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  1. I have tried to locate a copy of Just Across the Street, 1952, with John Lumd---but it seems to be a lost film. Has anyone seen it?
  2. Eleanor Parker--3 nominations-no wins! Alan Ladd, George O'Brien, Alain Delon---the list goes on.............
  3. This is GREAT news. I've been wanting to see Serie Noire for quite awhile. I'm a big fan of Patrick Dewaere. Do you know what company is releasing the film? I hope that they make a dvd version available also
  4. Gee, I feel kind of awful because I really enjoyed La Pointe Courte. Maybe it's because I'm a big fan of Philippe Noiret. Maybe it's because I enjoy and appreciate the director, Agnes Varda. Maybe it's because I liked some of Varda's other films. I'm at a loss ---but the fact remains, I really liked this film!
  5. I've seen several of these films but the two stand outs are: High Noon ( one of my all time favorite westerns) and Kansas City Confidential with a great performance by John Payne.
  6. L'auberge espagnole is one of my favorite films. Romain Duris and kelly Ruilly were really excellent together. It's very engaging and funny. I also saw Le Divorce-mainly because it was a Merchant-Ivory film. It was not up to par with some of their greater films ( A Room with a View and Howard's End), but I enjoyed it. I also saw Javier Barden in the Dancer Upstairs. Not bad at all. The only other film I saw was Down with Love on an airplane flight. I had a hard time keeping awake.
  7. I also might add, speaking of Working Girl, that i was rooting for Melanie Griffith to win Best Actress for her performance. Unfortunately, she lost the Oscar to Jodie Foster. Anyhow, I thought Melanie was outstanding.
  8. I've only seen 2 of these films. I saw Big with Tom Hanks when it first came out & I remember liking it very much. The other film, Working Girl , is one of my all time favorites. I thought the 3 leads, Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver had great chemistry together. Also, the music by Carly Simon was totally fantastic.
  9. My two favorites were Paris, Texas and Bachelor Party. Bachelor Party was a riot!
  10. I saw this film a couple months ago. It took me quite awhile to obtain a copy of it. The one they had on Youtube at the time did not have an English translation. Anyhow what a great film!The setting, the score the story. The actors were terrific--Jean-Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski and Frank Wolff. This film really got me interested in spaghetti westerns. A whole lot of new stars--Leonard Mann Franco Nero, Robert Woods , Giuliano Gemma, George Hilton and Gianni Garko to name a few.
  11. He will be missed! I totally enjoyed some his films-especially those in the 70s like The Mechanic, Buster and Billie, Baby Blue Marine and Big Wednesday.
  12. I know that there is no accounting for taste---but Marcello Mastroianni is one of my favorite actors. I had looked forwarded to his day of films for a long time and I give the TCM staff a thumbs up for selecting him for a day in Summer Under the Stars.
  13. Two of Paul Newman's films rank high on my list--The Hustler and Slap Shot.
  14. I just checked the # of films I've seen of Cary Grant--and I have seen 73 films. I counted Without Reservations in which he had an Uncredited part. I'm an avid collector and have spent a lot of time, energy, and money tracking down his films. The great thing is that they're all out there. He has been in so many of my favorite films.
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