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  1. @1:09 - the garbage trucks come into "scoop up" the protesters in Soylent Green - just to remind folks, the story in Soylent is set in 2022 - that's next year !!!
  2. Arlene and Norman were both on the TCM cruise in 2013, as was I. He was also in the John Garfield noir, He Ran All The Way, which was shown at the TCM festival.
  3. Saw him on the TCM cruise in 2013 and again at the festival. Hollywood institution, who will be sorely missed for his charm and deep knowledge of the history of the industry. TCM showed Saboteur on the cruise. Norman's big splash with Hitchcock !!!
  4. Christy ! Thanks for the #TCMFF Memories! By the way -- I'm really into Veva Vonler's Movie Lovers Tour of Texas 👍👍 - can't wait to check out the actual locations myself !! Maybe with my friend Sue Sue !! 👩 Take care and Stay safe - let's hope next year in H'wood ! Cinecrazy 😎
  5. What I do is highlight - with my cursor - the comment of the person I want to respond to, then hit the "Quote" button, then drop down to the bottom of the page and post the part you quoted with your response. Hope that helps clarify ! 😎
  6. I met Johnny on a couple occasions at western film and nostalgia festivals - I also saw him at a taping of the You Tube program A Word on Westerns, hosted by his close friend - Rob Word - and which was routinely done at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles. He did several tapings of AWOW with Rob - some of which can be seen below as a tribute to Johnny. R.I.P. Johnny Crawford -
  7. View in browser In honor of the launch of The Osborne Collection, a celebration on AFI.com of the life and work of legendary film historian and TCM host Robert Osborne, today’s movie club pick is one of his favorites. Based on an original story by Vera Caspary and directed by Otto Preminger, this film was honored by AFI as one of cinema’s greatest thrills – and landed at #7 on AFI’s list of the greatest American film scores of all time. Can you name today's film? REVEAL THE FILM New Conversation about Osborne with TCM’s Ben
  8. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2021/05/02/film-and-culture-figures-angered-after-arrest-of-far-left-terrorists/
  9. This is Nolte's final installment and, as you can see, he has some strong opinions about everything. Interesting what he says about the DVD collectors, as Warner Home Media is reportedly closing down its DVD and Blue-Ray division - In any event, this wraps up his series on the eve of the Oscars. Like I said before in the earlier threads, feel free to throw all the darts you want !! CCDC https://www.thevulcanreporter.com/exclusives/warner-bros-exit-home-video-production/?fbclid=IwAR1f57Bt3RTgF6H0lJQx0jEdb7y4VLXHpyhsxonPkyHsXUS_GXEYTi7QqBE In the ninth
  10. And who could forget Dom's triumphant entrance as Caesar in Mel Brooks's History of the World -
  11. Nolte's fist post on "what should have won" history of the Oscars (in his opinion, of course). I've posted the other decades of Oscar that he's analyzed, so we should now have everything from 1927 to 2010. ************************************************************** With the Academy Awards coming up — Aren’t you excited!?! I’m not. — this seemed like a good time to look back at all the mistakes the Academy has made since it first starting doling out Best Picture Oscars — starting all the way back in 1927. This first part will cover 1927 through 1930. Then we
  12. I suppose; I haven't seen it yet. But there's nothing stopping anyone from putting their ideas out there first -- You could start a thread and I'll post Nolte on it if he does one of his own ! ☺️
  13. In part eight of this series, we look at the movies that should have won the Best Picture Oscar between 2000 and 2009. The millennium started out well enough with Gladiator, but with a few exceptions, it was all downhill from there. I’ve once again added my “see also” recommendations but (with some individual exceptions) don’t feel as much passion for them as with previous decades. This was also the decade where I remember browsing through Blockbuster Video’s previously-viewed selection and walking away disappointed or with something I wasn’t terribly excited about. Some of you have
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