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  1. Oooh I'll second the vote for *The Guilt Of Janet Ames* ...this one would be good for Illeana Douglas to introduce (Melvyn's her grandfather). It shouldn't be as little-known today as it is. And we need to bring Rick Baker back to introduce something...his intro for 'The Wolf Man' was a lot of fun. Maybe we could get Nancy Sinatra back to talk about something of Frank's too Now that we know this is a 'cinematic journey' year we have a better idea of things to suggest that will fit in.
  2. Oh YES!!!!! Now this is a theme I can get into! Fashion's nifty to look at and all but I don't live eat sleep & breathe it. Since I grew up as a military brat I **totally** get travel. Movie-wise we could repeat a little with *Sullivan's Travels* and (especially for those of us who don't cruise) we could do *In The Heat Of The Night* with Norman Jewison & Scott Wilson (it was his first movie and I know if asked Scott would be happy to come to TCMFF) in attendance But I also vote for *It Happened One Night* Quintissential comedic road trip movie and Frank Cap
  3. Whee! My train ticket on AMTRAK is booked (and I am working on chartering a private railroad car from Chicago to Los Angeles so maybe a bunch of us can travel together and watch movies on the way...I'll keep you posted but assuming this works, the travel dates are leave from Chicago April 20th 2013 at 3 PM on the Southwest Chief and arrive in LA at 8:15 AM Monday April 22 2013 ) and I've emailed the place I usually stay my reservation request. From the TCM Festival Site *For Release: September 25, 2012* *TCM Announces Dates for 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival, Plus Outer-Space Openi
  4. Hi Sandy If I were you I would look into the usual suspects for hotel bookings...TCM just posted that the 2013 partner hotels are again the Hollywood Roosevelt and also the Loews Hollywood (previous TCMFF attendees know it as the Hollywood Renaissance) But neither one is what I would call cheap. Obviously the cheapest way to attend is to stay at a friend's house or couchsurf (couchsurfing.org), then there are youth hostels, then if you can find friends going to the festival, get together and rent a house for a week and split the cost, then motels, then bed & breakfasts, then of cou
  5. Haha Dave, I stepped not five feet away from my carry-on bags to grab other bags off the carousel at Union Station in LA and some woman flipped out at me over leaving them unattended for all of 45 seconds...hello, can single unaccompanied travellers not travel in peace?!?! Besides the claim check attendant was watching me act normally and moving bags and helped me get a red cap so there was no danger of me destroying the station...the only thing 'blowing up' was Random Paranoid Lady. Sheesh! The AMTRAK people were all great though except one cafe car attendant who was a little lazy &
  6. So today I found Amoeba Music (and DVDs & Blu-Rays) before I found the Farmer's Kitchen for lunch. Spent a bundle of money and of blissful time in there browsing the racks and no I didn't finish going through them all...may have to go back to Amoeba tomorrow ;-) Anyway I missed lunch at the Farmer's Kitchen but I did pick up this week's menu and there are a couple things on it calling my name. I did my standby trick of stopping in at Skooby's on Hollywood Boulevard (it's a bit past the Egyptian theater) and today (Tuesdays) they had $2 hot dogs (regular, all beef or turkey, free toppin
  7. It's roll call time...when you get to Hollywood post to this thread Maybe we can post informal fan get together info and schedule changes etc here? I got in to Hollywood yesterday morning (Monday April 9th) and have eaten at Canter's Deli (over on Fairfax near the CBS TV studios and the Farmers Market & Grove) and browsed a few shops on Fairfax: as I am one cat away from being a crazy cat person I had to go buy souvenirs for my boys at the shi-shi pet boutiques that LA is becoming famous (infamous?) for. Today being the rural dweller I am I'm going over to check out The Farm
  8. Since the first TCM cruise wase first announced at last year's TCM classic film festival (TCMFF) chances are we festival attendees may hear something about if it's happening and approximate dates in a few days (maybe this Sunday night) If we do we'll be sure to post what we hear right here in this thread. Fingers crossed for you all!
  9. Hey Dave Beat you here on my train trip (via AMTRAK the Cardinal from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to Chicago, then the Southwest Chief from ChiTown to LA via the desert southwest,the second train is the old Santa Fe Super Chief aka the train favored by Hollywood celebrities from 1936-1971) but alas I had no wi-fi for blogging (AMTRAK is slowly adding wi-fi to its routes though). Hope you're having a great time & you packed some warm clothes for Hollywood. Keep up the fascinating postings & hope to trade travel stories with you soon. PS Did I mention I met a rail
  10. +1 to what Kyle said (thanks Kyle!) I'm already here in Hollywood (got in yesterday) and it is very cool in the early mornings and when the sun goes down. It's not too bad in the late mornings and all afternoon before the sun goes down (70s) so you may need to wear layers and adjust as needed. I would especially remember to bring something warm to throw on if you're going to the poolside screening on Thursday night...it may be really nippy if it gets breezy and the wind blows over the water of the Roosevelt's pool. Also sensible shoes are a must...I don't know how Red Carpet Premiere
  11. David for the sleeper leg of your trip be sure to either pack slippers or be comfortable wearing shoes with whatever you wear to sleep in...you have to wear shoes anytime you get up to move around and yes that includes short trips to the bathroom and/or shower (assuming you didn't book a sleeper with a toilet in it). I normally don't wear slippers at home or pack them so it was a little weird putting on sneakers with my pajamas in the morning ;-) Packing for just the train means taking a really small bag (think airline carry on as the maximum size) and packing just what you need in the way
  12. I'm bummed that DC hasn't had a road show since 2010 (and even that's a 2 hour drive for me to attend) Please show the capitol some love in 2013 TCM.
  13. So any word on whether there will be a get together of TCMFF 2012 attendees to watch Peter O'Toole the night of the 11th? I'll be in town then & would consider attending if others are going to be there too.
  14. For what it's worth someone I sat with at Breathless (with Jean Paul Belmondo in attendance) at TCMFF 2010 got there 2 hours early was #1 on line and got in just fine I'd add an hour to that and cross my fingers for Singin In The Rain though...that's a hugely popular film (though it is screening in the big Chinese which improves your chances)
  15. The Essential level pass has the green musicals artwork this year. What artwork do the other pass levels have?
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