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  1. I not sure if your reply was to me since I'm the one that used the term 'phony' but I didn't call Kate a homewrecker. Anyhow I agree with you that Tracy was also phony. If you go to the Romantic Comedy forum under 'things I would say to Kate Hepburn' I have many posts related to Kate and Tracy. I laugh when I hear that Tracy was a devoted Catholic because he didn't get a divorce. We agree 100% about both of them with regards to acting. They are in many of my favorite movies and to me that is what counts way more than what they did off the screen.
  2. I assume most voters in The Academy decide their vote for all the awards on the actual performances and NOT the personal lives of the nominees. We had a similar discussion with regards to Loretta Young because of her out of wedlock child with Gable. Are you saying an academy member should factor in a performer's personal life when deciding who to vote for? Some called for the academy to take away oscars for those that failed some type of moral test. I just don't understand that POV. As for Kate; I do question her 'I'm an independent sprit' type of attitude. A true free sprit wouldn't of waited on a married man to find time for her when he could. In this regards I think Kate was somewhat of a phony.
  3. Well before that role Hanks played that guy dying of AIDS. So by the time he did Roads he had already stepped out of the light comedy role. So while I agree Roads is a different role for Hanks, Hanks is a good example of what I mentioned below with regards to the craft of acting. Once someone because a true blue actor there is no concept of 'casting against type' especially in the non studio era. To me the better question is, when an actor like Hanks does break out and do some 'real' acting can he pull it off. Hanks clearly showed he could do more than just light comedy.
  4. I have commented multiple times that Kate is the most awarded but also most polarizing actress based on what I have read from classic movie fans here at CFU. This thread just confirms it. While other actresses rub people the wrong way (June Alyson for me), they clearly are not as well known or awarded (recognized by the industry), as Kate. As for Kate herself; Well I can understand why she rubs people the wrong way. She does act in a similar manner in most of her films and it isn't a very pleasing manner. But Kate is in so many movies that I enjoy; All of her Grant movies, many of those with Tracy, African Queen with Bogart (where her manner fits the role like a T), and others. So she is listed as one of my top 10 favorite actresses because I determine my favorites based on how much I enjoy the movies they are in. But again, I do understand why there are classic movie fans that just don't like her.
  5. I also have wondered about that. I guess it all depends on what being jewish means in the context of the movie. If it relates to being from the hebrew tribe than of course Morgan's kids (if he is their bio-father), are at least half hebrew jewish. If being jewish is just being a member of a religious group then Young could just say 'as of today, I'm not jewish, I'm Christian'. Problem solved, assuming the evil nazis agree with him (and it appear they did since he was accepted by them). But I always wondered why they did accept him based on their misguided view toward Jews. i.e. he was one of 'them' and thus he should of been treated just like his dad. Looks like another letters of transit discussion brewing!
  6. And Fonda pulls it off. It appears some people forget that the craft we are discussing here is ACTING. That means playing a part. So I don't understand the comments about Frank. Playing against type doesn't have anything to do with one's personal life. Against type means against the type of ROLES that actor has played in the past. The exception to this would be how they look. This was covered with the Tyrone Power or Robert Taylor playing the role of Marty, since the core of Marty was that a fat, ugly guy like that could never find a wife. But there is no specific 'look' for a priest. Hey, I didn't like Frank as a priest but not because he was known to hang out with gangsters. I just believe the role was beyond his range as an actor.
  7. You think Donat in Mr Chips is an example of casting against type? What 'type' was Donat prior to that movie? I wouldn't view it as an honor, per se, to have the greatest moment for casting against type. But typecasting is often NOT the fault of the actor but instead their studio. Of course I don't expect every actor to be like Tracy but even John Wayne, someone known for a certain type of role in westerns did some fine work outside of that. The Astaire choice is a good one because generally Astaire was known as a song and dance man. But I just don't see Donat being any 'type' prior to him playing in Mr Chips.
  8. Like many of us do, Pete just redefined his definition of 'old'! You know; 70 is the new 50!
  9. Maybe I'm splitting hairs, but with Borgnine and Marty, I wouldn't say it was a case of miscasting but instead if he had the chops. i.e. if he was a good enough actor to pull of such a role. He fit the part well (sorry Ernie but you have a mug only a mother would love and that was a key plot element of Marty). So Borgnine clearly fit the role as far as looks. But he was known as a character actor and had mostly played limited parts as a bully bad guy. So to me the question was if he had the chops to pull off a lead role like Marty.
  10. The only talent Trump has is for making money. Thus I see little to no difference between him and Paris Hilton. Frankly I would rather look at Hilton than Trump. Baldwin is an actor so there is some relationship to movies there, but how did Trump get into all this. Yea, I could go back and read the post but I really don't wish to.
