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  1. I think someone has a thing for Cary Grant! I don't think one can have too many Grant movies in a top ten list of romantic comedies. In fact you are missing Bringing Up Baby. I would have added My Man Godfrey and It's Love I'm After (great movie with Leslie Howard, Bette Davis and Olivia DeHavilland that TCM showed in late May 2011), but we have many favorites in common.
  2. Yes, TCM's tent is big enough to hold a lot of various opinions. All I ask, which I noted in a previous reply to you, is that people have some criteria associated with their opinion. Yes, even a list of their favorites. It is A-OK to agree to disagree but if one cannot or isn't willing to discuss how they formed their opinion than there isn't much of a discussion. You my friend have no problem backing up your POV. Thus even if I might disagree the exchanges are interesting.
  3. His Kind of Women isn't about the Price character. The entire story is around the Mitchum character. Now in many ways Price does steal the movie. The movie is a film noir but the Price scenes do take away from the darkness. I really love this movie but I can see how true blue film noir fans wouldn't like many of the Price scenes. I find them very funny. My understanding is the director cut from very dark and brutal Mitchum scenes to Price funny ones as a way to create more tension in the dark scenes. Not sure that worked but a great movie in my view. Mitchum has many great noir lines in it, more so than in Out of The Past in my view.
  4. I believe your use of the term 'classic' here at TCM is in the minority. The topic here being 'movive remakes', I can say that I'm in the minority in that remakes do NOT bug me. I welcome them. Now most of the time I enjoy the original over the remake but I still welcome remakes. I just don't agree with the reasons so many here have against remakes. For example, that it somehow diminishes the original. To me it brings attention to the original. i.e. a remake is more likely to create new studio-era movie fans. Another complaint is that modern actors cannot fill the boots of the original stars. The old 'how dare So and So do that part' type of rant. If a part is a great part I want to see how another actor plays the character. Last is that in most cases a remake is NOT a remake of a movie but of the original source material (book or play mostly). The screenplay is often the key but so is the direction. Thus a remake can be very original in it's interpetation of the source material.
  5. Do you have some type of immunity? I make a semi-critical comment about that list of movies and get all jumped on. Oh well it was fun anyhow.
  6. Saw the movie and it was OK. The plot was all over the place and I didn't think the story really added up to much. But the gals looked great. Williams did her part well (for what it was), but Angie was the better female role in the movie. She looked great (I know that a lot of guys don't view her highly but she does something to me in those early days)! But it was nice to see a Powell movie I hadn't seen before.
  7. With regards to those definitions of 'classic' note the term 'enduring' is used twice. That implies some amount of time a work of art, movie, music, etc... has to be around. Now how much time is another subject for debate and of course other definitions of 'classic' didn't have a time element! Anyhow, by now you know I try to avoid the use of the term 'classic' and instead use studio-era, but when I see others use the term 'classic' at this specific website (and that is key), I assume they mean the type of movies TCM shows over 90% of the time; movies from the studo-era and thus mostly movies prior to 1968 or so. Most of the time TCM shows a post-1968 movie it is part of a special program (e.g. their underground weekly movies). So I understand the comment that one isn't a 'true classic movie fan' if they mostly like modern remakes over studio-era originals, even if, as you pointed out, the comment isn't technically accurate. I recommend that at a relaxed website like this we all try to understand the sprit of what someone is trying to communiate instead of trying to 'nail them' on some very narrow technical point (hey, and I do NOT always follow my own advice!).
  8. Very interesting topic here but one does have to have a lot of knowledge about movies to play this 'game'. But looking at your list I do see what you are getting at. Maybe I'll add something later but I would have to do some research! This isn't something I could do off the top of my head.
  9. I can understand leaving specific characters out or certain 'minor' details out of a picture. In other words that does bug me as much as just flat out mistakes. But I agree that the more accurate the better as it relates to the fact. Of course the screenplay can make up most of the dialog since often there isn't an historical record of exactly what they said (especially the older the period), but if the historical facts are known stick to them (well unless there isn't a gal in the event, since, well,, there has to be a good looking gal in the picture!).
  10. This is a very friendly website and it appears I have upset you. Sorry about that. I think most of use big time studio era fans will watch a studio era movie just because it is a studio era movie because we know the type of movies a specific studio made at that time (e.g. Warners for it's grit, MGM for their glamor etc.. and something very key to the era, for the character actors common to studio era movies), or the directors of the era, or the major stats, etc.. In other words those with knowledge of the studio era understand there are specific charactistics of studio era movies and what these are. Now that does NOT mean we will enjoy all these movies (even the best can made a dud), but since we have knowledge of the studio era system we have some 'built in' insight as to what to expect in a studio era movie based on the factors above. This isn't as true today but we do sometimes see it. There was a good discussion of this related to the Coen brother movies.
  11. I also find that hard to believe since she did a good job in the role. i.e. she appears to not like men very much but instead control. Hollywood was indded more free-spirited in this regards so one would think it wouldn't be that taboo of a topic.
