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  1. I disageee that his friend was "a total innocent" in that Harry told him to go away and he wouldn't. If Harry had told him WHY he needed to stay away, it was likely his friend would of still insisted he go along. Harry tried to get his fiiend to go away before the gang got to the boat. So to me his friend was responsible for being a busy body and that is what got him killed. Of course he was a busy body because of his concern about Harry. Thus both friends had the best interest other. The killing of his friend does give Harry the reason to take out the bad guys and to shoot first.
  2. I enjoyed The Breaking Point and of course Pat Neal, but I'm confused how the women in this movie line up to those in the Bogie version and the short story. The Bogie version has Marie (Slim Becall) a some what loose women and Helene de Brusac (Dolores Moran), wife of the rebel leader. The Breaking Point has Neal as the loose women and then Harry's wife. So each story has a wife role but of course they are very different. In the Bogie version Harry goes off with the loose women and the wife is loyal to her husband. So does anyone how the specific role of these two women in the short story? I assume it is more like The Breaking Point. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 6, 2011 7:17 PM
  3. The quote I assume is "Baby, I don't care." That does sum up many of Jeff's actions and this view does lead to his one self destruction. Thanks for explaining this because when I saw your initial post I didn't understand what you were getting at (it looked like you just didn't care for this topic).
  4. I always wondered about Kitty on Gunsmoke. She reminded me of Bette Davis in Baby Jane! Way too much make up and just a really bad look. In some ways I have to give the producers credit for not dumping her and getting a younger better looking female for that role.
  5. Like I said it is what I find as the silly soap opera love triangle that distracts from the historical nature of the movie. So there are really two main themes going on in the movie, the history of the south and this love triangle. I guess to some these two interweaven themes is what makes the movie interesting. I just don't find the love triangle all that interesting. While I do enjoy romantic themes I just don't see any romance here either. Rhett and Scarlett are too self centered to ever really love someone. i.e. this isn't a goose bumps romance but one full of warts!
  6. Yes, Jeff could of killed Kathy (he didn't even need a gun) and then run away but I don't see Jeff as a cold blooded killer. That is one of the big difference between Kathy and him. Of course Kathy deserved to be killed but Jeff wasn't going to be the one to do it no mater what she had done to him. What the movies doesn't disclose and only Jeff knows, was did he think Kathy would try to take Jeff out as soon as she found out he betrayed her? Based on Kathy's pass behavior he had to think the odds were very high she would. Jeff wasn't a dummy (just weak for Kathy's charms). So to me this means that Jeff had given up at this point. i.e. I'm going to call the cop, try to turn Kathy in and take my chances with the DA with the understanding that the odds of doing so without Kathy trying to kill him were slim to none. If Jeff had what it took to kill Kathy at that moment he wouldn't of got into the mess he was in, in the first place.
  7. Of course GWTW has some first rate qualities but the so call love story between Rhett and Scarlett is too much of a soap opera for my taste. It has nothing to do with the racial stereotypes and this viewer understands that the book and thus movie is a reflection of the times from a white southern familie's POV. To me in terms of substance GWTW is lacking when compare to other great movies because of this soap opera theme as it relates to the spoiled and selfish Scarlett and all the men in her lives. I do agree that LOA is a movie that needs to be experienced on the big screen and why some would fine the movie 'slow' or boring relate to the development of the 'action'. In this way LOA is like the desert - vast and at first glace empty,,,, but if one looks closer there is beauty and depth there.
  8. I agree that the noir movies made from Wollrich's work are not very well known. The noir film Chandler was involved with are very well known; The Big Sleep, The Blue Dahlia (screenplay), Double Indmnity (co-screenplay), Farewell My Lovely, Lady In The Lake, Murder My Sweet, Stranger on a Train (co-screenplay), So if there is a father I would say it is Chandler.
