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  1. Yep same here the last film posted was Cover up. I thought they just weren't going to post the Disney films even though it was indicated they would (available to Stream banner) came up after one of the Disney films I watched. I don't recall this ever happening at least not to this extent. At least Roku is now included in the mix. Not sure what is going on
  2. Hi how are you accessing TCM on demand? I use my browser occasionally but when I am home I use the fireTV exclusively. There have been in the past some glitches but most were ironed out quickly. The new TCM app is really great at least for me. The fact that you can now watch live TV on the app (firetv) is really great. I posted this link before. This should still work. I would direct you here. TCM help center. Good luck! Kevin https://help.tcm.com/hc/en-us
  3. Hi By the way I got that link from Victoria from Filmstruck So I use the TCM App mostly on FireTV. I have used the app on my phone and I have watched online. The app for FireTV has been around for more than two years and I actually found it by accident. I really couldn't believe it when I came across it. Since that time it really hasn't changed much and it's still ONLY available for the FireTV and of course you MUST have a subscription to cable in order to use it. I, like many other fans of TCM have been waiting for a stand alone app for years. I think its coming and for me the sooner the better. Its just a matter of time before we will all be streaming everything anyway. I can not speak for TCM and its customer service regarding its streaming platform. But I can speak about Filmstruck's customer service. Very attentive. They always get back to me when I have contacted them. If you haven't tried Filmstruck, you should. Two weeks free and you get Filmstruck and the Criterion collection for 99.00 for an entire year if you pay up front. Good luck, Kevin May 15, 11:31 PM EDT wew This is a follow-up to your previous request #94508 "Second attempt to follow-up..." Hi Victoria, Not sure if your department troubleshoots the TCM App for FireTV But if it is the same department you might want to pass along that all the films currently listed do not play and receive an error message when clicking on Play Now. This app has been around since April 19, 2016. I often wonder why TCM doesn't have a stand alone app like HBO or even filmstruck. I am sure that that the thinking is that a standalone app would make the current cable offering less valuable. If not for the fact that I am and always have been and always will be a dyed in the wool TCM fan. I would cut my cable immediately. Thanks, Kevin
  4. https://help.tcm.com/hc/en-us Try this site for help. are you watching on FireTV or the app or just online?
  5. Are you watching via FireTV or on your Brower, phone etc? I was able to get to play on my FireTV and also on my computer. I did get an error message on the FireTV but I hit retry and it seems to work fine. I have a saying "when in doubt reboot". If you are using a fire TV Refresh the the device. Go to settings/ Device and Restart. It might help and certainly wont hurt. Good Luck! ?
  6. Yep, you're correct. Just checked. Have not looked at other films on demand so far. Thanks for the heads up. By the way when I went to the TCM app on my FireTV the other day instead of the new and improved single sign-in just from the app it asked me to use the old verification/activation method. Looks like the last update was 02/12/2018. In the future it may be better to contact the developer directly here.. at least one of them should work info-tcm@turner.com http://www.tcm.com/mobile
  7. Looks like there was a fix as of 02/07/2017. Tried watching got an error message then tried again. It seems to be working now (at least for me) and captions are back. Remember when in doubt reboot. Hopefully that will clear up any issues...
  8. App up and running but still no closed captions
  9. So now the app loads as it did before but when I select a movie I just get the circle of death (meaning the movie doesn't load). Can't speak to the closed captions because now I cannot even get there.
  10. Updated as of 01/25/2018. Every time this app gets tweaked something goes wrong. I would go to settings on my fireTV or stick and go to in this order Settings, device and restart. Then you may be able to login. I was able to log-on with my provider and I did get it to work but Closed captioning has been disabled. Even when I try to enable it it reverts back to NO captioning. Other than that it works ok. When I saw the new sign on screen all I thought was uh oh. Based on my experience with this app it seems to have been working flawlessly (at least for me) since 04/12/2017
  11. Now I have Fios Via Verizon. Love the broadband connection but do I really need over 1000 channels when I only watch one? I would love to get rid of my TV set top box and stream TCM if it were only available,,,Someday
  12. I would like to see TCM stream their programming. I would be happy to pay TCM and get rid of my cable company TV and just use the broadband Cablevison provides. TCM is the only channel I watch. I would hate to loose it but its almost not worth paying 79.00 per month for family cable to watch one channel. Its not the movies so much. I would miss the rare insight which Robert Osborne provides. If and when its available sign me up!
  13. I would like to see TCM stream their programming. I would be happy to pay TCM and get rid of my cable company and just use the broadband Cablevison provides. TCM is the only channel I watch. I would hate to loose it but its almost not worth paying 79.00 per month for family cable.
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