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  1. What is the earliest it has been posted? On the morning of the first day of a new month?
  2. Maybe Audrey has a link for the highest money earners in Hollywood? I bet John Wayne was THE wealthiest. He owned an island off the coast of Central America. Plus all the real estate he owned in Orange County, around his home in Newport.
  3. Patful comment Posted: Mar 28, 2010 11:02 AM reported for general abuse. Anyway-- back on topic, we have about four days until we see if the June schedule is posted. Is anyone going to make a point of being on the internet at midnight to see the ball drop and the new schedule ushered in?
  4. I'd like to see FLESH FEAST...seems kinda gruesome, but I'm curious as to how Veronica Lake photographed at the end of her career. And after reading the synopsis for the film, it does sound interesting.
  5. Most of Lake's work is with Paramount. FMC shows her film SLATTERY'S HURRICANE quite often. But she would be a great choice. Ann Sheridan is vastly underrated. She's good all the way up to THE OPPOSITE SEX.
  6. I heartily concur. It would be great if these silent comedies were shown on Saturday or Sunday morning, then more kids and new fans could get exposed to them. I think they will be showing one that Keaton did with Fatty Arbuckle...it's called LOVE (on April 18). They are also showing STEAMBOAT BILL JR. that evening.
  7. Thanks Holly for reminding me about the licensing agreements. A new thread was posted about fans' wishes to have Joel McCrea be a future Star of the Month. Maybe that won't happen in June, but hopefully sometime later this year. He definitely deserves a month-long tribute. I would also like to see a month devoted to Hedy Lamarr. Has that been done ?
  8. Incidentally, I have to say this, because it's like therapy for me (LOL), but we just know...we just absolutely know...that SOME LIKE IT HOT will be scheduled for June. So one little mystery is solved, one little piece of the puzzle can be put into place...because SOME LIKE IT HOT is the cornerstone in TCM's programming. Ha!
  9. I think that's a good way to spin it. But I would still like to have seen it in the original version. Probably I like OUR HOSPITALITY the best, and his daughter says it was her father's favorite.
  10. You're right Prince...it's like taking a stab in the dark. LOL They can't do the schedules a whole year in advance, because they are probably negotiating license agreements with Fox and Paramount on an on-going basis. However, the films they have in their library, like SOME LIKE IT HOT, well then can go ahead and pencil those in each month (and they do!).
  11. Patful's comment reported for harrassment.
  12. Supposedly, SHERLOCK JR. did not do well with test audiences (or critics) so he edited it down quite a bit. That's why it has only a 45-minute running time. I imagine the excised footage was destroyed, or there would've been a new restored version by now. TCM showed OUR HOSPITALITY not too long ago...it's another classic!
  13. *JOEL MCCREA* was one of THE most versatile American actors on screen. He had a long film career. In the beginning he was known for those great precodes he did, like BED OF ROSES: McCrea[/i]ConstanceBennettCommon+Law.jpg] And BIRD OF PARADISE. He made four films with Miriam Hopkins including BARBARY COAST and THESE THREE (she was his most frequent costar in the 30s). Plus he did an early horror film-- THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME. Don't forget his work in the suspense genre with Hitchcock in FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT. He was a favorite of Preston Sturges, having
  14. Tonight TCM is airing a double feature of Buster Keaton movies. Two films from 1924 have been selected: SHERLOCK, JR. and THE NAVIGATOR. The films show off Keaton's considerable talents as a comic (and were also directed by him). Both appear on the American Film Institute?s list ?100 Years?100 Laughs.? The first choice, SHERLOCK, JR., is about a projectionist who dreams that he becomes part of a mystery movie. Keaton plays a man in love with a beautiful girl (Kathryn McGuire), but complications occur when he is accused of stealing her father's watch. He then falls asleep at work
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