  9. I see you know music well. Hoagy Carmichael is indeed one of the great American songwritters. Just for Stardust alone he would be up there in my view. I was watching Monk and Wille Nelson was a guest star. They played Georgia On My Mind and he gave Ray Charles the credit. I didn't dig that and was disapointed in Nelson. Hoagy wrote that song in 1930. Yes, Charles made it a major hit for another generation but the song is all Hoagy. I play the song when I gig and I ALWAY credit Hoagy. People have come to me and ask if the song is a Ray Charles song and I have to correct them. Hoagy has been in so many great movies like To Have and Have Not, Topper, Young Man with a Horn, etc....
  10. What I found very funny in that post (or is it sad???), was that WonderMoon said they were a liberal. Well Clooney is indeed a liberal (not that there is anything wrong with that, as Jerry would say!), but for a liberal to think Clooney is a commie? That just doesn't add up. Anyhow I'm sure a lot of women will be looking for commies under their bed IF they think George will be the one they find!
  11. I'm not saying I don't get negative impressions of people, hey, I'm as human as anyone else, so that I clearly understand. But as I have matured I have learned to keep them to myself because to express them to others isn't 'cool' in my view. I have had to point this out to my wife. She used to make negative comments about people based on superficial impressions and it was a turn off. She is a very sweet and loving person and to me this was contrary to that. I don't see how PC comes into play. I'm not one to support being PC. The point many here are making is that an impression should be based on something and we are just interested in what this something is. So far I see nothing.
  12. Well the only thing I would say about being a host for TCM is that I don't think it is that hard of a job. So while I wouldn't go as far as saying the job isn't a 'real job', I think I could do the job fairly well. I was a drama major and I have a great love and passion for classic movies. Of course like RO and BM I would have to depend on the research department for the tidbits and other trivia that they provide. But I could just be fooling myself. All I know is that many of the guest host are not as smooth as the regular host. I could see this with Tippi Hedren (not that I'm knocking her). I just don't see what people want these host to do that would make them soooooo much better? Go out and sing like Sinatra, dance like Astaire?????
  13. Again my source is Film Noir (Silver Ward); Black Angel, The Chase (based on The Black Path of Fear), Deadline At Dawn, Fall Guy, The Guilty, (based on 2 Men in a Furnished Room), I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes, Night Has a Thousand Eyes, NightMare, Phantom Lady, Street of Chance (based on The Black Curtain), and THe Window. Most of these movies are low budget ones with less known actors. Only Night Has a Thousand Eyes has major stars like EG Robinson and Gail Russell. Man you are making we work today!@
  14. How can you say that the 'mere impression' of someone cannot be hateful. Say I'm with friends and I meet a guy and after he leaves I say to my friends 'that guy gives me the impression he is a child molester or drug user or etc.... If I have NOTHING to base my impression on than to me that would be hateful and really out of line. Now you appear to back off by saying your impression isn't even an opinion???? When one has that negative of an 'impression' my advise (for what it is worth, which to many is nothing!), would be to keep it to oneself unless there is something of some substance to back it up. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 3, 2011 8:34 PM
  15. Audrey isn't dated at all in my view. The up and coming fashion designer Oday Shakar is a close friend of my brother-in-law. When he came over to my house he saw all the pictures of the stars on my wall and of course noted Audrey all young designer know about her. Her look will never be dated. Like music, art and movies taste and styles from previous generations will stand the test of time and be morphed into the styles of future generations.
  16. Ah, yet another mistake by those that created the appendix. In the text that covers the movies it has 'BITS' (as in bit players), and it list a Robert Ryan as a Policeman. But I guess those doing the appendix were not as on the ball as you and didn't know that was a DIFFERENT Ryan. Thanks for the info. I'm going to manually correct my version so I don't pass misinformation. That puts Mitchum in the lead by 2 now! He is my favorite noir actor and now his lead is safe! Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Aug 3, 2011 8:36 PM
  17. At the end of Out of the Past Kathy tell Jeff that IF Jeff goes to the cops she will say he was the one that murdered his partner and the gangster (Kirk Douglas). Jeff looks at the sexy Kathy and knows that the DA and police will believe her over him. Instead of committing suicide (which is basically what Jeff did when he turned on Kathy), I would of just accept the fact I have a hot sexy girlfriend that likes to kill men that get in her way, and not gotten in her way until I was out of her way!
