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  1. I highly recommend I Walk Alone to any noir fan. Come one it has Lancaster, Douglas, Liz Scott and Wendel Corry. I don't want to spoil the movie ending for anyone that hasn't seen it but I can see where some might say it doesn't have a noir ending.
  2. I wonder if the Smith Act could be applied to someone like Angle in Nevada if she loses to Reid and Reid is then killed since she made some comments about 2nd amendment rights and having to use them if necessary, and when asked about the comments (more than once) didn't retract her initial comment. I'm NOT saying that she should be tried I just wonder from a legal perspective if the Justice Dept could go after her.
  3. I didn't know the exact DOBs but I did know Grant was older. When I told my wife about this while we were watching NBNW (she is a big Grant fan like most women!), she said Grant was still 'hot' and I have I had to admit I didn't view Landis the same way. Margo said it best in All About Eve!
  4. Well a lot of it comes down to why (i.e. to what purpose) a movie is made. Typically it is to make money and being too realistic could impact the marketability of a film. My wife and I were discussion this point; She had a hard time watching Roots since she just didn't like seeing the treatment of slaves in that movie and it made it angry (she is Italian and thus US History isn't something she 'lived' like many of us). Well I told her some of the purpose of that film was to stir up strong feelings and that it reflected reality. But she said she doesn't typically watch a movie to learn a history leason but for enjoyment entertainment. Of course Roots was successful but I assume its time had finally come.
  5. Well when it comes to this type of discussion ('who are the greatest') looks can cause one to be overrated as well as underrated. Take Cary Grant. Because he was so good looking some people might not give him as much credit as he was due. Of course I see someone listed E.G. Robertson; On one could say it was because of his looks. But I do notice that Errol Flynn is one of the most favorite actors listed in CFU 'favorite stars' and while I'm a fan of Flynn and he did do some good work I'm still going to assume his high ranking has something to do with his looks.
  6. Well My Three Sons is an exception since Fred was in his late fifties and his kids were very young. Today that isn't so 'odd' but back then he would of been their grandfather.
  7. Well thanks to Olivia De Havilland, adding that suspension time to one's contract was declared illegal. This is one area where Olivia had more guts than Bette Davis her friend. Davis went to England feeling she could make movies there but no studio was willing to take the risk since she was 'owned' by Warner, but she did get a lot better roles when she returned but Jack added those days she spent in England to her contract days. No one would make movies with Olivia while she sued Warner. Of course she was rewarded after she one with 2 Oscars and one of the best 3 years runs of any actress.
  8. "Unless, of course, he thought that she might have to be carrying his baby to part with her husband". That is an interesting idea but it kind of only 'works' if he lets her in on his murder plans (and we know she wouldn't of agreed to that since that is key to the entire plot). Clearly as it relates to his planning the murder getting her pregnant was a bad idea, but it is logical to assume that he had one thing on his mind at that time and it wasn't murder! But when he did plan the murder I'm going to assume he didn't even think about if she was pregnant or not with his child, and even if he had, he didn't really have a way to find out; 'hey, honey, are you pregnant???,,,why,,, well,,, because you see I want to kill your husband'.
  9. Thanks for stating so well what I have been trying to make clear for days. One thing I would add is that if people feel the threat is so great that unusual steps need to be taken than they should try to have the Constitution changed by passing an admendment as defined by law. This helps place the nature of the fear paranoia in a proper content.
  10. Well as Walter Brennen, a guy that typically played characters older then he really was; over time they just had to use less make up!
  11. I didn't like The Prowler as much as you because the plot didn't explain any of the motivations behind the actings of these two, especially Heflin. Ok, the lady was nice looking but to go to the trouble of being a cop, and then to resort to murder just for some tail? He was a nice enough looking guy so I assume he could pick up women elsewhere. OR was it mostly about the money she had? Was Heflin bad all along (i.e. he had taken graft, beat up suspects, etc..)? It didn't appear so (his partner didn't have a clue that Heflin was even interested in the lady!), but then he turns out to be this major of a cad? It might of made more sence if say the husband was beating up his wife so than Heflin would of had a simi-legit reason for taking the husband out. Like others pointed out I felt I was watching a movie that was edited for content or to fit a time slot. It just doesn't make sense that she would welcome him back into her home. But hey maybe she really had a thing for wavy hair! ha ha. I did like seeing Heflin get a meatly role and he was interesting to watch. Love that guy and for that reason alone the movie was worth watching.
  12. As you noted a film can help people understand history even with inaccuracies if those inaccuracies are not too large and there is someone to explain them to, say, younger views (loved that use of TikiKid!). But what also must be noted is what is NOT in a movie and how that can impact one's view of history. This is a big part of the debate going no how under the Gone With The Wind thread and of course it applies to many other movies as well. One wouldn't want someone to go away with the view that 'hey being a salve wasn't such a bad gig afterall!". For example after watching the Tennesse Williams movies last night, unless one readly knew the content of the plays, one would of assume there were no homosexuals in the 50s! It is so funny in these movies how they talk about explaining the truth but of course then never really do.
