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  1. "Summer under the Stars" is supposed to be a tribute to the stars. One expects that a network that talks about "The Essentials" and movies which "set standards for generations of audiences" takes its job seriously enough to insure that the content put out in TCM's name will be edited by people who have seen at least some of the movies.
  2. TCM is attributing a feel good quote to Groucho on its Facebook page which he didn't say: "Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it," A writer named Adam Selzer tracked down the source of that quote. It was a 102 year old contestant on the radio version of "You Bet Your Life". He even found a recording of the show, so there is no room for doubt. It's probably too late to stop since over 2000 people shared the quote but TCM should publish a retraction to try and slow it down a little.
  3. I assure you that everything I record from TCM is for my personal viewing, it?s called time-shifting. Only rarely do I share/trade my TCM recordings. In the five years I?ve been home-recording DVDs the total number of TCM discs I?ve shared/traded with my TCM, AVS or SSO friends probably adds up to less than two dozen DVDs. If you visit the AVS Forum DVD Recorder sub-forum you will find an active community of those that time-shift from a variety of sources. Many of those folks share my view, if it?s worth recording it?s worth keeping. And many of those folks have many recorders set up for specific purposes. I have more than thirty recorders, most set aside as standby recorders. Many have had very heavy use. Beginning in the 1980s I time-shifted to VHS videotape from The Nostalgia Channel, American Movie Classics, A&E, USA and a few other networks. During the first six months of 1997 came my first exposure to TCM but financial reverses dictated giving up cable service in July 1997. I watched some of my old time-shifted videotapes until around 2000 when cable service was resumed but it wasn?t until around 2003 that TCM came back into the household. I began recording to videotape once again. By that time my home-recorded time-shifted archive consisted of about 2,000 VHS videotapes recorded over a twenty year period. During that time I had owned more than twenty VCRs. Many VCRs had been discarded or retired during those years. I retained three VCRs, including a circa 1990 Sony SLV555UC (my favorite) that had a failed power supply (that I never repaired) and two circa 1996 Toshibas, a M781 and a M745. Thanks for your incredibly detailed and thoughtful response. I was thinking about all the thousands of hours of work you have done to build up this library and found myself wondering if you would ever have the chance to view more than a small portion of it. Still, perhaps you have taped something which will someday thrill a future generation like the discovery of the lost footage from Metropolis. That wouldn't be too bad.
  4. I have two of those outstanding workhorse ES30 recorders; our daughter also has two ES30 recorders. Two of these ES30 models are still in daily use while two have been retired after very heavy use, one with more than 4,800 recording hours. I have many other Panasonic recorders from various model years, 2006 models DMR-ES35V (six of this model--three with more than 3,000 recording hours), DMR-ES15 (four of this model--one with more than 3,000 recording hours), DMR-ES25 and DMR-ES46V; 2007 models DMR-EZ17 (four of these, two of which have been junked) and DMR-EZ47; a 2008 DMR-EZ28 (now approaching 3,000 recording hours); and a 2009 DMR-EA18. I also have the outstanding 2005 DMR-EH50 HDD/DVD model. Wondering why you would need or want to have so much recording capacity. It can't just be for personal use. Can we order copies of this latest "Our Gang" marathon from you?
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