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  1. How would one model themselves after god as it relates to human sexuality?
  2. While I agree the program would be more balanced if there was, say, a panel of guests with different POVs to discuss the topic that isn't very practical since the time set aside for the discussion portion of the series is limited. Here is what I'm seeing going on; Many people are now used to hearing only what they wish to hear. This has become very common with news in the 24 7 news cycle. i.e. people seek out those stations and or programs they know will echo their POV. Just look at the ratings Nancy Grace has gotten with her daily rants about Casey Anthony. One doesn't seek out that show to get a balanced view of what is going on but instead to join a group with a similar POV. This professor has a specific POV. One doesn't have to agree with him but one now has a better understanding of that viewpoint. That is knowledge gained.
  3. Based on the description it doesn't sound like Out of The Past at all. In that scene no one is running around and the only shot fired is after the bad guy is pulled by the fishing line and hook. While the bad guy could be viewed as a Richard Widmark type, no one would say Robert Mitchum and Farley Granger are alike.
  4. First what movies, music, or arts I enjoy or not are not related to the personal lives of the creator of said work. I find that rather silly; e.g. Libs not wanting to watch a John Wayne movie, or cons a Robert De Niro one. As for Allen and Soon Yi. It is my understanding that he lived in the same house as a father figure when she was under the age of 18 (i.e. a teen). So yes, while nothing occured prior to the age of 18 and thus nothing is illegal, I still feel it is creepy. Yea, that is the word; creepy. It is fair to assume Allen used his power, wisdom, and intellect (which I really respect), to gain a sexual advantage over her. Thus to me the event is similar to the Clinton Monica one. So while I also don't understand the hate one would feel a little condemnation is well in order.
  5. Flynn and DeHavilland made 7 movies together; They were a romantic couple in 4 or them. Captain Blood, Robin Hood, Died with their Boots On, Dodge City. In two of them one loved the other, but the love wasn't returned; Charge of the Light Brigade (E loves O), and Lives of Eliz and Essex (O loves E). In Four Is a Crowd they flirt but at the end each marries someone else.
  6. One key criteria which I mentioned was the number of times a song is featured by jazz musicians. Thus if a jazz record is released and it contains a pop song that is NOT a jazz standard. But if that same pop song is featured by jazz musicians on multiple albums over the years it then becomes a jazz standard. For example, the Beatles - Here, There and Everywhere is now considered to be a jazz standard because for a Beatle song it has been featured on multiple jazz albums over the years. It also uses a cycle chord progression in G (Gmaj, Amin, Bmin, Cmaj, F#m7b5, B7) that harmonically is interesting to solo over. A few Stevie Wonder tunes are also now jazz standards for their harmonic interest. The reason is this: younger jazz musicians learn from the masters. When we hear a master play a tune we learn from this. If it was 'cool' for the master to play the tune it is cool for us. This is then passed on to the next generation and the next and a song becomes a jazz standard if it is play often enough. So we can agree to disagree. As I said there is a difference between songs created in the jazz idiom (tunes by Miles, Coltrane, etc...) and non jazz idiom tunes that us jazz muscians must learn to say we know 100 common jazz standards. i.e. a show tune can be a jazz standard but it is clearly NOT a song in the jazz idiom. Trust me this is how all the jazz players I know and have played with use the term jazz standard. Oh, and a song in the jazz idiom isn't a jazz standard by definiton since it might not be well know. So What by Miles is from the jazz idiom AND a jazz standard by not every song Miles wrote is a jazz standard.
  7. All the jazz players I know (and I know many), define a jazz standard as a song that is often played in a jazz style. It has nothing to do with the origins of those songs. Take Cole Poter. Most of his songs were written for plays but many are now jazz standards in that jazz musicians love to play them and we are 'required' to know at least the chord changes. (i.e. if someone calls out a 'standard' and I say I don't know it, I look like a bozo,,, and hey this has happened since I'm not a pro!). For example, Autumn Leaves is a major jazz standard (as I define the term), but was a French Folk song before Mercer put words to it). Thus there is a difference between a jazz standard and jazz music (music written by jazz musicians like the Duke or Miles). The latter can also be jazz standards depending on how popular they are with jazz musicians. I have jazz standard song books and there are many Roger and Hart songs listed. Just my POV as a amateur jazz musician.
  8. Isn't it more accurate to say Ashley is a sappy wimp when it comes to his interactions with Scarlet but not in his other actions; like being a officer in war and thus leading many battles, standing up to the rights of the southern man after the war and participating in the anti-carpet bagger meeting where he was wounded and could of been hanged etc...? Of course I have to assume Ashley is protrayed that way with Scarlet because she has such power over all men (like the 3 fools, including Rhett, that were her husbands).
  9. I agree with Harry on Vertigo. Yea, I did sit and watch the entire movies but it never really caught fire with me. Like Harry I know that many Hitchcock fans feel this is one of his top movies. I'm a big Hitchcock fan but Vertigo doesn't make my top 10 favorite movies of his. But I do enjoy seeing San Francisco in all that wonderful color.
  10. Well it does help when the strong willed actress is sleeping with the strong willed director as was the case with Davis and Wyler. But Wyler might of been able to handle her anyhow. I think he did a great job with many fine actresses; e.g. DeHaviland in The Heiress.
  11. Yes, as soon as I posted that I realize that Rhett did join in at the last second and I was wrong. But I believe the general point I was making still goes; That while Ashley wasn't a diehard supporter of the war (based on his comments defending Rhett during the party break), he joined the fight, was in many battles and was willing to die for the honor of the South. Rhett instead only cared about himself and to make money and then after there wasn't anymore money to be made since the South was broke, he decided to join the fight. Just more evidence that Ashley was more of a true man than Rhett in my view.