  12. I think Stephen has a good point as it relates to Winters: Her style is, in some cases, intentionally irritating. I mean who would want to be married to the mother in "Lolita" 1962. Compare her characterization to Melanie Griffith in the 1997 version of the story. Griffith is not undesirable as the mother which greatly diminishes the overall effectiveness of the film. Winters is irritating in A Place In The Sun also. This works well in that film because while it wasn't a reason to not save her once she fell of that boat, at the same time I can see why one wouldn't wish to get themselves wet!
  13. I hope you know by now that I never used 1945 as some type of cut off. You are very confused there. The oldest movie the other guy listed was from 1945 THAT is where 1945 came from. I also NEVER used the term classic movie but instead studio era movie. Anyhow I did reply to you in the other forum. Now on the issue of subjective; Here is what I said: *Note that this is similar to the 'everything is subjective'. People cannot have a fruitful discussion under that paradigm. While the arts are indeed subjective there are some criteria most people can agree upon when discussing what is 'good' or not.All lists are subjective. No one list can trump another list, especially here on these boards.* My point was that if people in a discussion have no criteria for why they feel something is 'better' than something else, there can be no fruitful discussion. It doesn't mean they are 'wrong' because as I said one's list can NOT be wrong by definiton. It is THEIR list. I get that. But there really isn't much reason to have a discusion with them. To compare list. To explore why they like dislike something if cannot state the criteria they use to based their judgement. Haven't you heard people just say 'well,,,, because I like it,,, that's why!'. That type of reply ends a discussion. Everyone is welcome at this forum and I believe you didn't understand my point. I'll try again. It would be odd, strange, somewhat weird for someone to go to a fourm like TCM if they didn't like studio era movies much. The type of movies TCM shows 90% or more at the time. You make the point that TCM shows more recent movies now (a major complain by many here at this forum but NOT me), but still MOST of the movies show here are pre-1960 movies. I have nothing against post studio era movies but I still believe that if one at this specific forum says they are a "classic movie fan" and they know little to nothing about movies from 1930 to 1960, that claim is misleading. They should say they want to be a classic movie fan but they need to watch more movies. Note we have many of these at this site (mostly younger people) and us big time studio era movie fans love them. We really do. But I don't see these 'new' fans going around saying they have a lot of knowledge. In fact the vast majority of them are here to GAIN knowledge by the die-hard fans. But white zin is white zin!
  14. With regards to The Big Sleep and why there were many scenes where the random women all go for Bogie (e.g. Malone as the bookshop call, the cab driver, the cigarette girl and of course the main two women stars); it was to try and sell people on Bogie as a romantic figure instead of just a tough guy (something he wasn't either!). Now I laugh at these scenes but they are somewhat of a distraction from the noir feeling of the movie. Betty Bacall said in her book that she was told to see Casablanca because it was romantic and had this handsome star. After the movie was over she told her mom she didn't think Bogie was so handsome. Little did she know a few years latter she would be Mrs. Borgart!
  15. I hope you can admit that the fact you are a big fan of Birtish rock but like many groups more than the Beatles is 'strange'. Note that stange in this context means unusual. e.g. If we asked 100 fans of Birtish rock fans to list their top 10 British rock groups I would assume the Beatles would be highly ranked (I think they would be 1st and The Rolling Stones second, then the Who,, VH1 had a ranking of all rock bands and the Beatles were #1). In other words not many people would rank 'many groups' higher than them and thus your choice is 'strange' or unusual compared to what most others would do. But hey, who says you have to follow the crowd! I like the Kinks best of all! Since you are never the shy one here, what do you think about these top 20 favorite films? Was I out of line by assuming that a list in this forum is 'strange' if it contains only 1 studio era movie?
  16. I agree with you I was being dogmatic in that since 90% or more of the movies TCM shows are studio era movies (i.e pre-1959 or so), I assumed a top 20 list would mostly contain movies TCM shows (this being TCM's website and all). I see you still use the term 'classic'. Note that I didn't use the term 'classic' but instead studio era movies. Like I said before this is a more defined period of movies that is from around 1930 to 1959 or so (if we ignore the silent era movies). As for what is relevant; This website is a TCM website. I feel that is relevant to the discussion here and thus to any listing posted here. For example a list of someone top 20 actors. If that list didn't include one studio era actor to be that is relevant since this is a TCM website and the vast majority of movies shown on TCM star studio era actors. i.e. this isn't a general movie website. But you are correct that I shouldn't assume that everyone that uses this forum is a big time studio era movie fan like me. Based on my exchanges with members here most appear to be and this is why I was surprised to see two list of top 20 movies that contained few studio era movies.
  17. I had to go back and read my original comments: "Nice list of what? Not one movie before 1945? Looks mostly like a list of favorite action movies done by someone that doesn't know much about the studio era of movies." Now I do notice I did you the term 'studio era' and like I said this is a fairly well defined period. Generally people at this forum and those that watch TCM favor movies from that era. By my comment 'nice list of what?' is a put down and I didn't need to do that. But it wasn't a put down of the person but only the list of movies related to this forum and TCM as a TV station; i.e. a station that 90% or more of the time shows movies from the studio movie era. Thus I still find the list 'strange' in this specific forum. For example, a while ago I posted a list of my top 10 favorites and not one was a movie after 1955. This was the case because I assumed the question of 'what are your top 10 favorite movies' IMPLIED the studio system era of AMERICAN movies (I only add american because someone posted a list of mostly foreign movies and that started a debate similar to this one). Now if I was to post of list of my favorite 20 movies of all time it would indeed include some post studio era movies. I can see why I shouldn't of assumed that a movie list in this forum has to be limited to studio era movies but at the same time I still don't view my assumption as being that out of line based on the type of movies TCM is known for showing. Thanks for the feedback!
