. Now I'll have to look at Britian and see what their percent is just as a comparision.
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