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  1. Perhaps but she did the majority of her movies a very short span and then pretty much stopped working. As for not worth the bother she was the first choice for practically every role (whether she was right for it or not) for years because of the possibility of big box office.
  2. Whistle Down the Wind Tiger Bay The Family Way
  3. Who knows? My ex knew several people she had helped without any fanfare. I agree the book is ridiculous. And i loved Buyer and Cellar. I think she is very lazy. How many movies has she done since Yentl? She was after all the most bankable actress in movies for at least a decade
  4. I'm admittedly a big fan but that's an interesting bird's eye view, John
  5. It was after the film was out of general release.
  6. Or he is a liar whichever opinion you believe. Or it's context. Rex Reed was a longtime Streisand detractor
  7. "About a week from the moment I met her, I was madly in love with her. I thought she was the most gorgeous girl I'd ever seen in my life...I found her physically beautiful, and I started lusting after this woman." Sharif also said this about Streisand
  8. Does it matter that many biographers if Melville say he was gay?? Or Charles Vidor of Gilda? Why does it matter that not everyone in the audience views the movie in the same way?
  9. I don't remember where I read it but I remember reading she considered Now Voyager her best. They are all great performances
  10. In most film studies classes it's that film and It Happened One Night the same yr
  11. It's not screwball but Bette Davis should have won for The Letter in 1940. It's arguably her greatest performance
  12. While every actor is obviously not gay it makes me laugh to see those who don't think there's a chance that some of the great stars of the golden era were
  13. Streisand in both The owl and tge pussycat and what's up doc?
  14. The Way We Were is among my top ten of all time!
  15. I imagine that Streisand would have done a tribute of Redford. He asked for her several years ago to present his honorary Oscar, and he appeared with her two years ago on Oprah who said that she had asked him many times to appear but he never had. When Oprah called this time, he said he would because Streisand was on there. I love Redford by the way; he was arguably the most popular male movie star of the 70's.
  16. Stanwyck K Hepburn Kerr Bergman Streisand J Fonda Grant Mitchum Finney
  17. Final scene of The Way We Were Here's Redford talking abt movie
  18. She is releasing a new album dedicated to her son who died in the last few years.
  19. Have you ever seen Camilla? Or the woman with whom Arnold S had a child? These aren't the most conventionally attractive women. Crawford imo is beautiful.
  20. I think both fond a and Cooper are sexy in those movies but I think a lot has to do with the delicious stanwyck
  21. Regarding the comments about age I wonder if this thread would even exist if it were about a mans age. It isn't like crawford is any older than Fonda. And she can't be much older than than Andrews either. Is there a bigger difference btw crepawford and Andrews or tourney and Andrews
  22. I adore both. My favorite Hepburn movies are the ones with Grant (although I don't care for the second half of Ph. Story), THe Lion in Winter, Summertime, THe African Queen, Adam's Rib, Pat and Mike, LIttle Women and Stage Door. As for Davis, I can watch almost any of the movies she made during her heyday at Warner's, along with Eve. I can't stand Baby Jane though. And I cant stand Guess...Dinner except Tracy's character says how much he loves Hepburn's character. Great moment. The Mann book is worth reading if you are a fan of Hepburn's.
  23. Which critic wrote that? It is a ridiculous movie but it is the last time imo Taylor is really beautiful in a movie. She was only about forty while Fonda was around 65. I thought she looked too young for him. And I love Daisy Kenyon, one of Crawford's best movies imo.
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