  18. First I was refering to Bill's list. I only mentioned 1945 because that was the earliest year a movie was released on his list. I clearly understand that there is no defined period of 'classic movies' and this is why I generally use the term 'studio era talkies" instead since this term is more clearly defined (movies from around 1930 - 1959 or so). My point was and still is, that when one list a list of top movies (or music for that matter), and their list ignores an entire era of movies that list tells me that this person either doesn't know much about that era or didn't care much for that era. I fail to see how that is a harsh or mean thing to say but just a fact. Hey, I don't know much about silent movies and thus my list of top 20 movies wouldn't contain any. Thus I didn't post my list of top 20 movies here because I felt the people using this specific thread were not interested or knowledgeable about the era of movies I enjoy; Studio era movies. If that was a bogus assumption I'm sorry about that. Now if one is knowledgeable about movies from the studio era, I do fined it 'strange' that one would NOT list any movies from that era in their top 20. Note I say 'strange'. Really I'm not tying to knock down anyone but to me that is strange. Like saying one likes British Rock and Roll but not the Beatles! Really only one movie with any of the major stars or directors from that studio system era in a list of top 20 or 30 movies? Hey, I'm not saying one has to list Citizen Kane but I hope we could agree that the two lists provided here are lean, to say the least, on movies from what many will say is the best era of American movies. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on May 20, 2011 3:20 PM
  19. My guess is that you don't like Jane Fonda mostly because of her political views at the time. I don't let that impact how I view an artist as it relates to their actual work. But Fonda's voice could was pitched rather high. When this is the case in her 60's movies I just turn off the sound. Why? Well because Jane was one very sexy gal. What a figure! As for Young; I like her a lot and I do find it stange that some people wouldn't because she doesn't have any 'manners' or a voice that I feel would turn someone off like some of the others mentioned here. I just saw Along Comes Jones with Gary Cooper. A very funny movies and she is tops in it. She has a little of the 'bug eye' effect so maybe that is it?
  20. I agree with you about the Two Mrs. Carrolls but I still get a kick out of watching it. To me the best part is the lunch scene when Alexis Smith makes all those nasty comments and is coming on to Bogie so clearly. You mention cat people, well here we have cat fight! But yea there are parts of the movie where I'm laughing when one isn't suppose to. As for Knock On Any Door; I fault the direction more than anything else. To preache for my taste and thus the story gets lost.
  21. You are correct on why they are lumped together in this forum, but even those that dislike Kate would agree that she a much bigger star than Allision. That is what I find interesting. As Johnboy pointed out Kate was rated #1 actress by them. But regardless look at how many people find her irritating or don't enjoy some of her movies that I feel are classics (e.g. her movies with Grant are first rate and some of my favorites). My guess is (and only a guess), that Bette Davis would be second to Kate in terms of most acclaimed actress that is polarizing. In other words an actesss like Garson isn't very polarizing. Yea, there might be people that are not big fans but they don't have very negative things to say about her. That isn't the case with Hepburn or Davis. To me Davis is the tops but than I don't judge her based on Beyond The Forest! What a dump.
  22. Nice list of what? Not one movie before 1945? Looks mostly like a list of favorite action movies done by someone that doesn't know much about the studio era of movies.
  23. I don't agree with the view that one can call themselves anything they want if one is interested in have a fruitful discussion. For example, my nick here is 'jazzguitarman'. It is fair for people to assume I love jazz guitar. If I don't why pick a nickname that is misleading. Here is another example; Someone posted a topic of their top 20 favorite films. I believe only ONE is a classic studio system movie. Most of the movies in the list were made in the last 20 years! So while anyone can have a list like that, to me it is 'silly' to post that type of list in this forum; a classic movie forum. So if someone tells me they love fine wine and their favorite wine is white zin, I'm going to be laughing inside (but being a nice guy I wouldn't expose their folly unless I was asked by them what my views were). Note that this is similar to the 'everything is subjective'. People cannot have a fruitful discussion under that paradigm. While the arts are indeed subjective there are some criteria most people can agree upon when discussing what is 'good' or not. Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on May 15, 2011 4:16 PM
  24. In the CFU blog there is a tribute to Kate and I just posted that she is the most well known and awarded actress that gets the most negative comments and referenced the 'message boards' all before reading these latest comments. Clearly Kate is #1 when to comes to being a polarizing force. While I can see why her manners and speech can be irritating I love her. She was in so many great movies (Holiday being my favorite). Of course I'm sure her distractors would say those movies would of been even better if some other actress was the star. I just don't think that would be the case.
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