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  1. As a Canadian can you tell me what percent of movies shown in Canadian theaters are Canadian or US? I just wonder how big movie making is in Canada. I cannot recall ever seeing a Canadian movie. Would I be able to tell the difference? Does Canadian cinema have a history like the French? e.g. are their black and white Canadian movies from the 40s and 50? Sorry for asking so many questions but I just realized I know so little about my neighbors.
  2. Chaney's parents were deaf. I assume this is a reason he uses his pantomined gestures more (as well as because these are silent films of course). I wonder if in everyday life when talking with non deaf people he used this type of non verbal expressions (my Italian wife does, but sometimes I wish I was deaf!).
  3. I agree with finance here. Why use 'her' or 'him' or 'they' when one can just say the name especially when it isn't a direct reply (e.g. when the orinigal post that contains the name is below many other posts). Also, what do you mean by 'posted under the date'? Thanks Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 18, 2011 7:24 PM
  4. Went to Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills a few weeks ago. Stayed with a guy that used to run the Film museum in Lone Pine (it is still there but he isn't). They have Bogie's car there from High Sierra. He took me to all these places where films were made like Gunga Din.
  5. Do you know if the music for The Unknown was the original music? i.e. the music someone would of heard at the theater back in 27? It really fit the picture. So I wonder if it was original and if so how this music 'comes with' the filim; i.e. how is the music retained so it can be shown for all time with the film. i.e was sound part of the actual film but just NOT spoken words????
  6. I think the scene in the bar before the shooting makes it clear that it would NOT of been justifiable homicide for a third party to kill Valance while having a 'fair' gun battle with Ranse. Valance makes a point to the Sheriff and everyone else in the bar that Ranse has a gun and that Rance is the one asking for him to step out into the street. The Sheriff says that it is ALMOST an unjustifiable killing because everyone knows Valance can out shoot Ranse. Well almost still implies that Valance had a legal right to defend himself. Ranse was clearly the aggressor. Thus Tom wasn't defending Rance in the legal sense of self-defense. One cannot be the aggressor and claim self defense. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 17, 2011 5:58 PM
  7. I saw The Murdered Man for the first time this week and really liked it but it was clear where the plot was going to take us (i.e. that Spencer killed the guy). I knew it after that scene with his dad at the bar where he talks about his dead wife. Still that didn't impact my enjoyment of the film.
  8. I agree that both DOA and The Big Sleep are more about style than plot. I have read The Big Sleep book more than once (I did so since I loved the movie so much) so of course my view of the movie is tainted by my knowledge of the book. You are right that the changes required by the censors hurt the plot to some degree (also the romance between Bogie and Bacall since Marlow really liked Mrs. Mars). What I think confuses a lot of people in The Big Sleep is all the action and murders going on NOT related to the killing of Sean Reagan and the fact that instead of Carmen killing Sean the censors required Mars killed him (thus the killing of Mars at the end is justified). But as noted it doesn't really matter so much. Both movies keep us on our toes even if one doesn't know what is going on! Now that is style over substance! Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 16, 2011 9:04 PM
  9. Well people sure have different tastes and that is what makes life interesting. While I like a lot of parts of My Favorite Wife it isn't one of my favorite comedies because to me the movie spends too much time milking the plot point of Grant hiding the fact his first wife is back from his second wife and avoiding his second wife. I just yell at the TV; for heaven sake JUST TELL HER!@!! So I view My Favorite Wife as a 40s comedy - i.e. just not as good or funny as the 30s comedies and lacking a little 'ump'.
  10. I just don't understand this point of view. TCM highlights a star each day. Of course some people either like, love or dislike the movies associated with said star. Take Ben Johnson day. I'm sure there are some people out there that wonder why they would show films from this 'minor' player and one with such a slow delivery (not my own POV but I have heard this). So one day of silent films for someone that was great in them, Lon Chaney. NOW, I only watched the Unknown and I admit I did so mainly because Joan Crawford was in it AND the fact my wife went to bed early. So while I'm not a big fan of slient films (I just lack the patience) I don't see how one can knock TCM because they don't show John Wayne movies 24 7.
  11. I could answer your question but I might be banned from this site!
  12. Very good advise for both those of us who have seen the picture and especially those that have not. Unique roles for both Bogie and Gloria. For some reason I feel like having a grapefruit now!
