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  1. I too had not heard that Chaplain was on record as saying he would not have made the film if he'd known about the camps. I noticed references to the camps in the film when I first saw it in its entirely on TCM over a decade ago and wondered how the US and its allies could claim as late as 1944 that they were NOT aware. Also noticed references to such camps in Lubitsch's To Be Or Not To Be, which came out in 1942, shortly after Carol Lombard's untimely death in a plane crash, and almost three years before the war ended. Again, I asked myself why all the denials by the US and allies about the
  2. Interesting that among Bogart's first lines as Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny is a reference to having "seven tough years in the Atlantic ... ' @0:15 in the clip below-
  3. CBS Sunday Morning - Ben interviews David Fincher about his movie (Mank vs Welles) concerning Ben's grandfather, Herman Mankiewicz and his relationship with Orson Welles -
  4. 'The Tin Drum' and other iconic films by Jean-Claude Carriere The legendary French screenwriter has died at the age of 89. From "Cyrano de Bergerac" to "The Unbearable Lightness Of Being," ... some of his most famous works - https://www.dw.com/en/the-tin-drum-and-other-iconic-films-by-jean-claude-carriere/g-56506012
  5. The Great Dictator: The film that dared to laugh at Hitler (Image credit: Getty Images) By Nicholas Barber5th February 2021 Eighty years ago, Charlie Chaplin skewered the Nazis in his satire The Great Dictator. Nicholas Barber looks at how the film has wider relevance today. I It's hardly surprising that Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator was banned in Germany, and i
  6. Gilbert Roland and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham's character Jose Jalapeno
  7. I had the pleasure of seeing Hal at the Virginia Film Festival back in, I think, 2015. There was a documentary -- American Odyssey: 60 Years of Mark Twain Tonight -- being shown about him after his performance the previous evening in Mark Twin Tonight. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/moviesnow/la-et-mn-laff-hal-holbrook-american-odyssey-20140614-story.html One of the scenes in the documentary showed him doing stretching and calisthenics so he could stay in shape for the Mark Twain role. He was pushing 90 years old at the time !! Very talented actor who will be s
  8. Tom Drake (L) and Don Taylor
  9. Marian Marsh and Jane Powell
  10. Honored at the TCM Classic Film Festival in 2018 with hand and footprint ceremony at TCL (Grauman's) Theater in Hollywood-
  11. She was also great as Madame DeFarge in Mel Brooks History of the World, Part 2 - The French Revolution - "Repeat after me ......" Loved it !
  12. That's funny !! Looks like Jim Backus (Mr. Howell) was doing his best impression of tv host Ed Sullivan, while "The Mosquitos" were "aping" -- yes, the pun was intended - another popular tv rock and roll band that was on television contemporaneous with Gilligan's Island: The Monkeys -
  13. I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn at the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Maryland a few years back. She was charming. One thing I remember is our discussion about her co-star, Alan Hale, Jr. , and the fact that he had appeared in a few film noirs - usually as the heavy, of course., She thought I was confusing Alan Jr with his father, Alan Sr., who of course is a regular on the movies shown on TCM. Another sad passing ...
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