  12. I don't know if one should assume Bette's comment was a put down of Kay as much as she didn't want to be a cheesecake type of gal. This is why the Warner studio style fit Davis to a T after Jack realized what he had (especically after Davis ran off to England). Davis told Jack to build movies around her. He did and what we got were some very great pictures. Davis didn't need a big male star to shine.
  13. Now that is very funny!@ I have to agree with another poster here; At the end of the day what matter is we have these great songs. I play many of these songs since they are jazz standards and I just love them. Even though I play them as instrumentals I always learn the words since that helps get the melody just right. So when I play the melody I try to 'sing it' on guitar like Frank would sing it.
  14. Just for the record I view Gable as a ladies' man and a very romantic character in many movies but just not so much in GWTW. But of course that is because of how the script was written. In the first scene Rhett comes in as a 'bad boy' and expect for his actions with Melanie he continues in that vein. I always felt that Rhett didn't really love Scarlet but just had a need to conquer her and thus it was all about his ego. Otherwise why would he marry a women he knew didn't love her? (unlike the her other two dead husbands, Rhett didn't lack for the company of women). Hey, I can understand why on the surface Rhett would appeal more than Ashley. DUH. Just like so many guys believe Monroe is IT and wonder what I see in a frail creature like Audrey Hepburn or a classy women like Olivia DeHavilland. Again to each their own.
  15. Well you have written something that is impossible to agrue with. Of course one could say that results are all that matter. In this case the actual lyrics one creates and that talent is just a word applied to people that don't produce results (or have limited results). e.g. that James Dean sure had talent! Since there isn't way to measure talent there is nothing much to discuss. I have to hand it to you for leaving me speechless (ha ha).
  16. I'll admit I wasn't much of a Wayne fan since most of the Wayne movies I saw were mostly one dimensional characters. What is funny about that is big Wayne fans would point to those movies an charaters as being the movies I should see to become a Wayne fan and they had the opposite effect. Then I saw Red River, The Searchers, Liberty,,,, and I understood there was more to Wayne. I'm a very big fan of Howard Hawks. For some of my favorite actors, Grant, Bogie, Wayne, best movies were directed by Hawks.
  17. Maybe the reason all the acting was so good was that everyone was fairly balanced; they all had about an equal part. To be fair to Brent, most of the movies I have seen him in are Bette Davis movies and most of the time Ms. Davis's light just shined a little brighter. (you think!). Only Barrymore could be said to be hyping up the acting but than she was bedridden and someone crazy so the role called for that. I felt the direction was just right. It gave me that borderline feeling of a Universal horror picture from the 30s but without going overboard. I have to admit I was fairly sure that Brent was the killer but couldn't understand why Barrymore (the step mom), who clearly knew something, didn't rat him out since she was only a step mom. So the surprise to me at the end was that Barrymore felt her own son was the killer and that is why she never said a thing. Thus I still got a good jolt and the phone call at the end was very touching (as a nice way of tying the bow so to speak).
  18. Just to clarify my point here I do find the love Scarlet has for Ashley romantic. It was the relationship between Scarlet and Rhett that I do NOT find romantic. As for Leslie Howard and the role of Ashley. I think Howard does a fine job and overall Ashley is a good person character. Only when he interacts with Scarlet does he act like a wimp. Ashley went to war and it is clear he faced danger and wasn't a coward. As for Rhett he didn't fight at all and sold guns just to make money. So to me there is no question how is the better character. But hey it is only a movie and as is often said gals like bad boys more than good ones. (but I hope that is ONLY a saying!).
  19. You are correct that she woke up smilling and singing. To me that implies the two were made for each other. i.e. a women like her would like a man like him.
  20. Well I see the characters as they are protrayed in the movie. To me the drunken rape scene says a lot about the character of a man. I just don't see how anyone, man or women, can view that scene in a romantic light but I know that many women do. Oh, well as you said different strokes for different folks.
  21. Yes, it is George Brent! George Brett is the guy who was caught cheating with too much pine tar on his bat and then acted like a child and got all angry about it. A great baseball highlight. But I'm glad to say I don't know anything about either one of their hemorrhoids!
  22. With regards to why a women would like Ashley over Rhett, well based only the actions of the two in the movie; One man is devoted to his wife, loves her, treats her well and doesn't cheat on her. The other man openly pays prostitutes for sex (of course this was before he was married), doesn't treat women generally very well (well expect Melanie), appears to be a sexist, and a cad. Again, I only based this on what I see in the movie and NOT the book. Of course both men act different when they are around Scarlett and this difference is clearly for the worst; Ashely more like a wimp and Rhett more like a cad. Thus to be fair both of them might be A-OK guys but since Scarlett is such a poor model of a women they lower themselves to her level. What I really don't understand is why anyone would find any of this romantic.
  23. Powell is also one of my favorites but I rank hi #4, behind Leslie Howard, Cary Grant, and Bogie. Note that my picks of Howard and Powell often surprise people. I enjoy them because I felt both where very intelligent actors and a style and class that I admired. The Powell and Loy team is clearly my favorite.
  24. I agree that Irene Dunne is up there as one of the top high quality stars that is mostly forgotten today, but she is close to Garson as far as best actress nominations. I only keep bringing up that point because even classic movies fans forget the string of nominations Garson had during the early 40s. Dunne could do it all and she is one of the top funny ladies. Love her in all the movies she did with Cary Grant and many others with various male stars.
  25. While you and I view Greer Garson in very similar ways the Monroes of this world are the ones most people remember. It is just the way it is.
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