  18. I forgot that the book Film Noir has an error in it related to Ryan, they credit him in Out of The Past. So this means Mitchum beats Ryan by 1 (assuming the accuracy of the source). Ryan is credited with; Act of Violence, Berlin Express, Beware My Lovely, Caught, Clash By Night, Crossfire, House of Bamboo, Johnny O'Clock, Odds Against Tomorrow, On Dangerous Ground, The Racket and The Set-Up. Mitchum with; Angel Face, Cape Fear, Crossfire, Farwell My Lovely, Friends of Eddie Coyle, His Kind of Women, The Locket, Macao, Out of the Past, The Racket, Undercurrent, When Strangers Marry, and Where Danger Lives. But of course there might be films that the book doesn't consider film noirs that other sources do, or another mistake in the appendix.
  19. Your use of Davis as it relates to Brando is a good one. Note that for someone to claim an actor, musician, artist etc... is overrated the performer must be highly rated by critics or fans. Thus in some ways to be overrated is something to be proud about (e.g. Loni isn't overrated since she isn't rated at all!). Here is my view on 'Brando is overrated'. For most classic movie fans Brando represents the start of the second generation of classic movie actors. This so called clash between generation can be illustrated with the Bogie Brando oscar battle in the early 50s. Bogie gets the oscar in 51 for African Queen over Brando in Street Car. Brando is nominated in 52, 53, and again in 54. In 54 he wins for On the Waterfront and beats Bogie in Caine Mutiny. The torch has been passed so to speak. Add to this the method acting style and one can see why some fans have very strong feelings as it relates to Brando. Are they commenting only on their feelings for Brando or does Brando represent something more related to the above? Add to this Brando's fairly quick decline (in post output and in my view quailty) by decade; i.e. his work in the 50s verses the 60s, verses the 70s etc... Many of the stars of the previous generation were able to produce high quailty work over multiple decades,, 30 or more years. I think this leads to the overrate tag. But I don't see how one can look at Brando's work in the 50s and say he was overrated.
  20. Just to continue the Ray Teal theme, in the book Film Noir, Ray has the most film noir credits of any actor (14), one more than Mitchum or Ryan. He goes from this to telling little Joe to be a good boy (there is something about a left handed gun draw that I aways found interesting, somewhat like a left handed guitar player).
  21. I think we need some hearings so we can create a blacklist and round up all these marxist. Yea, the good old days!
  22. In this thread it is posted that nearly EVERY ONE dislikes Ben. In another post (because of course they have to have multiple theads) instead the term 'many' is used. While I welcome optinions (even unintelligent ones), one should only speak for themselves unless they have some polling data. I for one enjoy Ben. Is he a silver spoon guy? Hey, I don't know if he earned his way or is just using his famous name but as a host I like him. I guess that makes me a Marxist!
  23. Well this is a case of type casting an actor would clearly wish to avoid. "Hey casting director, we need someone that patronizes or picks on a disabled person,,, OK, I'll call on Ray Teal,,,, he is good at taking a punch!
  24. What get out of your post is this: If you are a man ensure your friends don't look as good as Bill Holden! But really I agree with your take here. Holden is a low level cad and clearly not a major heal or criminal like many film noir men. He indeed was rather clueless like Mitchum was in Angel Face. Compare that to Mitchum in Out of The Past. At the end he goes with Kathy but he had to know she would get very upset once she knew he put her in a trap. Thus he was willing to face his punishment as defined by the noir world. In Sunset Boulevard and Angel Face the noir man just wanted to get away from the noir world but forget to look over his shoulder! Not a good idea with those dames.
  25. Well I was waiting for someone to comment before I do so thanks. I also find Lawrence to be a first rate movie and really enjoy it while I only like GWTW. The first hour or so is very good but it is too much of a soap opera for my taste. But since Olivia is one of my favorite actresses I do find her performance mesmerizing.
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