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  1. I support removing of content for PC reasons by those that wish to do so. For the record I would never be one of those people. So to me the question as stated in the title, 'should offensive,,,,' is folly unless we are talking about legal issues. i.e. should someone have the legal rights to change content. This question has an answer; One only has a legal right to edit public domain content without permission. But I do know that the issue people wish to discuss here is NOT related to legal concerns. So if not legal concerns what does 'should' mean? To me it means free
  2. Well discussion of political commentators is very political. For example I know the political POV of someone here because he mentions he loves certain political commentators. If one says I love the POV of XYZ, (either a commentator or politician), that is there way of taking a political stand. As for the other Manner's thread; what was that even about? I gave up trying to find out. I also don't see how it relates to movies. OK, people start threads that are NOT related to movies. But am I wrong in thinking there are more of these (say in the last month or so), than there wer
  3. I really like Home From the Hill also. Fine acting from all, even the younger actors. The only thing that didn't sit well with me was Parker's characters bitterness for all those years and then her reaction to her son moving out of the home. Even my wife was more sympathetic to Mitchum's character than Parker's as the plot rolled along. Mitchum at least lived life while Parker just suffered and suffered. I also believe he was less selfish parent.
  4. I should of said movies I liked. I really cannot stand to watch Joan of Arc.
  5. Sadly I missed The Burglar since I was on vacation in lake Tahoe and the hotel didn't have TCM. I really wanted to see this film since I'm a big Vickers fan. Check out her 'images' on the web. There are a lot of publicity stills of her taken by WB between 44 - 46 and to me she takes the sexiest picture of anyone. Yea, they get to me even more so than Ava from the same period. But Vickers was limited as far as acting. So I was interested to see her years after The Big Sleep. The book Film Noir (Silver Ward), says this late noir is a forced noir. i.e. they use every noir devi
  6. Getting pregnant often isn't a planned event. Having a baby, at least in the USA, is a planned event.
  7. I have to agree with you with regards to Ringo's voice. The songs he sang with The Beatles sound fine, but it does help to have John, George and Paul providing the back up harmonies. I play and sing a lot of those songs since my voice is similar in range (i.e. limited), to Ringo's.
  8. I'm surprised your favorite topping for those Euro cakes isn't Nutella. I didn't have my first taste of this until I meet my wife 16 years ago (she is from Italy and they eat the stuff like Americans eat peanutbutter).
  9. I have no issue with the romantic Bogie Bacall parts of the movie. Yea, these scenes (some shot as part of the post WWII re-do), make the film less noir but I still love them. Why? Because there was magic with Bogie and Bacall. So I understand why Jack Warner and Hawks would wish to exploit that after they were married. I see a fine balance between the romantic and the noir as it relates to their relationship in the film (in the book Marlow is having an affair with Mrs. Mars). BUT the other flirting scenes, while funny and cute, distract from the noir vision and Bogie Bacall
  10. I admit I'm cynical about people with little to no talent that write books about successfull family members. These books have to have 'juice' otherwise no publisher would want to print them. This leads the author to exagerate. To what extent? Well only those involved know.
  11. While Barlow is nice to look at one of the only flaws I find in The Big Sleep is that Hawks has Marlow flirt with every gal he comes across in the film. It starts with the blonde at the public library (a gal that without the glasses and her hair down I'm sure was a knockout), and goes on and on. Yes, this flirting does reduce some of the tension but since Hawks overuses the device, IMO it adds a silliness that the film doesn't need. Now his scenes with Carmen are part of the plot (as it relates to Regan, and how Carmen acts when rejected by a man) so they are fine. But if I was
  12. Yes, there have been studio era movies with some women teachers like Teacher's Pet with Doris Day and Clark Gable but I still believe there are a lot more movies that feature women as nurses than teachers (or any other women's profession). Thus I don't see how that fact changes the point I was making.
  13. You got it Dargo! Yea, my under 60 or so relatives don't have the same POV as those relatives that were born in the 20's or 30's that I used to meet decades ago. Of course some of them were still bitter about losing. In fact I never meet my Grandfather since he never accepted that his daughter married the enemy. Again, I can see where he was coming from (he lost 3 out of 4 sons in the war).