  13. Does the movie say how Tom lived his life after the shooting? I just don't recall. e.g. did he get married, have kids, build that great ranch he wanted to build, etcc... The movie makes it clear that Ranse and Hallie go on to have a very fine life but I don't remember if the same is true for Tom. All of the above are things Tom would of done if Hallie loved him and decided to marry him. If Tom didn't do these things than she did break him. Note that I don't believe she betrayed him. Until one is married falling in love with another is NOT betrayal in my book.
  14. I really enjoy His Girl Friday but as others have noted one does have to pay attention. The movie also has a dark side (a women jumping out a window isn't a comic moment), so I can see why some might be turned off by it. My Man Godfrey is also my favorite comedy. I just love everything about it. Powell and Lombard; a better team on the screen than off (but they remained friends until the sad death of Lombard).
  15. People need to remember that Rance was a lawyer (I know you know this), and that Tom told him the act of killing Valance was murder. Thus Rance couldn't tell anyone since he knew the law and thus knew that would of placed Tom in trouble. I still believe that because Hallie wanted him to was NOT the only reason Tom killed Valance. I think he did at least for two other reasons; because he knew the west couldn't be 'won' with people like Valance on the loose and because he understood someone like Rance was necessary for the terrority to become a state. Yea, Tome told Rance the reason all related to Hallie but I think that was just Tom's bitterness talking and a way for Tom to rub that bitterness into Rance's face. Of course maybe I'm giving Tom more credit than he deserves.
  16. I also think Sybil Sheperd did a fine job in Taxi Driver. She is a very natural performer. Of course I just saw The Last Picture Show. I forgot just how beautiful she was in that film (of course I find women look more sexy in black and white). For course it often helps when the director is in love with the actress during the making of a movie. But Sybil was right up there with Liz from A Place in the Sun and Ava in The Killers.
  17. Well maybe Rosebud just doesn't click with me because I grew up in sunny Southern California. Now it it was a surfboard than maybe I would get all cloaked up.
  18. I agree the performace was oscar worthy. O'Brien wasn't nominated but Ed Begley (winner), Victor Bruno, Telly Savalas, Omar Shair, and Tenence Stamp were.
  19. While I enjoy many films Claudette is in I just always found her 'look' somewhat strange. I really don't know how to describe how I feel about her. Does she just look too mature? She just has no sex appeal to me but I'm NOT saying she isn't attractive. Maybe it was her hair style? Not really the 30s bob of say a Joan Blondell or a 40s look like Rita or Veronica Lake????? Really I'm NOT trying to knock her and this feeling I have doesn't impact my viewing of her many fine films.
  20. I agree with you 100% Fred. My only point has been that while the movie is ahead of its time and unique in so many ways I just find the Rosebud childhood part convensional and not a reason the film is one of the all time greats.
  21. I would hope that Wayne let Steward take 'center stage' was because this is what the plot and script called for. In other words Wayne was an actor and he acted the part as called for (and very, very well in my view). The same with The Searcher, Red River and other roles where he played a flawed hero. Yes, in Valance Tom Wayne was a towering figure but often as a bitter drunk and all because of a gal. Again, I respect Wayne for playing the role. I'm not sure Wayne would be one of the most remembered actors of the classic movie era if he only played the type of hero of boyhood dreams.
  22. I saw Westward The Women for the first time about a year ago and I really enjoyed it. Very good well made 'balanced' movie that exceeded my expectations. Thus when TCM had it on again (like note about 6 months later), I watched it again. Well worth looking out for even for classic movie fans that say they don't like westerns.
  23. I agree with your take on the 'point' and I just find this point very conventional and one dimentional. The rich man that 'has it all' that really has nothing. This story had been around for 1,000 years before Kane. This is why I like Touch of Evil more. Quinlan had his faults but he was a much more complex man. To me Citzen Kane would of been a better movie if Kane was a more complex character instead of just another movie around a rich man that is really just a poor man at the end of the day. Again that is a very conventional theme.
  24. You sounds like those that complained about Rush when he was on Monday Night Football. If the job is not political and one doesn't infuse their own politics into said job I don't let the fact someone has a political POV different than my own impact me.
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