  13. Well with regards to "He was such a planner": he wasn't that great of a planner otherwise he would of used a ****!
  14. Unlike some I feel you have a very infomative and open view on the topic here. Thanks
  15. Under the studio system being in more movies didn't make you any more money since the contract called for a set rate per week, regardless. Now if you refused to do a part than you were put on supension and your pay was docked until you did a movie. If there wasn't a role for an actor under contact they were still paid for the week (which is why the studios didn't like using actors that were not already under contract). This is true for 'load out' actors also (the actor was still paid by their studio and didn't get extra pay for a load out). Jenkins was a Warner contract player so I assume he didn't earn more because he made more movie. But being popular did allow someone to ask for a higher weekly rate. Frank McHugh was successfull in that and it is well known Cagney and Warner battled all the time. Cagney refusing to not work and legally not getting paid, until Jack figured it was costing him more not to agree to Cagney's terms since Cagney was big at the box office. Bogie was well know to just do the work regardless while under contact which is why we see him in movies like Doctor X!!!
  16. After watching Suddenly Last Summer last night and hearing that Kate didn't like making this picture (based on what Bob said), I now have a different question: Why? Yea the story is intense but Kate's acting was great and it was a very easy role for her to do. Kate only has two scene locations (mostly at her house and then briefly at the hospital), and the first scene at her house is very long and mostly all with Monty; thus with pros like this it must of only taken days for them to film these scenes (compare that to the African Queen!). Kate and Liz did great jobs in that movie. Monty was somewhat stiff like he often was but even more so since he had an illness as a result of that accident. Either way stange but intense movie.
  17. Well the thread is greatest actor ever and not 'pretty good too' but this is the problem with that type of question. i.e. after a while we just get a list of hundreds of actors that most people feel produced good work (PS: I agree with you on Cher as very good, but I got flack for that a while back!).. This relates to the favorites listing of films and stars that one can list under in the CFU. Now I decided to list only my top 10 stars and limit the number of films I picked to around 20 or so. Why did I do this? Well I feel one can learn more about me (or me about someone else), if the list is limited. I have seen people list, say > 50 stars or hundreds of movies, and thus I really don't know where they stand (well unless they love all those stars and movies equally which I find hard to believe). But of course there are many stars I like and enjoy in film that I did NOT list as one of my top 10. The biggest male star would be Jimmy Steward. Again I like Steward but he just lacks that punch that say a Bogie or Mitchum have to be in my top 10. But if someone else list their top 10 and Jimmy is in it I can see which actor from my top 10 they left out (most likely Leslie Howard since he doesn't make many people's top 10). Anyhow I just feel more is gained by a comparision of a limited list.
  18. Sorry for getting so far off topic. My only point is that these people you say "can and do practice religions without obeying all of their rules" are people I define as phony (when a 'rule' is a core belief of said religion). But you appeared to take offense to the term 'phony' and I still don't see why. How would you descripe someone that claims to belong to the Chess club but mostly plays checkers?
  19. Thanks for the stat but how is my conclusions totally unworkable? I guess you are staying it is insane to ask these women to break from the RCC. Ok, granted that from a practical POV it is very difficult to get someone to change their religion. How about this: until the RCC accepts birth control Catholic women that are using it or support the use of it do not donate any money to the RCC. Of course I also feel women should do the same with regards to being allowed to be a priest (a topic that made the news this week since the RCC said they would ex-communiate the women and nuns that are protesting). Ok, that isn't practical either!!. I do admit to having an agenda here. The RCC uses its political power to influence elections in this country because they feel they have the backing of so many loyal Catholics (i.e. the media will say there are millions of them). But as your stat points out there are few American Catholic that follow the actual teaching of the RCC. Thus the true political power of the RCC here is way overstated but the media still gives the RCC a forum. I just feel that women should be respected and treated as equals. One can what the RCC is trying to do in Mexico and Latin America and I just cannot support that.
  20. The very popular male character actors often made more per week than the major female stars. My understanding is that guys like John Ridgely or Elisha Cook made around $400 a week during the 40s. But it is my understanding that some like Frank McHugh made a lot more when he signed his second contract. (Jack Warner was known to stiff everyone on their initial contract!).
  21. Thanks for the tip because now I know what Ray Teal looks like. I did a quick look up of the roles Teal had in all so noirs and it looks like 90% of the time he was a lawman of some type. So his role in Bonanza was a cake walk for this vet!
  22. Well he would of been good playing the German (playing an American) in Stalag 17!
  23. In the Maltese Falcon, Cook's character was the icing for both Joel Cairo and Gutman. This is why Brigid had such a hard time since her type of icing only worked on Spade, Archer, and Thursby (and only Spade was able to fully escape!).
  24. I have a very different view than you about belonging to a group (e.g. being a self defined Catholic), and what is required to NOT be a phony member of said group. Of course, being human, people make mistakes (what religion likes to call 'sin'), but there is a big difference between committing a sin on an occasional basis and deciding to live ia life of sin (i.e. a specific lifestyle choice where one knows that will continue to commit the same sin, over and over and over again). For example, a Catholic that uses birth control on a consistant basis or sex outside of marriage (again on a fairly regular basis) This is NOT the same as just making a mistake. This is making a specific choice on a consistant basis that is contrary to those of the religion group. Of course one can solve this situation very quickly; Stop pretending to be a member of said group OR change your behavior to confrom to the teaching of the group. Even the current Pope has told members to leave the church if they wish to violate the teachings on a consistant basis. Your point that there are many phonies is very valid. But hey I didn't make these rules. I made the choice to not belong to any specific groups. Others, at least in this country, have the same freedom.
  25. Related to the Gone with the Wind discussion, are you saying it is OK to ban movies with pro-communist leanings or to ban anyone with those leanings from making movies? The vast majority of those blacklisted were not calling for the overthrow of the US government and the take over by the USSR but just a more liberal America. Thus me, like most Americans, feel the government overeacted to those native enough to join the communist party. PS: There were many Saudi agents working for and with the US government. They were all pals of the Bush family.
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