  11. Virginia Woolf is a very well made movie with some great acting, but it is the type of movie I wouldn't define as a favorite. i.e. something I look forward to watching or can say I really enjoyed. It just is sooooo full of drama that after even watching a few scenes I feel like I have been punched and that isn't a favorite feeling of mine. Maybe because the movie reminds me of my parents! (hey they were not that bad but you get the idea). Still a first class movie but I can only take it in chucks now. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Dec 9, 2011 4:42 PM
  12. But are we talking about frequency of occurance or total programming hours, say over a one year period???? I do statistical work for a living and it makes one think in this way. But I come here to forget about that! By NOT showing Dr Z even one time TCM could show 4 or 5 movies from the 30s!
  13. Eve is Mason's girlfriend. He doesn't know she is a spy. So of course when you find out your girlfriend made love to another man, it would be a surprise.
  14. Well since females are also actors by definition I"m going to list my top 5 favorites for both genders: Leslie Howard Bogie Cary Grant William Powell Robert Mitchum Bette Davis Barbara Stanwyck Olivia De Havilland Carole Lombard Jean Arthur
  15. This is the type of movie that when you read about it, as a noir fan, one says to themselves: This has to be great! But sadly it is mostly a soap opera and not very noir. But what a great cast. Lang should of played down the silly love affair between Andrews and instead had the gal as his spy. In other words have Andrews just use her to get the scoop on the Sanders character. As you say, adding just a few hard edges would of made this movie a lot better.
  16. I also see no noir qualities in We're No Angels. Yea, there is a death but just because a camp comedy movies has a death that doesn't make it a noir movie. I also don't see much of a Christmas element here either. Just because a movie has some noir icons doesn't make it even a slightly noir in my view. But hey I'll give people credit for trying to bring noir to the holiday season!
  17. If you have outlook you can set up 'tasks', that have a date they are 'due'. I use this for work tasks but it could also be used to remind one of movies. One could also use the calendar feature used typically to set meetings to remind one of up and coming movies. I use both of these features to remind me of CDs coming due, doctor appts, etc...
  18. The LA Times had this as a lead story a few days ago. I was hoping someone would post the story here. Very interesting and impressive. Beauty and brains. What a combo!
  19. Do you know who owns the rights to the history of those Browns? i.e. what team has the trophies and displays them? The old Browns became the Ravens if my memory is correct while the Baltimore Colts moved to Indie. So I know that between these 3 teams who has the rights to what as it relates to the prior history has always been a mess. This mess just increased with the Browns since (if my memory is right again), the Browns didn't even exist for a few years. Thus I assume the Raven owners took those trophies with them when they moved. Did they sell them to the new Brown owners?
  20. I don't thing that is the case since VP didn't list Ford, Lang, McCarey, Kazan, or Huston etc.. But this does raise a topic I always find interesting; Those that love to pick a select group of favorites and those that don't (and thus provide a list of many, many selections). I'm from the 'pick a select group' school. My view is more is communicate about an individuals tastes with a select group. i.e. what they pick and just as important, what they leave out. When the list has many selections one really doesn't learn much about what really moves that person. Of course then we have some people that just don't wish to pick any favorites. Hey, if we were asking them to rank their children I would understand! But hey, this is just the movies.
  21. The scenes between Grahame and Mitchum are the best in the movie so I think you are on to something there. They have a noir type dirty feel to them and thus are interesting, but this is because these are two noir icons.
  22. I believe MItchum would tell you that he was hired to do a role and thus he did it. i.e. if he is miscasted (which he is in this role) fault those that asked him to do the part (e.g. Stanley Kramer). But what I also see here is support for typecasting. Based on that POV most of Bogie's work in the 50s is bogus because he didn't play the Casablanca type of character. To me this is folly.
  23. Well with regards to the plot of The Big Sleep, I don't fault anyone for not being certain about specific plot points. Even the killing of Owen by Joe is only a guess (but again, to me it is clear), but maybe it was the gay guy Carol who did the killing (just like he kills Brodie for revenge), and Joe really did get those photos of Carmen off the already dead Owen and thus all he did was push Joe's car into the Pacific. So it is understandable that even a very detail description of the plot wouldn't have that level of detail since there is a lot of speculation. Now back to these summaries; Do you read the 'full' ones prior to viewing a movie you have never seen before? If so, does that sometimes take away from the enjoyment of viewing the film? e.g. spoilers decrease the enjoyment. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Dec 5, 2011 4:13 PM
  24. My picks would be very close to you but I have to admit favorite director is the most difficult of the favorite type rankings for me. If I had to pick a director that directed my most favorite movies it would be Howard Hawks. He was the director of many great movies in many different genres. But he didn't have a very strong style. Hitchcock had a very strong style and thus he tops Hawks in this regard. Of course he made many great movies that I enjoy. Then their would be Wyler. Many of the best performances from my favorite actresses (e.g. Davis, DeHavilland), where with Wyler as director. So those would be my top 3.
  25. I also don't view Brass in the Pocket as one of their best songs. I would say Back on the Chain Gang is my favorite but that is because it has that Brit type sound. A lot of picking inside the chord type of guitar playing that is so common in Beatles and other Brit bands.
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