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  1. “We used to be able to vote with our dollars, giving them some sort of direction of what we’d like to see. We’ve allowed companies to dictate, not the consumers.” What's the truism now ? "You are the product !"
  2. Or, as in the case of Ben Hur, Magnificent 7, West Side Story, and Nightmare Alley - wait 40,50,60, or 70 years and bring it back, just like fashions !
  3. Hence the reason that college tuition and fees have been into the stratosphere for quite some time !
  4. Ghostbusters Afterlife: Is nostalgia killing cinema? (Image credit: Alamy) By Jack King18th November 2021 The new Ghostbusters film exemplifies Hollywood's current obsession with sending audiences down memory lane. Is this as detrimental to cinema as some would have it, asks Jack King. That Hollywood is becoming lazier, and artistry ever-more sacrificed for maximum profitability, is an often-heard refrain. In 2019, all o
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/art-lafleur-sandlot-field-of-dreams-actor-dead Art LaFleur, who was best known for playing Babe Ruth in "The Sandlot," has died. He was 78. The actor passed away after a 10-year battle with Parkinson's, his wife, Shelley LaFleur, announced on social media Thursday. "This guy… After a 10 year battle with A-typical Parkinson’s, Art LaFleur, the love of my life passed away. He brought laughter to so many people as Babe Ruth in the Sandlot, The Tooth Fairy in The Santa Clause 2 and 3, and Chick Gandil in Field of Dreams to name just a few. He wa
  6. One of America’s Most Wanted fugitives credited with pulling off one of the largest bank robberies in the history of Cleveland, Ohio, had spent five decades living a quiet life in a Boston suburb, not far from where the movie investigators say inspired his notorious real-life heist was filmed. An ordinary 20-year-old bank teller at the time, Theodore John "Ted" Conrad walked out of his job at Society National Bank in Cleveland on Friday, July 11, 1969, with $215,000 in a paper bag and vanished, according to the U.S. Marshals Service. That amount is equivalent to over $1.7 million in 202
  7. https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20211105-belfast-the-troubled-city-filmmakers-love Belfast: The troubled city filmmakers love (Image credit: Rob Youngson/ Focus Features) By Beverley D'Silva7th November 2021 As Kenneth Branagh's film Belfast opens, Beverley D'Silva explores how cinema has captured the unique essence of Northern Ireland's capital – in all its light and shade. N
  8. There are so many great songs that he did. I had actually suggested trying to get him for the festival - but of course, that was before COVID. I liked all of his James Bond stuff and what he did for Anthony Newley. But I think one of my favorites is from the musical Scrooge (1970) with Albert Finney entitled "Happiness" and "You" - He was just so talented as a lyricist. Just can't find his like these days ! You --- You .... You
  9. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/friends-actor-james-michael-tyler-dies-at-59 Friends" actor James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther on the hit sitcom, has died at the age of 59 years. Tyler reportedly died peacefully in his home Saturday evening. The actor was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018, later campaigning for individuals to start testing for the disease as early as 40 years. "The world knew him as Gunther (the seventh 'Friend'), from the hit series Friends, but Michael's loved ones knew him as an actor, musician, cancer-awareness advocate, and loving husband,"
  10. https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20211015-cinemas-most-misunderstood-filmmaker Cinema's most misunderstood filmmaker (Image credit: Alamy) By Mark Allison20th October 2021 Is there anything more to Wes Anderson's films than twee whimsicality and aloof performances? Much more, argues Mark Allison: they tell us the truth about being human. "The paths of glory lead but to th
  11. Yes, if we're talking about film "relevancy" here, this is certainly more relevant that Shatner !
  12. Agree that Boyd (his actual name was Billy Miller, so naturally when he got to Hollywood that had to change !) was a fine actor deserving of a tribute on TCM. Here he is on What's My Line (1960), with none other than Otto Preminger on the panel !! Also included below is a trailer for a documentary about him - unfortunately, I can't find the documentary on You Tube now (it may have been taken down) but I did see it in its entirety and it's well worth watching !
  13. How The Velvet Underground film reclaims the past (Image credit: Courtesy of Apple) By Christina Newland13th October 2021 Todd Haynes' new film offers a fresh take on the seminal 60s band. It's one of several films this year that are breaking boundaries and challenging conventions. T There's a brief moment in Todd Haynes' new documentary The Velvet Underground where a
  14. https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20211011-denis-villeneuve-the-sci-fi-director-of-the-21st-century Denis Villeneuve: The sci-fi director of the 21st Century (Image credit: Legendary Pictures) By Stephen Kelly12th October 2021 Denis Villeneuve has made the genre his own, marrying blockbuster scale and arthouse sensibility, writes Stephen Kelly. T There is a
  15. Peyton Place! You'll note at approximately minute 1:03 in the video, the sign says "Welcome to Camden" - this was because the film was partially shot in Camden, Maine. The famous view where Allison MacKenzie (Mia Farrow) and Norman Page (Russ Tamblyn) stand on the hill overlooking Peyton Place. It is actually Mount Battie in Camden, Maine.
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