  14. As for his role in Talk of The Town, that should be part of the bromance thread!
  15. All I know based on my experience with having a mother that was born in Japan in 1931 and lived in Japan until 1954, is that the older Japanese people I have meet are very, very racist. My mother being one. She also feels it was wise for the American's to not trust Japanese Americans living in the USA. Since my wife is Italian I also hear older Italian Americans say the same thing; i.e. that if there was a war they would side with their native country. (just like they root for that country during the Olympics). To me it is understandable to have mixed feelings.
  16. I believe you misunderstood my position here. If as Tom believes what we see in the movie is just a natural Cagney mannerism, THEN I'm saying that this relates to him being a guitar player in real life. i.e. a natural mannerism = a person's actual persona. BUT, if as you believe the scene was added to reflect that Cagney's character had it easy than that scene was added to provide that effect. As for who came up with filing nails (since the director screenwriter could of used another stunt) I have no clue.
  17. I cannot think of studio era movies where there were women solders or even doctors in major roles, but like you said I assume there are some. But I would hope we could agree that nurses would be the primary feminists profession associated with strong women roles in studio era movies (and not just in war movies). As for military wives and prostitutes I cannot think of studio era movies where these roles would support a feminists theme. So I would say there are some possibilities for exploration. But I'm sure you know of more studio era movies that would fit the bill than I do.
  18. If filing his nails is a Cagney mannerism 'all his own' as you say Tom, than I'm still incline to believe that this mannerism is related to him being a guitar player. We trim, cut AND file our nails all the time. In fact many guitar players keep a nail kit in their guitar case, right next to the tuner, strings, and picks. I do and so do most of my guitar playing friends. We often file our nails before a jam. In other words, I find it hard to believe Cagney just picked up this mannerism (assuming that is the case as you say) unrelated to his guitar playing.
  19. I know you're joking here but it is funny you mention jagged fingertips. Would you want those jagged edges used on you? If yes, than if I'm a metrosexual you're a sadist!
  20. I agree with your take on Mary Astor here. I have her book, Goodby Darling, Be Happy. Nice read. She was full of talent and like I said a great actress. The only knock I would have is that her style in the 40s was not my taste. But I have seen movies where even Lana Turner has a hairstyle that just doesn't work for me. I like the peekaboo look!
  21. I believe TCM did do a tribute to nurses that featured their role in studio era movies. The role of a nurse is typically as a strong female character that holds her own, gets a difficult job done etc... (Battle Circus is a good example, and I believe part of the basis for the TV show Mash). I like your idea but it could go haywire also. Take the series Molly just had. Yea, the women started out strong but ended up being weak and silly. My wife didn't really like this of course but she did understand the nature of the times these movies were made.
  22. Not to be TMI, but when I was 19 or so and had my first girlfriend where we had a sexual relationship she made it clear that clean and trimmed nails where a requirement to any sexual activity. My wife has the same rule. Now I also play guitar and short nails on the left had are also a requirement (in order to play on the frets cleanly). Cagney was a guitar player. So MAYBE that has something to do with it. i.e. the director saw Cagney trimming his nails (which us guitar players do often), and decided it was a great way to have his character passing the time in that scene.
  23. Well the 'issue' here is that it is common for people to make a point ONLY based on their experience. Thus when someone says 'always' they really mean 'based on what I have seen,,,'. For example, I believe the same poster said Joan Bennett was NOT sexy and used Father of the Bride as their example. That movie was made in the 50s when Joan moved to playing 'mothers roles'. The poster did admit they hadn't only seen Joan's movies from that period of her career. As for Claudette, yes in some of her early movie roles where she had a more natural hairstyle she could be sexy, but I find her
  24. Well the movie did have a first time director in Huston which is why WB actors bigger than Bogie at the time (Raft) turned it down. But ok, not a B, but more of a "Jack isn't expecting much" A budget picture. Come on, they didn't even pay Huston's dad! As for Rita, well we disagree here. I have seen the two early Rita movies you mention and I don't find her convincing. Compare her performance to that of DeHavilland in Blonde. With Olivia we have first rate acting (due to years of experience as well as just more sheer talent). The part of Wonderly wasn't an easy one, especially that l
  25. Well what about the Borg? They are a combination of a life form and robotics.
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