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  1. First off-thanks Topbilled for sharing all this info on MGMs fantastic outpouring of films from the 40s on up. A lot of the films from 1951 are some of my favorites. It's because of some of these titles that I became really interested in movies, Anyhow, I think you're doing a great job with these list of films by year-plus the added on information you give on some os the films. You're like a walking encyclopedia!
  2. Really sad news. I've enjoyed all the films that I've seen him in. Some of his best were ( in my opinion) are: Breathless Le Doulos ( the Finger Man) Pierrot Le Fou - opposite the great Anna Karina Borsaino- co-starring with Alain Delon Classe Tous Risques
  3. don96

    "Teorema" (1969)

    I really like this film. Pasolini is in top form. Reminds me in a vague way of Something for Everyone--the film with Angela Lansbury and Michael York.
  4. Melanie Griffith. She is definitely one of my favorite actresses. I mean who could not like her in Working Girl. She was so totally great. She stood out in her role in Nobody's Fool. Another one of her best films was Stormy Monday. Bonfire of the Vanities ;had it's flaws, but Melanie was fun to watch. She was also married to Don Johnson, Steven Bauer and Antonio Bandaras--quite an achievement!
  5. I just watched a film called Mixed Kebab (2012) which was a Turkish/Dutch film. I thought it was a fantastic film, well worth a look. The 2 male leads were handsome and gave really fine performances-as did the rest of the cast. The script is intelligent and manages to get you right into the story. There is a trailer on YouTube. Check it out!
  6. I'm a big fan of John Payne and Dorothy McGuire. Of course, a lot of their films don't get shown on TCM because they both made a lot of films at 20th Century Fox. Ruth Roman is another favorite. She was great in The Window. Evelyn Keyes was a fine actress--liked her in some of those noir films.
  7. William Holden played an artist in The World of Suzie Wong. A French film called Van Gogh ( 1991) with Jacques Dutronc was very good. I also liked Portrait of Jennie (1948) with Joseph Cotten.
  8. The above video is clips of Marco Berger's Sexual Tension--consisting of 6 short unconnected stories. It's really great and fun to watch! Thanks Jaragon.
  9. don96

    Marco Berger

    Marco Berger is a writer/director from Argentina. His films include Hawaii, Plan B, and more recently The Blonde One. In my opinion, he's probably one of the best directors around right now. Too bad TCM hasn't shown any of his films, Anyway, if you haven't seen any of his films, check them out. If you have seen at least one of his films, you might agree with me.
  10. don96

    "The 4th Man Out"

    Just caught this on YouTube--really interesting, funny film. It should have received more attention!
  11. A rather long time ago, I saw Myra Breckinridge @ a midnight showing in New York. The audience went delirious--laughing, yelling and, in general, just having a blast. It has to be one of my best theater experiences ever, outside of maybe Cabaret or Psycho!
  12. I have tried to locate a copy of Just Across the Street, 1952, with John Lumd---but it seems to be a lost film. Has anyone seen it?
  13. Eleanor Parker--3 nominations-no wins! Alan Ladd, George O'Brien, Alain Delon---the list goes on.............
  14. This is GREAT news. I've been wanting to see Serie Noire for quite awhile. I'm a big fan of Patrick Dewaere. Do you know what company is releasing the film? I hope that they make a dvd version available also
  15. Gee, I feel kind of awful because I really enjoyed La Pointe Courte. Maybe it's because I'm a big fan of Philippe Noiret. Maybe it's because I enjoy and appreciate the director, Agnes Varda. Maybe it's because I liked some of Varda's other films. I'm at a loss ---but the fact remains, I really liked this film!
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